E3 Replay: Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time

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I wanted to thank everyone for the great reception we received at E3 when we announced the next installment of the Sly Cooper franchise, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, which will come to the PlayStation 3 in 2012.

In case you missed it last week, here’s a broadcast segment we did with the PlayStation.blog live from the SCEA booth on the E3 show floor. We knew Jeff Rubenstein was a big fan of the series and this was the first time he had a chance to see what we had been up to. He had a bunch of great questions for us, and a bunch more that we’ll be answering over the next few months!

Seven of us founded Sanzaru Games back at the beginning of 2007 and since then we have been hard at work, steadily increasing the size and quality of the games we work on. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be our third game with SCEA; last year we released The Sly Collection for the PS3. It’s been great to work with the SCEA world class production team behind Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Daxter, inFAMOUS, UNCHARTED, Resistance and, of course, The Sly Cooper series!

We realized back in 2008 when we pitched the idea of working on the next Sly Cooper that it was a pretty crazy idea, but we absolutely love the series and are glad that once people saw our hard work they responded enthusiastically.

A question I was asked several times at the show was “Isn’t it a huge amount of pressure to take on such a big franchise like Sly Cooper?” I think my answer really sums up the spirit of Sanzaru: we are infinitely more excited about the fact that we are working on something as cool and fun as Sly Cooper and this excitement feeds on itself as people are constantly coming up with cool new ideas to incorporate into the game. So while I wouldn’t describe the process of making such a big game as easy we are more excited to see how it all comes together.

So thanks again for the support and stay tuned for more cool announcements about the game over the next few months!

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  • I’m definitely getting Sly 4. I just watched the gameplay video on the US Playstation blog earlier today and it looks so promising that I’m almost exploding with anticipation. ;)

    I loved the Sly Collection and that made me a fan of the series. I hope this game is more focused on Sly than Sly 3 which I felt had too many playable characters. It’s still a great game but my favourite is still Sly 1.

    I wish Sanzaru good luck with making this game, you guys seem to have a lot of talent and I hope to see more from you on my PS3 in the future!

    Can’t wait for 2012!

  • The trailer and the gameplay video are miles apart graphicaly and feeling wise. Thats kind of disapointing.

  • Eyyy!!! Why did you remove my and the first guys comment -_- not cool not cool at all…..

  • Where’s Sucker Punch gone?

    It wont feel like Sly knowing someone else developed it :(

  • Oh I thought sucker punch was developing it :p YAY infamous 3 here we come then :p

  • Why is this video set to private? :(

  • Put Sucker Punch on it, who are these guys? Seriously, you wanna put a company founded in 2007 behind this game?


  • wicked!
    one of my fav game series of all time, cant wait !
    what happened to SUCKER PUNCH anyway?
    INFAMOUS is a big dissapointment to me so fingers crossed for SANZARU GAMES !
    bring the platforming back to PS3

  • Sony didn’t put them on Sly 4. I believe they are just massive fans of the series, and went to Sony with a pitch for Sly 4, which Sony gave the go-ahead.

    Something like that

  • While I am a little sceptical about someone else than Sucker Punch creating the game, I’ll most likely pick it up cause the Sly games are awesome and I try to keep my faith in Sanzaru Games also, considering how well they ported the Sly Collection to PS3.
    I also guess if Sucker Punch has faith in them then that’s a good sign :)

  • Some people are being very unkind to Sanzaru. They are huge fans of the series, ported the game great, have the backing of Sucker Punch. The game is looking fantastic.

    Really looking forward to it. Great job guys

  • What’s up with all the hate for Sanzura? Sucker Punch are looking over them so this will be good and it looks great :)

  • @#8

    inFAMOUS IS WHAT ?!?

    You’re crazy. inFAMOUS is one of the best franchises out there.

  • Cooper? I thought it was always called “Sly Raccoon”.

  • Hello can anyone here tell me when we will be able change password, how long we have to wait!!!!!!


  • I cant wait for this, the Sly Series is one of my favourite ever, coming only just behind Dynasty Warriors and Final Fantasy.

  • @13 infamous is far from being a franchise yet! i thought it was lame as hell, it was like playing web of shadows and prototype at once a proper drag.

  • @15 password reset was enabled beginning of this month! go into account settings!

  • please can someone give me answer as to why star wars unleashed dlc is 7.99 but unleashed ll is .79? been trying to get answer for months now, cheers sony for helping out you screw ball.

  • Yeah for working videos.

    Yeah for Sanzaru Games for bringing Sly 4 :) – I got hook last year with the Sly Cooper Collection

    Yeah for Sucker Punch overwatching the progress, but I guess Sanzaru Games will do just fine. My first impression: it looks like Sly and since it’s release is 2012, they can do more… I am really, really looking forward to it :)

    One gripe though… Sly seems a little bit darkish from the gamplay vid… but hey it might be an early built :). Anyway


  • I personally dont mind another company making a game originally created by anyone else. It can be loads of fun to play, and these guys show promise.
    Whatever they do, for God’s sake, DO NOT do what was done to Crash Bandicoot at Tag Team Racing and what came after that. They completely forgot that their fanbase were mostly from the Naughty Dog days, and were about 13 to 17 years old when Sierra and Radical took over (and they were willing to play a decent game). It’s astounding to see the transition from Twinsanity (what I believed to be the perfect end to Crash) to Tag Team Racing. It was too childish to match Crash, and completely defied the existence of plots previous to it. Nothing made sense, all villains were as lame as ever, heroes were even worse, and, I should get back to Sly…

  • Yeah, so this shows real promise, even the sound effects are incredibly accurate to the originals, and Sanzaru sound really devoted, like they know what they’re doing. Keep up the good work!
    Oh, and I couldn’t help noticing “Egomaniacal (…)Dictator, hes built a thousand foot statue of himself” am I the only one reminded of General Tsao… come to think of it, the boss even looks like Tsao’s Tiger guards…

    Again, awesome, im sure this won’t end up like Crash ended up (They leeched off of hisgood name until they just dumped him cause no one liked the game due to the junk they put in it….miserable fail)

    Oh, and if this comes out in 2012, it’s Sly’s 10th year anniversary :D
    Carmelita has to be in it…playable :)

  • OK, just watched the second trailer, EPIC, but the way Dimitri was animated seemed too cartoon-ish in terms of his shape. Everything else, awesome. Even the music is right. Hyped for knowing that Bentley and Murray will be in it, and its a really smart move to make it slightly more challenging and epic, for an older fanbase to enjoy as well.

    Get 100% in Crash Mind Over Mutant, and the only reward you get for the retardedly time-consuming joke of an effort, is a small flashing box at the bottom of your screen, closer to giving you a seizure than anything else, and inside it is written:
    *wait for it*

    I sh** you not, that is the last thing to remember Crash by. check it on youtube if you want.

    Now that I think about it, Dimitri’s fine, just don’t give me Superstar for collecting anything. Seriously though Dimitri should be taller and have sharper angles to him. It matches his personality, and the shape he has in previous titles. Sanzaru games has my support :)

    “you’ve got DIMITRIIIII!!”
    “Bentley, this is the last time we EVER leave Dimitri in charge of the hideout!”
    “It was also the first time…”
    Hilarious :D

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