Announcing The After Party Update For MotorStorm Apocalypse!

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Announcing The After Party Update For MotorStorm Apocalypse!

MotorStorm Apocalypse Demo And PSN Avatars

On behalf of the whole team here at Evolution Studios, I’m here to bring news of the biggest update to MotorStorm Apocalypse so far – so big, in fact, that we’ve named it!

Before I reveal what you can expect from the update, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that Wreckreation (as we lovingly call all things online in MotorStorm) is a huge part of Apocalypse, and we’ve been devoted to making it “the best that it can be” since we first started to design and develop it several years ago.

We’ve always known that feedback from players and continued development when the game is in your hands would be a key part of this, and we’re still committed to supporting this goal; to make it “the best it can be”. Cutting to the chase, here’s an overview of the After Party, which we hope will enhance and extend your enjoyment of the MotorStorm Apocalypse:

A new day and night track, The Rock…

The stage for this After Party is an abandoned prison island near the bay, known to the lunatic racers and ravers as The Rock. Multiple routes have been carved into the island’s varied terrain, so expect off-road racing action reminiscent of the legendary island in the Pacific Rift.



Expansion of ‘Special Events’…

A heap of fresh single-player races, hand-crafted by the design talent at Evolution Studios, are being introduced via Special Events Packs. Each pack sees you play as a distinguished character from the Festival, offering the grand sum of 120,000 chips if you can take 1st place in six unique events. The first pack (Stone: Jack of Clubs) is included in the update. Further Events Packs will be available in coming weeks via PlayStation Store, for free.

Weekly Challenges…

Weekly Challenges offer you a great opportunity to boost your chip total. There are 30,000 chips on the table every week and to claim them you’ll need to beat the specified target in a Rookie, Pro and Veteran challenge. Chips, if you didn’t already know, unlock new Ranks and rewards in the game, as well as several PlayStation Trophies.

The available races change at the same time every week (on a Wednesday), meaning that there are new challenges to take on and more chip rewards if you can beat them. Good luck!


Vehicle performance re-tuned…

Feedback from the MotorStorm racing community, along with the game data and statistics we’ve analysed since the first day of online racing, highlighted that a number of vehicle types would benefit from a slight performance re-tune.

In response to this, changes have been made to several vehicle types to support more evenly balanced and competitive races. Most noticeably improved are the Supercar, Dirt Bike and Superbike classes. The Racing Truck, Muscle Car and ATV types have also been tweaked.

Game, servers and connectivity improved…

The update includes many ‘behind the scenes’ changes to the game and the online servers, to make the overall experience more robust and reliable. Important improvements have been made to online matchmaking lobbies, player profile records and leaderboard browsing.

The After Party is a healthy update to the game, which we hope will keep you entertained while we continue to develop another big update – which will include the Game Mode Editor, steering wheel support and several other surprises we’ve yet to announce. In the mean-time, enjoy the After Party, look forward to the free Event Packs on PlayStation Store and watch out for a refreshing change to the Matchmaking playlists soon.

Keep tabs on these along with upcoming community events on and follow @PhenomEvolution on for all the latest on Apocalypse.

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3 Author Replies

  • with this motorstorm release the series died for me it’s like a damn kids game instead off like the old one’s which was actually a great game.
    the comic story lines itself was horrible enough not 2 mention the poor graphics.i doubt the future title’s off this game series is gonna improve so THE END

  • This is a step forward in the Motorstorm series… Just because it’s different doesn’t make it bad!
    The way things have changed has made the game more FUN to play!
    Whatever people have said about this game, about it’s release date problems, server issues, time attack glitches, the game itself has always been very, very fun and i don’t think many people who play the game regularly would disagree!
    Maybe you’re just not very good at it, dgnfly… Maybe that’s it…

    Either way, thank you SO much Evolution Studios for this FREE content! Too many publishers seem to have forgotten what that is!

  • Yes, this is my least favourite of all the Motorstorms… but it’s still a enjoyable game, just don’t look at is, as a true Motorstorm, the storyline, the cars, the setting would make you think so… but deep down it is not.

    But the fact the developers are still giving us great content for it, makes me very happy, and I applaud them.

  • SWEET! Sounds awesome when will it be up?

    • Phenom Evolution

      It’s already up! You’ll be prompted to download it when you start the game from the XMB.

  • As per my twitter comment earlier, go get this! The rock is incredible with fireworks ballons and everything! And its a fair big track! The vehicle redisigns all feel brilliant so far as well! Awesome stuff!

  • So when is this out and how much will it cost, are there new trophies??

    so many questions please answer.

    • Phenom Evolution

      It’s out now. It’s free. The update doesn’t add any extra Trophies over and above the original 48.

  • Thanks you guys. Care to go into any further detail about which vehicle types have been modded and how?

    Also, there’s still cheated times on the Time Attack leaderboards, what’s up with that??

  • @1 I disagree entirely. I own the previous two on PS3 and the PSP game as well and I’ve enjoyed this one more than any. Best racing game of the year so far easily.

  • Fcuk yeah! Nice update!

  • MotorStorm Apocalypse is the BEST racing game on PS3! :P + I got the Platinum Trophy to :P Cool update i will try it later;)

  • Before MotorStorm Apocalypse came out I remember hearing a lot about a LittleBigPlanet-inspired online feature which supposable allowed players to tweak maps and create whole new gametypes. Later news revealed that the feature would be released in a patch at some point after the game’s initial release. Is this update still something that’s happening? It sounded like a lot of fun.

    • Phenom Evolution

      It’s still coming. It’s called the “Mode Editor” and it will be included in a forthcoming update to the game. Full details will be revealed on the blog nearer the time. Hopefully this update will keep you entertained in the meantime.

  • @James Thorpe

  • Did you fix the AI bug in Quick Race ? No matter what difficulty setting you chose, the AI was always on “rookie” mode.

  • I also own all the Motorstorm series in PS3 and PSP, and to be honest, the single player of Apocalipse is not, in my opinion, as good as the other ones. It has change the Motorstorm atmosphere. But I do love the online mode, it’s awesome, enjoyable, however you race you earn points anyway and you can level up easier. I’ve got the platinum trophy.
    This free update is very welcome, but with no added trophies I don’t think I will be playing it much. I’ll give it a try though. But looking forward to playing the coming DLC (with thropies hopefully).

  • An awesome game got even more awesome!!!!

  • @Phenom_Evolution

    Ahh, excellent news. Yeah, this new update is still greatly appreciated. I wont be able to check it out until the weekend but I guarantee that it’s got me excited.

    Anyway, keep up the great work, guys. MotorStorm Apocalypse truly is a fantastic game. I hope the everyone over at Evolution Studios is proud.


  • i hated the first game, and haven’t played pacific rift, but i liked this one quite a bit.. it’s good fun, just the right difficulty curve for somebody like me who doesn’t in general like or play racers (i got to the end of the single player campaign but had to do quite a few of the veteran races several times), and online is a good laugh especially if you can convince the rest of the lobby to bet against one of your mates. ;) though i think everyone has sussed that i am easy chips.. :)

  • @RedEyedRonin
    We got June content on the store right now?
    Burnout, Magic the Gathering, Streets of Rage etc are all part of the June update.

    Looking at the Sega content alone should help you count back.

    April – Sonic
    May – Sonic 2
    June – Streets of Rage

    No months have been missed from what i can tell.

  • no we got SONIC 2 in APRIL. SONIC 1 the month before that. streets of rage was given as MAYS repeat MAYS content for june i repeat JUNE we were due either golden axe or comix zone. dont believe me the proof is out there just find the page that shows a head up on plus content before the breech so try posting when you know what your talking about eh?

  • i just checked and can confirm that i downloaded…

    SONIC on the 10th of MARCH.

    SONIC 2 on the 10 of APRIL

    Streets of Rage 2 on the 10th of JUNE (which was MAYS content!)

    so now i know im 100% right that we paying plus customers have been screwd out of JUNES content it only makes me all the more determined to get what i paid for! i will be ringing sony tomorrow you can bet on that!

  • I have a problem :/ Y’see I’m in NZ so I ordered it online and they sent me a HK copy of the game. Just wondering if the update pushes this track to me or will I have to download from the store? …I don’t really want to have to make a new account and everything… meh -_-

  • god dam love motorstorm

  • 21# It’s a update so no need to go to the psn store.

  • Best Up Date So Far

  • Can you PLEASE change the price on Lego Star Wars III – the Clone Wars for PSP.

    On the store update it says it is £23.99 and has been put on the store at £31.99.


  • I normally cringe when I see a update being installed 200mb+ to find it is to tweak something that doesn’t add anything to gameplay.

    Imagine my surprise to have two new maps, weekly challenges, and special events free from the developers :)

    Also suprised to read that the other special events will be free from the store other game developers take note.

    I think the weekly challenges and special events has now put extra length in play for the single player element as I thought the story mode was quite short and all was left was the on-line play.

    with this update for any new customers getting the game there is something more to look forward to after they finish the storymode.

    The extra chips involved with the challenges/events pushed me from level 23 up to 27 not long until I plat it now :)

  • sorry for double post.

    @ RedeyedRonin

    I am sure I read somewhere we are missing a month from plus (may) but that is the reason that we got (30) of the 70 days as part of the welcome back package.

  • Awesome update. Have not played in a while. Will be updating tonight and play for a couple of hours probably.

  • Got tired of this game very quickly , way to much garbage on track to trip you up and the games artificial intelligence and physics all interfering to much to make you crash. Rift was much better but plagued with bugs and short cuts like every game made these days.

    The free update is welcomed by all i’m sure, at least you are not expecting us to pay for cars one or a few at a time just to get a trophy. some of you game makers are getting to greedy with addon packs , games are expensive enough so you guys need to work out some kind of fair pricing table for all game packs so we all no what we are getting and not being ripped of.

  • Damn love this update.
    Only 1 but, I want to choose between all the veliches in online matches! Becouse I want to get all veliches one by one by class.

    Can you fix this?

  • At first I was very [Deleted] with this update because of the car restrictions, but that doesn’t really matter.. But it didn’t really change anything by the look of it.. Still getting that “trouble connecting to game” error once in a while.. And how has the performance of the bikes etc improved? It seemed worse to me, sometimes I crashed with the chopper just from driving straight, and there’s was no rubble in the road or anything, weird stuff..

    But new maps are always good, especially for free.. It’s nice that it looks like Motorstorm 1 but there seem less ways to level up your vehicle.. I would’ve prefered new maps in the urban style of Apocalypse, which is my favorite Motorstorm..

  • Would you plz for the next update make the HUD completely removable, but mostly the name tag in Multiplayer Online Are way to big and I already have a indicator of my rival on the bottom, also when you are in the middle of a grindfest the road is block by them, and did you really had to put the countdown counter on the center of the screen, on the final and more dramatic phase of the race your vision is block by this huge numbers, plz plz plz i just wanna enjoy the gorgeous graphics and 3D, other games had this feature like Gran turismo, Killzone The HUD it’s totally removable is harder but more realistic plz plz plz!!

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