Shadows Of The Damned Comes To PS3 This Week

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Shadows Of The Damned Comes To PS3 This Week

In my 20 years in the industry, I have never had an experience like the one working on this project. First off, I spent the majority of last year living in Japan and working on-site with Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture. It was a great experience living in Tokyo and working alongside the team – Grasshopper Manufacture has a great team of staff.

Battle etc-31

Yikes! That is one giant demon, and he’s carrying a big stick, err tree.

The concept of light and dark as a metaphor for good and evil is an old one, but the Light and Dark gameplay in Shadows of the Damned takes it to a whole new level. It is less literal, but rather metaphorical, in the pain and torment that is caused to our hero. As for gameplay, the player should not take the approach of “shoot anything that moves”. Each environment and enemy will require a thoughtful approach in order to progress.


Garcia’s weapon named “Johnson” transforms into a long but lethal canon style weapon called the “Big Boner”.

Usually, darkness is lethal to the player, but sometimes may be required in order to expose an enemy’s weakness. Each situation is different and the player must build upon the earlier concepts encountered in order to defeat the tougher enemies deeper in the game. Shadows of the Damned is the thinking man’s shooter.


Here is the Big Boner in action. Easily dispatching a giant demon.

With regards to the story, our hero must find his girlfriend Paula, the love of his life, who has been taken from him by the lord of demons in retribution for killing his minions. Garcia Hotspur is a demon hunter by trade, but must now travel through hell in search of his beloved, the most important thing in his life.


One of the many bosses that Garcia encounters in his journey through hell.

In the traditional view of hell, sinners suffer punishment in body and soul for eternity, resulting in everlasting punishment for the damned. Conversely, Suda51’s metaphorically twisted vision is hell is a place where suffering is more mental than physical. It is a place where our hero must endure his trials of torment, and if successful, can one day leave if deemed worthy.


As the player progresses, major weapon upgrades become available. Here we have the “Teether”, an auto-rifle type weapon that shoots teeth (of course), upgraded to shoot missile like projectiles that lock onto its target. We fondly refer to this weapon as “The Dentist”.

Suda’s version of hell envisions the player passing through several tests to purge and refine our hero so that someday, when he finds his true love and defeats the lord of demons, he will be allowed to return from hell. If he fails, it will consume them permanently.


Even hell (Suda51’s version of hell) has pachinko parlors.

There are many interesting aspects in Shadows of the Damned, and we are really excited for the game to launch so our PlayStation fans can enjoy it as much as we did making it. Until then, enjoy some of these PlayStation.Blog exclusive screenshots from the game.

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2 Author Replies

  • Uhum, I’m sorry sir, what is his big ol’ weapon called?


    I’ll but this game just for that.

    *waits for the complaints about family friendly reading and pleh*

  • Been playing today in order to review. I’d say it’s gonna turn out quite well, but I will leave the impressions for my review hehe.

  • This game kind of came out of nowhere for me. Sounds like a lot of fun, will have to pick it up sooner or later.

  • Garcia’s weapon named “Johnson” transforms into a long but lethal canon style weapon called the “Big Boner”.

    Here is the Big Boner in action. Easily dispatching a giant demon.

    so it‘s a big weapon just at the right place where a Manhood should be why has he got no Balls lol.

    the qoute sounded funny so i quote twice. it look like a fab game but you forgotten the father of resident evil he made it with suda51.

    *waits for witty knockdown & sarcasm” :D

  • just for the record my post was awaiting moderation i was especially careful not to use strong reference since when Manhood to be moderation hmm.

  • This looks like fun and if the reviews are good enough I’ll get it eventually. But not right away. I’m still trying to get enough money to buy Infamous 2. And let’s face it, this is no Infamous 2.

  • Sorry, looks really repetetive and doesn’t appeal me at all.

  • @7 You’re not wrong there… this is probably much better.


  • Each weapon has a light shot mode which aids the player in manipulating the darkness.

    The major upgrades for each weapon:

    Boner – default pistol that uses bones for ammo.
    Hot Boner – upgrade from the Boner. The player can place and set off explosive mines.
    Big Boner – Largest and strongest version of the boner. Can destroy large enemies but player must remain stationary when using it.
    Teether – default auto rifle weapon that uses teeth for ammo.
    Teethgrinder – upgrade from the Teether. The weapon now has multiple barrels that increases firepower x8.
    The Dentist – upgrade from the Teethgrinder. Now add missiles that lock onto the enemy. Fire and forget.
    Monocussioner – default shotgun like weapon that uses skulls for ammo. Single shot.
    Skullcussioner – similar to the the Monocussioner except it has a larger clip. The player can fire several times before reloading.
    Skullfest 9000 – upgrade from the Skullcussioner. This upgrade allows the player to shoot 4 skulls simultaneously, increasing his hit radius.
    Skullblaster – upgrade from the Skullfest 9000. This upgrade allows the player to fire one very large skull which is lethal to enemies and can be used to solve certain puzzles.

  • I preordered off the ciff last week and its on its way! Its gettnmg BAD reviews like Duke Nukem (which I think is a great game, ole school shooter fun) but peopel want CoD these days and MW3, which is the same old same old…Shadows looks great fun…I cant wait…

  • what the hell what ever happen to my last 2 post here the link again…

    i thought ppl be happy that the hackers getting caught apparently Not
    by deleteing my other post. i also will say again go to EG for a review and a tatse of a 15 minutes playthu.

    or is the game really suck that why my post been deleted. not cool :(

  • hey Steve Matulac let me help you sell more of this awesomeness

    (for the devs shinji and suda 51 guy are pretty much the best in survival horror right now oh and shinji i have played loved and still own nearly all your games suda 51 guy loved killer 7 although it blew my tiny mind)

    .SHADOWS OF THE DAMMED PS3 FOR £4.99 at GAME when you trade one of the following:

    .Dungeon Siege III (Xbox 360, PS3)
    .Red Faction Armageddon (Xbox 360, PS3)
    .Duke Nukem Forever (Xbox 360, PS3) (i love ol duke but i love survival horror more my trade in choice)
    .inFAMOUS 2 (PS3)

  • oh and almost forgot guys

    Offer ends 30/06/11.

  • @10 uh it’s not that DNF is ‘old school’ (it’s not) it’s that it’s badly programmed barely playable crud that’s only really selling due to all the hype it’s built up over the years. You should see the amount of trade ins we’ve had of that game already. Almost has it’s own shelf in the second hand section.

    @6 inFamous 2’s pretty much been the best PS3 game of the year so far in my opinion. A lot of fun and I started my ‘evil’ game right after I completed it being a good guy just cos I was enjoying it so much.

  • DNF uses the out-dated unreal engine it should had been 20 quid while it was fun boobies doesn’t make it look great the fact is it was a POOP game.

    & i have no feeling for 2k games that by punish web sites by black listed em EG is 1 for having got the guts to give old duke fart a 3/10 lol.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this since it was announced, looks hella cool.

  • you shouldn’t fear i just watch the 15 minutes playthu it look good fuuny as hell you meet this johnson thing part gun part bike thingy lol ^_^

    also i smell resident evil father by the way hotspur moves useing resident evil 4 view-point. :)

  • The enviroments and monsters looks awsome designed but it would be better if it was like Devil May Cry and not Resident Evil 4/5

  • My trip to hell is already booked. It should start soon.

  • @RedeyedRonin

    Thanks?! :)

  • @Steve Matulac

    hey man anything that keeps the true survival horror genre alive i will there with my banner and bundles of fliers count on that im a hardcore survival horror fan if it shuffles,sprints and or leaps/maims i have either killed it or have watched it being killed many many times if you get my just gave this 7/10 which isnt bad since they have been rather harsh to the summer games so far(duke & alice both got really bad reviews) gamesmaster gave it 9/10 so things are looking up in the survival horror genre then hope john carpenters FEAR 3 will be good to!

  • I’ll def get it… when the price goes down. 6-8 h of gameplay doesn’t justify full price for me. But besides that Shadows of the Damned has been in top 5 of games that interested me this year.

  • “Each environment and enemy will require a thoughtful approach in order to progress.”

    A huge glowing red “weak spot” on the enemy’s body hardly requires a “thoughtful approach”. Plainly obvious comes to mind.

    Played a couple of hours yesterday, and perhaps if I was 15 years younger and still thought poo, boob and willy jokes were hilarious I might continue. But I don’t…and I won’t.

    Good luck….something tells me you’re going to need it. Although knowing the Japanese males love for used knickers, I’m sure this’ll do well over there.

  • picking my copy of it up tomorrow im gonna love it im sure

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