From The GT5 Signature Edition To An SLS AMG

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From The GT5 Signature Edition To An SLS AMG


Following two action-packed days at the Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Austria (yes apparently it is the place where Steven’s name originated) we have our winner and proud owner of a brand new SLS AMG. Marco Calvo from Spain might well consider himself to be the most fortunate twenty something alive.

The 24 year-old Spanish student emerged as a deserved winner from amongst the ranks of the 15 Gran Turismo gamers who qualified for the Austrian grand finale by winning through the B-Spec-based competition within the GT5 Signature Edition game.

IMG_0868 (2)

Over the course of two days the contestants faced a combination of GT5 and real-life, track-based tests of nerve and driving skill designed to establish who should take home the extraordinary prize of an SLS AMG.

Day one consisted of a GT5 time trial which saw the Italian finalist Matteo pull off a set of stunning, faultless drives to finish the first day at the top of the leaderboard. Unfortunately for him, his challenge unfolded in the latter stages of day two when we decamped to the famous Red Bull Ring for a series of real-life driving tests in a stunning fleet of SLS AMG vehicles.

IMG_0765 IMG_0480

Under the watchful eye of ex-F1 star David Coulthard who joined us at the track to assist in the technical supervision of proceedings, the finalists were eventually whittled down to four.

A Day 1 (3)

Finally during a series of high adrenaline, head-to-head drag races, a seemingly nerveless Marco managed to out-accelerate and out-brake all other competitors to climb from his car at the end of the final drag race against Guy Foster, the Irish contestant – the owner of the Stuttgart supercar.

So the journey is now complete for our Signature Edition owners and we congratulate Marco on his fantastic achievement, though one might guess that he may well be inundated with requests for lifts for some time to come!


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2 Author Replies

  • Awesome! Congrats to Marco :D

  • GT5 DLC please would really like to see a big one like Indy Car or DTM

  • yeah nice he bought a £120 version of the game now he can sell the car and move out of bike shed he obviously sleeps in at night.
    prizes for the already rich yeah… great thanks.
    can you even them up please you only managed to vice press the left one might as well steam roll my right one to.heck have him do it in his shiny new SLS AMG

  • Can someone tell us when we will get PS+ content for July in Australia? Can nobody respond to this simple question?

  • redeyedronin jealous much lol, :)

  • Arww look ar Marcos smiling face

    • He was understandably very happy Silent_Gig!

      Congratulations to him and well done to 14 other finalists who did a great job of representing their countries :)

  • obiadekanobi1980

    good for him but i dont really care i want DLC for this game not pointless endeavours by already well off idiots, im sure that the devs only made this game so they could drive whatever car they want


    this game should have so much awsome content and doesnt, new cars, new tracks, new aftermarket parts, down to earth prizes for more than just silly ppl who paid the price equivilent of 4 brand new games, how about a contest for us ppl who plough hours into this game only to be let down by those stupid endurance races. 24hr race with no saves??

    requests from ppl for save points during the pitstops being ignored.

    we waited so long for this game now do we have to wait annother 5 years just for DLC??

    well im not im off to trade it in and buy annother game PRE OWNED!!! SONY GAME……GRRR


  • no just angry that the rich get richer and the fat get fatter is all

  • obiadekanobi1980

    well said ronin well said!!

  • we need something big for GT5 after all this

  • LCachero_PHI_NZL

    Will they have this and GT Academy again in New Zealand?

    • Hello LCachero_PHI_NZL unfortunately we cannot confirm anything in respect of this at the moment.

  • Heh, Spanish! Congrats to him. Also, I envy him for being able to drive around wityh noneother than Soundwave :P

  • What’s the insurance for someone that age on that car? I tried and they don’t even list it as model!
    I reckon either insurable OR 5 figures a month…

    Hey, congrats tho! :D

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