PlayStation Plus: More Anniversary Month Treats

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PlayStation Plus: More Anniversary Month Treats

Hi Guys, just a quick one to let you know about a few more Anniversary month treats we are adding to PlayStation Plus for you.

PlayStation Plus Cake 1

Firstly, you may know about a new game launching today called Section 8 Prejudice. We wanted to try and give you something a little extra for being a Plus subscriber, so we have worked with the guys at Timegate and you will be the only players that can access a specific type of armour, called “Hunter Armour”. The game will automatically recognise you’re a member and you will be able to get the armour.

Make sure you pick up this game quickly as there is another little treat for the quickest Plus subscribers – The first 1000* Plus members to buy the game from PlayStation Store will receive it’s predecessor, Section 8, completely free of charge and to keep forever. Even if you’ve played the original before, this is a great chance to re-live the game before you start on Prejudice.

*Please remember that you need to be opted in to receive marketing communications to receive this offer or we can’t send you the voucher for the free game. If you’d like to be one of the 1000 people to get section 8 for free, please firstly go into ‘Account Management’, ‘Account Information and ‘Notification Preferences’. Then make sure the top box is ticked to say that you agree to receive information on PlayStation products and services. You can also do this online at (don’t worry, you can simply un-tick this after the promotion has finished if you don’t want t receive emails from us.


Please see full terms & conditions at

We know how much you like to receive full games as part of your Plus membership, so we thought we’d give you another one to make it a nice round four full PSN games this month. Later today you can download ‘Comet Crash‘ from the Plus section at no extra cost. Don’t miss out on this extra little treat!

I also wanted to give you a quick look at some of the content you can expect to see coming to Plus in August. You can expect to see, Comix Zone, 50% off Alien Zombie Mega Death and Worms 2: Armageddon. Plus a PSN game, minis, PS one Classics and plenty of day one discounts, loads of other great stuff, and also plenty of surprises along the way!

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16 Author Replies

  • Hey

    Just wondering why the PS1 Classic ‘Driver’ is missing from the IRISH PS store, I asked Ubisoft about it but they told me to come back to Sony about it??

  • Hmm nothing for me this week but thanks a lot anyway James :)

  • The following are missing from the PS+ section of the store for me, can you look into it please?

    Dr. Maybe and the Adventures of Scarygirl
    JellyCar 2
    Me, Monstar! Hear me Roar

    And all of the discounts except Limbo.

  • When is the DLC for worms 2: Armageddon being released?

    • Hi, the DLC packs will be released throughout the month of Aug and you guys will also get an exclusive discount on them too!

  • @2

    I’ll second that.

  • Can you please add spyro 1, 2 and 3 on to the store as USA have had them for ages?

    There also seems to be trouble with me accessing medievil for the PS1. It says “your account does not have permission to access this” or something.

    Is there also any chance that PSN + subscribers will get Call Of Duty Black Ops Map Pack 3 for free?

    • Hi, as you will have noticed, the content signed in the US and Europe is sometimes different so just because they have it, doesn’t mean we can get it i’m afraid. I have requested the Spyro games though so fingers crossed. Not sure why you would have a problem with medievil so will check that out for you

  • Comet Crash….again?

    Christ is there so little on the store you have to give this away….again.

  • But where’s Altered Beast? Thought it’d be before Comix Zone? Also do you have Phantasy Star 2 in the pipeline?

  • The first 1000* Plus members to buy the game from PlayStation Store will receive it’s predecessor, Section 8 i hope this is seperate 1000 from usa who had the game yesterday

  • “The game will automatically recognise you’re a member and you will be able to get the armour. The game will automatically recognise you’re a member and you will be able to get the armour.”

    This sounds like an absolutely brilliant idea for PS Plus exclusive content. I’d love to see the same approach for other PS3 games, it’d really add a load of extra incentive for PS Plus.

    • Hi, we are trying to do this more but as you can imagine it is sometimes tricky as it has to be built into the game. I’m hoping as Plus grows, this will become more common.

  • Check my email preferences online (UK) gets you this:

    Site Maintenance Notice
    The server is currently down for maintenance.
    We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.

    Poor show

  • Any chance of getting the Super Street Fighter 4 A.E avatars ,Like the U.S
    Pretty Please

  • You can’t change the email Option online. As this page isn’t working

    • I wasn’t aware that this was an effected area of the website after the outage. You can easily change this on your PS3 though so please do this just before you purchase the game and you will still be in with a chance of being in the 1st thousand

  • I 2nd windsorblue01’s comment, US had same offer yesterday, really do hope it’s separate from them or we just won’t have a chance.

  • james please reply to comment 9 has would like to know woldwide or by region

  • I dont understand that one sentence – is it Worms 2 free or 50% discount on Worms 2? Wasnt there a discount on Worms 2 a few weeks ago?

  • Comet Crash:

    EU Release date: October 2009
    US Release date: April 2009

    It’s so old I bought that before Plus was launched.

    If possible could you push for more recent releases to be brought to Plus?

  • 7# What are you talking about? I have been a psn + member sens the begining and we have never got comet crash.

    Maybe you are thinking about Astro Tripper?

  • How much is Section 8 : Prejudice?

    Kudos again Plus Team!

  • Hi James,

    In the game store update thread 2 weeks ago, Ross hinted at a deal on Plants vs. Zombies coming in the near future.

    Are you aware of this, and if so, do you know whether or not it’ll only be available to Plus members?


    • Hi, because we aren’t entirely sure when that will happen, I can’t promise anything i’m afraid ;-)

  • Can’t wait for Comix Zone with trophies :D

    Forget Altered Beast though. Was always the most absolutely pathetic excuse for a Mega Drive game. Awful, awful game full of awfulness. See if Konami and Sega can give us stuff like Contra: Hard Corps on that Mega Drive emulation. That game would be great with trophies, 2 player online and like Gunstar Heroes was not on the Mega Drive Collection. I also still don’t get why Sega’s famous racing games Outrun and Super Hang On weren’t on that collection yet it had several really crap games on it among the classics.

  • Poor show . this isnt really the rest of the birthday content is it ….. Poor poor poor show .

  • Quick request. now that youve got us all hooked on the brilliant Castle Crashers, any chance of the missing in europe pink knight dlc availiable in the US???

  • Nice, PSOne Classics and Comix Zone ;) any news on Crash Bandicoot ?

  • Altered Beast might been an awful game, but it’s full of nostalgia for me whilst Comix zone is sorta meh.
    What I’m really hoping for is to see Phantasy Star 2. 3 & 4 (PS4 beeing one of my top 5 favorite games ever) and Shining Force 1 & 2 with trophy support.

  • any news on modnation racers? It’s been so late that may I suggest you give it for free to plus users when it comes? You could then make money via the DLC if you give the core game for free.

  • Still can’t get fussed with Plus. Minis and PSOne aren’t what I’m looking for for the PS3.

  • so when does Section 8 go live on the store?

  • doesnt matter just remembered i have the first game.

  • Hey James, I can’t redownload Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssee which I got for Plus in 2010. Every time I try to download it “This content cannot be accessed on your account” messag appears, please help.

  • Please try and get the ps1 spyro games on the store asap. I am seriously considering when I buy my ps vita to use an american account so I can play them. Do you really want to miss out on all the purchases i’m gnna make for my vita as I will be buying most of my games as downloads?

  • Where’s the store update? Would like to enjoy DA 2: Legacy at the same time as the americans, thank you very much. Especially ridicolous considering they’re several hours behind us.

    Also, where’s Space Marine: Kill-Team?

  • Awesome to see yet another game for free coming with plus :) Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for us in the coming months! Would really like to get Flock!, Hoard, MvsC2, Puzzle Quest 1, Blade Kitten, Shank.

    Good little list there :P


    We’ve never had comet crash as a free game. I know this because its not on my console and I never delete anything. I think it was in the US plus offering a while back.

  • also while you’ve got a sec, why wasen’t this available last week when you promised there would be treats for the 20th. Doesn’t fill me with confidence that you were a week late with the update and didn’t take the time out to at least explain why or appologise.

  • My ps+ expires in 43hrs 49mins according to my streets of rage 2 dl and wont be resubscribing sorry :(

  • When is White knight 2 DLC coming? how about early access and discounts for PS+ members?

  • I don’t want ‘free’ games, they’re all going to disappear if/when I choose not to re-subscribe. Please, discounts on new quality titles instead.
    3 day one discounts over the past 12 months, Dead Nation, Beyond Good & Evil & Limbo (one of which I was overcharged for) + cloud saves is not worth the subscription price in my opinion.

  • HI there,

    Have you resolved the issue allowing NZ Plus customers to download Soul Reaver. I keep getting emails from PlayStation NZ telling me to download it now.

    Also, Lead and Gold still needs to be offered to NZ PLus members aswell.



  • for me the one sega megadrive game I want is Wiz ‘N’ Liz – published by Psygnosis – which by the way is located at Wavertree Park in Liverpool at SCEE ahem

    other than that the plus stuff being offered – well i’m not interested in shooters nor tower defence games so nothing for me this week

    and in case anyone does actually respond on the blog today – what exactly is SCEE going to do with people hacking their saves on WKC2 – heres the link of photos documenting the cheating that is occurring

  • Oh no i am at work. By the time i get home wont be the 1st 1000 to buy section 8 prejudice. What a pity. Would have definitely bought it if i knew for certain was going to get the original as well.

  • great news thanks

  • So there’s no way to tell if you’re in the first 1000 when you buy the game, right?

    Two games for the price of one would be a good deal, but I don’t think I’ll gamble.

  • @ Sandsman
    2 years ain’t that old. And it doesn’t really make a difference. Either you like a game and buy it asap or you won’t. As Plus doesn’t exist to gift away the newest games, it is okay if they give away 1-3 years old, but good games. And it certainly seems that Comet Crash is good enough.

    @ divine1000
    Agreed, I also prefer sales. I really wish they’d follow SCEA with their 20% on top discounts.

    @ Vintsukka
    Same here. I won’t bother to take my chances on some stupid “the first 1.000 only” marketing trick.

  • 4 games? Did I miss one or are you including Golden Axe? If I just disengage sarcasm for a second though I would agree with @divine1000. Some better discounts would be appreciated greatly and far more than 3 year old games that I didn’t want 3 years ago and don’t care about now.

  • is section 8 free of charge for PS PLUS ?!

  • As far as the PSN classics go is there a chance Mr. Driller gets released? That would make me very happy.

  • is section 8 free for playstation plus subscriber?

  • nooooooo I just bought comet crash the other day. I was waiting ages for it to be on offer! typical.

  • Wow, a previous Xbox exclusive Halo-copy which failed so hard that Timescape have ported it to try to recoup some money, thanks Sony! Apparently Prejudice’s main improvement over it’s predecessor is that it’s cheaper.

    Sorry for trolling, but when I see the word ‘treat’ I presume I’m getting something of good value, i.e. either a good game for cheap or a cheap game for free; this is a single add-on for a cheap game I have to pay full price for and a chance to get a failed game for free (which is no chance at all since it’s school holidays and every 10-year-old will be watching the Store all day).

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