PlayStation Plus 1st Anniversary Treat And Welcome Back Problem Fixed

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PlayStation Plus 1st Anniversary Treat And Welcome Back Problem Fixed

Hi Guys, thanks for your patience over the weekend. The issue with free Plus memberships not expiring on time has been fixed, so anyone that upgraded to a paid Plus membership will now have full access to all the Plus content on the Store.

PlayStation Plus Cake 1

On the subject of content it’s also time to announce the first of many Anniversary month treats.

Today we are adding another PSN game to the Plus content – get your hands on the PSN title Castle Crashers, worth £10.99, at no extra cost.

Keep an eye out for more mid month treats coming soon, including some great day one discounts, but I’m afraid for now I’ll have to leave you in Limbo…

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22 Author Replies

  • Damn Castle Crashers, that’s a fantastic game! Too bad I already have it :).

  • i try to get a newe year but nope still notting.

  • Castle crashers! NICE!

  • How about Golden Axe, is that in there yet?

  • Okay, this, the three months free and…dare I say… Limbo, is going to be enough to push me over the edge and plump for it I think.

    Good job chaps

  • Oooo Castle Crashers :D I didn’t have a problem but nice to see it sorted :D

  • Hell yeah “Leave you in Limbo…”. Limbo gonna be for free? :D

    • Hi, I can’t give too much away but please read the subtle hint carefully, the middle part of the sentence too ;-)

  • Nice!! Thanks for the cool freebie. Been with plus since last October and loving it.

    p.s. any chance of Muppet Race Mania for ps1 classics please?

    • Hi, glad you like the treat and are enjoying plus. Look out for the new treats coming soon and i’ll pass on the PS One suggestion. Cheers

  • I seriously couldn’t be happier with Playstation Plus. I’ve had it since the first month and it has given me so much for so little money. Thank you for all these great offers and freebies and keep up the good work!

  • Mr. Thorpe

    I can not afford nor I am interested in paying for a yearly Plus subscription of 50 euros, however I wuld be very interested in paying 10 or 15 euros for a yearly Online Storage service subscription.

    I am also sure that many people out there wouldn’t mind paying an amount less than 15 euros per year, in order to have 150MB free space online, to backup their save files. Could you give it some thought?


    • Hi, many thanks for the suggestion, I will pass this on to the powers that be and see if they go for it. thanks

  • This anniversary month is shaping up nicely! :D

  • cool game with trophies see how long it takes for people to start moaning about something

  • #7 Nah, One day discount, which is also nice though.

  • @9 I agree, I just honestly can’t understand how people are moaning all the time about the content that we are getting, it costs hardly anything for PS+ when you think about it (£3.50 a month or something) and I’ve got more stuff than I know what to do with! I’m never gonna get the time to play all the stuff that I’ve got………

  • WOW, just looked at the trailer. EXCITED!

  • That’s a good treat.
    Thanks guys/girls!

  • What an excellent addition. Thank you! :)

  • Yay another game. :D

    I already have it on *that other format* and played it to death over there, but hey, extra stuff is always good!


  • Ooh.. PS+ Limbo discount.. as expected, but good to know it is on day 1 (since that is when I’m intending to buy) :D

  • I’d rather be able to log into the site with my original account. Too bad Romania will never get a PS Store though, especially when all these great deals are announced.

  • If you’re a current yearly subscriber and add the new “Sega Rally” Plus subscription, then it doesn’t stack onto your current subscription – is this by design or an error? If it’s by design, it sucks as you lose out on two months worth of PS+ from last year.

    • Hi, it was an unforeseen error because of how the system works but if you wanted to buy them both, you still can!! As i said you just need to purchase the 15 for 12 first, and then purchase the SEGA Rally deal and you will get the game and 27 months instead of 24 ;-)

    • Apologies, i missread you comment. you CAN stack the SEGA Rally offer on top of your current subscription.
      The only issue is if you purchase the SEGA offer now, you won’t be able to stack on top of that until the offer ends at the end of the month. Hope that makes sense

  • Now this is more in line with the great anniversary month you were talking about! :)

  • Absolutely brilliant addition to plus. CC is a game I wanted but couldn’t be bothered paying for! Can’t wait to see what else is in store! Just wondering…when will the subscription offers last until? Couldn’t remember if there had been a date put on them lol.

    Thanks again for the hard work that the team put into the blog and store. Especially considering the amount of abuse you sometimes get! :D

    • Hi, you will love the game, its great fun! The subscription offers are both available until the end of the Plus month (3rd Aug)
      Thanks, having thick skin is part of the job and when you guys love the content/treats, it makes up for it ;-)

  • Damn nice! :D Allways wanted the game, so now I am glad I didn’t buy it :P

  • Great thanks.
    Hopefully we will be getting 50% discount in Pixeljunk Shooter 2 as the US have too. Really looking forward to that one :)

  • Just had a quick crack at the Castle Crashers trial. Seems like an excellent game!

  • Awesome mid-treat, thanks :)

    Loving Plus more and more for every month, great content almost every month. Since you were talking about discounts for mid-month treats, is there any way that we will get a discount on the new Killzone 3 map pack?

    • Hi, glad you like the treat and i can’t promise anything but will talk to the killzone guy about a discount on the new map pack. Cheers

  • Hah awesome! Thanks :). Really wasn’t expecting that, have been wanting to get Castle Crashers for a while now.

  • I`m still can`t get access to the Sega Rally Online Arcade in Russian PSN store, it`s “Доступ к этому контенту невозможен для вашей учетной записи” message … :(

  • It’s nice to see PLUS thriving, however I can’t justify the upgrade from my expired PLUS to PLUS.

    What keeps me from upgrading is that I can’t pick the free games from a range of three or so. It’s a given that you can’t switch to that model, since I guess you sure are tied to deals with the corresponding publishers…

    • Hi, this is something that we are looking into as it would be ideal to give you guys a choice. However there are a lot of things to consider. Keep an eye on how plus develops though. Cheers

  • brilliant effort . a highly rated newish game for psn plus users . shame its not every month we get something like this . but brilliant effort non the less

  • * I forgot to mention I was one of this devious WELCOME BACK-PLUSers…

  • How come us free-loading plus members are NOT allowed to this months content anyway? I waited til the last couple of days to redeem as I wasn’t fussed of the content in June, and seeing as it was free for 30 days thought I’d wait for July’s content to find out I’m not even allowed to get it :/

    • Hi, sorry to dissapoint but we were only able to offer WB Plus members the one month’s content due to the deals we have to do with developers for their games. if you fancy trying Plus then the 90 day membership is a good way to test it out and for only £4 a month, you will get loads of great content!

  • Any chance of Wizardry?

  • Lovely Lovely. Thanks James. I will have some of that.

    But why wait till Wednesday to inform us of this goodness? Monday is a great day for goodies, then there’s Tuesday, or even last Friday. Saturday is probably best. :-) You get the idea. Love you. x

  • Hi James,

    Any news on any more features coming to PS+? Adoption rates would rocket to the moon if you guys could add the following..

    1. Cross Game Chat
    2. Auto sync trophies
    3. Ability to change user I.D

    Im not saying that the content is poor,but the only reason im a member still is for the cool features like auto updates and cloud storage. I know ALOT of PS3 users who are waiting for cross game chat, as to them thats the only time they will pay for this service.

    Can you shed anylight? even our new president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide, Andrew House has stated recently that Cross Game Chat is in the works….

    Anyways, thanks for Castle Crashers!!

  • Great way to make up for a poor month on plus. Shame couldn’t have been in there last week, would have made the aniversary look a lot better

  • Thanks for the response above, much appreciated. You misunderstood. I bought PS+ on July 21st last year, and my current subscription ends in September. I bought the Sega Rally Subscription and now have TWO PS+ subscriptions, one that runs until September, and one that runs until July 8th next year. So I’ve essentially lost out on the July-September plus package I bought last year.

    Are they not meant to stack? Why is it possible to buy multiple subscriptions that run concurrently?

    Other than that, I’ve enjoyed the first year of PS+ and not had any complaints.

  • Awesome treat! Glad I finally bit the bullet and bought plus.

    James is there any chance we could get some Modnation discounts in the future? Perhaps a discounted bundle of some of the packs?

  • I only opted for the three month option initially… but, I gotta say, when I renew, it’s going to be for a full year because I am making out like a bandit in terms of content and the discounts alone have saved me a fortune! :D

  • CC is now live in the plus section i‘m downloading the 155 MB Trail there the full upgrade unlock key there as well.

    thanks James T hope new features also coming for this year for plus members. ;)

  • Urgh and I’m tired of people complaining about those that complain. People have a right to. I’d say this service has probably been worth about 50 quid to me over the year, which means its proved decent value and I’m quite happy. But plus is a service not a privaledge. And as such people are allowed certain expectations. The service took a massive step up just before the downtime which is great, I’d say this month was the first real month since then and it was a disappointment, people should voice that so that the people in charge are aware. Cc is a good addition though and means this is probably no longer the worst plus month :)

  • Do we get the same discount the USA is getting, i would love BTTF for 50% off. it would even make me sign up just for that?

  • Thank you for the Castle Crashers game guys! But I still can’t see Golden Axe & Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars? Personally I’ve never had problems seeing any of the content other than the two games just mentioned.

  • Thank you so much Sony! This is the type of stuff I was looking for in the original offerings for this month! :) Will we be getting more full PSN games throughout the remainder of the month?

    Could I also make a suggestion? Could we have the PS1 Final Fantasy games as part of the free PS1 games in the coming months?


  • Nice work, James. Castle Crashers is a quality title.

    Is there any update on the Official PlayStation App? Access has been “denied” for me for some time now and the last I heard about it was a tweet from @PlayStationEU about a week ago saying it was being “worked on.”

    I’m assuming version 1.1 will fix the issue? Is there are a release date planned?


  • PS Plus is getting better & better loving it :) great job to every 1 from SCEE & PS Plus side aswell keep it up ! :) & is the avatar problem fixed on the blog now?? thank

    • Although I haven’t had confirmation from Japan, I am seeing more premium avatars popping up in the comments so that’s an anecdotal yes.

  • ohh yh it is can c my avatar now :) lol

  • @#10 You Sir, nailed it. I’m pretty sure I already mentioned that before, not only here but in official forums as well.

    The only feature Plus have that I want is the online storage for save games, nothing else matters to me. But, obviously, I’m not going to spend €50 just for that so it would actually be nice from them to create an option where you can “rent” those 150Mb yearly for about €10/€15 at the most.

    Though I think they already though of that and I’m also pretty sure there’s people paying €50 only for that feature so I don’t think sony will creat that option because that woulod make them “lose” money, a bunch of users would stop paying €50 so you see… money rules :\

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