Resistance 3 Public Beta Dates: Early Access Starts August 10th

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Many of you have been getting very excited about the chance to play Resistance 3‘s competitive multiplayer modes online when the R3 Public Beta launches. Today, we’re happy to give some additional info about the launch dates for the beta.

Resistance 3 Public Beta for PS3

First and foremost, across Europe, we will be giving priority access to PlayStation Plus subscribers. We plan to open the doors on August 10th – so please visit the PS Store and check out the PS Plus section then if you are a subscriber.

If you don’t subscribe to PS Plus, there will be further opportunities to get into the Beta after this date – so watch this space for more information.

The Resistance 3 Beta includes two of our major maps in the game, the Seaside of Glamorgan, Wales, as well as a Trainyard in Bogota, Colombia. It also contains two of our five modes, Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction (the other three are Deathmatch, Breach, and Capture the Flag). You can level your character up, buy and upgrade weapons and abilities, customise your loadouts and unlock new skins. We have capped the level in the beta at 20, so you won’t be able to get the full range of abilities, modes, maps, and weapons until the game launches in September, but we hope you enjoy this taste of the experience while helping us test our online infrastructure.

Resistance 3 Public Beta for PS3Resistance 3 Public Beta for PS3

That’s all for now! We look forward to playing against you in the Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta next week.

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