PlayStation Plus 1st Anniversary: Content, Competition And Cake

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Hi Guys, apologies for not being able to get you the July content list earlier than this, but we wanted to make sure we worked right up to the end to get you some great content.

It’s hard to believe that PlayStation Plus is already a year old, but I guess time flies when your enjoying so many exclusives, betas, PSN games, minis, PS one Classics, dynamic themes and avatars.

We’ve been having a look back at what content has been available to Plus members in the first year and have discovered something we thought you guys might find interesting – while we said we’d deliver over £200 of content during the year, we totted up the totals for all the games, discounts themes and avatars and the value actually came to over £700*. In anyone’s eyes that’s a pretty good deal for under £3.50** a month!


We didn’t want the value to stop there. To celebrate the Plus Anniversary we are offering you some great content, with more coming throughout the month, and these two great sign up offers to choose from (Available from the 6th July to the 3rd August 2011) –

  • Sign up for a 12 month Plus subscription and get an extra 3 months for free.
  • Sign up for a 12 month Plus subscription and get SEGA Rally Online Arcade for free and to keep forever.

You don’t have to worry about missing out on these offers if you’re already a subscriber – you can take advantage of the deal by renewing now before your current subscription expires. If you want it all – the free game and 15 months for the price of 12 – you can sign up to both 12 month subscription offers but you must purchase the 15 for 12 subscription first, and then purchase the SEGA Rally subscription. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the classic SEGA racing game, and when your first 15 months subscription expires your PlayStation Plus subscription will automatically carry on for another 12 months without you having to lift a finger.

If you are a Welcome Back Free Plus user then you will need to wait until your free membership finishes before you purchase a Plus membership. Don’t worry, if you renew to a paying membership, you’ll also keep the content you got during your free trial.


And finally, to say thanks to everyone supporting Plus, we are going to hold a prize draw that all Plus members are in with a chance to win. Here are the prizes you could win, just for being a Plus member –

1st Prize – Sony Entertainment package, including 46″ 3D Bravia TV, extra 3D glasses, a PS3 320GB, a PSPgo, PlayStation Move starter pack with extra controller and navigation controllers, a selection of 10 PS3 games, PlayTV and a 5 year PlayStation Plus membership.

That’s a prize package worth almost £4,000!

2nd prize – three people will each a one years Plus membership

3rd Prize – 100 people will win a 90 day Plus membership

To be in with the chance to win, you simply need to have an active 90 day or 1 year PlayStation Plus subscription at 11.59PM GMT on 3 August 2011***.To see if you’ve won, keep an eye on and, and good luck!
For full terms and conditions, please visit


Here is the content list from July 6th – Aug 3rd

PSN: Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars
Golden Axe
PS One: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
minis: Dr. Maybe and the Adventures of Scarygirl
JellyCar 2
Me, Monstar! Hear me Roar
Exclusive Discounts: Shank – 50% off
Dead Space Ignition – 50% off
DeathSpank – 50% off
DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue – 50% off
The Fancy Pants Adventures – 50% off
Tetris – 50% off
MicroBot – 50% off
Spare Parts – 50% off
3 on 3 NHL Arcade – 50% off
Madden NFL Arcade – 50% off
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters Course Bundle: Eagle Pack – 40% off
Full Game Trial : Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (G.R.A.W.)
Dynamic themes: PlayStation Plus Anniversary dynamic theme
Symbol Flow dynamic theme
Premium Avatars: inFamous 2 Bad Cole Avatar

Please note: EA discounts also available to all PlayStation Store users, but at a reduced discount for non-PlayStation Plus members.

But it won’t stop there, we will be adding content throughout the Anniversary month so keep an eye out on here and on the Store for more Plus content in July.

*Approximate value based on average RRP of available content during the first year, excluding discounts, calculated using exchange rates as at June 2011. Future values may vary.

**monthly cost based on price of a 1 year subscription

*** Competition not open to Welcome Back PlayStation Plus members that have not purchased a subscription, or to PlayStation Plus members with accounts registered in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Poland or Sweden.


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51 Author Replies


  • When is the playstation plus welcome back thing expiring as I’m sure it’s been more than 30 days and I have still got PS plus sign? Will it automatically go?

    • Hi, this will expire 30 days from after you downloaded the free membership. The Plus icon should automatically go when it expires

    • James Gallagher
      James Gallagher

      It’s a cookie thing here on the blog – next time you log out and log back in or clear your browser’s cache, it should disappear.

  • Sounds good, as usual :)

  • Hi James
    Can we have Crash Bash as a PS one classic, Japan has had it for 3 years now, I can’t wait much longer :(

  • Lol not that great

  • Italy always out on time!

  • So my cake slice is in the mail… Right?

    Also yay Soul Reaver… Awesome. :D

  • Why isn’t the Norwegians able to join the competition???

  • Could we have the Final Fantasy games as the free PS1 games soon? And the new Crysis 2 DLC?

  • will R3 beta be here by the end of july?

  • Hi, I have an important question for you.

    I had never been a Plus member until I took the 30-day free trial from the Welcome Back offer. This happened on June 3rd, and I was supposed to be a Plus member from then to July 3rd, but we’re at 6 and I am still a Plus member, with the ‘+’ symbol and with services like automatic update still available.

    Is there a mistake or something? I am very intrigued with this.

    Thank you for your answer, and sorry if I have made any mistake writing in English.

    • Hi, I have raised this the the tech guys as it should have expired. I’m guessing you don’t have access to the new Plus content on the Store though?? As James G mentione above the symbol is a cookie for the blog so should be removed next time you log in or clear your cache. Also, have you tried acessing auto download as this appears to everyone but can only be used by active plus members?

  • D: last time i was offered cake some robot nearly burnt me alive
    dont know if trolling or real

  • The content sucks hard… I was going to renew my PS+ subscription but with this lame content… Well, I’ll wait 2 more weeks to see if we get good mid-month discounts and games.

    • just hold on till the 20th if you can and also some great content soming up in the next few months. i’ll let you know about that as soon as I can.

  • Why can’t Poland take part in this competition?! Sorry, but a weak month :( I look forward to mid-month bonuses.

    • apologies you don’t like the content and i’m afraid its your local compatition laws that mean w ecan’t do the comp in your country, sorry

  • almighty-slayer

    Meh, nothing new i want this month content-wise.

    I want some of that cake, though. Please

  • where are the ps+ exclusive discounts?

    This is the anniversy of Plus and the worst ever update I normally love plus and have never complained but come on lets be serious now


    • Hi, you’re getting an extra 20% on all the discounts so that totals a much larger discount than non plus members. And more greta discount some later in the month

  • Good update, thanks alot! will renew for another year!

    But uuhh.. don’t wanna be whining here, but when you guys said huge, this isn’t exactly…huge. Great update nonetheless, but bit letdown heh.

  • This months Plus content is terrible

    Trying to mask that with a silly prize draw and pictures of delicious cake is not working.

  • Happy birthday!

    Any chance we could be seeing the burnout paradise DLC as part of PS+? Would be great considering we just got the full game.

  • Very disappointing bithday update!

  • the cake is a lie!!!!!

  • Wow! Awesome! Thanks, James! :)

    Just one question, is the the competition open to those of us in South Africa? I hope so…

    Oh, and Eye of Judgement DLC, please! :)

    • Hi, glad you like the update and ye, the prize draw is open to South Africa. Will request those add-ons for you ;-)

  • Who ate all the cake?

  • Damn it!! Who ate all that cake and was it nice!!!???? That’s what I want to know…

    • me and Ross (with the help of a few others) and it was amazing. wish we could have sent you all a piece!

  • PlayStation Plus US Birthday.

    More than 50 Free Games
    Over 100 Free DLC Items (Add-ons, Avatars, Themes)
    170+ Discounts
    Over 100 Exclusives and Early Access items
    $800+ in Savings

    We get cake pictures?

    Even the EU guys, that means you, said it would be a massive PSN+ update in july. Yeah, you can win a TV what’s the odds on doing that.


    • erm, thats the total amount of content they have provided over the year and Europe has received a very similar amount of content, as I mention above, worth over £700 / €800.
      How can you possibly say that all you are getting is cake pictures??

  • so the competition is open to current Plus members right? or do we need to renew to enter to win?

    • Its open to all people with an active plus membership when the draw takes place on the 3rd Aug, so as long as your membership expires after that date, you will be in the draw, good luck

  • So you’re telling me that a replica of that cake isn’t available to win… that sucks. :(

  • not that i think i’d win anything but why some countries are excluded from the draw?

  • Extremely poor update , seems like you plus peeps have put zero effort in and just to increase the the discount on items which are available on the normal wednesday update,i wonder how much brain storming you really did!.

  • modnation?

    • I’m afraid we are still waiting for this but as soon as it comes to the Store, you guys will get the discount on it

  • Aw i wanted some of that cake but you ate it all :(

  • disappointed with the birthday content :(

    been a plus subscriber since day one and I’m sure I’ll renew my subscription but nothing for me so far this month.

    fingers crossed for the mid month update.

    • hopefully you will like the mid month update and also whats to come in the next few months as well.

  • :( renewed my ps plus 4 a year about 4 days ago so missed out on the free game ……. sulking now :( HUMTH !!!!!!

    • really sorry!! I know its not a conciliation but don’t forget you can stack and still get the game offer

  • “5year playstation plus membership” You guys planing on bringing PS+ to PS4?

  • James perhaps you can find out about where the beyond good and evil avatars are for us?

    just golden axe for me tbh i was expecting more fromm the “1 year anniversary”

    don’t dissapoint on the mid month stuff james. don’t make me regret subbing for another year

  • The Braid discount last month was very nice… Hope you can get more games down to that dirt cheap “what have I got to lose” price point – Steam keeps doing that with great success.

    A bit sceptical of this months content though, not bad, but I think you overhyped it a bit. Only real standout is Legacy of Kain. Oh, and no competition for Norway makes me sad. :(

  • James, please get this to the attention to the people in charge of the store discounts:

    The Knives Chau Add-on for Scott Pilgrim is supposed to be at €1.49 sale price, but it’s been at €1.99 in the Portuguese store ever since the sale begin. I’m hoping you can help because this is the 5th time I post about this on the blog.


  • Why are Belgian Playstation Plus sebscribers excluded from the competition? I have had Plus since the beginning and have already renewed my subscription for another 15 months. Not too satisfied with this exclusion.

    • Apologies, we would love to offer it in all countries but sometimes local laws prohibit us from doing these things

  • Hi James,

    Great prizes in that competition…

    But, you said “If you thought April was the biggest Plus month yet, wait until you see July’s content”.

    Usually, I have the highest complements for the updates, but, I was expecting more than this.

    The full game is rather old, and, a MegaDrive game…

    Sorry, but, I did expect a teeny bit more, well, I hope you have good mid-month stuff, maybe that will make it look a bit better.

    Thanks, I would love a slice of that cake too, looks yum ! :-)

  • “Competition not open to Welcome Back PlayStation Plus members that have not purchased a subscription, or to PlayStation Plus members with accounts registered in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Poland or Sweden.”

    And why is that?!

    • Due to the high cost of the prizes we can only allow this to be available to the paying Plus members and unfortunately some countries are excluded due to their own local competition laws. Nothing we can do about that i’m afraid

  • Very pleased with the PS1 game and the extra discounts on the EA stuff, being the birthday was hopeing for some new items to be free tho.

    Battle Cars is an amazing game, everyone should give that a good go, espeicailly 4 player splitscreen its hilarious fun.

    Happy Birthday, its been a good year, now lets have an even better one!

  • Not a particularly good list of free content sadly.

    Soul Reaver is a good game, but we are really lacking in content next to our American and Japanese counterparts.

  • i renew the plus for 15 months more a week i going to be able to download sega rally?

    • hi, if you would like the SEGA Rally offer as well, then you can simply purchase the 1 year membership with the offer when it goes onto the store.
      it just doesn’t work the other way round – e.g if you buy the sega offer first and then try to buy the 15 for 12

  • It can’t really be classed as a 1 year anniversary though, given it was in suspended animation for 6 weeks odd.

    @Uterr @cheeky4life

    I’m betting that the default setting for the 30-day free trial “reward” for the outage was set to auto-renewal and you’re now paying for PSN+ :D You should be able to see under your account subscriptions anyway.

    • Hi, we didn’t think it would matter about the time we missed, but we could be like the queen and have an official birthday later if you like?

      @Uterr @cheeky4life
      Don’t worry, this is NOT the case. The Free membership does NOT auto renew, and you won’t have been charged anything

  • I had the free trial, and it convinced me to buy the 90 day subscription (I would of got the year, but I couldn’t afford it) and I’m very glad I did. Soul Reaver and Golden Axe for free?! Awesome. Thank you!

  • HOLY…. “with accounts registered in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Poland or Sweden.” GOD NO! Why Sony, why Poland can’t compete? Aren’t we at EU too? We’ve got SCEP, we’re one of the biggest market at Central Europe and still nothing? Come on! .

    Positive thing is Soul Reaver free.

    • I’m afraid it’s down to your local competition laws, not us? Nothing we can do unless your laws are changed i’m afraid

  • I’m afraid that beneath the cake and the competition is just another mediocre ancient psn game which i already own. Don’t get me wrong plus has been great value but it has very cool months (sam and max) and awful months (super street fighter 2 turbo hd) and i’m afraid this has been an awful month for me personally. Sorry James but the cake is a lie :(

  • @Jaaay2k

    You might want to re-think your post. The content you have listed has nothing to do with the 1 year Plus birthday, it’s what they have been offered in the US Plus during their first year. So they got $800+ in savings, we got £700+ in savings…

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