PixelJunk Shooter 2 Patch Is Live Now

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PixelJunk Shooter 2 Patch Is Live Now

Hey everyone!I am happy to announce a patch for PixelJunk Shooter 2. We’ve changed a few things. Read on for the full list:

  1. There was a bug where some enemies would spawn right on top of you giving you that awesome “insta-death” you really don’t want in a game… well, we fixed it!
  2. The online connectivity has been tuned to allow you to hook up with other players much more easily. Try it out!
  3. If you get matched against a higher ranking player you get a nice large cash bonus (Q space bucks of course) if you win! This gives you a big incentive to challenge yourself more when you get matched up against someone who seems better than you. Hint: stay calm and use strategy, you can definitely take them!
  4. We added an option to the pause screen that lets you take a break in the middle of a stage and come back later to finish it off. So when your mom calls you to the dinner table just choose that option, go eat your dinner *and* be nice to the environment by switching off your PS3!
  5. Even if you kill a few survivors and get a game over screen you can “continue” – your score will be reset, but if you are just exploring and trying to get as far as you can this feature stops you from being thrown back to the start of a stage just because a few puny survivors happen to have gotten in the way of your missiles.
  6. A message on the pause screen lets you know if there are any diamonds still hidden in the current screen. This is very handy when you are searching out that last diamond in order to unlock the awesomely cool secret last stage!
  7. Acid walls aren’t as nasty anymore – we gave the giant alien whose insides you are exploring some antacid and he’s feeling a lot better now!

We have another PixelJunk announcement or two for over the next few weeks, so stay tuned…and enjoy the new-and-improved PixelJunk Shooter 2.

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  • Sweet! Sounds brill! Think I will try it out tonight :)

  • Thanks for this patch guys. Nice to see that you are still supporting the game. I have completed it, and will probably now go back post-patch and try to find all the diamonds/survivors.

    Roll on Pixeljunk Side-Scroller ;)

  • Can’t wait to try out the new patch. Would also like to say I would love it if pixeljunk shooter ever made it to the vita. Would be a no. 1 game straight away for me

  • To be honest I enjoyed the game, but stopped playing at the Terra Kingpin boss battle.
    Beating it appears to be more down to luck than skill. The battle is too long.

    The Japanese “metal difficulty level” disease has got to you, Dylan.

    The Last Guy and Trash Panic both suffered from it. Brilliant, unique games that I want to recommend to friends who only play from time-to-time, but I can’t. I want them to see the best games but I know that the difficulty curve will just be too much for them and they’ll give up after only seeing a small percentage of the game.

    Your games are brilliant Dylan, just make sure that you pitch the difficulty so that those of us who started our gaming life on an Atari 2600 can enjoy them as well.

  • metal = mental

    James, can we PLEASE have an edit button – even if its only for 2 minutes afer posting like on the PS forums.

  • wat time is the store been updtated at i want my kenshi already

  • obiadekanobi1980

    where the plus update its gettin beyond now i dont care about anything else the US blog had theres hours ago and whats happened to the 1st birthday of PLUS? dont u guys care anymore is it due to all the free stuff u have give us?

    i paid up front for a full year and now you guys are taking the mick now

    and when you go on holiday next mr gallagher at least leave a note for someone so they can tell us why we have been ignored for the last week

  • Now that is great news.
    The last world (darkness) has given me some headaches and I couldn’t enjoy it too much due to some mean decisions, but this patch should help a lot to make it more enjoyable!

  • I agree with X201, PJ games deliver a great experience but don’t have to be tedious to do so. I know it’s a difficult balance because there are gamers that whine on the blog if a $10 game doesn’t require 500 hours to 100%.

  • @obiadekanobi1980

    i know! i told james to tell us if he is going on holiday for a week next time. he said he will tell us! but he still aint answered me about why my brought avatar and even ps plus wont show up on the blog! he said he would look into it but that was over 24 hours ago! and thats why im abit angry at him.

  • I had the same problem as X201, great game but can’t be bothered restarting the Terra Kingpin boss for the 20th time. Really would like to see the last levels, but I can’t.

    It’s annoying in a game which is otherwise a fairly sedate puzzle game to suddenly have a bullet-hell shooter boss. I wouldn’t mind if the whole game was so hard, but I’m great at the rest of the game it’s just the bosses are complete roadblocks.

  • Finally got rest of the diamonds thanks to this update!

    By the way, please bring the pixeljunk soundtrack to the EU store, too. It’s been in the american store for a while now..

  • PixelJunk announcement = Lifelike?

  • amazing! love pixeljunk shooter saga

  • I bought this day one and hardly played it yet.. Still gotta finish the first one too.. Great games though

  • It’s good they’re still patching this, but it just seems to be a couple of things to make single player easier… i’ve already completed it :P bring us more goodies for multiplayer! we all love vanity unlocks, how about some ship skins or something?

  • woops, was testing to see why comments weren’t appearing then they both did.. this place needs a comment delete/edit function :I

  • great stuff Sony

  • its very good. i <3 Sony

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