This Week On The SingStore (30 June 2011)

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This Week On The SingStore (30 June 2011)

Hi all,

First things first: Please note that this weeks’ update will be available on Thursday, 30th June and not on Wednesday as usual. Sorry for the delay.

I hope you had a great weekend in the sun? We had a great one, kicking off our ‘festival season’ not at Glastonbury like a lot of you but a bit closer to home, in London’s Hyde Park where we got to see the Kings Of Leon, Ray Davies from the Kinks, the mighty Bon Jovi and many more…

Who was your favourite artist of the weekend, on SingStar or at Glasto or on TV? Let us know on

SingStar: Eliza Doolittle Skinny Genes

On the list for my SingStar weekend will be Chesney Hawkes ‘The One And Only’ because it’s great feel-good pop, Eliza Doolittle, just for the whistling and in my humble opinion, one of the best ballads ever: Extreme’s ‘More Than Words’. Maybe also some Jamiroquai and definitely ‘It’s A Shame’ by Talk Talk.

SingStar: Talk Talk Such A Shame

Have a great week and here’s hoping the weather stays this nice!

Nina x

Movin’ On UpThe Only Way Is Up
In English
Bloc Party Helicopter
Chesney Hawkes The One & Only
Chipmunk Oopsy Daisy
Eliza Doolittle Skinny Genes
Eva Simons Silly Boy
Extreme More Than Words
Gin Wigmore Oh My
Jamiroquai Too Young To Die
Marc Almond & Gene Pitney Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart
Suzi Quatro Can The Can
T.Rex Solid Gold Easy Action
Talk Talk Such A Shame
In French
Bizet Habanera
In German
Mozart Queen Of The Night Aria
Rosenstolz Gib Mir Die Sonne
In Italian
di Capua O Sole Mio
Puccini Nessun Dorma
Verdi La donna è mobile
In Portuguese
Adelaide Ferreira (com Dulce Pontes) Papel Principal
André Sardet Quando Eu Te Falei De Amor
Delfins Sou Como Um Rio
Tony Carreira Sonhos De Menino
Dance add-ons
Yazz And The Plastic Population

Tracks have previously been released on a disc.

All tracks released worldwide apart from Bloc Party and Rosenstolz.

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26 Author Replies

  • hay nina u see this? just how come they can get all there songs but u cant? and more of a question why is it not coming to ps3? :(

  • why can’t i use the free 180 days music on other accounts on my ps3. i have three users on the same ps3 but will only let me use 1 user, i don’t want to keep getting the free 180 days just want to be able to log onto a different user and still use the music.

  • Really jealous that you got to see Ray Davies!!!

  • Hi there,

    Poor update, right, two tracks for me : Talk Talk & Bizet. Opera singers, here I come !!! ;-)
    Here are a few ideas for the future updates :

    . PJ Harvey : A place called home
    . Patti Smith : Because the night
    . MGMT : Time to pretend
    . Ben Harper : With my own two hands / Ground on down
    . Counting Crows : Mr Jones
    . Interpol : The Heinrich maneuver
    . Scissor Sisters : Fire with fire / Any which way
    . The Wombats : Tokyo (vampires & wolves)
    . Hercules and Love Affair : Blind
    . Boney M : Raspoutine / Daddy cool
    . Heather Nova : Keep me (London rain)
    . Antony & the Johnsons : You are my sister / Hope there’s someone
    . Joseph Arthur : In the sun
    . Republica : Drop dead gorgeous
    . Shakira : She wolf / Ojos asi / Objection (tango)

    How about singing to a JEWEL songpack with her hits : You were meant for me / Hands / Intuition / Who will save your soul / Foolish games ??????

  • Releases are getting worse each week we need upto date music now had enough of the back catalogue stuff :(

  • I was going to rate this content 1 stars until I saw More Than Words from Extreme… yay, been waiting for this forever!

    Still, poor poor update apart from this song… can we get back to seeing 4-5 worthwhile additions every second week once more? I miss those times. :(

  • Hi Nina

    Is there any chans that someday we might see som Arabic songs content for Singstar?

    I know theres a lot of arabic speaking singstar-fans in europe who are eager for some arabic song content. Maybe you should give it a try with a couple of songs and see the response.

    By the way, is Singstar available in the Middle East region?

    • Hi,

      We currently don’t support Arabic as a language in game and as far as I know there are no plans in the near future to add this. Maybe one day…



  • Hey Nina please i’m begging you Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me I pay triple the price for this song and Sophie Ellis Bextor – Not Giving Up On Love

  • Will there ever be some music from NOW ?

    Every week i see old songs on the list, but my sister keeps bugging me for up to date music.

    Like Jessie J / Jennifer Lopez / Bruno mars / lady gaga / katy perry etc

    I dont need to dl the old songs cause she doesnt really know them even.

    Plz get some new music on the store instead of always the old songs

  • I haven´t played this game in half a year now.
    The great content that connected to me stopped about six month ago.
    I loved this game a lot but now…

    Singstar, R.I.P.

    • Shame. I guess plenty of people still enjoy some of the 2500+ songs we have available on the store and further tracks from the many discs that are out there. I hope you will find your way back to us someday.

  • hi nina,
    the last few updates have been shocking. i scan through the list each time and i recognise none of the songs. as everyone else is saying(rather shouting) can we please get new up to date songs. May i suggest “party rock anthem” by lmfao as a song with a dance add-on, it would be a great dance option.

  • Bit disappointed again, there’s no songs from 2011 on singstar as far as im aware yet, really would like to something new.

    And please re-release Pitbull’s track from SingStar Dance on the store :) It was the only song along with day’n’nite i liked on there, but didn’t want to get the disc for it because i like to have one disc and downloads.

    Also, more Tinie Tempah, Jessie J, Tinchy Stryder (Game Over would be epic), Wiz (Black and Yellow!!!), LMFAO, Pitbull, J-Lo, Kanye West (All of the Lights), Rihannas recent stuff, Black Eyed Peas, Katy B, Chris Brown, Jay Sean, Example, Dev, Katy Perry, Chase & Status …

  • Oh and the list should say Chipmunk – Oopsy Daisy :P

  • Nina, i’m not gonna lie, but for me, this is the best update of 2011 because you bring me two of my favorite songs: Eva Simons – Silly Boy and Eliza Doolitle – Skinny genes. Please tell me you are getting Pack up too.

    Keep this level of songs up!! See ya next time ;)

  • where’s some Linkin Park already!?!?

  • Yay, More Than Words :D How about a few more songs from the same “category” like The Power Of Love, Un-break My Heart, Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To), When A Man Loves A Woman, Bridge Over Troubled Water etc. ;)

    I’m having a bit of a problem with one of the Trophies. I can’t get the Super Singer Silver-trophy (Score over 9000 on 5 different songs on Medium) though I have gotten 9000 on Medium in much more songs than necessary. I can take pictures/video of the statistics if needed but where/who should I contact about the problem?

    • ‘The Power of Love’ is already available on the store! So is ‘Un-break My Heart’ but sadly not in all countries :(. Try filtering the songs in the store by era and you’ll probably fina few more you like!

      Could you report your trophy problem on the forum, please? I will also check here with the team so you can bug me about it again in two weeks if you like.

  • Kinda funny how u never get replies when people have negative comments

    • Unfortunately, I really can’t reply to everyone all the time. Sorry if I missed one of your particular comments but it’s not fair to say ‘negative’ comments are not replied to.

      Maybe next time have a look at answers to other people’s comments on here. The possibility is that your qustion has already been answered before so it wouldn’t necessarily get duplicated again. That would just be boring.

  • please more up to date songs. thanks.

  • NINA…Its so sad to see all the old unwanted stuff you have released theese last months.. cant remember last update that suprised me positively. what about putting some seriouse work into getting some fresh songs that people actually have heard about? I really hope youre team really get some new or popular songs into the store soon. I can see theres a lot of people getting tired of youre bad updates. hope you’ll soon take some action from the feedback youre getting from the people paying your wages!!!

    • Thanks for your comment. I know, you’re not the only frustrated ones. Let me assure you though that we never stop working on things. Some of it can take a really long time, unfortunately and even we don’t know when or if we will get something ‘new’ through.

  • hey nina, much better update this week…….thanx again

    but is there any chance we will get some bruce springstein, buddy holly, frankie valli, eddie cochran………im a huge fan of the 50s n 60s and id love to chant along to some of the classics from back then

    • Have you tried filtering the store by era? You might be surprised what you find. Also some good Motown tracks in there if you like that sort of thing.

  • Nina~ Last time i wrote an idea for a pack!! Playstation game themes!!!
    Metal gear solid, Kingdom Hearts, Mirrors edge
    these are some of the games with great theme songs…And the great thing about that pack is that all of these games are old ones :P so the licenses might be cheaper XD

  • When can we expect Afrikaans DLC?

  • computer says no…….. COUGH

  • Nothing of interest to me here.

    Chesney Hawkes? Seriously?

    How about some credibile artists? Pulp have reformed and drew a MASSIVE crowd at Glasto yet bands like that get overlooked on SingStar for rubbish like Chesney ******* Hawkes…. I used to play SingStar all the time and still have about 150+ extra songs but I can’t recall wanting ANY from the last year or so.

    I don’t even want to know what Chipmunk Oopsy is.

    Needs more 90s indie classics; that is what my generation of PlayStation gaming friends LOVE on SingStar but recently this has been a neglected area.

    Chipmunk Oopsy? CHIPMUNK OOPSY???

  • Apparently it’s “Oopsy Daisy” by Chipmunk. Not “Chipmunk Oopsy” singing “Daisy”. I imagined a novelty band of Chimpmunks covering the old cockney classic, “Daisy, Daisy, gimme yer answer do” etc.

    But it’s still a RUBBISH song, I just watched about twenty seconds of it on YouTube. Poor song choice. I’d actually prefer the chimpmunk novelty cockney song if it existed.

    • Haha – that made me laugh then. Maybe someone should write that song.

      And why wouldn’t you like Chesney??? ‘I aaaaaaam the one and onlyyyyy…’ GREAT pop song! Classic! Yes, I WILL defend this track.

      And even if it’s difficult to appreciate from where you’re standing, believe me when I say that we are really not neglecting SingStar or the SingStore. If anything, the team are working as hard as ever but I will say this again, it’s a complicated buisness and not just a case of ‘choosing’ and ‘buying’ and ‘getting’ songs. If it was, that would be lovely!

  • the only 2 i was interested in was chesney hawkes & marc almond….. until i realised they are on discs i already have!

    once again, we need more up to date songs. there’s way way way to much eurotrash or obscure acts from the 90s that no-one has ever heard off.

    i love singstar & would buy loads of songs for it IF they were there to buy

  • off topic here but what time will the uncharted 3 beta begin? anyone?

  • Well I for one am very excited about this update – thanks Nina


  • Why kill a great concept with so poor updates time after time…?

  • I think one of the biggest problems is the pricing structure. I know Nina keeps saying the increase from 99p to £1.15 was enforced upon the team, but it still jars that you can only get 4 songs from £5 store credit now (I can buy an entire CD/album for that!) When you THEN start adding on guitar/dance upgrades it becomes a very costly business.

    Then figure in that the tracks have been trickling rather than pouring out with each update and the wildly varying quality of songs offered… Singstar’s become a puffed-up, dried-out cash cow and much less fun for it. Think I’ve bought 4 tracks all year – a record low.

  • Nina – this is a GREAT update! I hope that ‘somethings gotten hold of..’ is a duet?
    Also, could you expalin a little about the difficulties re. getting songs, as the way I see it people would be MAD not to put songs on singstar, as it increases artist popularity/awareness AND makes money. Imagine a grease or dirty dancing singstar disc – it woulkd make MILLIONS!
    Dom :)

    • Happy to hear you like it! Grease would be AMAZING.

      Unfortunately, it’s a very complex and boring world our licencing department have to live in (and I try and stay out of as much as possible) ;)

  • Yeah, £1.15 per song is bad compared to 99p.

    Especially when the new songs being added are TERRIBLE.

    They should hire someone with a little taste to pick the songs rather than buying compilation CDs from pound shops and picking the least known tunes from them. “Now That’s Not What I Call Anything Like Music 83: The Songs We Could Afford To Put On A Bargain CD Because Nobody Likes Or Knows Them” is not the best place to be sourcing material for SingStar.

  • Furthermore anyone who calls Bon Jovi “mighty” has so little musical taste they should not be allowed to PLAY SingStar, let alone run it.

    There is a word for Bon Jovi that rhymes with “mighty” but it begins with “sh”.

    SingStar needs a kick up the behind if it is to survive. I don’t blame Nina or the team really; Sony SHOULD be supporting and promoting it MUCH better than they do. It is an excellent game but the song choices in the lat 2 years have been AWFUL. I know we all have differing tastes but it has definitely gone downhill since it first saw the light of day.

    • Thanks, that would have been me so feel free to blame me! Now you’re just being a little mean and I really don’t like that, sorry.

  • I think you should inter-grate SingStar into the PS3.

    What I mean is by making an icon under music or game like vidzone but for SingStar. This means that everyone has access to the core game, and people can build their library’s up from scratch, or buy discs to boost them. This would mean everyone with a PS3 and a mic can play the game, and it also means a good franchise that gets overlooked by many can be enjoyed by everyone. It also means the game would be more popular, then the team can get more money to get fresher and better licences and therefore better songs.

    @24, 25 – I thought Chipmunks was the only decent song here, but i don’t know it enough to buy it.

    Im also glad we got some elize doolittle here, but pack up would’ve been a much better choice

  • Thanks for the update Nina.

    Nothing for me.

    P.S. Yawn.

  • i know im offtopic but when do we get uncharted 3 beta?

  • @36 Same. Anyone know?

  • according to naughty dog we get it at 10 pm tonight which is absolutly ridiculous considering everyone in asia is playing right now. Please can you publish it as soon as possible sony!

  • do they have to wait for the us blog to post something before they do? that seems to be happening alot lately.

  • hi there. Will there be more guitar songs coming at all as i haven’t seen any in awhile?

  • A’ight, I couldn’t care less about SingStar, but I need to address something to these commenters.

    Please note that even if you don’t know about the song/artist doesn’t mean nobody else does. This is a great opportunity for you to enjoy songs by artists from the past. I did have one SingStar on the PS2, and even though I didn’t like the game that much, there were a few older songs that caught my attention.

    Oh, and @Bumblebee, Bon Jovi IS mighty compared to these one-hit-wonders that you people constantly want in to the SingStore.

    I guess I have wasted my time enough here then, I hope some actually listened to what I said…

  • I loved the other chipmunk song, so there’s no doubt i’m getting this one too… I’ll have to hear the previews of the others to see if i’ll get them too…. I didn’t get any from the last update, but thats because the ones i wanted i already had on disc….

  • The Kinks are eternally awesome. Should have lots more of their tracks.

  • what ever happened to the deal with Universal music to bring accross the artists on their label to singstar. at firat I thought great a combination of a great new back catalogue as well as new releases from new artists. yet the updates seems trickling along with about 5 or less songs every two weeks. i’d love to know whats going on, is singstar being slowly killed or is there genuie issues securing new content. vidzone while not the same as singstar has no problems on that front

  • People are always so negative on this blog. I’m just happy we get more than five songs in this update!

    Anyway, nice to see FOUR UK number ones in this update and thanks for the random Kiwi track too! Love Gin Wigmore!

  • But we complain because we like the game ;)

  • That right it suppose to be 9pm but our BST push it to 22.00 (10pm) here a link that thesixthaxis put…..

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  • where the hell is uncharted 3 beta it is meant to be out today .psn is a waste of space .black ops dlc is out today on xbox at least they keep their word.

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