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We are pleased to announce that this week we will be releasing the PlayStation Home Europe Welcome Back package. As a big thank you for your patience during the recent PSN outage and to welcome you back to PlayStation Home, we’re giving you early access to a package of brand new content, available for you to download absolutely free from 30th June to 28th July 2011. The total value of the package is over €85 / £65** and consists of the following:

  • Anime Style Apartment
  • Anime themed clothing and furniture sets
  • Paris Modern Office furniture set
  • nDreams Big Bash party bundle
  • nDreams Fantasy Fashion and Funkster costumes
  • Aurora OrbRunner Booster Bundle
  • A cuddly Stitchkins Bunny Toy from Lockwood
  • A Midway Green ticket (50 plays)
  • Cardboard Cartel Furniture from Codeglue
  • Fortune Cookie active item
  • A selection of Tops, Shirts, Skirts, High-top trainers and glasses
  • Go Fish – a new, free-to-play fishing game based in the Shopping Centre

With the exception of Go Fish, all of the above will be available in Home Square.*

*Users must be aged 16 or over to enter PlayStation Home. PlayStation Home may not be available in all languages and countries – see for more information.

**Based on intended PlayStation Store retail price at launch on 28th July 2011.

The Anime apartment consists of a control station and launch pad, set amongst a bustling cyber-punk cityscape – combined with matching furniture and outfits, it’s perfect for the otaku in all of us!


Following on from our recent Paris Clock Tower and furniture releases, the Paris Modern Office Set will add a contemporary and professional look to any personal space.


The huge 22 item nDreams Big Bash party bundle is essential for throwing a fantastic party in your apartment including working smoke machines, balloons, lights, seats, presents, food and drink. There are three gorgeous highly-detailed additions to the popular Fantasy Fashion range, consisting of male and female ‘Savages’ costumes plus a female ‘Amazonian Tribal’ costume. Strike fear into your foes or simply show off your Amazonian figure – it’s up to you. For something a little more groovy, there are two Funkster costume bundles.


Also from nDreams this week, Aurora 1.1 is the first major update to the beautiful Aurora space, and includes the nDreams Collect-O-Rama, more rewards, an Auroralite Hoody, daily XP bonuses, a teaser for Aurora 1.2 (coming soon!) and a few other changes and fixes. The Collect-O-Rama allows players to win a mega pack containing 7 unique items including two bodyguard companions and the enormous Flying Donut of Death! The Orb Runner Booster bundle is available as part of the Welcome Back package and will give you that extra edge on the Orb Runner minigame.


Go Fish is a brand new free-to-play fishing game, taking up residence in the Shopping Centre. Every player receives a free aquarium to place in your apartment and show off your collection. Cast off and wrestle with a variety of exotic fish ranging from the Psychedelic Leery to the Toxic Moofty and the Tribal Tatsnarf. Catch them all and receive the coveted Underwater Apartment absolutely free!

Other items in the Welcome Back package include a Green Ticket, allowing 50 plays in the ever popular Midway carnival, a cute and cuddly Stitchkin toy from Lockwood and a selection of Codeglue cardboard furniture that gives a whole new meaning to ‘shabby chic’. There’s also the wisdom of an interactive fortune cookie, plus a wide selection of casual clothing for those looking to update their wardrobe.


WB_cardboard_furniture_1280x720WB Clothing

Elsewhere in PlayStation Home this week, Lockwood celebrate the Global Launch of Sodium 2 with a bonanza batch of content. Soft woollen clothing, Sodium-salvaged modern metal furniture and a smooth 50’s Diner set Cucumber-style!


Remember those cheesy nineties knitwear fashion campaigns? You know, the black and white ones with people checking their watches on windswept beaches wearing cream cable-knit cardigans. Those days are gone. Lockwood brings the humble sheep’s fleece up to date with chic hooded dresses and smart wool trousers paired with shawl neck jumpers.

The 1950s are also given a reboot in the latest Cucumber furniture set. If you’re looking to create an apple pie perfect slice of Americana in your apartment, then this is what you need.

Sodium’s salvage specialists are also recycling, but they’ve assembled Sentry Chairs and their accompanying tables from tank parts and hover discs rather than vintage diner seats and counters. Old children’s toys are becoming the most sought after ornaments in Sodium, with mint condition Drilldozers selling for a pretty penny on the black market. Don’t buy from some guy you met in Scorpio’s – pick one up in the store for a fair price.

And as if all that isn’t enough, head to Sodium2 this weekend for a double XP extravaganza! For a limited time only you’ll be able to work your way up the ranks twice as fast.

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