June Mid-Month Treats For PlayStation Plus Members

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June Mid-Month Treats For PlayStation Plus Members

Hi Guys, I hope you’ve been enjoying all great content like Burnout Paradise and Streets of Rage 2 this month.

Before I let you know what you are getting as mid-month treats, I just wanted to make sure you haven’t missed out on the great Ubisoft title Beyond Good & Evil at the exclusive 20% Plus discount. Last week we added a demo of the game to the Plus section of the Store and also pushed it to you via Automatic Download.

If you want to receive this demo without lifting a finger then make sure you turn the Automatic Download feature ‘on’ under the ‘settings/system settings’ menu of the XMB. This feature will also save you valuable time by automatically downloading game patches and system software updates so your PS3 is ready to go next time you want to play.

Here’s what the guys at Ubisoft wanted to tell you about the game:

Dear PlayStation 3 gamers, the wait is over.

I’m very happy to announce that Beyond Good and Evil HD, the beloved action-adventure classic enhanced for a the PlayStation 3, is already available for download on the European PlayStation Store.
For those who missed the original, here is your chance to discover a game that many consider a classic.

The epic story of Jade, a young photo-reporter uncovering a terrible conspiracy threatening the galaxy, will keep you entertained for hours. And then there’s the 56 wildlife species, 88 pearls and 12 trophies to locate and unlock. For £7.99/€9.99 it’s going to keep you busy for a while.

And for the fans, do I really need to say anything convince you to revisit it? Your beloved game has never looked so good, now with new enhanced textures and in gorgeous High Definition graphics.
And if you needed anymore reason to get this game then don’t forget that you Plus members get an exclusive 20% off. At that price it’s a steal! Check out the trailer of this great game right here.

Here are the mid month treats that are available for all Plus members, including those with the Welcome Back free membership. You will be able to find these later today in the Plus section of the Store:

MAG Interdiction map pack – 100% discount
Braid (PSN game) – 75% discount
Young Thor (mini) – 75% discount

SOCOM: Special Forces:

Abandoned Map – 100% discount This popular “Suppression” map from SOCOM 1 and 2 makes a comeback in SOCOM: Special Forces. Abandoned takes place in the daytime around an ancient Thai village deep in the misty jungle. Fight your way over dense hillsides, through dark caves, and into the close-quarters mayhem of the archeological site. Classic SOCOM heritage meets evolved SOCOM: Special Forces action.

SU90-Shotgun 100% discount An extremely high quality, versatile and powerful weapon, the SU90-S is the preferred tactical shotgun among the Special Forces. This 12-gauge shotgun is equipped with slug ammunition for serious stopping power. It inflicts heavy damage in a focused area and features a greater effective range than standard shotguns – Note this appears as a different gun depending on the forces that you use.

I’ll be back on here soon to let you know what great content and special treats will be available for PlayStation Plus’ 1st Anniversary!

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21 Author Replies

  • hi ive got the auto download feature on as i have been recieving updates but not had no demos pushed to my system for months!!
    hope you can help

  • I know this is not the place but where do i request xenogears for ps+?
    And free socom dlc ? wooo lol

    • Hi, I can request that for you and try to get it included in Plus in the future. Thanks for the suggestion

  • James, I thought Red Johnston Adventures was supposed to be discounted on Plus this month?

    Its not showing up in the Plus section, and is listed as full price in the main store.

    • Hi, Red Johnson 50% discount was part of the April content so it carried on into June after the outage but expired on the 15th June. Apologies

  • Nothing for me this week.

    Any word on Free Realms in Europe?

  • I bought Beyond Good and Evil HD last week. I played it for the first time, what a great game! I love it! But it should have a platinum trophy. Please Ubisoft give us new info about a sequel!

  • prob nothing for me there really, but good offers. Red Johnson was last month btw X201

  • Yes would like to hear on Free Realms too. Would be nice to live in a fantasy world right now !

  • Absolutely no excuse now. I have to buy braid. :D

  • Nothing for me.
    But good that there is some DLC added to PS+ again.
    (since this was part of the original offer ;)

  • Braid! Next you should discount Plants VS Zombies, as it’s quite expensive on the PSN VS the App Store :p

  • anything new added to Plus is good for me

  • nothing at all there for me..when my plus runs out i will not renew it unless the content gets better..its really quite poor for most people..(and i had plus before psn was hacked!!)

    • Sorry you feel that way but we have been working hard to get you as many new and exclusive pieces of content so hopefully there will be plenty for you in the coming months

  • I haven’t gotten any demo’s through automatic download either.

    Also, when will the account management site be back up on the website? It seems to have been down for maintenance for weeks now.

  • oh and yeah i paid for that mag crap just before psn went down..can i have a refund on it and the other mag stuff i got..the game sux..LOL

  • Are these the gifts you been telling us that we will be excited for for the last 2 weeks?

    • If these aren’t for you then don’t forget that Next month is Plus’ 1st anniversary, so you can expect some great content during that month. there will be plenty to keep you busy

  • Yet another middle finger up to PSN+ subscribers. Thanks. Not. You still haven’t caught up with all the missed content either as promised.

    As an aside, my auto-download doesn’t work either – hasn’t for a long time. Fix it Sony, I’m paying for it.

    • I’m not sure what you mean about cathcing up on content missed? As mentioned quite a few times, we carried over the April content so you didn’t miss out on that and then added 60 days (then + another 10) to your membership, so rather than missing out on anything, you will be gaining an extra 40 days of Plus (so 2 months worth of extra content). hope that makes sense.
      Apologies if your auto download isn’t working, I haven’t heard of any problems with this so if you could report it to customer services, they should be able to help you. thanks

  • 3# They have already had an discount for that game.

    Will maybe look in to Young Thor as i have heard that that is good. Braid is probebly to much thinking for me..
    Can’t wait for next week UNCHARTED 3 BETA!!!!

  • Great stuff, James.

    Looking forward to playing Interdiction on MAG, and grabbing Braid at a great discount.

    Do you think we could get Escalation at some point too? Pretty please?

    Loving my PS+ sub at the moment anyway. Cheers.

  • Hi James!

    Any word on us MAYBE getting the “EYE OF JUDGEMENT” DLC as a bonus in the near future? :)

    Still loving my Plus, and got a few stacked renewals already in the pipeline.


    • Hi, I haven’t heard anything on EOJ add-ons but i’ll def mention it to the content guy for you. Glad your enjoying Plus ;-)

  • Excellent! Braid will be mine, I can’t say no at that price. :)

  • 16# What missed content are you talking about. Please list them :)

  • Welp, no reason not to finally pickup Braid now. I loved the game on Steam but playing it on an HD console should be a better experience.

    As for automatic downloads — this doesn’t seem to work for me. I don’t get any demos or trials pushed to me, and haven’t for months. I am a Plus member since day one.
    Not sure about the automatic download of patches since I play games regularly anyway, and I am forced to sit through the patching process whenever a patch comes out or I first install/play a game anyway.

  • Nowt for me really, what can we expect for the 1st year anniversary then? :)

  • Hi James,

    Just 2 questions :

    1) You usually let us know this month what is coming next month… do we have to wait to find out now ?

    2) I added a 15 months sub to my current sub and now my plus doesn’t expire until Jan 2013, but, my Plus games in XMB still say expire in August 2011 (date before stacking sub + extra 70 days)… will the content just “auto-renew” itself once it passes the August date ?

    • Hi, We will always try to let you know the upcoming content in advance but sometimes it just isn’t possible i’m afraid. You may start to notice that we have to announce the following month’s content during the mid month post, rather than at the start of the month. this is due to the tighter timelines of the newer content we are trying to get, etc. I will let you know what’s coming next month ASAP.
      The games should def auto renew and not expire. I have heard that sometimes they have an expiry date but you will still have access to them as long as you’re a member.

  • Just a quick question, how come the US playStation Plus got both Interdiction AND Escalation for free on PS+, yet we only get Interdiction?

    • Hi, the US are doing it slightly different to us at the min. they get both the packs but access to the add-ons they give expires with your membership. However, in Europe, currently you get to keep and add-ons you download forever and so the compromise is that you only get Interdiction this time. Thanks

  • Well, having now tried PS+ free for a month I would have to say ‘thanks but no, thanks’. Ta ta :D

  • xSODAMN_INSANEx like he said

  • Thanks for giving us Magic the Gathering: Duel of the Planeswalkers last month, used to play it years ago, so getting it again was a lot of fun. Any chance you could get us the three expansion DLC for for free, or at least in a heavily discounted bundle? Since the sequel is already out, they’re due for a little price cut, no? :)

  • Finally I can get my hands on Abandoned and the Shotgun, cant wait for todays Update.

  • In the Blog recap post I asked about what to do with content that will expire when my 1st year runs out even though I have already extended the PS+ subscription with another year “http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2011/06/18/playstation-blog-recap-90/comment-page-1/#comment-161311”.

    James replied that I should re-download the content. Is this the case for all content (many,many gigabytes and much faffing around in the download list) or is there something automatic in place that will extend my expiration date on old content or perhaps some tool that will extend the dates?

    I would imagine this should be applicable to all users that have extend their one year sub so saying call customer services isn’t such a great idea to me.

    • Hiya, I’ve been looking into this for you and a few other people. Basically, if you start the download and cancel it straight away, this will update the expiry date without you having to download a big file. This is because the expiry is refreshed once the download is activated.

      This problem has been reported and solved on the technical support section of the PlayStation forums – http://bit.ly/lMmqRY – and this is a great place to get customer support without calling the help line. I’m going to be working with RabidWalker to improve how we deal with the tech support queries we get here on the blog so look out for a post on that very soon.

    • Just to add as well, there have only been a few cases where content stops working even after a member has renewed. The system is set up so that if you renew, you automatically keep access to the games you downloaded, so please check when your membership renews, as the content should all still be playable with no need to re-download anything.

  • MAG Interdiction map pack – 100% discount: Already purchased but still good for other people
    Braid (PSN game) – 75% discount: Have to buy this 75% discount WOW practically giving it away
    Young Thor (mini) – 75% discount: Sorry but not heard of this title will be sure to check it out

    SOCOM: Special Forces:

    Abandened: I have been waiting for this map for so long, i wont be off socom now thank you very much ;) this map was amazing and i hope it is in socom 4.

    Great treats thank you very much :D

  • Err… “last month”, seems like it was anyway. :) Time flies when you’re having fun.

  • I bought and completed BG&E HD and was just wondering are Ubisoft ever gonna patch the game so the up, down invert controols are sorted?

    Please reply regardless of knowing or not.

  • Is the DLC free to keep forever?

    • Currently all game add-ons we offer are yours to keep forever. unless we specifically state otherwise. Cheers

  • Hi Again, James!

    Any news on if we can have a choice between for the Automatic Updates to choose if we can download only updates?

    With limited bandwidth in some countries, it isn’t always an option to download demos, even if I want. :(

    It is a feature I would love to use, but due to the demos eating up all my bandwidth for the month, I can’t use it at all…


    • Hi, we have been requesting this feature but I don’t currently know if this is coming. I will def keep pushing for it though and we have reduced the amount of ‘Push’ Demos we have been doing for this reason.

  • I don’t care that there is nothing for me this week as next we will have the Uncharted 3 beta!!!! So excited! Will we get it the same day as the americans or the day after when the eu store updates?

  • Hi James,

    Just wondering, is there an expiry date on the 30 days free PS+ membership?
    i.e. a date that we have to claim/redeem it by.

    Also, can I use the free 30 days at any time, e.g. when there’s a month that has more content that appeals to me, or is it only valid for the month of May (May’s content + these June mid-month treats)?

    Thank you.

    • Hi, the welcome back offers expire on the 3rd July at 6pm (UK) so you have until then to redeem your games and free Plus membership, then the Plus membership will last for a further 30 days. I’m afraid you have to use the free membership striaght away and it will just contain this month content and extra treats.

  • Also shame on Ubisoft for not giving a platinum trophy for this game

    GOW 1&2 got one each not to mention each one of the POP, Tomb Raider AND sly series… and safe to say splintercell series will too!

    Why not YADE? (inside joke there lol)

  • Also, any news on a patch for Burnout Paradise.. It doesn’t like our premium avatars I’ve heard.

  • Was wondering about the extra PSN+ due the the welcome back stuff
    When I look at the info on my PSN+ games it says about 30 days left on all my old PSN+ stuff and about 60 for all my PSN+ stuff I downloaded since the PSN is back.
    I am a Plus subscriber but it only added 30 days and only to the new stuff I have downloaded, wondering what I should do.

  • hi james any news on free games as they said on another post for 22nd june which is today and also any new avatars or themes coming out today

    • Hi, do you mean free games in Plus? The mid month treats are just what I have listed above. There is obviously loads more stuff launching on the Store today but I don’t have the list i’m afriad, this should be in Ross McGrath’s post

  • When will we be refunded for BG&E HD incorrect pricing?

    • Hi, I just checked this out and it is being processed but unfortunately due to the outage, there is a slight delay. I’m not able to give you the time frame i’m afraid but it is being done as a priority. Thanks

  • @kc-alpha-14 what’s that about Burnout Paradise and premium avatars? I’ve had no problems with it at all.

    Anyways nothing for me. I dno’t like Braid or MAG. Got Beyond Good & Evil on release day and it’s still a great game (though should have a full trophy set). I haven’t received by £3 or so refund though on the pricing error it had at that time. I called Sony customer support a week ago and got the email confirmation which said refund would be within a few days but it’s now a week later. I don’t really wanna call them again. They’re the reason my phone bill was expensive a few months ago when my PS3 died and I was asking them for advice.

    • No need to call CS, please see my reply above. Apologies for the delay but this will be sorted ASAP

  • Mmm Braid looks interesting.

  • @ James

    It’s been a week now & still no refund on BG&E HD :(

    The Customer Support Team stated that it could take up to 3 weeks, but I would of hoped that there wasn’t that many users that downloaded it at the incorrect price, but oh well i’ll wait another 2 weeks & if no refund, I suppose i’ll have to moan about it then lol.

    Also still no 10 days extra plus as I was a member before the outage!

    Before the outage “Eat Them” was in the discount section for release. Could we have this back please?

    Kind Regards

  • You know none of this stuff is on PS Store….and the LA Noire addons are not up, they XBL but PSN and its past the 21st now. Talk about missing the boat…and its not our fault!

  • Red Johnson, gah! missed it by one day :(

    Only found out about it on the 14th

    Curse you EuroGamer and your tardy publishing dates ;)

  • i paid full price for BG&E HD the other week and still havent been refunded yet

  • I got the MAG stuff back when It was at a discount in the move sale.

    But thanks all the same. Nothing for me here

  • @ skidpro POST NUMBER 46

    The update normally goes live late afternoon or early evening, so check about 17:00 but i’m sure a Moderator will confirm later.

    Remember this is only the Mid Treat Update for Plus Members & the usual “Heads Up” update by Ross is yet to be released.

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