Summer of Speed: DLC Discounts On PlayStation Store

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Summer of Speed: DLC Discounts On PlayStation Store

It’s officially summer which, loosely translated, means driving with the top down, enjoying the sun and evading the police! It also means road trips, so it’s a good thing we’re only months away from Need for Speed The Run! To get you in the mood for that epic race across the country, we’re offering discounts across tons of EA Racing DLC and a new digital bundle for Burnout Paradise.


Whether you’re outrunning cops in Hot Pursuit or creating spectacular crashes in Burnout Paradise, the Summer of Speed DLC discounts on the PSN Store can breathe new life into your favourite racing games and help you catch up on the ones you missed because we’re discounting add-ons for the following games:

These offers are now available on the PSN Store in Europe. For more details, check out the PlayStation Store Update blog post

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  • Yeah youve screwed it up your charging more for 3 bits of content in the bundle that it costs to buy all 4 pieces seperatley on Hot Pursuit.

  • Cool.

    Any specific info on the Burnout bundle?
    Can’t see it mentioned in the other blog post.


  • I wished it was more than just ea racers, dirt 3 dlc sale would have been good

  • I hope there will be a Autumn of Science Fiction and a Winter of Fantasy, not to forget the Spring of Combat!

  • What time will the store actually update?

  • SOUL REAVER for australian ps+, why do you not comment on this, I emailed square enix and eidos replied say if your offering it we should get it so whats the problem????

  • obiadekanobi1980

    you guys do realise that the sale price of the NFS hot puirsuit packs add up to cheaper than the price of the bundle do you???? does your brains work at sony?? or do u guys leave them at home??

    its all good making mistakes we all do it but most of the time it doesnt affect our jobs or have a negative effect on 100’s of paying customers who seek your advice on things

    take a long hard look at your staff guys because id like an interview please as i could run this blog better than the monkeys in teeshirts you employ at the moment.

  • @3

    maybe its this (which is on US store since 5th July)

    Burnout Paradise – Full Game Plus Bundle ($7.99)
    Take off into the world of Paradise City at ludicrous speed. This bundle contains the full digital version of Burnout paradise with all cars and bikes unlocked so that you can jump right into your favorite ride. The bundle also includes the Boost Specials cars, the Hawker Mech and Carson Extreme hot Rod, so you’ll be leading the pack in no time!
    File size: 3.45 GB

  • Don’t buy the 3 in 1 pack that is listed in the sale. It’s £13.99. All 3 can be purchased individually for less than £10.

  • @ChemicalBacon90 (#3)

    It’s there, just a bit hidden:

    Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island (was £5.49/€6.99 – now £2.39/€2.99)
    Burnout Paradise Boost Specials Collection (was £3.99/€4.99 – now £1.59/€1.99)
    Burnout Paradise Cops and Robbers (was £3.99/€4.99 – now £1.59/€1.99)
    Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Collection (was £3.99/€4.99 – now £1.59/€1.99)
    Burnout Paradise Party (was £3.99/€4.99 – now £1.59/€1.99)
    Burnout Paradise Time Savers Pack (was £3.99/€4.99 – now £1.59/€1.99)
    Burnout Paradise Toy Collection (was £5.49/€6.99 – now £1.59/€1.99)

  • bit off a fail its cheaper to buy 4 for the price of that bundle

  • I know this is the wrong place but since Golden Axe is now on the PS store I have to ask, how come it’s not free for ps+ like we were promised??

  • Patch for Burnout Paradise please? Keeps deleting my game save.

  • Golden Axe was free, I got it when it was.

  • why has my download list been jumbled up for the second time now! half of my plus content has been shoved to the top and its getting really annoying.(happend when renewal of plus other time it just happened same to my friend as well) isn’t it time to segregate the categories in the download list tabs that you click on to find stuff quickly i.e


  • So Mr EA, what are you an Criterion doing about the Save game issue on the disc versions of Burnout Paradise?

    Both of you know about it but seem to ignore the problems safe in the knowledge that unsuspecting people with buy your DLC, then find out that their 100s of game hours are now useless.

  • Since you’re ignoring everyone in the main Playstation store update (as usual).

    Why has Golden Axe not been put up on the PSN+ part of the store? Don’t give us the line about “Oh it was there” because we all know it got taken down about an hour after it was up… yet you promised us (yes via a comment on the playstation blog) that it would be put back up for PSN+ Users.

    This has never happened.

    Will you get your act together please and start giving us the content you advertise.

  • In Finnish store there are 2 versions of NFS:Undercover DLC: for BLES449 and BLES450. Collectors edition add-on is only discounted for BLES449 and not for BLES450 WHICH IS ACTUAL FINNISH VERSION!! Correct it and ill buy.

  • This should be for Motorstorm not for Burnout [Deleted] >:|

  • Hi,

    Can i please get a contact number or email address on issues with store that you can get a actual reply on if you have a issue?

    I’m really throwing messages in a bottles in the sea (i.e. leaving comments)

    I’m not talking about ranting on about what PSOne games to publish or that the PS+ is stupid (which i strongly disagree)

  • I kno this isn’t relevant to the headline , but I would like to see cod dlc content reduce in price to it’s original price which was… £7.99 when the first dlc was released for cod which supported cod5

  • Hello,

    Is it possible for a patch to sort out this save issue? I believe ME2 had a similar issue and that was resolved. I realise this game is an older product but based on the push seen in this DLC sale, presumably EA would want to make money?

    I bought Big Surf Island but I am not playing the game again untill this issue is fixed.

  • Listen Why Would anyone by EA goods anymore when the fact of EA copyright lock stops us from saving are EA gaming save data = meaning that ALL EA GAMES can’t save your save data to a USB memory stick as EA has copyright lock so if your ps3 breaks down need to replace it with new PS3 your EA GAMES saves will be lost forever as result of EA stupid copyright lock so EA losing money fast due to its stupidity of copyright lock save data im not gonna restart EA GAMES to beginning over and over due to EA copyright lock.

  • Battlefield 3 losing customers EA are really stupid or just plain dumb as result in a test EA copyright lock save data issues has taken a toll = meaning that Battlefield 3 is EA = meaning copyright lock save data battlefield 3 so buy Battlefield 3 get some good levelling on rank up then your playstation 3 breaks down ow no replace your playstation 3 OMG my battlefield 3 save data rank is gone due to EA copyright lock save data can’t transfer it over to new playstation 3 so why would anymore by EA GAMES well i have NFS prostreet NFS undercover NFS shift one problem i found out when my playstation 3 broke down got it replaced EA stupid copyright lock save data so please EA GAME owers do what i do SELL all your EA GAMES don’t buy any EA GAMES future reasons why EA copyright lock save data.

  • another problem has been found out Need for Speed The Run new game out this year has EA copyright lock save data as well so i don’t think anyone would risk buying it as you can’t transfer your save data EA copyright lock.

  • reason i loved Need for Speed well as Need for Speed Underground Need for Speed Underground 2 Need for Speed Most Wanted there all playstation 2 games no EA copyright lock save data there because its playstation 2 reason i stoped loving Need for Speed playstation 3 EA copyright lock save data Need for Speed may you ( R.I.P )

  • @ Immortal-Ranter- (24, 25, 26)

    I havent come across this yet, as i have never copied data to USB as yet, however, cant PS+ solve your issue?

    I mean, the copied data lock thingy is fair, since you can cheat trophies and stuff that way.

    Look at Xbox for example, any data not from one console is NEVER valid on another, they will work, but trophies are dissabled then.

    And i dont think xbox has a PS+ like online storage to fix this problem.

    (i know this since i went through 3 xbox’s till i bought a PS3)

  • In ITALY store “Collectors edition add-on” is only discounted for BLES449 and not for BLES450.

  • In ITALY store “NFS undercover Collectors edition add-on” is only discounted for BLES449 and not for BLES450.

  • @ Immortal-Wolf- POST NUMBER 25

    You won’t lose your rank, as all online data is held externally on EA servers. If the save file will be locked as you say then it will only be your preferences/options/Single Player save, that you can’t access.

    Lucky for me even if a save file is locked, I can still copy it to my online folder, but can’t access it for 24hrs through my Plus subscription.

    You could back up your system on a weekly basis like I do, but it takes a few hours with an external hard drive. It’s worth it as external drives are cheap now!! :)

  • Soul reaver is up for ps+ australia :)

  • @aKaSoG / #28
    Immortal-Wolf- has a valid point however it is not called copyright but copy-prohibited. which should be better named “backup-prohibited”.

    You are stating that its fair of them to not allow you to make a backup of you savegame or to buy PS+. But that is not needed and the PS+ has a restore lock of 24h our backup-prohibited savegames.

    There are many games out there that have a PSN-ID lock on the savegame but can be back-upped to external device as thumb-drive.
    This way you can create (multiple) backups of your savegame but cannot cheat as the trophy support disables the moment someone with a different PSN-ID uses that savegame.

    Examples that have correct PSN-ID lock are Burnout Paradise, WipEoutHD and Dead Space. But there are many, many more.
    1. You can create a backup of the savegame, restore it on your own PSN-ID account and continue your game including trophy support.
    2. You can create a backup of the savegame, restore it on someone else his PSN-ID account and continue the game but without trophy support.

    This way everybody stays happy, no cheaters that ruin trophy stats but happy gamers that just want to play a bit further unlocked game for their own fun if they want to.

  • @ Sp4reNL

    If you’re referring to me I never said it was fair??!!

    I merley explained what you can do, as I can’t help it if they lock it!

    I’m dead against it actually & yes it shoild go off your PSN ID I agree :)

  • LOL I notice you replied to aKaSoG / #28.

    Ignore me it’s been a long, long day ;)

  • Read my first line again Catkiller1…

    aKaSoG / #28

    So no, I was not referring to you ;-)

  • hehe, no problem. I know that feeling :-)

  • @Immortal-Wolf-

    meaning that ALL EA GAMES can’t save your save data to a USB memory stick as EA has copyright

    The only way i have been able to backup EA saves is by using the PS+ online storage.

  • Fair enough, but if you notice, im comparing to my expiernce on xbox.

    If it leaves the hard drive, it wont allow trophy support.
    Well, that was my expiernce anyway, and thats why i dont see it as a problem, but PS+ being ther benefit over it.

  • sorry but im not paying playstation plus deal each month just so i can save my EA data to playstation plus storage

    The only way i have been able to backup EA saves is by using the PS+ online storage.

    That message basically saying SONY Playstation Network are Blackmailing me to buy playstation plus this is a outrage Money Scam

  • @obiadekanobi1980 Sony don’t make the prices as this isn’t published by Sony it’s EA you should blame as it’s EA THE PUBLISHER that makes the prices. Why can’t people understand this it’s not hard to understand if the game/DLC is not published by Sony then Sony don’t have control over the prices.

  • @ Immortal-Wolf PART 1

    Thanks for all the info last night :)

    What Immortal Wolf is trying to say after about a 30min debate last night with him, is the following:

    For example I had an 80gb hard drive on my PS3 & purchased a 320gb SATA one as my 80gb was getting full. I purchased 160gb external hard drive & used the Back Up Facility within the system settings on the XMB. Backed all my data & transferred it to my new 320gb hard drive. I have backed up & not pressed triangle then copy as that obviously doesn’t work.

    What I thought he was originally trying to put across, was that you couldn’t back it up, which is not the case as my EA Copy Prohibited save files are all there in plain view.

    The whole reason he is ranting, which I have to say is fair if it proves right, are that these save files I have backed up are pointless. If I load the EA game for the Save, the game disc won’t recognise my save or throw up an error as i’ve technically copied it, according to Immortal.

    I would like to point out that I haven’t tried this yet, but I will purchase Godfather 2 & Transformers War For Cybertron again to see what happens.

  • PART 2

    If the games mentioned don’t recognise my save files or throw up an error message, then this is a complete disgrace!!

    I will be purchasing BF3 in October but if my PS3 dies & I lose my single Player & Online progress etc I won’t be happy!!

    I will report back later this evening on my findings.

  • @ immortal wolf im really confused, iv not long backed up all my files 2 new hard drive and after reading these comments i quickly checked all EA saves and all are working fine! i think its a case that you have not formatted usb properly, you have gone and bought a dud or when storing files like music or films it has carried a virus

  • @lone wolf, just thought of somthin else that would balls things up and thats jailbreakin ps3. if thats the case lol unlucky!

  • oops meant immortal wolf!!

  • oops meant immortal wolf

  • ^43, oops meant immortal wolf

  • @ immortal-wolf

    Right I have just checked & all my save files are fine, all my progress that I acheived before backing up, works perfectly fine!!

    Don’t know what the problem is your end at all.

    I also contacted EA & they stated using a USB flashdrive would cause the majority of problems but a external hard drive depending on make, should be okay.

    EA also stated that if you do have problems then connect the external hard drive to your PC, access the save file & right click & check the properties. If it is write protected then try & untick the option & transfer the save file back.

    I have stated that they should take all locks off & make it a Sign in ID instead or change the trophies, so they are time based ie the trophy only pops when you acheive it at that time, not just simply load a save file & they all pop.

    All the sad Trophy whores out there ruined it as EA stated that users were helping friends out with trophies that they couldn’t acheive by copying the save file over.

    Kind regards

  • On another note, I have noticed my Super Street Fighter Save file isn’t locked anymore, so does that mean Capcom have stopped doing it now, as a few months ago it was locked??!!

  • @ immortal-wolf

    Had a courtesy call from EA for feedback on how they handled my questions.

    Whilst on the phone I asked again & was informed of the following:

    Using the Backup Facility will work as you have to back up your whole drive (EVERYTHING) & EA knows for a fact, that if people are helping friends out with trophies it won’t work this way, as the original data that friend had would be formatted with the new data!!

    So they would lose everything for some measley trophies!!

    If you manage to find a workaround & back up, or transfer just the save files it won’t work as it classes it as copying!!

    Sorry for confusion but if you back up properly then you shouldn’t have problems at all, so ignore immortal-wolf at all costs!

    Use an external Hard Drive & Back Up Facility for your whole drive!!

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