VidZone Update: All Video Problems Fixed, Get Back To VidZone!!!

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So, you noticed some videos not working? Some videos not being available? Well yes, as we have said there has been some issues stopping you getting exactly what you want, and yes we have cried ourselves to sleep every night about that very fact… But now we can announce that:

  • ALL VIDEOS ARE WORKING AGAIN!!! That means no more skipping videos, what is displayed will now play!
  • LOADS MORE NEW VIDEOS – All available over the next couple of weeks, but this week we have… Alexandra Stan, Jenifer Lopez, Eminem, Rihanna, Limp Bizkit, Owl City, Rye Rye, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Bad Meets Evil, The Black Eyed Peas, Take That, Little Wayne, Nicole Scherzinger, The Saturdays plus hundreds more just to get you started!
  • EVEN MORE TO COME – More great new videos as soon as we receive them plus updated channels and playlists to keep you on VZ for HOOOOUUURS!!!

We are so excited to be back firing on full cylinders… and we know you were hating not having all the videos you wanted and so were we but now you can get back to VidZone and get back into the VidZone (Sorry… when I get excited, the puns get worse)


Artists Of The Week – Eminem (All ex Germany)


Wow it feels good to talk about these artists again! Eminem has his brand new video “Space Bound” out now hence why he is this week’s AOTW.

Artists Of The Week – Selena Gomez (Germany)


Selena Gomez wants to “Love You Like A Love Song” well that is what her song is called, it might not apply to you specifically, but one can only hope!

Artist Spotilight – Nicki Minaj (All)


You all probably know her already, “explosion” is the only words to describe her entrance to the scene, but if the blast missed you then we have all videos including “Superbass” and “Did It On Em'”.

Hot New Videos (All)


Some real scorchers from all your favourites this week including videos from Lady Gaga, LMFAO and Rihanna.

One To Watch – Mann (UK)


18 year old wunderkind has already worked with Sean Kingston, Jason Derulo and 50 Cent now he teams up with Snoop Dogg in his new video ‘The Mack‘.

Lovebox Festival (UK Ireland), Benicassim Festival (Spain), Les Vieilles Charrues 2011 (France)



Festival Fever continues with a trio of European festivals, as always a huge selection of artists from all of them so you can get a taste before the real thing.

Triple J – Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time (Australia)


The hottest Aussie bands of all time according to Triple J (and they should know!) Featuring videos from Powderfinger, Wolfmother, John Butler Trio, Crowded House and Silverchair.

Directors Series – Spike Jonze (All)


Continuing with the quirky and insanely clever world of Spike Jonze featuring videos from Pharcyde “Drop”, Beastie Boys – “Sabotage”, Daft Punk “Da Funk”, Weezer – “Buddy Holly”, Fatboy Slim “Praise You” and more!

The Saturdays celebrity playlist


Featuring hand-picked videos by Una (Jennifer Lopez), Vanessa (Amy Winehouse), Molly (Katy Perry), Frankie (The Maccabees) & Rochelle (Lily Allen).


One To Watch – Bad Meets Evil (All)
Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″ team up again for your viewing pleasure like they have done (on and off) for years now. Watch their new video “Fast Lane“.

Artist Spotlight – 360 (Australia)
Think Aussie rapping over Whitest Boy Alive and you are pretty much there. Featuring his new video “Throw It Away featuring Josh Pyke“.

Ibiza 2011 TV
With the “White Isle” partying full steam now we thought we would give you a chance to have a taste of what you are missing with the Ibiza anthems now and from the past including Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, Deadmau5 and Tiesto.

Artist Spotlight – Rise Against (all excluding Finland, Australia)


Chicago based punk rockers Rise against have been rising into people’s consciousnesses for a while now. Watch all their videos including their new video “Make It Stop (September’s Children)“.

Official PlayStation Magazine (All)
More videos picked like a wizard picks ingredients for his next potion… i.e with care, for your viewing pleasure.


Remember to check out our ever changing Video Of The Day which you will see as soon as you open VidZone and as ever, if you want to contact us about anything then use the following channels below:

Twitter –
Facebook –
Website –
Video Requests –
Customer Support –

I’m off to watch all those videos I have been missing, you should definitely do the same…


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9 Author Replies

  • Hi All

    Just a note to say unfortunately, because of an issue (we didn’t get the video in time from the label:S) Eminem is no longer our Artist of The Week this week. But don’t worry Hip Hop fans, we have replaced him with Lil Wayne! He has been collaborating with everyone atm so see all his videos on VidZone!

    Thanks for your time


  • Hi Again

    Sorry, Lil Wayne is only AOTW for the UK. Apparently we didn’t get the UK rights in time! New I should have checked before I posted that last one. Everyone else gets a healthy dose of Eminem!

  • Are the videos of Selena Gomez also available in The Netherlands?
    But I am happy to hear the issues have been fixed before I go on holiday.
    What about the Lena songs any news about those?

    • Hey DWF (hope you don’t me abbreviating.. your name is long to type all the time!)

      Yeah, you can get Selena in NL, you just have to search for her. As for Lena… Nothing more as yet… hit a bit of a dead end but we will think of a way… I hope!

  • Couldn’t care less about Eminem or Lil Wayne… Let’s hope Foo Fighters are working again :-)

  • Excellent news. Will check it out later today :-) Keep up the good work!

  • Ben does that mean all Sony videos are back on the service and when will the update hit are Ps3’s and finally whats the E-mail address to send in request for new Music Vidoes :)

    • Hi Reload

      Yep, Sony is back! all existing Sony videos will be live straight away, we are getting the most important new videos back up live as soon as possible (within the week) and then all the rest of the videos will be on the service as soon as we possibly can (We have a lot of great videos to get through!)

      Hope this is ok?

  • Artists Of The Week – Selena Gomez (Germany)

    Does this mean i cant watch all her videos in NL ?

    Or does she just have a spotlight on the banner in germany?

  • Problem….

    All the writing is black on black, so I can’t read most of the text. Is that a general problem, or just me?

    If I delete Vidzone will the icon still be on the XMB so I can re-install it?


  • Why you treat Poland like 3rd World country. We still don’t have vidzone and many more services. No PSS in Polish lang.

  • any chance of gettin linkin park up :D

  • more videos for janet, pink, lil kim, foxy brown, mary j blige e.t.c!

  • more older 90s r&b videos too please.

  • just oen more request i would like to see some more erykah badu music videos too.

  • Hi, I’m still having a problem accessing some vids. Seasons in the Abyss by Slayer being an example.

  • When Poland? 2011? 2012? 2013?…2020?

  • When Poland? 2011? 2012? 2013? 2015?…2021?

  • i love vidzone … sorry … I LOVE VIDZONE . Ben any info about *de souza feat shena – guilty* , *lifelike & kris menace – discopolis* ? it was ther before. THANKS guys for your work

  • hi ben, i’ve tried to compile a list but i’m now having the same problem as mister_g (post no.8).

  • I hate VidZone …

  • Ben,

    I am so hacked off with VIDZONE right now. I’ve been a huge fan and always talk it up with people and have it on when I have people round. It’s never been perfect, but you guys kept refining and clearly cared, so I persevered.

    Last week I got fed up with nothing I wanted to see working and vowed not to bother with this service anymore – then I saw this post and just went straight on and put one of my playlists on. RUBBISH! 1st 3 songs: Angels – Within Temptation, Anathema – pressure and Forever After – Paradise Lost. It skipped th 1st 2 completely, then played Forever after, which jumped and flickered halfway through before stopping. But guess what? The effing ad break (which are TOO LOUD and TOO FREQUENT) worked fine!

    I want it to work, but I’ve had it with VIDZONE – as for sending it to the right email address…you send it; I’m trying to help you.

    • Hi G2owly

      I’m sorry you feel this way, We were having some issues getting all the videos working again and it only came to our attention when users started reporting it. As for the adverts, we need these adverts in order for you to not have to pay for the service. I know they can be annoying, but they are no more frequent than you would find on music TV channels which you have to watch what they think you should watch (and pay if you want a decent amount of them). We know our service isn’t perfect, we have so many plans to take all of your feedback and turn it into the service you wish for but it takes time to implement, but it will be worth the wait.

      Please bear with us, we know its been frustrating recently, but everything will be sorted.

  • more green day please and remove miley cyrus from vidzone thanks

  • Knock, knock… it’s Poland, again…

  • Really hope this service is back doing what it always did before the problems of the last couple of months, and that is a top notch music service.

  • Vidzone is nice and all, but Ireland doesn’t even have a video store yet! It’s been 2 years since it was first rolled out in the US. Any info would be much appreciated

  • Meat Loaf. Bat out of hell doesn’t work.

  • Meat Loaf. Bat out of hell isn’t working.

  • Guess what? Still no Poland!

    Come on, how hard can it be? Surely you have better lawyers than ZAiKS ;)

  • One small thing: The video for Malk de Koijn’s “Fågt op i skalle” has never worked in Vidzone – even before the PSN hack.

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