Resistance 3 At Comic-Con

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Resistance 3 At Comic-Con

Greetings from San Diego and the International Comic-Con. Hopefully you caught all the cool Resistance 3 coverage from last night’s episode of Gametrailers TV. All-new and exclusive footage from St. Louis, a new cutscene showing Charlie Tent and the Remnants, and the re-imagining of the classic Breach mode that is a huge-fan favorite.

Last night, IGN Editor Colin Moriarty moderated a panel on Resistance 3 featuring Creative Director Marcus Smith, Art Director Grant Hollis, Animation Director Kevin Grow, as well as voice actor Robin Atkin Downes (Joseph Capelli) and Crispin Freeman (Charlie Tent). The panel covered the Resistance universe, showed some of the new St. Louis footage we debuted on Gametrailers TV last night, and we discussed the St. Louis level, along with its mysterious story implications about Charlie Tent and his ragtag group of rebels. And from there, we gave the audience a behind the scenes look of the motion- and performance- capture that we used to bring the characters to life in Resistance 3. Since you all couldn’t be there with us, check out this highlight video of some of the best moments from the panel.

We also announced a new online strategy game complementing Resistance 3 that will live on

Global Resistance is a free-to-play online strategy game set against mankind’s final stand in the Resistance Universe. Enlist as a Chimera or Human commander and take over the world to unlock exclusive Resistance 3 multiplayer skins, in-game titles and XP boosters. Customize your base, build and deploy your personal arsenal alongside thousands of other players, or attack on your rivals directly in head-to-head skirmishes. Will you join the Resistance… or crush it?

We also have a trailer for Global Resistance! Check it out below:

The game is live now – though you have to sign into with your Facebook or PSN Username in order to be the first to check it out!

That’s all for now – hope you’ve enjoyed the coverage this week, much more on Resistance 3 to come very soon. For all the latest, be sure to Follow Insomniac Games on Twitter or Like Us on Facebook.


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  • “though you have to sign into with your Facebook or PSN Username”

    It only gives me the option to sign in with FB.

    • Hey Zoibie – Global Resistance is in BETA, so there are still a few issues to sort out. Thanks for your patience though.

  • great game guys

  • I’ve already started playing Resistance Global.

    If anyone is wondering whether to play, it’s like a giant, multiplayer version of Risk. It’s excellent.

  • Thanks Insomaniac!

    I’m looking more and more forward to Reistsnce 3, can’t wait to try it out,
    And it’s great you guys haven’t shown to much unlike Resistace 2, I’m sure there’s alot more suprises in the campaign from what we’ve seen.

    Thanks guys, much apprecaited and congrats on almost finishing Resistance 3!

  • It isn’t possible to sign in using PSN credentials, only FB.

  • you guys should made a psn game of Global Resistance.

    can you guys make the unranked kills in resistance 2 count for the 10.000 kills trophy?
    i just need that trophy and its impossible to get

  • I hate fb, I hope I can use my psn to login soon.

  • Cool I’ll be sure to check global resistance out sounds cool I do like cross platform bonuses.

  • @ Insomniac games. The game looks to be shaping up quite good. I very much enjoyed the first 2 resistance games, number 1 more than 2 though. I hope you make the third one a rollercoaster ride of a game. Please don’t show of too much of the game. Some developers nowadays show so much footage of a game that there really aren’t any surprises left once we get our hands on it. I’m definitly checking the free to play game out.

  • I’m kind of getting interested about r3 now I lost interstate with the whole psn pass.I mite pick it up after a few weeks

  • Still only facebook login.. i really hope it wont be JUST facebook way to login because that would be lame.

    Tbh, i dont see why you guys picked to choose facebook instead of PSN login as the first way to do it.
    I would of assumed it will b PSN first then those other “extras” come.

    Resistance <3

  • Will Resistance 3 have 8 player Online CO-OP? If someone could answer it would be greatly appreciated. As this decides if I do or don’t buy this game.

    As I have no faith in the Multiplayer being good(R1 was best) it must have Online CO-OP or I’ll get bored of the game too quickly = being a waste of my money.

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