PlayStation Home: Diesel Island

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Diesel brings a new tropical getaway to PlayStation Home this week in the form of Diesel Island. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“We, at Diesel, have a stupid dream. What would it be like to start a nation from scratch? To take what is great from the countries we know and ditch what is bad. To re-write the laws. To right social wrongs. A country for only the brave. A nation in which all you future citizens of Diesel Island have the chance of being Stupid Pioneers. The first nation that truly cares about what you like and dislike. Hop on the plane from 21st July, boarding through our updated store in the PlayStation Home Shopping Centre. New Look, New Stuff – some of it free. Welcome to Diesel Island. Land of the Stupid and Home of the Brave.”

New from Lockwood, welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Delirious Squid. Populated by gangsta rappin’ squids, bears in dresses and pretty little girls with tentacly faces, Delirious Squid is the latest clothing collection from Lockwood.

Inspired by the alternative music scene, Delirious Squid is for those who’d rather stand out than blend in, those who value comfort and quirkiness over couture and formality. Clothes for future celebrities, budding skate superstars and underdogs who’ll have their day are what Delirious Squid specialises in. Hoodies with unique graphics, ripped jeans and understated accessories are where they shine.



Also crawling out of Delirious Squid’s trapdoor of delights are four new companions. Bunsen and Spike are two hard-rockin’ lizards who get their kicks head banging to loud music, swishing their tails to smashing guitars. Al Cabone and Mr Ska Bones are more mellow fellows, shambling around with a spring in their skeletal step.


Have fun in the sunshine with these hot lifeguard uniforms. Everyone loves a lifeguard and they’ll be watching you in awe when you blow on your whistle then sprint off down the beach with a rescue float under your arm. They don’t need to know that you’re not actually running anywhere…


Male lifeguards can look laid back paddling in the ocean in long shorts, vest and backwards cap. Female guards manage to pull off professional and pretty in one fell swoop with their high ponytail held in place with a visor, shorts and a matching jacket over their bikini.

Full male and female uniforms are available in value packs. Get out there and make waves, people!

Dazzle your friends in the new inFamous 2 Cole Costume available this week from Alter Ego, complete with custom emotes (batteries not included).


AUDI AG today announced the availability of a new free-to-download XMB skin available exclusively from the PlayStation Store. The interface features exclusive shots of some of AUDI AG’s most desirable cars along with Audi inspired XMB icons for all automotive fans.

Roland Hoepting, Digital Marketing Manager for AUDI AG, explained, “For many people the PlayStation XMB is their number one media channel. With the fantastic response we’ve had from the PS3 audience in PlayStation Home we wanted to take our activity further. We know gamers love their cars and racing so wanted to give them an opportunity to have their own line up of Audi sports cars available on their XMB.”

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1 Author Reply

  • I mean James..

  • Is the UFC space getting fixed as still can’t play anything in Space or apartment.

  • A very good update. I’m really looking forward to exploring Diesel Island. :)


    We fanboys want to BUY BUY BUY.

    It’s ok if it’s broken and there’s nowhere to complain
    cause WE LOVE U SONY BABY!

    Make us buy MORE useless. overpriced junk!

  • i agree with the comment above 3 year old girls will love this update but most Ps3 users are male and over 10.

  • HELL YES NOW THIS IS A UPDATE IM GETTIN 4 £20 cards tomoz and buying the new stuff straght away :D and andycass dont be racest about users this home content is for anyone who feels like 10 again and i seen u in home pretending to be a girl so dont be mean to others ok :D

  • @8
    There are no longer 20 pound and 50 pound cards, they have been changed to 25 and 35 pounds.

  • 6# Then i have some very good news for you as all things in home is a optionel which mean you don’t HAVE to buy anything but some people buy stuff and then enjoy it (not me doh).

    Really don’t get people that whine about home as their is nothing that is furshing you to go to it.

  • I haven’t been able to get into home for a few days now getting error Z(7,-100) and last time I did get in all of reward items were gone including the outfit I was wearing

  • oh and the Audi theme is pretty awesome

  • home is starting to get some amazing content now! I just hope they keep up the great job there doing!

  • WoW, what a cool update this week. For once I have no witty repartée outack on any of the pics featured above neither (apart from the spot what’s missing on those billy-dogs on the Diesel Island shot). Sure we still have a serious lack of the amount of available perspaces over NA Home (I for one really want the Waterfall Terrace log cabin as a clubhouse and being half-greek and all my greek friends agree, really want the Thera/Santorini perspace and yacht), but to me whats more important is the people I get to meet & friendships I get to make + Home is a good place to find gaming buddys. Keep up the good work Sony…

  • infamous 2 so getting that :)

  • wow inFamous 2 only gettting 1 1/4 line in the blog, i dont see why the Cole costume could get a headline, it IS a Sony xclusive after all, or doesnt the blogger like inFamous?

    The Diesel island looks pretty awsome.

    Lockwood on the other hand is well……getting out of hand. Instead of giving us more NEW items to unlock or quests in Soduim 1, all they give us is crap & also, Soduim 2 isnt that impresive. Come on Lockwood, you guys were the 1st ones on the Home block to give us one of the best spaces, now it’s……..Aurora(whoop de dooo).

    Lockwood, here’s an idea, why dont u just dump all your crap on home in ONE go instead of a drop every week? We all know u’ve made all teh items before hand, hell, u’ve had 45 days when Home was down to create new crap. So just give it in one go & stop making us suffer. Mmmmmmm come to think of it, then teh Home blog will b empty every week………Yeah dump your crap in one go.

  • Personally I do hope the ‘error’ problem with the Welcome Home Back Package will be solved with this update…

  • WoW more useless junk in playstation home this week um playstation home can you understand my frustration with late arivals on playstation home as TEKKEN 6 costume Jin Kazama not there yet in playstation home and where are the good stuff people want in playstation home like FF 13 you did but if you put FF 7 costumes in playstation home i bet everyone would give you £billions to buy that or DMC costumes as playstation home keeps bringing us useless junk

  • Lockwood is killing Home.

    Seriously Sony, enough of this [DELETED].
    Home wasn’t ment to be like this, why are you letting all this trash get published.

    Home hardly functions correctly, there’s freezing and constant network errors.
    These things need to be addressed rather than ignored while Lockwood release week after week of generic overpriced nonsense.

    We need a Community Manager again, none of this is getting through.

  • Any idea when the ‘Welcome Back’ package errors get solved? The package nearly expires and the issue is still there!

    It’s been reported, notified, but not solved.

  • Darn… last post answered mine… when will the ‘error’ be resolved???

  • I’ll take the inFamous 2 stuff and the Audi theme, cheers.

  • Immortal-Wolf- speak for yourself. Not of all us wants crappy Tekken, DMC and FF costumes.

  • hi id like to suggest a few cool updates for ps home
    an airport with a proper flight from 1 place to another with services on the plane
    bathrooms and kitchens in apartments
    and maybe a theme park or swimming resort
    i hope this helps make ps home better

  • is there any posiblity of getting stoves or cooking tops that can catch fire, like in Sims?

  • WHERE IS THE ILAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

  • @24
    nice suggestions

  • N1nJa-H3LLKn1GhT

    @James Gallagher do you know if EU Playstation Home will be getting Scribble Shooter like what the U.S have now? Because if not then i find this really unfair as i have been really looking forward to playing this game again ever since the Scribble Shooter unit was at he E3 Space because this is something i would purchase an im sure many other from UK & EU would really like this too as playing Scribble Shooter will be able to win us prized for our Avatar & Home Space.

  • to reply to Carnivius_Prime #23

    thats funny as how many people paid for the DMC avatars & FF avatars in playstation store i think millions so if playstation home had FF costumes & DMC costumes they would make a mint in money thanks for understanding Carnivius_Prime as FF7 PS1 made 9 million sold copys around the world thats a %100 fact

  • hey btw my ufc games are nt working

  • if u look 4 new island it in the new shopping center

  • @james

    did you guys ever fix the problem with trying 2 download the welcome back package stuff

  • did you guys ever fix the problem with trying 2 download the welcome back package stuff

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