This Week On The SingStore (11 July 2011)

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Boney M_Daddy Cool


This week we’re back to the normal Wednesday update so technically speaking you could say that you’re getting this one a day early :). Hope you had a good time with the songs and dance add-ons from the last one? Which one was your favourite or maybe there was one you just tried out because you saw the preview video and now you can’t stop playing it? You can always let us know on Twittter!

Frontrunners for the shopping cart this week for me are: ‘Daddy Cool’ by Boney M. (I REALLY can’t wait for this, honest), Mr. Mister, Inner City, and this is where the German in me comes out, Sandra’s ‘Maria Magdalena’ and The Scorpions with ‘Still Loving You’. Actually, I could go on but I’d just be repeating the below list and that ain’t the point, is it?

Don’t forget, if you don’t fancy anything this week, you can always check out everything that’s available in the SingStore for your country/language plus all the discs and songs on them on our website right here.

Much love,

Nina x

Scorpions_Still living YouRoxette_She's got Nothing On You

In English
Boney M. Daddy Cool
Eternal Angel Of Mine
Gregory Issacs Night Nurse
Inner City Good Life
Jamiroquai White Knuckle Ride
Kylie Minogue Step Back In Time
Mr Mister Broken Wings
Mungo Jerry In The Summertime
Roxette She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
Sandra Maria Magdalena
Scorpions Still Loving Stars You
The Cranberries Stars
The Vapors Turning Japanese

Kylie Minogue_Step Back In Time

In German
Die Doofen Mief! (Nimm Mich Jetzt, Auch Wenn Ich Stinke)
In Portuguese
Romana Já Não Sou Bebé
Dance add-ons
Big Brovaz Nu Flow
Naughty By Nature O.P.P.

Tracks have previously been released on a disc.

All tracks released worldwide apart from Kylie Minogue (not in Australia/New Zealand)

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16 Author Replies

  • Just “Turning Japanese” this time, I think.. not many Singstar parties coming up, it’s summer! Still, reason for celebration: this will be exactly the 250th song 250 that we’re downloading from the store!

  • Hi Nina,

    From last update I bought the dance add-on from “M People – Movin on up” but I cannot download it.
    It’s not in the download history.

    Can you please help?

    Greetings MonsterRacer

    By the way, why is it again on listed on the update, it was already released 2 weeks ago?

    • Sorry – think something was copied wrong there – will get it fix

      Can you actually buy it, ttransaction goes through but it doesn’t turn up in the purchase history? When you try and purchase it again, what happens?

  • Is there no way Singstar can get CURRENT songs. These are the songs the kids want to sing.

  • Hello Nina,

    This time, I’ll buy 2 tracks : The Cranberries & Boney M !!
    Here’s a list of song requests that might give you some ideas :

    . Stevie Wonder : Free
    . Mattafix : Living Darfur
    . Beth Gibbons : Tom the model
    . Blur : Country house
    . Supertramp : The logical song
    . Ricky Martin : She bangs
    . Sophie Ellis Bextor : Heartbreak (make me a dancer)
    . Chicks on Speed : We don’t play guitars
    . 16 Horsepower : Haw
    . XSS feat. Coolio : Peepshow
    . Bruno Mars : Grenade + Just the way you are
    . Beverley Knight : Get up
    . Maxim feat. Skin : Carmen queasy
    . Soundgarden : Black hole sun
    . David Guetta : Love don’t let me go
    . Sophie B Hawkins : Damn I was I was your lover

    I’ll have to check Jamiroquai’s single to see if it’s not too difficult to sing too.


  • Definatelty Getting Turning Japanese

  • Hello again,

    Here’s the end of my wishlist ;-)

    . Wolf Gang : Lions in cages + The king and all of his men
    . Pink : Funhouse
    . Joss Stone : You had me
    . 22 Pistepirkko : This time
    . Franz Ferdinand : Ulysses + Can’t stop feeling
    . Lady Gaga : Alejandro / Telephone / Born this way / Paparazzi
    . Kiss : I was made for loving you
    . Green Day : Wake me up when September ends
    . Estelle : American boy
    . Pascale Picard : Gate 22
    . Ima Robot : A is for action
    . Adam Lambert : Whataya want from me
    . Paula Cole : Believe in love / Where have all the cowboys gone ?

    By the way, is there any JAMES BLUNT songpack on the way ? ??? I’d love to sing along to his smash hits such as “1973 / Wisemen / You’re beautiful / So far gone / Goodbye my lover / No bravery / Carry you home / High / Same mistake”…

  • Wow, amazing songs this time around! I’ll be getting like 5 at least… although the tracklist is still lacking in numbers, this one makes up for it by offering quality picks. Thanks! =)

  • Well what can I say poor show of songs again, I know you can’t keep everyone happy and there is probably alot of people that will be happy with these songs but it seems singstar are only catering for the older generation what’s happened to the up to date song’s? When I bought my PS3 beginning of last year Singstar was putting stuff like JLS – Beat again & Everybody in love and other stuff on the singstore I’d say AT least within a month of the song being released.

    I understand it’s not fair on people to get funny with you Nina as your not the one that does that side of thing’s BUT surely can’t someone FROM the legal team or whoever heads that side of things where they try to secure tracks to do a blog themselves so that they can explain why there is in the I’d say past year a poor showing of songs from now to rather than 60’s/70’s/80’s.

    As Singstar are putting songs on from disc’s onto the store when are we going to see Eminem – Without Me & Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (both along with more of their stuff)

    Will we be seeing any Frank Sinatra anytime soon as well?

    • I could ask them to start a blog but that would just mean they won’t concentrate on the important stuff (which none of us want, believe me) so I guess you have to keep on moaning at me and I will keep saying that it’s not easy and that I just cannot talk about some stuff. Deal? :)

  • You should definitely start offering at least one Singstar song per month in PS Plus :) That would be awesome…

    Please consider it.

  • Sorry, but finally I won’t have the Cranberries’ “Stars”, simply coz I’ve never heard of that single. “Just my imagination” or a stronger track would have been perfect. I’ll just take Boney M.

    Have a nice day,though.

  • YAY Finally a Download for me since December last year, well actually 3, Kylie, Eternal, The Vapors for me!!!

  • ohhhhhh my god………… sorry but…..

    *All tracks released worldwide apart from Kylie Minogue (not in Australia/New Zealand)*

    You people do know she is australian righ? lmfao im sorry but it should be,

    All tracks released worldwide apart from Kylie Minogue (not in New Zealand)


  • hI Nina
    How was your weekend?
    You are going to Travis songs in the future? haha
    and you think that we can have Take that “Rule the World” song in the store?
    And maybe some more Stereophonics, Manic Street Preachers, Radiohead?
    thanks Nina.

  • Yes the updates should be more up to date, but I am not in the position to complain because this time I’ll get 8 Songs!!!

    Kylie, Sandra, Roxette, Mr. Mister, Boney M., Eternal, Mungo Jerry and Die Doofen. :-)

    I really love the old Kylie Songs and hope to see a lot more from her and of course more from Boney M.!!!

    • Eight – is the magic number! (Hang on, I just remembered how I LOVE that song) Note to self: put De La Soul on list.

  • Not a great selection of songs BUT…

    Turning Japanese is a STONE-COLD CLASSIC! Well done for that one, that’s made me a VERY happy bunny!

    I might have to get Kylie too… I’m more of an indie/rocker (Nirvana were my first love) than anything, but I like quality pop, and after my girlfriend dragged me to see Take That last week, I’m in quite the poppy mood… so Kylie is perfect for that! And yes, I know there are Take That songs on the store… we have the song packs already…

    I’d like to see better songs available but these two nearly make up for months of neglect. NEARLY…

    • I am happy with a ‘nearly’. Jealous about TT. Had to sell my tickets as was out of the country. I hear is was pretty good?

  • Nina… Nice update this week! First: Thank you so much for remembering KYLIE! Sadly it is not one of her stunning recent tracks but it’s my favourite classic tune from her! I’ll be getting also Eternal, Jamiroquai, Roxette, Boney M and Cranberries! By the way… Roxette and Jamiroquai tracks are quite recent, so thanks for that too!

    Any chance of getting Bryan Adams with Mel C or any Spice Girls dance add-on soon? :)

  • Thanks for “Maria Magdalena” ! I’v been waitinf for this one !

    Is there any chance that we’ll have some more Eurovision songs ? Like Hera Björk “Je ne sais quoi” or some contestants from this year (Jedward “Lipstick”/Eric Saade “Popular”/ Ell & Nicki “Running Scared”/Lena “Taking by a stranger”).

    And yes, I already have the other songs that are available through the Singstore.

    Thanks for reading me and have a nice summer !

  • I too find it strange than us Aussies don’t get the Kylie & Jason tracks.

    Here’s my wish-list:

    3OH!3 feat. Ke$ha – My First Kiss
    3OH!3 feat. Katy Perry – Starstrukk
    Bad Religion – 21st Century (Digital Boy)”
    Bad Religion – American Jesus
    Bad Religion feat. Campino – Raise Your Voice
    Beach Boys – Kokomo
    Beats & Styles feat. Justin Taylor – Friend
    Chikinki – Assassinator 13
    China Drum – Somewhere Else
    Dandy Warhols – Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth
    Daniel Merriweather feat. Wale – Change
    Daniel Merriweather – Impossible
    Die Toten Hosen – Pushed Again
    Faith No More – Falling To Pieces
    HIM – Funeral Of Hearts
    HIM – Join Me In Death
    Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River
    Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around
    Kaiser Chiefs – Modern Way
    Kaiser Chiefs – The Angry Mob
    Kylie Minogue – In My Arms
    Kylie Minogue – What Do I Have To Do
    Manic Street Preachers – If You Tolerate This…
    Pendulum – Propane Nightmares
    Pennywise – Same Old Story
    Placebo – Meds
    Presets – Girl & The Sea
    Presets – If I Know You
    Proclaimers – I’m On My Way
    Pulley – Insects Destroy
    Radiohead – Karma Police
    Short Stack – Planets
    Silverchair – Shade
    Stereophonics – Traffic
    Suede – Animal Nitrate
    Suede – So Young

  • @burnsey85
    Firt you say “it seems singstar are only catering for the older generation what’s happened to the up to date song’s?”
    And then ask in the end for Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra!
    That´s old stuff.

    Anyway you are right. Sngstar could do with more 2011 songs.

  • Probably a horrible suggestion but if recent songs cost money then how about for 1 month of release of “recent” titles they were “£1.50” UK and then revert down to the still unpopular £1.15 ?? I used to buy songs on a whim at 99p but now hardly buy any by the way. Recent songs would interest me though

  • KYLIE wooooo thanks Nina now if only I can get Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer :)

  • @OttoT Yeah I know lol didn’t really make sense there did I lol, I only say Michael Jackson as he is one of my favourite artists and ALOT of people constantly ask for him and Frank Sinatra is another of my favourite artist’s.

    What I was trying to get at (I never really usually make sense) is that they could release some disc songs or older generation songs AND still give us 2010/11 songs for instance 13 songs this update what they could do is for e.g. 5 older songs (from 60’s/70’s/80’s/90’s), 5 songs from 00’s/10’s & 3 from discs not on singstore (they could actually make it 15 every 2 weeks)

    I think that this would make everyone happy (or at least the majority) and seems a fair way of doing it but can’t see it happening this way

    • i would LOVE to be able to plan it like that but we’re not holding anything back from you guys, when it comes through, we put it up as soon as possible but that is relative. Some songs have taken 2 years to make it onto the store!

  • How on earth did you manage to choose probably the only song from The Cranberries that I haven’t heard? :D But I’m definitely going to get that and listen to it until I can sing it.

    Daddy Cool, nice. Though I’m not sure if I can sing it through without starting to laugh to the video.. :D

    And if you still remember me from the last update, I had problems with a trophy. I sent them to the forums as you suggested and I think I got an answer there which made sence ;) (“You have to use the singer that has a diamond in the side of the avatar (the one youre signed into the ps3 and PSN with) you cant choose another one…” I thought that it would count if I just sang with any of “the avatars”)

  • A lot of oldies this time. It’s always good to see great songs from Kylie, The Cranberries, Scorpions and Roxette. I love all of them. Bring more songs from them in the next updates, please :D

  • I also forgot to mention Jamiroquai. The 90’s are back with so much strength this week!!!

  • Scorpions-Still Loving You!!! WWOOOTTT!! Finally!!

  • Thanks for Roxette and Boney M! :)
    I missing “How do you do?” with Roxette though.

  • For me, this update is a little better than the last ones.

    Maybe you could try to get these songs for the store:
    3 Doors Down – Here Without You
    3 Doors Down – Landing in London
    Natasha Bedingfield – Soulmate
    Cinema Bizarre – Escape To The Stars
    Oasis – Wonderwall
    Linkin Park – In The End
    Ich + Ich – Pflaster
    Söhne Mannheims – Und wenn ein Lied

  • Hey Nina, thanks for the update. I don’t think I’ll be buying any of these songs this week…

    I do, however, have a request. Could we get some Beyoncé on the SingStore please? She’s a well known artist and I think it’d be great to sing along to songs like Halo or Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). Or what about If I Were A Boy?

    Thanks. :)

  • Hi Nina,

    From last update I bought the dance add-on from “M People – Movin on up” but I cannot download it.
    It’s not in the download history.

    Can you please help?

    Greetings MonsterRacer

    By the way, why is it again on listed on the update, it was already released 2 weeks ago?

    Posted on 12 July, 2011 at 2:26 pm by Nina Scherer
    Sorry – think something was copied wrong there – will get it fix

    Can you actually buy it, ttransaction goes through but it doesn’t turn up in the purchase history? When you try and purchase it again, what happens?

    Hi Nina,

    It is possible to buy again, there’s still a price at the item.
    But I already paid for it, it’s also on the bill I got per e-mail?
    I don’t want to pay again for this item.

    But this is the 4th time this happens (with the last 4 updates)

    What can you do for me?

    • Don’t buy it again – I will have a look into this as we’ve had this happen with a few dance add-ons in the past. It might take an update to get this fixed. I’ll let you know whan that will happen!

  • Hi all,

    So, thank you @MonsterRacer for pointing out that the dance add-ons are the same as last time. Of course they’re not so trying to get this updated asap but in the meantime, I can let you know that this weeks’ dance add-ons are in fact:

    Big Brovaz Nu Flow
    Naughty By Nature O.P.P.

    Full update as usual also here:



  • So Any news on a Dutch SingStar ? Singstar Made in Holland??

  • Hello Nina,

    I got 2 songs from this update, not that bad.

    I was wondering, how long does it take for songs to enter in the Public Domain? I thought it was 50 years, so it would be possible to get more Elvis, Sinatra and other oldies without complicated process no?

    Another thing. I have 20 PS2 Singstar DVD. Yesterday I had a karaoke night and it was so boring to have to change disks all the time. Why don’t you allow us to upload songs from old disks? I understand, you are a business and you can make double money here releasing some songs in the store. But most of them are not there! Europe, Rolling Stones, Madonna, J-Lo, Harry Nilsson, and many more. I heard you lost the rights of most of them (such as Madonna to Apple I think) so they will never be available again. So you could release such option to upload songs from PS2 disk for money. It wouldn’t bother me to pay up to £50 for such program and I think many more singstar users would do the same!

    I hope you’ll answer my questions, and thanks again for your efforts :)

  • that was a cruel joke! :( i think it was true when i started reading :(

  • Still no 2011 songs :(

    Maybe in 2021 we’ll get some

  • @gegelekeke
    Great suggestion. We are asking for that for years now, but it´s “dificult” so it´ll never happen. And yes, it makes your karaoke night a pain, but they are just not going that extra mile.
    I know there was another music (rithem) game that offered that service. Would be awesome but iI´m 100% sure it´s not going to happen.

  • Hey Sony – isnt it time to allow us a function to copy our PS2 singstar discs onto the hard drive of our PS3’s? Wouldnt that be a nice gesture of goodwill after our details were compromised on the playstation network?

  • Hello Nina,

    I’ve finally changed my mind and I got 3 songs this time : Boney M, Mungo Jerry & Sandra (+ 2 older tracks : Pink’s “So what” and Gloria Gaynor). Not bad for someone who was supposed to buy just 1 song, yeah ?

    By the way, is there any JAMES BLUNT songpack on the way ? ??? I’d love to sing along to his smash hits such as “1973 / Wisemen / You’re beautiful / So far gone / Goodbye my lover / No bravery / Carry you home / High / Same mistake”…

    Bye, bye. See u in two weeks’ time.

  • The long term problem (preceding the outage) with guitar add-ons not being recognised after being bought and downloaded, that breifly got fixed, is back again this week. I bought “Starman” just after the Store cam back online and that worked, but today bought three more guitar tracks (at the same time as the songs) and none of them are available to play after downloading.

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