Hideo Kojima Talks Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Peace Walker HD, PS Vita

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Hideo Kojima Talks Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Peace Walker HD, PS Vita

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS3

These days, Hideo Kojima is a busy man. The Metal Gear mastermind recently revealed that the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is heading to the PS3 this November. The HD Collection includes revamped versions of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, complete with dual-analog-stick controls, 1080p graphics, smoother frame rates, a redesigned user interface, rumble support and much more.

We caught up with Kojima last week at an appearance in Mexico City and he was eager to speak with PlayStation.Blog readers. Enjoy the Q&A, and leave your favorite Metal Gear moments in the comments!

Hideo Kojima

PlayStation.Blog: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was designed for PSP — a portable device. What changes did Kojima Productions make to the upcoming PS3 version so it could be enjoyed on a high-definition home console?

Hideo Kojima, Director, Kojima Productions: The PSP obviously has fewer buttons than the PS3 controller, and it had some limitations when it comes to control. Using the DualShock 3, movement of many things improved…as did, of course, [the addition of] rumble support.

On the PSP, it was also hard to tell some textures apart. Now, rendered in HD, they are are much easier to see. The in-game text is also easier to read.

PSB: Your process of “transfarring” will allow PSP players to take their Peace Walker save files from one console to another, and we will also see similar cross-play support with the PS Vita. Do you expect this to be the future of gaming? Is it a concept that you would like to explore beyond what already has been announced?

Kojima: Peace Walker is the first step. It is a PSP game in HD that lets one go back and forth between one PSP and a PSP. The next step is to take PS2-quality games, such as Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3, to HD and then to take them to Vita transferring.

My next step is games that will come out for the PS3 from now on, so I can take advantage of this technology with the Vita with content that is exactly the same. I hope that cloud service is available now, and it would be ideal for me if transfarring were to serve as a bridge between the two services.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS3

PSB: Just before E3, a glimpse of what will be its new graphic engine (FOX Engine) was shown. What would you say are their greatest visual benefits? Is there anything that stands out in this technology that you can tell us about?

Kojima: For now, FOX Engine has high performance in developing games on multiple platforms; I think that is the most prominent feature. At this point, it is not an engine that has anything particularly prominent when compared to what’s on the market. From now on, we hope to add features and functions that stand out from other engines.

PSB: Okay, PS Vita has already been revealed. Are you interested in the console? What are the features that draw your attention most to a portable device?

Kojima: As for the multitouch pad on the back of the console, I do not want to force users to use it. The PS Vita has cutting-edge technology and it’s the best there is – especially with integration with the PS3 – and I am very pleased I can offer it to users.

PSB: With the commercial success of L.A. Noire, and the return of cyberpunk with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, do you believe that there is a market for a new Snatcher game?

Kojima: L.A. Noire is a game that I really like, but unfortunately I have not played it. I think it is coming out in Japan today, so when I return, I intend to play it. This idea of an open world in 3D is very good, and I would love to do something like Snatcher, but I do not have the time or the means to do so. But if anyone else would like to develop it, I would love it.

NOTE: A few hours after this interview, Hideo Kojima, in collaboration with Suda 51 and Akira Yamaoka, announced a radio drama called “Sdatcher” based on Snatcher.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS3

PSB: What qualities do you think a game designer needs to be hired in today’s industry?

Kojima: Right now, it’s very similar to movies: You need a lot of money. So rather than doing what you want, doing what you like, you must have a clear idea of marketing and sales. That’s what’s happening to us with FOX Engine; you do not need be an expert in programming to develop a game, but if you have a question, you still need an expert on-hand to provide an answer.

As for expression, that has reached a high level. Video games are trying to reach the peak of entertainment, so game makers should be clear that things like emotion and sound are among the many things that have to be involved.

PSB: How has your perspective from your business point of view and as a game developer changed, now that you are Vice President of Konami Digital?

Kojima: I would like to not change. My priority continues to be to create and produce my own games. Now that I can do this well, I can generate more time to help in other company products, especially in creative ways.

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  • Good news for MGS fans.Its a great game.It would be awsome if one day i would see a Tenchu remake or HD collection for ps3 :) hope that it will happen one day….

  • I would have liked to hear that he was planning to release some trophies for his highly acclaimed and successful game, Metal Gear Solid 4.

    Perhaps one day.


  • cant wait for this mmmmmmmm

  • mmmm cant wait for this……please say it has trophies james

  • Love that the mgs games are getting a well deserved hd make over (even though they still among the most beautiful ps2 made), but I would the first metal gear solid to get some sort of a make over. Even it just appeared in the boxset it would be a win, much like that boxset that came out in us and japan with every metal game, so gutted it never graced the uk shores.

  • I do plan on getting MGS1 to play on my PSP before the collection comes out. Will there be any chance that the retail game will come with a code to get MGS1, to make up for the fact that it isn’t being remastered? If it does then I’d like to know now so I don’t buy it first! Either way, really looking forward to this, haven’t played them since release, and would love to replay through the series back to back now

  • I hope the remade games use the new perspective seen in Subsistence and MGS4… so much more fun that way.

  • huh?? you had hideo kojima , but instead of asking things like mgs1 ps3 version , will there be one ? or future mgs games or about mgs 4 subsistence will there be one ? or even mgs 4 trophies , any extra bits in hd collection ? can’t believe you dropped the ball , i could have got the info you got from any game site or magazine , FAIL

  • Wow, can’t wait for this! :D

  • Day 1 buy for me…..I take it’ its got trophies? without trophies i’ll be 50/50 2 buy or not

  • Yes me too day 1 buy for me if it like the other HD classics it will be 30 quid not a penny more.

    i got MGS1 ps1 classic but agree a remake of the 1st would be nice you got the plans for MGS1, because you use it kojima in MGS4 the MGS1 stage the nuclear warhead hanger even though it was just a little bit you still use it. :|

  • What, so is the HD Collection coming out for the Vita as well?

  • I bought MGS4 from day 1 NEW…..But never played it and i’ve loved the MGS’s from PS2. Since i’ve been in 2 trophies i never got round 2 playing MGS4. Will it EVER get trophies?

  • if this wasn’t also being released on another platform then MSG 1 would also have been included in this pack, pity…

  • On wiki it states that the japanesse version will come with a voucher for the mgs1 psn version from the network. The european version will come with a peace walker download code that will allow the transferring option.

    Hideo has stated that something special is planned for teh 25th anniversary of metal gear. also stated by one of teh members said that mgs was not in teh collection because they would like to give it graphical improvemnet and gameplay stayles and improve the entire game. so it think thats a hint hint to a remake in the near future. personally i would like a remake of teh original two.

    also in japan its been tweeted that the mgs3 version is being re voiced, but it wasnt stated if this was like this elsewhere and for teh other games that are included. It alll includes trophy support for all these games.

    there is only one thing i want to know about this collection and thats the co op play for peace walker. nothing has been said about the co op and if it will be featured or you’ll be able to play the game with your friend next to you but we’lll have to see.

    This will be a purchase on day one for me :)

  • hey hey

    I would really love this but without a MGS1 remake I’m not sure.

    HD collections are all the rage atm but a serious remake of the series at the same level as MGS4 would be so freaking kick a**

    I think they are missing an opportunity here but a HD buff without MS1 should still sell to the fans.

    Personally I think its because the PS2 can be buffed to HD with little effort but a PS1 game would take a complete rewrite. Its nice to have these new shiny PS2 classics and it shows gamers will swallow anything but Metal Gear deserves the full treatment :”(

  • When wil Hideo release the promissed update to MGS4 for Trophy support
    approved by him in 2009 !!!
    boxcover 2010

    2011 still no trophies!!!!

  • More like –

    “Kojima: I would like to not change. My priority now is to please Micro$oft” :D

    Why waste time doing this for the xBox 360 to when he could of spent the time giving his true fans(i.e us loyal PlayStation fans)MGS4 trophies + a new PS3 only game? Hmm

  • forget about snake for a moment I wanna see Gillian Seed !!!!! a snatcher release on ps3 would be wicked even in psn i would happily pay for the original you youths who never played it have missed out definitely one of the best games ever made

  • mgs is crap bring bk that rapping guy in your avatar sony :P

  • MGS2 is my favourite game of all time, looking forward to the HD Collection.

  • I’m actually giddy with excitement for the MGS collection, can’t wait!
    On a totally unrelated note, why isn’t Golden Axe on the store? Thanks in advance

  • Meh was never a ps fan and would have liked to try out MGS in HD but not going to start from 2.

    Dragon’s Den style: I’m out!

  • Finally a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Thank you.

  • Shame he had to port it to the “other” console too MGS was one of the best PS exclusives and shame its no longer just that. No longer is getting the latest Metal Gear a reason to buy Playstation. How the mighty have fallen.. You lost so many exclusives from GTA to COD to MGS.. PS3 is an epic fail in terms of sales compared to PS2. It’s your own fault too for the late release date and silly high price.

  • I read that the textures are not in hi defenition. That it are the same lo res textures and they are rendered in hi def.
    Is that trough?

    Love to see his new game, the demo on the monitor looked awesome.
    (please no 5 hour cut scenes)

  • and on a related note he’s not JCARROLL above either, just seen that after i posted ha, madness!!

  • 1st post awaiting moderation!? 2nd’s not gonna make Any sense if that doesn’t post…sorry people

  • I’m a bit annoyed at Konami for announcing a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Silent Hill HD Collection and Zone of the Enders HD Collection. Sure, good games, but where is the Suikoden HD Collection!???

  • OK then, lets get this straight.

    No MGS at all, and no Substance/Subsistence versions of 2 and 3??

    Jog on, and come back when you’ve done it properly.

  • I would love to see “MGS: VR/Special Missions” on PNS

  • Subsistence will be in MGS-3 in HD collection, about redone voice acting in MGS-3 i hope nop it wont be the same with-out david.H

    but if it like all other HD classics it will have the code the same voice acting but in HD. :|

  • [QUOTE]PSB: Okay, PS Vita has already been revealed. Are you interested in the console? What are the features that draw your attention most to a portable device?

    Kojima: As for the multitouch pad on the back of the console, I do not want to force users to use it.[/QUOTE]


  • Are the games on the collection the Substance and Subsistence edition or the “vanilla” ones?

  • We wont get a HD remaster of MGS 1 because of Twin Snakes on the Gamecube. That’s a MGS 1 remake with MGS 2’s game engine and its awesome. Prob is it was Gamecube (and hence Wii) only. If anyone hasnt played it, go find yourself a 2nd hand one now.

    My question is w2hat versions of MGS 2&3 are they? the box just says the standard names not Substance or Subsistence. Without Subsistence’s moveable game camera MGS 3 was a nightmare.

  • Oh and @ #29 “I’m a bit annoyed at Konami for announcing a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Silent Hill HD Collection and Zone of the Enders HD Collection. Sure, good games, but where is the Suikoden HD Collection!???”

    I’d settle for the UK PSN getting the standard version of Suikoden 1 as a PS1 download. The USA have had it for ages.

  • This is the best thing to happen to ME today!

    I will Deffinately be buying these ASAP, thanks to everyone that made that possible.

  • Now at the top of my wish list :)

  • Screw this Collection its not even Substance/Subsistence. I’ll wait for a true Collection. Until then, PS2 and PSP say hello.

  • Looking forward to seeing the game, just wish we knew if it has the extra content from Substance.

    I know 3 is meant to have the extra camra angle, but it was the VR missions in substance that really got me playing metal gear games. It would be nice to relive the good old days again.

  • fghugvjdusudjxdyuri

  • No Metal Gear Solid 1 ?, the best out of the series..

    oh well,not bad though just didn’t like MGS2 that much.

  • cant wait,and splinter cells 3 games onlivian 5 bbc3 uncharted 3 mw3 and many more its going to be an excellent end of 2011.and throgh 2011 hitman max payne,it going to be the bes period for games i can rememer for long time

  • How will transfarring affect trophies? Could you acquire PS3 trophies for things you’ve done in the PSP version and then transfarred to PS3?

  • @45
    ..onlivian 5?
    Dear god I hope you don’t mean The Elder Scrolls V.
    Please be talking about some unknown game called Onlivian….

  • Any chance of revamped versions of MGS1 or even Twin Snakes for PS3??? Looking forward to Zone of the Enders HD Collection :)
    Would love to see Kingdom Hearts or Project Zero as an HD Collection too :) :)

  • I will be buying this, neverd played MGS on ps2.

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