Introducing The Video Store Summer Sale

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Introducing The Video Store Summer Sale

Here comes more exciting news from the Video Store team. :o

We hope you enjoyed the “3 Movies On Us” special promotion we launched a few weeks ago.

It proved to be very successful and we are happy so many people downloaded our free films.

Were you one of them? I hope so!


Good news, the surprises are not over! To spice up your summer, we are happy to launch the hottest Video Store Summer Sales promotion!

From today you can go to the Video Store and purchase or rent some of our best movies at unbeatable prices! Browse the Store and pick your genre based on your mood, there is something for every taste, from horror to action to comedy…

We start this week with “Movies so hot, you’ll want to stay in the shade”


I will probably go for Bad Boys, Resident Evil: Apocalypse or Zombie Strippers, the selection is so wide it’s hard to choose!

And the catalogue is ever changing as we will be refreshing the movies list every 2 weeks to give you the best selection possible!

Keep an eye on page to get regular updates on the new upcoming content.

And remember, you don’t need a monthly subscription to enjoy the Video Store catalogue. As long as you are a PSN registrant, you will be able to access our wide catalogue of movies for rental and purchase whenever you want and wherever you want.

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12 Author Replies

  • Portugal Video Store?

  • Cool! But lets sort out playstation plus stuff first though.

  • A video store for Finland would be great.

  • Not keen on that graphic! Looks like a pregnant/fat woman in a bikini.
    (I’ll be quiet now)

  • Ok please just answer this for once and for all.Are we ever going to get the video store here in Ireland.We’ve been told it’s coming since 2009.If the other gaming system can have it,why can’t PS3 Ireland.Please for once give us some response.Thanx

    • Cristina Giuliano

      We can’t give dates as the implementation is not as easy at it seems, but I can certainly tell you that the plan is to expand the Stores into new countries as much and as soon as we can.

  • Yeah the video store is on xbox here so you really have no excuse about licensing rights.

  • Sony, the man of many features but has yet to master one.

    Still at least 3 people bought Red Faction for £58 going of the fact you can only rate it if you buy it! So wonders never cease!

  • This makes at least three of us from Ireland in the past seven posts enquiring about Video Store availablity here.

  • they probably gonna blame it on the users again with the countries that diden’t get it like james did in the anniversery ps plus contest

  • Make it four.

    I GUARANTEE you:

    a) They won’t answer the question or
    b) You’ll get the standard “We’re sorry, we are working on it” misdirection.

    I’d prefer if they just came out and said “No, it’s never going to happen.”

    At least that would be honest.

  • Can we have any news about whether or not the PS Video store will be expanded to more EU territories over the coming months?

    Thanks for any information you can give us Cristina (or anyone else).

  • Capt_PillowCase

    I wanna back the shout for the Irish store, we were told it wouldn’t be long behind the uk one!

  • when the hell was the “3 Movies On Us” special promotion we launched a few weeks ago.?????????????????????????

    The last video store update before this one was 24th February.

    I don’t normally visit the store and use the Blog to see what’s available. the 3 movies on us promo was not even mentioned in any of the blog posts that I could see and read. Meaning that I couldn’t get this promo.

    Please reply

    • Cristina Giuliano

      Hello !
      I am sorry you missed the promotion, but we did advertise it on the blog !
      We just removed all communications after the week end to avoid confusion…

  • Hi Sony PlayStation, I’m from the Netherlands and I’m wondering when you’ll ever going to deploy the Video-Store in the Netherlands (and indeed many other countries). It’s been literally YEARS in the making now, and with other systems being able to deliver this I’m mystified as to why a giant in the Console/Music/Movie-industry as Sony can’t make this happen.

    As said by others, if it’s never gonna happen please tell us… we won’t be mad… just sad but relieved.

  • Add another vote for the Video Store in Ireland!! Not that I’m expecting a response tbh

  • i was quite Shock in house of the dead-2 i had to back onto the video store a few times to check what was the rateing it was a 15 :o

    christina i will sure check the store this 1 feature that SCEE never mess up.

    okay half mess up ;)

  • Please give Ireland their own Video store, They’re lovely chaps.

    • Cristina Giuliano

      I know you are lovely chaps, we love our Irish friends, I can guarantee this. The delay in an Irish Store has nothing to do with this and I am sure you know it :)

  • Any new information on video stores outside of the area that have them already?

  • So when are we getting out video store here in Sweden that you promised in 2009? First you said with in 2009 then 2010 and now we have not heard anything!!!

  • This is totally off topic but has anybody else noticed how every Blog post is getting low ratings since the PSN Outage… even ones such as the U3 Beta opening to everybody, seems strange or maybe I have way too much time on my hands :D

  • Add me to that list of PS video store inquiries for Ireland. Or just dont post this kind of content into the eu blog where most of the EU does not have it.

  • What countries actually do have it?? UK &…?

  • Just UK.

    This is Playstation Blog UK.

  • good promo. its would be nice to see more from the video store.

    the only concern is that i can only use that video on one device. Is there no way for being able to have at least two video activiation for multi ps3’s in a house hold and also allow for tranfer on to psp?

    • Cristina Giuliano

      IF you have a PSN account you can access the Video Store from both PS3 and PSP…
      And from many other Sony devices, as long as you are connected.

  • im not very happy with sony i just made a United states psn account and i live in the uk and they get much better stuff you should see their ps plus catalog they have much more free games and themes its unfair yet ps3 sells more in the europe outrageous.

  • Will the Video Store ever reach Norway?, I think you once said it would come to Norway by end of last year when you announced it was avail in England, but looks like I’ve bad memory?

  • Just the UK? Wow, that’s pretty bad! Doesn’t make sense why they can’t release it here, I don’t know about the rest of Europe but we get game releases the same day as the UK, get CD’s released the Friday before they do on the Monday so it seems like an odd exclusion! Maybe after 20 years it’s time to move back to Wales just to avail of the Video Store :D

    • Cristina Giuliano

      The Video Store is available in UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Australia :)

      As said, more to come – just not dates yet !

  • Care to tell us when we can have out plus content, as opposed to movies we’ve all seen a thousand times before?

  • I missed the 3 films, nobody mentioned them here so I didn’t even get to see what they were. You should EXTENDED THEM!

  • The lack of expansion to other EU countries just highlights SCEE’s failure to their wider European user-base.

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate there are different licencing and localisation challenges related to the vast number of countries, with their own respective laws and red-tape, to get digital content up and running.

    However, when your main competitor can do it, the excuse of “It’s so difficult! It takes so much work!” just doesn’t hold any water whatsoever. It has been proven that launching video store content outside of just the UK can be done, and done promptly. Or is a case that SCEE simply lacks the ability to do this?

  • Ms. Giuliano, as Marketing Manager I respectfully call upon you here once and for all to address these valid concerns from a user-base that has been continuously misled if not blatantly lied to for what is now literally years.

    The ball is firmly in your court. Go on. Surprise us and actually communicate with your customers. Might I suggest you at least apologise for the obfuscation and steadfast policy of ignoring your customers who merely want clear, unambiguous information.

    Then I suggest you share with us the roadmap for rolling out the Video Store across Europe. It doesn’t have to be specifics, but even what quarters (Q3? Q4? 2018?) the service is expected in Ireland, Scandinavia, The Netherlands, etc. is surely not too much to ask for.

    Thank you.

    • Cristina Giuliano

      Hello Brodiesan,

      Please be reassured that we are not ignoring our customers, there are just some information we can’t share with our public yet.
      As said before, we are working 24/7 with the goal to extend the Video Store to as many European countries as possible and I can guarantee if this didn’t happen yet it’s simply because there are technical timing that slow down the process.
      All I can do for the moment is to thank all our PS friends from Ireland and from all other countries not covered by the service for your kind patience.
      We will try our best not to disappoint you, even if this could take a bit longer than you expect.

  • Don’t see the point of having news that doesn’t effect all of your customers in the European blog.
    Perhaps you could make a new blog for the customers that actually have the option to fully utilize their PS3 / PSP, and leave the rest of us with this one!

    “And remember, you don’t need a monthly subscription to enjoy the Video Store catalogue. As long as you are a PSN registrant, you will be able to access our wide catalogue of movies for rental and purchase whenever you want and wherever you want.”

    This is a lie by the way.
    I have a PSN account, and I cannot access the store.

  • no point buying videos off store as you lose everything and cant redownload if ps3 breaks

  • are we ever going to see tv series on the video store?
    how about some anime?

    i bet manga entertainment would love to see their titles on the store.

  • “We hope you enjoyed the “3 Movies On Us” special promotion we launched a few weeks ago.”

    There was a promotion like that? Did it have stealth coating to help it fly under the radar? :P

  • Renting movies in HD is alright on the PS Store. Though it’s a little bit expensive; so if you have access to the UK’s Sky Box Office PPV service like I do, it’s cheaper to buy a PPV HD rental from there.

    I don’t think I’d ever buy a movie digitally on any service, until rules are changed and work like the PS Game store purchases.

  • ah hazel it be really good that manga sign up with SCEE i would like to buy legend of the overfiend, rubick world series= fire-tripper & Laughing target. :)

  • Ms. Guilano,

    I appreciate the response but the failure to actually provide dates is somewhat damning. What is preventing you from providing your customers with an updated timeline?

    Surely this roll-out is being project managed. Surely you have a plan and have projections of when the service will be expanded. Or is it merely the fact that you have missed your own previously communicated dates by such insanely wide margins that you are simply reluctant to potentially exacerbate what has descended into farce at this late stage by missing them again?

    I can’t think of any legal reasons why announcing new dates is not possible. Please enlighten us.

    My thanks once again.

  • I would so much want the video store now :(, Almost no umd films here in Sweden and it would be great to watch movies on the psp.

  • No Video Store, no Comics, no Qriocity service…

    I don’t think it’s just a matter of time to get any of these services…

  • Zombie strippers is worth watching just for Robert Englund! He’s really funny in it.

  • Right,

    I’m so sick and tired of everyone moaning on this blog, that I’m probably not going to read the comments anymore.

    Sony do a big Video Store sale which isn’t usual, and I thought people would be happy, but no, people yet again moaning.

    If you’re not happy with Playstation, then sell it and go elsewhere.

    If you can’t get the video store in Ireland, then sorry to hear that, but aggressive comments slating Sony won’t get you anywhere. If Sony could, they would, it’s not a conspiricy.

    No matter what Sony do, people will always complain, in yet are fickle enough to own the console.

    Anyway, back to my actual comment on this update from Sony – THANK YOU! I will have a browse later. I must say how brilliant the video store is actually. Have rented a few titles and they stream flawlessly with no stutters straight after purchasing it! I only have a 3mb connection too, and the picture quality for a SD Streaming video is great, so thanks Sony. Yet again, Playstation pleases me!

  • Mind making this sale available to us in Norway? (Along whit the store) ;)

    No reason for this store to not be available to us..

  • @Jay81UK

    Easy for you to say as you have the PS3’s full feature suite and haven’t been misinformed countless times in the past. As a UK citizen you are also nearly always eligible to participate in the competitions on this site (some of your European neighbours can not always say the same) . Also, you rarely (if ever) miss out on game digital content because publishers always publish to your region. Not Sony’s fault, of course, but try being on the periphery and regularly missing out on content and come back and tell me how you feel about it.

    Please remember: we’re not complaining for the sake of it. We’re complaining because we paid the same amount for a product you did (maybe more considering exchange rates) and yet are not receiving the same service. Not only that but we were told we would be. And soon! And there’s no sign of it. Not even a glimmer. But, hey, it doesn’t matter, right? As long as you’re ok? As long as you’re taken care of?

    Finally, SCEE choose to post this on (as opposed to creating a UK specific site which, as mentioned already here, they really should) so voicing our complaints is fair game. It is our democratic right to express our concerns on a public forum.

  • Oh, and of course there’s no conspiracy. Never said there was. Of course Sony want to give us and other countries the Video Store! We’ll spend money on it! We’ll get great content and they’ll earn profit! Everyone is happy! Win-win!!!

    What they’re not doing which they can is clearly communicate the new roll-out dates. That’s something they can do and it costs them nothing.

    Why won’t they? They say they can’t. Why not? Is it too much to ask as a paying customer to know when a service that was promised in 2009 might actually materialise? I don’t think that’s unreasonable. Do you? That’s all I asked for. Not “GIVE VIDEOS TO IRELAND NOW!”. I just asked to know when. Is that too much to ask? Are we not even entitled to an updated date?

  • Technical issues, I don’t believe it. Just look at the countries with video store

    UK:60 million
    France : 60 million
    Italy : 60 million
    Spain : 40 million
    Germany : 80 million

    Total : 300 million. It seems to me that is more an issue of scale:)
    The big 5 are more important to sony :) But who cares, I don’t need a playstation to watch movies or series :)

  • I wish we had a video store, music store and Qriocity here in Hong Kong :( PlayStation Asia (SCEH) is based here, and yet we miss out on the cool extras that you guys enjoy.

    Sorry to bore you guys with complaints from a foreign land, but we don’t even have a blog here for me to moan on.

    [deep sigh]

  • Wow… it seems that even my avatar isn’t showing up anymore. I’ve checked, and it’s working on the PS3

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    [deeper sigh]

  • What about movies in the video store with the option of subtitles and different languages? If I could choose the language and subtitles while (or before) playing the movie I would rent/buy loads of them.

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