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Have you ever moved your bedroom furniture around because you fancied a change? I’ve been in that kind of mood with this blog over the last couple of weeks, trying out new content ideas and laying down some redevelopment plans that should make the site easier to use and ensure that the strongest posts get more visibility. Just this week we’ve had a guest post from that seemed popular; a new feature called Inside SCEE that I’d love to hear your feedback on; and the return of the Weekend Debate, formerly of Friday fame. I’m off work this weekend but will try and jump on the comments if I can find a spare second; if not I’ll see you on Monday.

Here’s your recap:

PlayStation.Blog.Europe Weekly Content Recap

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  • James,seeing as you gave the guys behind a slot on the blog,I was wondering if you could do a post were we could nominate other sites and give them a chance,or highlight the best ones in a blog post.

    A few weeks ago I linked a site called lets you watch youtube videos in HD,lets you download vids onto the XMB,post comments,link your account.It also does gaming sites such as IGN,Gametrailers, so much better than standard youtube and youtube XL on PS3’s browser.

    It also does Gametrailers.He links the downloadable MP4 file from Gametrailers to ps3youtube.Like a PC,the browser can buffer or save as.So you get the best quality version streamed into your browser,or you can File/Save target as.
    Gametrailers hasnt worked on well on PS3 for ages,it always run’s out of memory.So it’s really handy,i’ve got the 30 minute BioShock infinite demo downloading as I tap this out on my DS3,whilst I prepare for a session on The Fight :)

  • Hmmm, Inside SCEE “event” sounds nice

  • Can Sony do anything to bring the Myst series to PS3?

  • great stuff
    very nice

  • hurry up with the cross-game chat already

  • ShootingStar_XCI

    Seems like everyone here, myself included, got excited about three great new additions to the Blog this week – Inside SCEE, a suprise guest post from Dan Webb & The Weekend Debate – I’m looking forward to seeing more from all of these series.

    The redevelopement you mention is something I’ve wanted for a while now. Ever since Blog.US was given an overhaul I couldn’t help dreaming of some tweaks here, but I’ve been pleased with all the recent changes ( intergration being my favourite) so I trust it will greatly improve the site.

    And if the new content plans you also speak of are akin to this week’s content then I’ll certainly be hitting refresh a lot more than usual.

    Thank you, and I hope you all have a great weekend!

  • omg all 3 jameses,jeff,musterbuster,ross,every1 at sony,every1 at kojima

    i just fell in love with you all im not even joking metal gear solid trilogy!!!!!!! im welling up im gunna cry

  • Pretty crap slow week. :)

  • CROSSGAME CHAT will be CHEATING for many online games in elimination and last man standing so think about it ! You still can send mesage dont be lazy :-) maybe they can update that function … JAMES?

  • Hi James,

    I see FirstPlay has ended but 2 weeks ago my subscription was renewed. Will the money be returned to me or will I have to contact customer service?

    I believe the problem lies in it’s log-in page, I mean there is nowhere to type your username & password.

  • either software or the hardware or the network infrastructure they exit up there own arse and turn mute, sony showed how this is true when the network went down the utter lack of support, explanations, or even comments during the first week was terrible imagine if a bank, or say amazon went down and acted like sony did they would have been finished that week the only thing that saved sony was the fact that it was a hack from an outside source.

    We are the consumer,we are the ones shelling out hard earned cash on stuff YOU guys are selling so look after us a bit more sony and listen to our comments once in a while as some of us do have valid points and ideas once in a while and when 100,000s of us are asking for something pease at least try to do it for us and not just ignore it because its in a digital format and easy to forget..

  • this blog needs a serious overhall to stop things like my double post from haapening, posted but didnt show up after hitting F5 about 10 times then as soon as you post it again the two of them pop up its silly and very easy to solve just shows how much sony look after there infrastructure and services typical……….

  • How long will the discount on Limbo last for PS+ members?

    I won’t be able to access the store on Wednesday… but hopefully it will be until August the 2nd or so :D

  • Hey James,

    How long will the discount last on Limbo?

    I won’t be able to access the store on Wednesday… reply please :)

  • In the meantime, fee-paying PS+ subscribers in Australia still hasn’t received PS+ content for July.

  • Looking forward to more tours of SCEE offices, the decor is top-notch. :D

  • Also, anymore Home events?

  • Hey, any date on the MvC3 avatars for Europe? I really want the Dante one to show my love for DMC3 XD

  • does any1 no wen the next map pack for black ops is coming out ??

  • The new maps for call of duty will be released on July 28th

  • Any news on Gamescom?

    What time and date is Sony’s conference on?

  • Dear all.

    Could the Pal/other regions please take on a partner such as Subway in the Us for an Uncharted 3 multiplayer giveaway 4 weeks before general release as our friends in the US area going to enjoy.

    I look forwards to a reply and also to the chance of levelling up at the same time as our friends across the water so that there is an even playing field to begin at launch for all true Uncharted fans and supporters.

    I realise logistics are sometimes difficult but after the beta we know the infastructure is in place and ready to go.

    Please don’t let this become a large “they get this and we get nothing” item because as the time gets closer this IS going to become a big deal for many Pal/other territories psn members.

    I will copy and paste this post on several psn areas and gaming forums until a satisfactory answer is received.

    Kindest regards Jay. (spiderling)

  • Hi James, wondering if you could explain why Sony decided to stop people listening to music while surfing the net, not let users do anything whilst listening to music, and never updating the ancient web browser. Just thought I would ask, PlayStation has fell off a cliff since the network outage, so why do they keep making mandatory updates that ruin the potential of the console?

    Is it a `scuttle the ship` so everyone abandons the PS3 in light of the PS4 countdown?

    Kind regards

    J Smiith

  • @cbass081184

    You can still listen to music while surfing the net. That hasn’t changed, you can’t quit and look the the photos for instance.

    You shouldn’t be complaining as at least we have a browser. It might not be possible to update the browser to run better at this stage but I am sure it is not centre stage.

    What do you mean fell off a cliff since the outage. In my experience I have seen no problems.

    I doubt they will `scuttle the ship` since the PS4 won’t be released until 2013 at the earliest. The media are only mentioning a PS4 because of the Wii U. The dev kits for launch titles would be in hands of developers buy according to my connections there is not even a whisper.

  • @cbass081184

    “why Sony decided to stop people listening to music while surfing the net”

    sounds like your Output settings.Check them under Music settings.If you have 44.1/88.2/176 khz,it wont play whilst the browser is in use.
    Change it to 48 khz,and it should work.

  • why has my download list been jumbled up for the second time now! half of my plus content has been shoved to the top and its getting really annoying.(happend when renewal of plus other time it just happened same to my friend as well) isn’t it time to segregate the categories in the download list tabs that you click on to find stuff quickly i.e
    Add Ons,
    PS3 DEMO,

  • obiadekanobi1980


  • obiadekanobi1980


  • just dont forget mortal kombat 9(2011) rain as dlc he is out officially tomorrow!

  • Just tried to listen to music, my PS3 froze again (this happens all the time). I am just a little angry with PlayStation as I cant do things I could before the outage. Sony should speak up about the PS4 and let people know it`s just speculation. I`m tired of asking questions and never getting a proper response, be it either email, phone call or blog. This is Sony.

  • slow monday on the psblog. lol

  • @ “Just tried to listen to music,my PS3 froze again (this happens all the time)”
    While browsing,or normal XMB use?and did my post 27 help?

    “Sony should speak up about the PS4 and let people know it`s just speculation”
    There’s no speculation.Unless Sony pull out of the home console market,PS4 or whatever they call it is in development.I remember a TV interview with Ken Kutaragi around PS2’s UK launch.
    In that he talked about about research into PS3,and how powerful it could be.My memory is a little vague,but he was going on about leaches,and kept referencing Cell’s and how in the future he could see biological chips.
    It turned out the PS3’s CPU is called the Cell processor.Part of it’s design was to communicate info between the CPU’s “cores” the SPU’s,like cells pass on info when they split.

    Somewhere in Sony’s hardware division,and no doubt the 1st party development studios (based on vita design) there will be something cooking,it wont be final,but it is being worked on.And it’s always been that way.

  • Quick add.There is something that was removed,well added back during the last FW.
    When I first started using the browser,there was a text limit when writing.That got removed or massively extended a couple of years ago.For some reason it’s back :( not sure why,but hopefully James or someone else can find out.

  • Is there any update on when

    will be back up? It’s been down for quite a while now.

  • hi there
    because of all these updates do you think sony could update the playstation 3 browser as it is IE 6

  • just wondering when hardcore headquarters will be back on on black ops sick ov bombs and flags

  • seems like it’s gonna be a slow and quite day on playstation blog today too.

  • @vonhammer,

    PS3 freezes alot while browsing, never on XMB. Unless I have just opened the browser, or just closed it. Comment #27 did not help.

  • ’twas a good week.

  • When the post about the update even though I’ve updated it?

  • when are we gonna get store update? i really want to download the old world blues dlc for fallout

  • @43 Tomorrow. I’ve complained many a time about it, but Americans will simply never understand how timezones work.

  • Why it is not possible for me to download Castle Crashers?

  • ps4 is an add on to ps3


    also testing my avatar and it will probaly be my old one because my brough one wont show up on the blog…….TESTING



  • sony and microsoft to join forces! is this for games or is a supper console in development? its about time as sony rock when it comes to tech/gadgets but micro develop best software so 2gether there would be no stopping them.

  • oi james first you go on holiday and leave peeps angry and confussed now ya sick! poor you, got man flu? get behind your desk and get back to work you big baby. o yea and tell the engineers to hurry up and fix this crap, things iv bought are not working and im not wasting more money phoning customer care when they know jak themselfs

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