Games That Are Worth More Than Your Car

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Games That Are Worth More Than Your Car

Over the last few years video game collecting has evolved from a niche hobby to a very popular way of staying in touch with your childhood, because almost every collector starts by buying the games that they played and loved as a kid.

However, some collectors are not satisfied with only having the games from their childhood, and they go on to collect every game for a system or every game that meets their specific criteria (rpg’s, fighting games, press editions etc).

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With an ever growing community of video game collectors, the demand for certain games rises and while there are enough FIFA ’99s out there to make sure everyone can build a house with them, some games didn’t get released in such high quantities. The demand for these games is many times higher than the supply, making them hard to find (rare) and sometimes very expensive.

With this settled, let’s talk about why certain games get incredibly valuable, while others are worthless.

The first thing that applies to both collectors and the general 2nd hand game market is, of course, supply and demand as stated before. When there are a million copies sold of a game (ie. Gran Turismo) and no one needs a copy, prices will be very low. As an exception to this rule some games that are very common can be expensive because they are great games that had a big impact on people’s lives (ie. Final Fantasy VII, Shadow of the Colossus).

When we go beyond the general market and dive into the “collectors economy” you find that rarity and notoriety becomes a factor. While some games can be extremely rare, as in only a couple of copies are known to exist, the price depends on the notoriety of the game. If it is a famous rare item like the Australian/New Zealand only Grand Theft Auto: Double Feature (PS 1) or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS 1) then prices will easily exceed €150. But if it’s a lesser known game like Destructo 2 (PS1) or Ocean Commander (PS2) then you don’t have to pay a lot; it’s just finding them is a problem. :)

For collectors of older consoles like the Nintendo NES and Atari 2600, the bulk of their money goes to normally released games, because back in those days there were no special/collectors/limited editions. As for PlayStation collectors like myself, obtaining the regular released games can be tough and expensive like the examples given before. But it really gets crazy when you go for the non-regular stuff like collectors editions, press kits (that were not for sale and were given to the press) and commemorative editions (to celebrate a certain event). A few examples of expensive non-regular items are: Final Fantasy X press kit (€500), Elemental Gearbolt Assassins Case (a press edition, €4000) and Gran Turismo Commemorative Disc (to celebrate 100 million Playstation discs being produced, €150).

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One of the best parts about collecting PlayStation games is that, in collectors terms, it’s still a young console. There are still games and special editions or variants out there that haven’t been found yet by collectors, for example only a few months ago I discovered a press edition of Colin McRae Rally 2 that was unknown to exist. This makes “hunting” for Playstation stuff on places like eBay a lot more interesting: who knows what you’ll find!

The games I’ve discussed in this article are only the tip of the iceberg and I could go on for hours and hours about rare and obscure PlayStation 1 and 2 games, did you for instance know there is a kaleidoscope “game” for the PS1 (Baby Universe) and that there are even rare FIFA variants out there?

If you are a PlayStation collector or enthusiast, or you just want to learn more about collecting for the PlayStation 1, 2, 3 and PSP, be sure to check out our PlayStation Collecting Community over at because that is the place to be! The site has an active community forum, weblog, twitter, facebook, youtube and (best of all) an immense game database with a collection tool where you can manage your video game collection.

Keep on collecting!

Xed / Sjoerd. Founder @

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10 Author Replies

  • I want that ultimate collection too. ;-DD

  • Awesome article Xed!
    Well deserved being featured on the blog :)

  • sorry for being off topic but when do we get the codes for section 8,i completed section 8 prejudice on one day,and i am pretty sure that i was one of the first too buy this game soo can you tell me when it arrives too my email or my account ?

    ontopic i wish that i haden’t sold all my ps2 games :(. i didn’t think about collecting them lol.

  • So, you say you’re giving them away or…? :P

    It’s an awesome collection! I also see there’s the guest appearance of Crash Bandicoot — you surely miss those days with good ol’ Crash, don’t you? ;D

  • Great article. I will check out that site. I usually buy collector’s edition for the content rather than the value in future though.

  • it’s an honor being featured here! (Xed)

  • @brucewillis215 ditto

  • All your games aside, that Playstation selling stand is way cool :)
    Can you tell us how much did that cost you and how did you come by it?

  • @XisTG I bought it from a fellow collector, who got it from a store. I paid 150 euro

  • Best article i’ve ever read on this blog. Yet. Good job.

  • I have Suikoden 2 for ps1^^ I’ve heard it’s pretty rare, at least here in europe.

  • @Dernholm yeah it is quite hard to find, and worth atleast 120 euro :)

  • Never seen the point of large collections like this. I only buy games I actually intend to play and then sell on if there’s nothing left to do in them. I don’t like owning too many things or clutter in my home but hey it’s an impressive collection if you’re into that.

  • Funny how there is a concerted effort from Sony and other publishers to kill the used games business which they see as eating into their profits. Hint: no, they aren’t, the price of a used game is already built in to the price of a new game. In other words, games that can’t be resold (digital downloads) or are tougher to resell (downloadable DLC, online passes, etc.) have LOWER value than games unencumbered by such shenanigans in the eyes of your customers (us).

    But now we have a blog post on the official Playstation blog glorifying an activity you, Sony, are actively trying to kill. Way to go with yet another PR disaster, showing that one part of the company has no clue whatsoever what the other part is doing.

  • yeah but do you own the pretty rare LOK:soul reaver ps1 special edition with the holographic cover in mint condition? also the resident evil directors cut with re2 demo in mint condition?

  • also the legend of dragoon? my mates copy never came when he orderd it all those years ago now its pretty dam rare

  • @ TehPhilosopher

    Yeah, I hear Sony’s really cracking down on pre-owned ps1 and ps2 games….

  • #18, you’re missing the point entirely.

  • yeah my brothers collection is rediculous, he has bookshelves and bookshelves it got to a point a few years back, with all of the new games he keeps buying, that the older ones will never get played.

    Also you should bring “Zombies Ate My Neighbours” to the PSN, it one of my all time favourite games and it will sell well I think.

  • @RedeyedRonin, all yes (none of those are really rare)

  • Now this is my kind of article!

    I have 200+ PS3 games, with a fair few collectors editions and media/press kits too. I really should get around to counting the total amount though. Ooh! I need to sort them into alphabetical order too! :D

  • Like said in the post, if you’re a collector be sure to check out the forum at !

  • What the point of This, if you want to collect PS2 games why not start putting PS2 games on the flipping store.

    a other Useless post only to rub our noses in it “let‘s talk about this collection of ps2 games while we not giveing you the games on store.” :/

  • really good article and unlike the staff on this blog you actually reply to people..Well done

  • Great article from a kindred spirit (or fellow hoarder).

    Have always kept my fave old games from previous consoles, if nothing else it saves time on crying to Sony blog staff about when is this, that or the other game coming to the store. lol

    • Thanks :)

      I personally don’t mind games not being on PSN, if I wanna play a certain game I just buy the original (or allready have it)

      The problem with putting this much time in a collection is, that I don’t have a lot of time to play games..

  • earlier comments posted by Xtinct_HeD were also from me by the way ^^

  • I kick myself daily that I never bought the MGS4 collector’s edition before it came out, the price shot up afterwards from about £80 to crazy prices like £150-£200!

    Collecting is a gamble, a few times I’ve snapped stuff up early only to be disappointed, like the Batman Arkham Asylum edition with Batarang statue – I paid £120 for it on eBay and it was an AWFUL edition, without even a proper PS3 game box, and the Batarang was nowhere near as nice as the pics made out.

    But sometimes waiting pays off; I got the Bioshock 2 limited edition for around £20 on Amazon and it is a glorious set.

    My most prized one though is my limited edition digipack Ico postcard set… it’s not the most expensive or even the most rare but I can just remember how pleased I was to get it and play it.

    I love my special editions… I just wish it was easier to find out when & where they were being released; I’ve missed a few as I just wasn’t informed. Might have to head to that forum…

    • for the PS3 it’s indeed a big gamble which CE’s will become valuable (MGS4, Assassins Creed, God of War 3 Ultimate) and which ones will become worthless (Bioshock 2)

      I tend to wait out to see what their market value becomes, before i buy them. Only games that I know will become more valuable (aforementioned) I insta-buy

  • Might have to start collecting soon, I don’t sell my games I keep them.

  • I Salut You and your Collection.

    Damn, great thing, but after all im new to Playstation brand, started in December last year ;)

  • It’s a shame that due to the desire of the industry to control distibution in a couple of generations time none of this will exist, it will be digital distribution only – direct from the network provider.

  • I don’t think future sell on price should be a concern when collecting, the joy should be in having a particular game at hand if you ever fancy a go on it. Have turned down several good offers for my PS1 X COM – Enemy Unknown and Terror from the Deep games simply because I still dig them out every so often. lol

    • it’s always cool when you have people over and they talk about “that one game they had as a kid”, to go to your collection room and pick up that game to play with them

  • cool article. great to see people collecting. I don’t know if you class me as a collector. i sold all my ps2 games towards my the cost of my ps3 and i regret it. I’ve been trying to amass a nice collection of ps3 games. Currently at 68 disc based games with quite a few collectors editions. Now that i know theres a site i’m might check it out and jump in.

  • Haha, 150 euros for the Gran Turismo 100 million edition? I sold mine about 4 months ago for £260 (closer to 300 euros)

    Although it was signed by Kaz…..

    • nice!
      Prices are always an estimate, really depends on the market at that time

      I bought mine for 80 euro, but seen them sell at around 150

  • with the way sony, thq, ubisoft, ea and others are using this PS pass online voucher there will soon be no second hand market left and when those games are out of print say 10 years from now they will be completely worthless because they will require the net, dlc and patches to actually play them, by that time psn would be long gone, i really wish sony and other devs would think about this before they released those horrible psn pass things, collecting ps3 games will be very hard to do so in the future so this should be interesting.

    as for the topic, i have close to 150 ps1 games and 220 ps2 games, i don’t want to collect anymore because i don’t have anymore room for them, i will never need the ps store for ps1 games because i will always have the actually physical copes of the games plus more so i am happy :) btw that website you mentioned in your blog, does the game collection feature list collectors editions and such because some game collection websites doesn’t list the collectors editions versions of games and that really really annoys me.

    • yes it lists all variants of games, so you can add a specific variant (for instance collectors edition) to your collection

      if the game/variant is not in the database yet, you can add it yourself (contact me on the forum and i’ll give you acces)

  • ok then what about every final fantasy printed on ps1 1-9 with guides for each that have it all in mint condition? my mate has that. also bet you dont have the UNCHARTED 2 FORTUNE FINDERS EDITION thats worth £5,000!!!

    • if you wanna know the value of certain items, please make a topic in our forum :) I’ll be happy to answer all your questions :)

      as for the Final Fantasies, none are rare, but some are somewhat valuable because they are in demand :)

      I personally don’t have the Fortune Hunter edition, but I know some people who do (a friend of mine even has 2)

  • i would have thought the original black labels were rare, platinum versions of ff are not worth anything though.

  • I’m starting tp turn into a Gaming Collector and I’m loving it!!!

    That’s bad with the poor wages and heavy priced games in Portugal!!!

    Importation = My salvation

    Still, poor wages still poor :'(


  • oh and i will register to your website soon because i need a backup website for my game collection ign is my main website i use but their old game collection features won’t be around forever….

  • Oh and I forgot to say…. GREAT ARTICLE RUTTEN!

  • I have a FEAR 3 press kit, I did have a Uncharted 2 press kit but I got rid of it.

  • Rarest thing I have is probably Conkers Bad Fur Day for the N64.
    I’m planning on selling it later for at least £100.

  • Now that’s what I call an addiction. I want it.

  • Bad Fur Day on N64 is rare? I have that still in a near mint box with manual :)

  • Conker’s Bad Fur Day in complete mint state is worth about 70 euro, which is quite a lot for a N64 game

  • I got little collection my self ( its pretty good for 14 year old) consoles i have: wii, gamecube, snes, nes, ps1, ps2, ps3, 3DS, Ds, gba, gbc and gb. I have about 100 game witch about 30-40 are wii games. I hope i have as big collection as yours when im older

  • Can’t believe I sold all my old stuff on ebay. gutted.

  • Can’t believe I sold all my old stuff on ebay. gutted.

  • The only problem I have with collecting games is that over half of my collection for PS2 and PS3 have not even been tried and probaly most won’t ever. Game collecting is certainly an addiction for me.

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