PlayStation Home: Pirates And Dinosaurs

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Ahoy me hearties! Yo ho ho and a dead man’s chest!

Fool Throttle takes to the high seas this week with some piratical pomp for you to enjoy. Four of the scurviest seadogs ever to walk the plank arrive in PlayStation Home and their garb is not for the lily livered!

Corsair Cordial and Captain Capricious are the sort of pirates who’ll kiss your hand as they help themselves to the silver in your pockets. Their clothing is woven from exquisite fabrics and their boots are made from the finest leather. They can mingle with the aristocracy unnoticed. When they aren’t crossing swords with them, that is.

Buccaneer Bubbly and Shipmate Shindig are the other kind of pirate. More at home bellowing sea shanties than rubbing shoulders with the wealthy, these two aren’t the sharpest cutlasses in the armoury, but they’re the most fun. They dress as they live – practical with a splash of colour and daring.


And what’s a pirate without a loyal companion? Someone who won’t complain about getting short-changed during looting raids, or being made to do the night shift in the crow’s nest. That’s where Barnacle and Picaroon come in. A tough old crab happy to give lazy crew members a nip and a wily little monkey who’s pretty handy with a sword too.

Head down to the Lockwood store and pick up some pirate booty today! Also available as value packs. And, why not let us know what you think in the comments and use this online pirate translator to YARRR up your feedback.

Over at the LOOT store – we asked ourselves ‘What’s the coolest thing ever?’ Answer: Dinosaurs. So, the LOOT wranglers have brought you our fiercest, deadliest and oh-so-cutest companion – The Lootosaurus. But beware, while all six styles are adorable, they’re clever girls. Raaaawr!


Join us for the Grand Opening of the Novus Prime store in the Shopping Centre! To celebrate, we have added a new FREE virtual item. You’ll find the new store in the second Shopping Centre, which is also now host to Sodium TankTop Shooter minigame. If you haven’t tried this yet, check out this free trial or purchase the Blaster’s Paradise apartment to unlock the full game.


In Threads, Alter Ego and the Furniture store, you can pick up the latest Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp items, ahead of the forthcoming PSN release. The Billabong store also has an update with some new tops and hats.

In Home Square you may notice a new, shiny star gleaming and beaming. Here you can find all of the latest and greatest items released in PlayStation Home. If it’s new or recommended, you’ll be sure to find it here.

Looking ahead to next week, we are pleased to announce that the Welcome Home package will be available from 30th June. We’ve worked to bring you some great games and items that haven’t graced PlayStation Home in Europe before. Stay tuned to next week’s post for further details.

Finally, if you haven’t yet discovered the E3 booth and theatre, there’s only one week left to check it out. E3 trailers and some unique rewards await you, but hurry, as this space will only be around until 30th June.

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  • Woo Hoo. Welcome back package. Any money says we get the lakeside apartment. T’was free as part of the closed Beta. But we’ll see. On a side note good update from Lockwood again. And the Tabletop Battle is awesome.

  • I haven’t been in Home for…… well thats goes to show how long, I cant remember the last time! LOL I even deleted it from my HDD.. dunno whether to start using it again..

  • Roll on, next week… :D

  • Ahoy

    looks like there be some great Booty in next weeks updated.

    Shiver me timbers! new pirate costumes will have to set sail to find me Doubloons.

    now you Scallywags wheres me Grog

  • I am very glad, but sorry on our US friends, they got 100 free items from a range of what they already had lol, we on the other hand, get items that havent been in EU before, very nice :D

  • I’ve asked this question before and I’ll ask it again.
    Since next week is the release of the film: Transformers; Dark Of The Moon and this week the game comes to the PS3.
    Will the people of Playstation Home get any said themed rewards or at lest get some outfits in the Alter-Ego shop?

  • wheres the welcome back stuff u.s home got it a while ago , for some reason your ignoring us . what do we get & when ??

  • Hurry up next week we must know ze content

  • Deadrest, did you even read the post?

  • Finally the welcome back package … id say they’re gona give us the same crap the US got though which will be sad, while I’m here I was wondering will playstation home ever get the features that were promised at launch such as being able to listen to you’re music in-game,picture frames, a tv in your apartment that could play your videos from your ps3 hdd.If you atleast had the in-game music more peaople would stay on home longer as the place is fairly quiet and dull. Oh and I thought I should mention I bought the city apartment thing I believe cost like €4.99 which was a big waste of money but like 2 weeks after the purchase it disapeared from my home account and it was no where to be seen in my download management. that is all

  • the def jam rapstar studio apartment is also planned for europe?

  • Sounds good but my favourite part of home was the poker in the EA complex. Where has it gone? Is it coming back? Please bring back poker, theres not much else i want from home.

  • Well its about bloody time lol jk il be playing uncharted 3 beta 24/7 so how long will welcome back package be on for?

  • @RedeyedRonin why dont you work for sony then you will see how a hard and great job they do and you wont post in every post til you get heard cuz people dont like moaners END OFF

    @BadboyJunglist i duno wer it has got to maybe it was a one off

    @gogauth08 i bet it will come to the uk as well just take the siren space it started in japan then usa then the uk and soon hopefully the spelunkers space its in usa now soon the uk

    and i apalud sony for finally gettin the welcome back pack for ps3 home nxt week just intime before my hols and next weds is the ps plus birthday :D

  • Arrr, great, Welcome Back Pack Ftw!, shiver me timbers!

  • I got rid of Home. whats it actually all about?

  • @Redeyedronin. This month is June. You now have junes content. However as you seem to be spamming you probably won’t get to see this. And writing in caps makes you look a bit childish. Chill.

  • I got rid of Home too. Waste of 3gb space. If only Sony Europe paid attention to important things, like releasing GAME content in time. Shove your Home where the sun don’t shine, Sony.

  • so when is the playstation 2 HD GAMES space gonna hit playstation home will it be november 2011 when a few PS2 games Remake to HD Like RESIDENT EVIL 4 HD PS3 or DEVIL MAY CRY 1 2 3 HD or KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1 & 2 for playstation store or playstation 3 disc to buy november 2011 all %100 true facts.

  • no we have MAYS content UP AT THE MOMENT i know this because i have been on ps plus since it started unlike you free loader as i mentioned we had aprils content on for a while when it was reactivated along with i say again MAYS! CONTENT we are yet to get JUNES plus content its something you obviously dont know a thing about so dont slam me when im being denied content that i pay for and im trying to get my voice heard about the issue

  • and for the record writing in caps shows anger with is rightfully directed by the way its june 22nd and still no “JUNE” plus content

  • i just checked and can confirm that i downloaded…

    SONIC on the 10th of MARCH.

    SONIC 2 on the 10 of APRIL

    Streets of Rage 2 on the 10th of JUNE (which was MAYS content!)

    still no JUNES CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which was supposed to be either golden axe or comix zone,plus ps1 game ect…

  • If any staff are reading, love home, just some nice suggestions ;p

    More pop-up colours, green hair, and the ability to hide people like you hide items as such, cause you know how there are some annoying perverts on home, if we hide them it might cut down on the abuse. Also, I imagine this would be really hard to do but I’ll just throw it out there anyway, the ability to lie down? Sorry if I’m suggesting in the wrong place guys and thanks for hearing me out, cheers. ;P

    Also… Redeyed… go outside or something, get over it. :/

  • Hey James,

    I would really like you or the other staff to answer this please. Okay my question is, When you download something from the Playstation Store E.g Add-on content for inFAMOUS, and its small say 100kb, or 100mb, and you let the content download while in the store (not selecting download in background) and the content downloads all the way but, when it installs it fails, E.g error code 800something, i would like to know what happens to the downloaded 100kb or 100mb, does it get deleted from the Hardrive or does it stay in the Hardrive making it impossible to delete the 100kb or 100mb.

    Thanks Cloud.

  • @ RedeyedRonin
    Aparently it’s the 1 year anniversary of playstation plus on june 29th which is less than a week away maybe we’ll get the new content then ?

  • Fantastic. I get the YLoD and now the Welcome Home package is being released.

  • Um where were the supposed bonus sodium 2 items that were going to be available thru Home square as detailed in the Message of the “Day”? Myself and alot of people I hopped across were left bewildered, dazed, confused & blond thru trying to repeatedly look for any hint of the things, right from up after the update last week.
    Also being & running the Rabbit’s Bunny Warren club, I would love to see more Bunny stuff like last weeks. Bumhug is sooo cute, just like bunny mee, as I am frequently told and beheld within the many halls of Home… peace

  • Morning guys, are we to take it that yesterday’s “meeting” didn’t go very well? lol. Maybe James still trying to drag Ross kicking and screaming to face the wrath of the disgruntled Mortal Kombat community? Apparently they are a pretty dress short for their fighters and the pretty dresses they can buy are overpriced. Oh woe is me……..

  • Eh, same junk.
    Lockwood costumes.. more companions..

    These things distant gamers from Home rather than bring gamers together in Home like it was intended for.

    Oh well, looking forward to the Welcome Back package.

  • inb4 100 t-shirts..

  • Hey James

    I remember back in the day when Home was starting up and there
    was a game conference showing the cool features of Home. There was three that I was interested in,

    1. A picture frame that could show photos from the PS MENU

    2. A Sony branded LCD tv which could show videos saved in the PS MENU.

    3. A Hi-Fi system that could play music from saved music on the PS MENU.

    When will these items be availibe in the Home store ? Imagine inviting friends over to your apartment, turn on the hi fi system and listen to music, or watch videos. pretty cool like.

    Another thing. Will there be an overhaul of the bowling alley/arcade ? Could you guys make it bigger and include more arcade machines that indie developers could develop simple yet fun games for them, have a more pool tables and other features. Extra costumes and pets is all well and good, but I think the Home community want more interaction not just personality. Other than that Home is a nice alternative to Black ops lol.

  • @RedeyedRonin

    June’s PS Plus content was Burnout Paradise and Magic- Duels of the planeswalkers plus al the othe rlittle stuff added…..

  • @RedEyedRonin. I have been a PS3 owner since launch day. I have been a PS+ owner since day 1. I am on the Beta’s for most Sony games as I signed up before the PS3 launched. Please do not call me a free loader. No content is EVER guaranteed for release. There are licencing and cost implications that come. By spamming all of these threads you are coming off as a bit of a clown. I am sure Sony are aware of your issues but are not going to respond to you as you are shouting. Try emailing them.Yes it is annoying but they are a business. They are here to make money. Junes content is up. They may have changed what was advertised.

  • @RedeyedRonin. You don’t pay for games. You pay for a changeable content subscription. If you don’t like it don’t pay. If it is you that pays and not your parents/responsible adult. If it’s that bad walk away. I am no longer going to feed this troll.

  • Some replies would be nice but alas not even 1…

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