Resistance 3 Dev Diary: Cold New World

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Resistance 3 Dev Diary: Cold New World

We hope that you have enjoyed all of the recent Resistance 3 content that has been coming your way over the last few weeks. From the E3 stage demo in tattered St. Louis, to the new multiplayer footage from our Wales Seaside and Colombia Trainyard maps, to the Olly Moss packfront, and various retailer pre-order bonuses, it’s been an exciting time for us to share so many cool parts of the Resistance 3 experience coming to you from 7 September.

Earlier this year, the PlayStation.Blog team approached us about creating its first ever dev diary series, focusing on various elements of Resistance 3. After discussing it with them and the Resistance team at Sony, we were all really excited to collaborate on this project. The dev diaries will cover a range of topics across the game, and will roll out as we get closer to Resistance 3’s launch date.

They are also special, as they were the first videos to be shot in the Resistance 3 war-room that some of you may have heard us talk about in various interviews. While we’ve taken special care to ensure that the backgrounds aren’t legible, you can get an idea of the main room at Insomniac that lays out the entire R3 single-player campaign experience, a room any person at the company can go to and get an up-to-date picture of what will be happening at any moment in the game.

Everyone at Insomniac is really stoked to see this one turn out the way it has. We hope you enjoy it, and will look forward to the other videos in the series that will be rolling out this summer.

As always, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds for all of the latest news about Resistance 3. And if you have questions about everything we showed at E3, the Battle: LA demo, the dev diary, or what I’m eating from the Insomniac kitchen right now, post below and I’ll do my best to answer!

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3 Author Replies

  • You have announced steelbook special editions and collectors editions on the blog, BUT nowhere online can we preorder these versions of the game, only the normal edition. It comes out on my Birthday, woot, would like a steelbook collectors or special edition but no one is advertising it. Is it USA only now, so we dont get the goods?

    • No, the steelbook and Survivor edition are still coming to SCEE exclusively. That said, the individual pre-order / retailer programs take a bit longer to ramp up in each country. Should be coming soon, though it will vary by country.

  • I would agree @Skidpro he’s right i myself haven’t seen the Survivor Edition in the web while pre-ordering. Is it because i’m late or something else. I just checked few but not too many online.

  • I am really looking forward to play R3 co-op.
    Because it is more fun to play together even in a cold world.

  • “Story and Enviroments” – seems like the best time to ask…

    We know now what happens at the beginning, that Capelli’s son is sick, and he has to make that huge decision to go out and try to change things – this leads us onto the main story right?
    Well, without spoiling anything, does anything happen really after that? Or is it just a matter of Capelli on a road trip fighting Chimera? – Surely something picks up?
    Thanks guys, looking forward to September, thanks for all the efforts so far!

  • Didn’t the doctor die at the end of R2? How is he still alive?

    • While he suggested that he was going to commit suicide, the death of NH offered new research opportunities for him and he saw a chance for redemption

  • 1 thing I still don’t get…accroding to the intel near the end of resistance 2 didn’t malakov kill himself? :s

  • When are you going to start the Fullmoon show again?

  • 1)This is the Last off Resistance series or story continues?
    lol ok i don’t expect answer :D but I love Resistance and all this trailers talks for the huge final battle

    2)when does the demo come out

  • The guy that presented the demo at E3 during the Sony show looked bored. Like he didn´t want to be there.
    Showing it after Uncharted was the most stupid thing to do.

    Anyway. I bought 1 and 2 day one. I won´t do that again. 2 was a big disapointment and I need a large sp and mp session to convince me otherwise.

  • is it too late to beg not to include a 10,000 multiplayer kill trophy in this game ??? :P

  • hello there,
    my friend whose PSN id is Naksxie has forgotten his password and cannot access his account and when he tries to change his password it says site down for maintenance… is there a solution for this??

  • Sony + Playstation: You’re sheer ignorance astounds me, tell us when you are updating the store, because PS3 users in US are playing Foo Fighters DLC and europe gets one in the ass again. sort it out

  • I would love to see a move demo .. cant wait for this game simply because of the move support. I’m disappointed there aren’t many shooters with move support coming out any time soon .. Killzone was brilliant and socom was pretty good too.

  • I know this is completely off topic, but I just wanted to say that I couldn’t add funds to my account using a debit card. I get an error code telling me my details are wrong. What do I do?

  • Any chance the artwork in the video is going to be released as wallpapers? Would love to use the one shown at 0:32 :D

  • yes for the love of god please dont include online mp kill trophys. It took me 2 and a half years on and off to platinum the game and by the end of it, i had a bad taste in my mouth. Please just find the right balance when it comes to trophys.

    Also will we be having a demo and a mp demo soon. ? muchos gracias.

  • Ugh, that spelling mistake in the beginning of the video is confusing…
    Can’t wait to play the game.

  • Smoutefretter_BE

    really looking forward to this game.
    resistance 3 will be awesome!

  • it looks amazing. But is their any plans on a beta or a ps+ exclusive beta. so i can prepare for it.

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