MotorStorm Apocalypse Week-Long Multiplayer Demo Launches Today!

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MotorStorm Apocalypse Week-Long Multiplayer Demo Launches Today!

MotorStorm Apocalypse Demo And PSN Avatars

A storm is coming to PlayStation Network today! The MotorStorm Apocalypse multiplayer demo arrives on PlayStation Store in today’s Store update and will be available to everyone for one week only. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from the demo of Evolution Studios’ latest adrenaline fuelled action racer, which is out now,

7-days of intense action racing
Get ready to experience the simultaneous challenge and excitement that comes from trying to win races while a city comes crashing down around you! You’ve only got from Wednesday June 29 until Wednesday July 6 to get in on the action, so make the most of the opportunity by taking part in this special week-long demo event while you can.

The action looks stunning in if you have a 3D enabled TV you can bring every race, crash and explosion right into your living room with mind-blowing stereoscopic 3D.

16-player online races, including 2-player split screen
Face down the competition alone in brutal races against up to 15 players world-wide, or take a split-screen buddy into the action with you. Earn new Ranks and rewards for surviving the carnage, beating opponents and racing with style. Boost your rewards from every race by wagering on any rival you think you can beat; You will earn a healthy bonus if you win and you can choose whether to add it to your career earnings or risk it all on the next race for an even bigger reward!

Three of the full game’s 35 online races to survive
You’ve never seen races like these…

  • The Mile High Club
    Smash through offices and across the sides of downed skyscrapers in a lunatic adventure over the breathtaking rooftops.
  • End of the Line
    A gigantic rift has ripped the subway system open…and MotorStorm is holding races in it! Barrel through the fiery subway tunnels and into the rifts themselves as crazy looters attack and trains bail straight into the station.
  • Ship Shape
    An abandoned shipyard is the perfect playground for intense, high-speed action-racing, where there’s little room (but plenty of opportunity) for costly mistakes.

Skyline Mile High Club En

Docklands Ship Shape EnMainline Off The Rails En

Five of the 13 vehicle types from MotorStorm Apocalypse to customize and race
Stamp your unique identity on the Superbike, Buggy, Supercar, Racing Truck and Big Rig and then equip your preferred performance boosting perks to give you an edge when you go out to battle in the concrete jungle.

You’ll earn better body parts, customization designs and perks as you race and improve with each vehicle. Make use of the kit you earn to stand out from the crowd!

…only 7-days?
The demo will be available for download on PlayStation Store for 7-days only, however online play will be possible until Thursday July 7 at 02:00 PDT, so you will have time to run a few more races before it runs out.

If you didn’t already know, the full game is available now and has just been updated and expanded with the free After Party update, which introduces an all new day-and-night track, Weekly Challenges, multiplayer playlist updates and more. There are also regular community events taking place in MotorStorm Apocalypse: check the MotorStorm community space to see what’s taking place right now and take part in the international tournament taking place right now – your country needs your help to earn the MotorStorm Championship Gold!

Any Questions?
If you have any questions about the demo, please visit the MotorStorm community space on

To keep up to speed with the latest MotorStorm news, keep it locked to the blog, follow @PhenomEvolution on and follow the official MotorStorm Apocalypse page on facebook.

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  • Common any info about U3 beta? ;)

  • Very nice!
    I know what I’m doing tonight :)

  • The u3 beta is already on the store

  • Love this game and looks great in 3D aswell…only thing is im stuck on sp trying to race back to tthe ship

  • Iknow that, but why i must read US Blog to know that?;)

  • Eww i dont like this new wave of demos i think it‘s rather disturbing & it‘s creeping in like online passes & DMR did.

    new timed demos i dont like sonic gen was the 1st this Monster is 2nd while demos are not good as full games i dont like a demos sitting in my download list being dead.

    i understand betas being dead so now betas timed demos being dead without a option to delete dead content but this New wave of demos shouldn’t have come you download from the store it is yours demos and games.

    now devs forceing us to hurry try a new game & even slap a timer on top this new wave wont work look at the online passes 1 game that got it wrong no one could play MP part of the game no codes was in the store a other WB that drop the ball.


    Online passes R.I.P

  • Most FUN driving game this gen! ! ! :P :P :P

  • @ Skookie30
    You are wrong. As long as the normal demos remain (and Motorstorm has such a demo), those additional timed demos are perfect!
    Steam offers something similar regularly, with Free Weekends for Multiplayer titles. Usually Steam offers the full game for that time frame and a nice discount on the game, so there is much left for Sony to improve.

    Nevertheless, this is a great way to focus certain titles and bring flesh blood to multiplayer titles.

  • Hmm, should try this out, got the 2 first Motorstorm games, but failed to pick this one up so far, mostly due to general games overload (got way to many barely played/unfinished games laying around.

  • @golwar

    Couldnt be more right!
    Fresh blood online is always fun! Anything that tempts more people in has to be a good thing, and if it means more people for me to beat, Im there!

    Anyone who enjoys the demo I urge them to go buy the full game, the latest update which came with a FREE TRACK (how many devs do that?) Brings freshness to the game, along with weekly challenges and new content.

    Also nice to see a plug to our fine community!

  • @Playstation Blog EU staff.

    Where is the playstation plus birthday announcement ?.
    Why is that the USblog is more responsive towards questions ?.

    I have a feeling we europeans really get less service,why is that ?.

  • No it wrong here in UK we have our Laws it theft i dont give a dam about demos yes they useful to see what game look like with-out buying a game blind.

    it like you buy a full game from a store but it got a timer slap on it the DMR games forces you to play it Online, Online passes to wreck 2nd hand market.

    so now our download history is to fill up with dead junk content, so i think i wont download the demo thank you.

    i dont like to be “rush” to try things you download stuff it is ours that UK law our laws are tough on shopkeepers that let minors buy 18+ games but more relax with violent games on the UK market.

    unlike in germany i dont like that too so i‘m worry about Pegi we getting later on. :(

  • I tell you why i think germany getting a raw deal & how USK are stupid i buy LA-Norie weeks back it is a BBFC 18 rating but why we got USK rating on our UK copy so LA-Norie IS 18 but USK give it a USK-16.

    we also get australia rating on our UK disc as well. funny it is Not.

  • Er…anyway, Motorstorm Apocalypse is awesome and the multiplayer is tremendously fun (this coming from someone who doesn’t really play much online multiplayer) so if you’re on the fence definitely give this a whirl.

  • Sorry Skookie30, despite that english should be your first language, I barely manage to understand your rambling.

    This timed demo has no impact on your ability to use the normal demo to check out the game.

    And it has nothing to do with any DRM and online passes. Feel free to express your (understandable) disappointment about those elsewhere, but it is pointless here.

  • @golwar i misread your last sentence i dont mind free trails for full games that why i‘m a plus member speaking of them, plus free trails do go off our download list if your free trails end you dont buy it get delete of our download history.

    if this timed demo do the same then fine but i‘m & others dont like DMR Online passes & this New thing

    if a full game can be played more then a hour like steam does you say i can live with that it be rental service just like plus is. :)

  • i guess you dont mind DMR & Online passes others are dont like em ppl are easily please at least i dont try to flame ppl.

  • anyone else having issues updating the U3 beta to 1.01. It just stays on “Please wait…” for a while then ps3 resets itself… :(

  • @ Skookie30
    It seems that misreading is your thing. For example I wrote: “Feel free to express your (understandable) disappointment”

    So how do you get the impression that I’d approve online passes etc.?

    Sorry, you really begin to annoy me. There is no straight line in your argumentation, you jump blindly from one topic to another, you misread a lot, you don’t use any punctuation marks and so on. It is really horrible to read and does your case obviously no favor.

    So put some more effort in your postings if you expect someone to agree with you. I’m finished here.

  • it does concern DMR & Online passes those & this are devs ammo in they armoury we got a good 2nd hand market going in UK so what next like capcom got rid of delete game saves on resi evil on 3ds.

    to locked it to that only 3ds if we dont shout out we will get this crappy stuff from devs.

  • 1st you should read Post 13 if you want punctuation if you use line break you don‘t always need them.

    2nd i misread: “this Steam offers the full game for that time frame and a nice discount on the game, so there is much left for Sony to improve.”

    so you are wrong read below about how i said, i don‘t mind free trails as them do delete of our list.

    I won’t be answering as you are clearly flaming me.

  • Wait, you’re telling me developers are trying to push back against the secondhand market, a market they make NO money from? Shocking!

  • I give up! I Really do not get the point or points that you are trying to get across Swookie!!!

  • Wait, you’re telling me developers are trying to push back against the secondhand market, a market they make NO money from? Shocking!

    Ah bliss sarcasm at it‘s best wicked lol :D

  • Why does the download list matter so much? Are you constantly deleting and redownloading content, or just OCD?

  • just wondering which mainline track we will be racing on in the demo because in the info it says that its end of the line but the map of the track is for off the rails which is the track from the single player demo, does anyone know which track it will be?

  • like many ppl said it hard to find content on my list it messy ATM, someone did ask for a feature to be able to delete dead content of our list, download management.

    i have about 700 of downloads in my list. it be good a feature like what the plus free trails does delete off history list.

    but we can manual delete dead content.

  • If you don’t like demos (as in post #6 “you find them disturbing and creeping”) then just don’t download them… Simples!!

  • i find the timed demos disturbing like online passage & DMR i said what will be the next thing that would creep in, if we dont speak out.

    here the next thing that devs trying they luck…..

    this is only for UK HMV so far, so if you want to buy it & have gamesaves on it don’t trade it because you cant.

    gonna go now things to smash & kill when i play U3 beta bit later.

  • bad timing im afraid :( Would have love to have played this but imafraid uncharted 3 is getting all my attention for the next fortnight

  • awesome game, if the multiplyer is fun will probably buy it, but where is uncharted 3 beta for portugal, it´s 29 and still nothing in store, this sucks :(

  • Great for people who are on the fence. I already got the game and it’s a lot of fun.

  • Nice!
    Where can I find all those pictures of all the maps?

    Can someone with the full game play with someone who plays the demo?

  • i pity the fools that don’t yet own the best racing game (together with gt5:p) of this generation.

  • i got full version a couple days a go. don’t know is it latest update or what but vehicles drive a lot better than in singleplayer demo.

  • UltimateSpiderDC

    Add me if y’all ready to race

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