LittleBigPlanet 2 + Move = Even Endless-er Possibilities

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You keen-visioned PlayStation.Blog readers are bound to know that the LittleBigPlanet 2 Move DLC was officially announced at the E3 PlayStation press conference (huzzah!) You were no doubt left with questions around what it does, how it works and what marvels will be possible when our army of LBP creators get their hands on it.

In a nutshell, the Move Pack let’s you create levels with and for the PlayStation Move motion controller, and it includes a set of levels built by Mm to make your creative juices juicier. LBP has always been all about communities creating and sharing, so rather than show you our 200-slide marketing presentation, I’ll hand you over to Andrew, AKA Chimpanzee, creator extraordinaire and editor of the splendid Rocket Cheetah, for enlightenment…

“Back in May I was lucky enough to be invited to the hallowed grounds of Mm Towers to check out the new LittleBigPlanet 2 features they were working on and hang out with some well-known Creators to see what they could do with them. We all knew that Media Molecule were working on an update to the game, introducing brand new tools which make use of the PlayStation Move motion controller, but what we saw was so much more than LBP 2 with added ‘waggle.


15 members of the community from as far afield as the USA and France descended on Media Molecule’s Guildford studios and to kick things off we were given a brief demonstration of some of the features of the Move Pack.


Looking back, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by how much was being given to creators – after all, Media Molecule aren’t exactly known for doing things by halves. Aside from features that people are expecting, the Move Pack also includes a wealth of amazing new gadgets and tweaks which Creators have either been asking for forever or don’t even know that they need yet, but will soon wonder how they ever did without.

First up was the Manipulator, a power-up which can be dropped into a level to instantly enable Move gameplay. It works just like other power-ups that you’re already familiar with; It’s equipped when a player walks over it and can be removed with the power-up remover. With the Manipulator, the player aims by pointing the Move controller and can pick-up, move around and carry grabable objects using the trigger. It has a set range (similar to that of the grappling hook) indicated by a translucent orb around Sackboy.

The Moveinator is the PlayStation Move’s equivalent of the Controlinator. As well as all the standard buttons, it gives Creators access to all of the Move’s sensors: Gyroscopes for rotation and tilt on all and the accelerometers to detect up. down, left and right movement. Anyone who’s used the Controlinator in their levels will find the Moveinator’s circuit board very familiar. All of the outputs can be wired-up to Mover logic to allow the player to control any object directly.

Combine the Moveinator with the Move Cursor and you’ve got instant point and shoot gameplay. Just plonk one of these new logic chips down on the Moveinator’s circuit board and you’re given a reticule which you can aim with the PlayStation Move. You can customise the pointer to be any sticker you like and you can even tweak a range of options to have it change colour or even switch to a completely different graphic when it hovers over specific objects.


To illustrate how some of the new features could be used, we were shown a few of the MM-made levels that’ll be included in the downloadable pack. It’s the largest piece of DLC that Media Molecule have released so far and the variety of gameplay is bound to inspire Creators to come up with even more exciting and original ideas. The main story levels consist mainly of puzzle/platformers where you play using with a DualShock or Sub-controller in one hand and the PlayStation Move in the other – a control scheme that was surprisingly easy to get used to. But the mini games are where I was really blown-away. One was a Labyrinth-style game where you had to tilt the Move to guide a ball through a maze-like track. In another, you had to use the Move Cursor to arrange objects, conveyer belts and bounce pads on a board to guide a dumb Sackbot from one side to the other.

Overwhelmed? I was. But grab a cup of tea and take a deep breath because we aren’t even nearly done yet!
Next we we shown some of the smaller but equally pleasing new tweaks and tools. Firstly, Media Molecule have been listening and have delivered on a much-requested feature: Multipliers on Score Givers! Huzzah! You can even tweak how often the score is multiplied and by how much. They’ve also introduced Speed and Rotation Sensors which output if and how much an object is moving, which I’m sure will be music to many Creators’ ears. There’s also a new Slicer Tool. This works in a similar way to the Corner Editing Tool but allows you to pick any two points on the edge of a shape and slice it in two – a big time-saver.


Yet another new tool is the Move Recorder – a new logic chip which records the fluid motion of the Move controller. This allows Creators to give realistic, organic behaviour to any object and anyone who’s used Sackbots’ “Act” function will instantly recognise how it works.

Well, that’s about it. Oh wait, no it’s not!

Just a small thing really, no big deal, it’s just that LittleBigPlanet 2 now has a freakin’ paint studio! The fully-featured Sticker Creator takes you to a whole new interface where the Move controller is your paint brush. Excuse me while I gush here for a moment but it really is no exaggeration to say that the artistic types among you will be able to create fully-fledged masterpieces with this. There’s a selection of brush types, shapes and colours to choose from and you can also change the brushes opacity, allowing you to blend several colours together to get that precise shade that you’re after. You could also take any existing sticker and use it as a brush or stamp. I used it to make a rather lovely ocean of bright yellow rubber ducks but you could of course get a little more creative with it and compose hundreds of different stickers together into something incredible.

The paintings you make can then be used as stickers in-game, shared in prize bubbles or exported in high-resolution to the XMB.

With all these awesome new stickers you’ll be making, you’ll want a way to display them in their full glory in your levels. Mm has you covered, yet again, with the new Sticker Panel material. This mysterious new substance is magical; draw out a block of it in Create mode and as soon as you stick a sticker to it, it becomes completely invisible, leaving only the sticker behind. Sticker Panels behave in a similar way to the Hologram material in that it has no physical properties, can pass through other objects and can be stacked on top of one another in the same layer. However, unlike Hologram material, a Sticker Panel doesn’t affect the sticker’s colour or opacity… unless you want it to of course.
Phew! That about does it for my ‘brief’ round-up of the LBP 2 Move Game Jam. It was a truly amazing to see some master Creators in action, let loose with some new toys. I really cannot wait to see what the rest of the community does with them.

A huge thank you to Spaff, Tom and everyone at Mm for making it happen and to everyone who was there on the day for letting me tap them on the shoulder every 10 minutes with a curious “Whatcha dooin’?”

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8 Author Replies

  • The day this patches releases the day i will buy it :), Oh and it’s still free right?

  • Yeah! This is a reason to get LBP2 back out of the closet!

  • I CANNOT wait! So looking forward to it :D

  • cant wait to get this. been waiting for this ever since i played the demo of it before lbp2 came out. going to make creating so much easier and p-laying even more fun.

    • Great to hear you’re excited gremlindan – it really does add a huge amount of exciting new stuff! :)

  • There are problems with the singstore update from 15-06-2011

    Can you please ask Nina Scherer to check the dance ad-ons from the last singstore update.

    There are problems with downloading the add-ons

    see link:

    Comment nrs. 53, 54 & 56

    Thanks for helping


  • can you confirm if this pack will come with etra trophies please?

  • Chimpan-who?

    Never heard of ‘im ;)

  • The question is … when? Any idea just how long we’ll be waiting? Even just a rough time frame would be nice.

    • It’s a little way off, but not too far – the very end of the summer is a realistic time frame for now, but we’ll update you with something more specific as soon as we can.

  • cant wait but whens it out though?
    @ kivi95 i hope its free too

    • We’ll confirm a specific release date as soon as we can – the very end of the summer is the planned time frame right now. It will be a paid-for pack – I think you’ll understand why as we show more of the new stuff that is being created for the pack; Media Molecule are putting in so much cool new stuff (including new playable levels, as well as new tools).

  • Nice article Mr Chimp, look forward to seeing what Nuclearfish and yourself can conjure up using these new tools!

  • I love u Sony

  • Bought LBP2 on day one like LBP. Bought move early on mainly because of LBP2. I love the series but…

    I sold LBP2 because i got sick of waiting for move implementation. I’m sad that i’ll miss out on this when it eventually comes.

    LBP should have always been sold using a subscription model, hopefully next time it will be.

    • Sorry to hear that CodeMonkey_UK – but hopefully you might get tempted back when you see more and more of the cool stuff that’s going to be in this pack :)

  • Like everyone else is asking. Any ETA on it ?? also price or free ?? thanks.

    • Hey gillyallan – the very end of the summer is the planned time frame at the moment, and of course we’ll give you something more specific as soon as we can. It will be a paid-for pack – I think as we show you more and more of the new stuff that Media Molecule have developed for this pack, it’ll be clear why – it’s by far the biggest LBP DLC pack yet.

  • It’s not surprising that MM would be the first company to really show the potential of Move in this kind of way, where it’s not just a sword or something obvious like that.

    Maybe I’ll buy one at some point to try this out.

    • MM are definitely showing some new and exciting possibilities for Move – but I think that beyond that, the LBP community will show even more extensively what Move is capable of, when they get their hands on the new tools. At the GameJam event, we were already seeing some cool and unexpected new control schemes and gameplay, after just one day’s hands-on!

  • The one time I choose not to keep up with E3, typical!

    Thank you for this! I cannot wait!!!

  • I would download it in a hartbeat, but only if it´s free.
    It´s a great way to sell more LBP2 games and move controllers.

  • Guys, it’s got levels as well as new gadgets and gizmos. I think we can dish out the cash for this one!

    Also, it’s not usually MM-policy to force people to buy stuff in order to play fun stuff, so will people need to buy the pack in order to place Move-levels? Or will they just need their (t)rusty ol’ PS Eye and Move?

  • I’m glad most of the commenters seem to be as excited about the Move Pack as I am. My words really do no justice to just how much these new tools bring to the game. A little surprised that a couple of people think it should be free though. Like I said in the article, It’s by far the biggest piece of DLC Mm have ever put together. The new tools aside, there are also 13 new levels which come together in a brand new side story. It’s hard to compare and quantify this sort of thing but it /feels/ at least three or four times bigger than the MGS or PoTC packs in LBP 1.

  • @ Alex – Thanks for the reply.
    @ Chimpanzee – I’m quite looking forward to it and I’ll happily pay for it … as long as it’s reasonably priced. Will give me a good reason to get back into LBP2.

  • Thanks again to Chimpanzee for taking part in the GameJam, and for writing such a readable and comprehensive summary of the event – great work :)

  • Extra Trophies you say?

    Hurry up and release it NOAW!!!!!

  • wow! the sticker creator is the thing i am looking forward to the most, cant wait to try out some of my painting skills :P thanks again MM great stuff!

  • Alex, since you’re mainly the guy that posts LBP stuff, i wanted to ask:

    Can you ask MM if we Europeans will ever see the LittleBigPlanet Qore Cap and the 7 Eleven Slurpee T shirt please?

  • Well, I’m still not sold on Move, sorry. It’s just too expensive for my tastes.
    I’ve got no problem with paying for DLC, hell, I have tonnes of it, but I do think the slicer tool and sticker-material really should have been there in the first place. At present it’s nearly impossible to make stickers look good.

  • Wow, if there’s a time to buy a move controller it’s right now. I finally have a good reason to buy it. :D

  • Still wish you could put your own graphics, sounds, photo´s etc in the game.
    The PS eye is just not working good enough and makes it look and sound terrible. Please let us import sound trough the Singstar microfoons and import pictures from our harddisk.
    People can put anything they want in the game now so that is not an excuse, it would benefit the quality of new user content so much more.

  • I personally have not built any levels on LBP2 yet, this may encourage me to build something new and fresh :D

  • I’m really looking forward to this pack, i have 2 move controllers ready to go. btw check out a third-person shooter in littlebigplanet 2

  • Please play my level in LBP2, it´s fun!

  • i have also heard about some new music sequencer instruments, but i can’t read anything about that here. i want to know about what those instruments are, and if that news is real. could i get an answer on this?

    by the way: i love this pack for as far as i can read it, but for some reason i think this is going to be very expensive…. i’ll guess it’s worth it.

  • This is rubbish. Now people will make levels with this powerup in, and I won’t be able to play it because there is no way I’m paying £120 for a useless, ripoff addon. This is Sony’s worst idea yet, and this is why I will be moving to Xbox360 ASAP.

  • hey this is going to be great Im currently working on a sticker mechanic for a lbp2 lvl and I hate using big ugly honkin rectangles for custom stickers, oh does this come with costumes, and more than one background, if so gimmie a hint to the themes plz

  • Will any body be able to tell me, will the sticker creator only be available to those who have the move or will the fabled graphics bored be usable? If so (that being only Plastation move compatible) then nuts. I am an un-famous artist which many has described with phrases like “Has potential”, however I cant see my self using the Plastation move as a paint brush. Looks good an I am waiting for it.

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