PlayStation Home: Flex A High Tech Mech Suit

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The PlayStation Home Welcome Back package is in full swing in Home Square. If you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over and visit the giant teddy bear for a ton of goodies

Onto this Thursday’s update and we begin with a selection of brand new and very funky MESMO clothing from Codeglue in the Cardboard Cartel store. The Stuff store sees the arrival of a range of Solitaire game tables for use in your apartment. In the Furniture store, fantasy fans can find a collection of dragon figurines, including a bundle of all six at a reduced price. For ladies who love pink, the Threads store is host to the Pink Butterfly outfit, which includes a stylish skirt, bikini top, heels, gloves and hairstyle.



Old school gamers listen up! Remember those classic games you and your friends played all night? Show your love for the good old days and dress your PlayStation Home Avatar in items related to many Konami Classics, such as Sunset Riders, Blades of Steel, Gradius V, Track & Field and Double Dribble. Head on over to Threads and travel back in time.

Impressed by the technology demonstrated in Iron Fusion’s recreational mech suits, intergalactic military organisation Astra Corps commissioned them to produce armour for their soldiers. The first batch of uniforms, specifically designed for Abyss Trooper units, ships today.

Other Astra Corps units have already taken to calling the Abyss Troopers ‘Honey Ants’ because of the honey-gold colouring on the uniforms, and the unit’s role in forming an ‘Ant Trail’ for other soldiers to follow.


Abyss Troopers are tasked with exploratory and reconnaissance missions. Expected to go to dark, unchartered corners of the galaxy, they’re required to prepare the way for the more heavily militarised, less manoeuvrable units. Close-fitting, flexible armour ensures they can move quickly when encountering unexpected danger. To guard against getting lost in the blackness during these missions into the unknown, their helmets are fitted with emergency phase lighting and state of the art scanning technology. Their gloves incorporate a communication device to ensure no trooper gets left behind. Join the Corps and experience Iron Fusion’s extraordinary design mechanics for yourself. Available in all Lockwood and Sodium stores.


New from LOOT this week: Decorate your personal space with the eight stunning PLANETS of our solar system! Sorry, Pluto, you didn’t make the cut. Also new to the LOOT store, the OCTOPOOTS have landed! Octopoots are cute angry little creatures that clog up our ‘interwebs’ and slow down our bandwidth! So, LOOT Chemical went out, collected the pesky critters, and turned them into hats and hoodies galore. Recycling is fun!


Last but not least, float on over to the Alter Ego and Stuff stores in the first Shopping Centre and check out the new B’Loons range of items. Now you can have a faithful balloon animal companion follow you everywhere you go, or even don your very own balloon suit and float around Home Square with some unique movements.

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  • I know this is the wrong place, but could someone please help out here:

    i see the special, and all the PS plus trials.

    But i don’t have the PS plus games?? also, all my summer special’s are the normal price. I would especially know, since i have been waiting for Fancy Pants Special(Was R95.. now R95!!!!!)

    Dont know if its ZA thing, but i haven’t had this probably before.

    Another question when Magic 2012 came out, it only showed full price and not PS plus price, but i chalked this off for being welcome package.

    But since i was unable to subscribe for PS+ till i finished the welcome package, once i can sign up, will it still be available???

    Would really appreciate some feedback.

  • YAY. More stuff to buy!
    Neo would be turning in his grave if he knew what Homes has turned into.

    Its just ironic that those who use Home an buy all these cloths for the virtual charatcers most likely dont buy cloths for themselfs in real life.

    But seriously though: i know its been two years asking but where are the hovercrafts?

    Its becoming a bit of a joke now.

  • The lack of communication made me decide to not renew my subscription, the content is broken at times,which makes other content useless to use ( BurnOut Paradise in combination with an exclusive avatar doesn’t work F*S )
    How can you call it a community if you don’t even listen to genuine complaints ?.
    And why is there no legacy Of kain in my PS+ section ?.
    And why do you have the time for making an article while people are asking questions,their questions should be a priority to a BLOG.

  • obiadekanobi1980

    if i could get my money back for my plus sub i would and you can have back all the half assed efforts in the games you give us and today was the icing on the cake for me i will not be renewing my psplus.


    you lying good for nothing bogus ppl how dare you talk down to your paying customers

    and then in one reply mr thorpe wrote

    Posted on 6 July, 2011 at 4:33 pm by James Thorpe

    just hold on till the 20th if you can and also some great content soming up in the next few months. i’ll let you know about that as soon as I can.

    wow how many times have we heard that chestnut over the last few months covering old lies with more recycled lies

    when are you guys gonna learn ad treat us better

  • @Kap Ah you remember what was said at gamescom by our SCEE president soon to be SCEI President.

    i remember “home to get shrink potion and hovercraft” & here we are use to broken promises.

    he & other heads should have roll plus farce anniversary, a silly price hike 58 quid, & still lackless content behind SCEA.

  • We dont care about clothes theres more than enough (make some game related clothes like Fallout jumpsuits, power armour and more FF characters). But we want spaces and thing TO DO.

  • Hello James my 30 day free trial finished on the third so i bought a 3 month subscription the following day, none of the ps plus offers stated in the recent post are showing up on the store for me .. the only new items in the plus section are game trials which are free any way. Also sole reaver and the rest are on the store but not at a discounted price .. please help as this means ps plus was a waste of money.

  • Why is Sony stil pumps money into Home?
    It´s a failure, admid it, kill it off and give us stuf we realy want on our PS3.

    This is my first console in a long time and I´m sure the next one won´t be a Playstation.

    Btw, SONY, where is our protection plan you promissed, for the countries you surely least care for.

  • 7# Hmm last time i logged in to home their where TOONS of people on it so i would not call it a failure.

  • @Skookie30
    SCEE president soon to be SCEI President.

    he coulden’t even do a good job as SCEE president just think aobut how horrible the playstation franchise is gonna become i atleast had fate in kazuo hirai and SCEA jack tretton. but andrew house should not become SCEI

  • i agree you think new SCEE to be Jim.R can do better?

  • @Skookie30

    well comic store alrdy shutting down. next up video store?
    i don’t have high hope untill i see result it’s like when mike kebby left and we got ross and i was right it actually is becoming worse

  • @7 [notsureifserious.jpg]

  • Can everyone stop moaning here? That’s not what the blog is for and secondly stick to the post.

  • Home is probably the best Social Gaming Community on any console, It’s quiet good when you put enough into into it.

  • hello. really off topic but my ps3 internet screens to small. as a example if im on bbc iplayer i cant see the full opitions on full screen. i have a 32 inch lg and a hdmi cable. aswell ive tried all the ps3 opitions what do i do? please help.

  • hi hi hi ross/james g

    if i send a ps1 classic to you on disc can you play it see who made it n ask them politely if they can remake it for the store?there are only 6 ps1 classics currently on the store which are crash bandicoot 1/2 toy story 2 and final fantasy 7/8/9 the others should be in a separate category alltogether named ps1 games

  • Check top photo of the solitaire table spot:
    Get the noob sitting adroit at his solitaire table in his otherwise empty apartment thinking about trying to think about something…, about Anything looooool…
    Maybe he needs to get out more into Home and meet some of the community…)
    btw please come and meet the Poppers for Peace. You can find us most days in the square by the big screen by the water: right by where noobs spawn for the very firest time when they come into Home. We are there to welcome everbody to Pop for Peace

  • that purple balloon sword thingee she’s wielding reminds me of a certain weapon that could be found in the copper’s shower cubicle in GTA San Andreas… loool

  • @procion, LMAO yeah hahahahahaha, & to anyone that thinks Home is a waste of time, like Natsamson said, it’s the best social gaming network out there, it’s fast, you meet a wide veriaty of ppl % also, it’s one of the tings on ps3 that actually DOES work week after week

  • Coming to the Welcome Back Package: why is no one responding to the complaints about some items NOT available to some customers due to an ‘error’?

    Come on… pls… a word about it.

  • Stupid people are stupid. lol

  • we need a poker space in home like the EA one it used to have

  • Sorry, but I’m really confused:
    First, where exactly is the giant teddy bear? I searched the Home Square and couldn’t find him anywhere.
    Second, do you have to have a PS Plus subscription to even see the teddy bear in the first place?
    Someone plz help…

  • I have an unrelated question, I don’t think I am going to get a reply at this stage so if anyone reading the blog can answer my question I would really appreciate it. Does the digital version of AC1 have trophy support? I know the retail version doesn’t but I’m hoping it’s been implemented for the digital version, thank you in advance for whoever answers me.

  • Why is home still going it’s slow and boring what a waste of time.

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