inFAMOUS 2 – Launching Across PAL This Week!

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inFAMOUS 2 – Launching Across PAL This Week!

OZ inFamous 2 launch ushered in by community event

The day has finally arrived, inFamous 2 is now available on store shelves across Australia and New Zealand. Players can finally resume the role of reluctant superhero Cole MacGrath, as he returns for the second electrifying chapter in the best selling PlayStation 3 franchise.

We were lucky enough to have game designer Joe Ishikura from Sucker Punch (the developers of the game) visit us in Australia for an exclusive Community Event a couple of weeks ago. Joe personally presented to us, many of the ‘key’ new features of the game. We were joined by a group of our core PlayStation Community members who proceeded to ask Joe a tonne of questions about the game’s development.

Joe focused on two key points during his presentation. The first point was ‘escalation of scale’. This refers to the game environments, game enemies, and of course, the scale of Cole’s own ‘powers’. With bigger foes to deal with (queue ‘the beast’), Cole finds himself having to acquire some truly gargantuan powers, like the ‘Ionic Vortex’ (a giant tornado of destruction that swallows everything in its path). These amped up powers are simply amazing to watch, particularly when used in areas containing highly destructible structures (like timber houses etc). The second point that Joe emphasized to us was ‘user generated content’. Players can now create and share their own unique levels across the PlayStation Network, which adds limitless longevity to the game. While playing over the last week, I already managed to stumble upon a whole bunch of user generated levels that have been designed by the Sucker Punch guys themselves. These bonus ‘UGC’ levels are a joy to discover. They show up as ‘green missions’ on random parts of the game environment, and playing through them is a great little detour from the main campaign.

To celebrate the launch of inFamous 2 in Australia, we have created a great little Facebook app on our PlayStation fan page. The app lets you build and caption your own inFamous 2 comic (and share it with your friends). You can try the app here. Also, don’t forget to download the free inFamous 2 demo, which is now available via PSN.

It’s great to have Cole back in this much anticipated sequel, and as if that wasn’t enough, we can now also look forward to Cole joining the cast of the recently announced Streetfighter X Tekken game being developed for the PSVita. The future looks bright indeed for inFamous!

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  • awwh why wasn’t I invited, I live in sydney, platinumed infamous 1 and my infamous 2 special edition pre order should be arriving the the post today.

  • WOW!! A PS Blog entry just for us occidentals. Chooooice! Sony, I picked up my Hero Edition of the game first thing this morn and I must say it is stunning in all of it’s glory. The statue almost makes me like the new Cole it’s so vibrant and detailed, the holographic image on the game packaging is awesome to behold, the comic book is smaller than I imagined, but you imagine a comic to be a little less across than an a4 piece of paper yet in retrospect the small size fits perfectly with the game disc wrapping, the dlcs are endless, downloaded without a hitch and the soundtrack rocks, last to the bag. The bag is glorious. Now I can pose on a nearly empty bus without having to sit down cos it looks so cool slung over my shoulder. Love the mobile phone holder on front strap. Thanks Sony. :)

  • Love this game, but it is ridiuclously overpriced on the PS Store.

    I wont be getting it just yet, costs way to much.

  • Hi guys. Just wanted to say thanks for the invite to the event, it was amazing! Really enjoyed the KZ3 event, but infamous 2 wiped the floor with it! sorry GG…….. Picked up my hero edition today, now gotta decide do i start that first, or DNF? Infamous 2 looks better, but DNF, well, everyone’s been waiting 14 long years for that! Anyway thanks again for both invites, and hopefully we get to see some more!
    Would kill to go to a uncharted 3 event, O and bring Evan and Christophe with ya!

  • Hello everyone.
    When I bought Infamous 1 a couple years ago, I was kind of sad with it for only having the game dubbed in Portuguese, since I’m in Portugal. Not that it was bad, but I always like to have the game in English also… just like Uncharted has done, it has the game dubbed and with subtitles in various languages. Will Infamous 2 be like Infamous 1, or like Uncharted?
    Please answer. Thanks.

  • My copy of InFamous 2 just arrived! :D (A day early too!)

  • just got my copy of infamous 2 special edition just played a couple of missions & i love it great game :D can some one tell me y it took an hour to do the update for infamous 2 plz ?? (dunno y but its bugging me lol) & got duke nukem forever aswell but wont be playing tht till tomorrow spending all day on infamous 2 :D

  • infamous 2 is epic!!! played 4 hours straight SP and 2 hours with UGC, its just amazing that the game enables you to make a game inside a game and whenever you finished editing its available, just imagine Little big planet but god UGC is WAY WAY BETTE!!! Thanks Sucker Punch this is is of the hooks.

    P.S: NINO its me kavan (Uncharted fan) remember!?

  • I can’t afford to buy the game yet but will be renting it for the week. Huge fan of the first game and enjoyed the beta and demo of this one (even if I’m still not quite sold on the new voice and appearance but that’ll likely pass when I’m real into the story)

  • Can someone please clarify this for me, what is the uncharted 3 beta voucher worth when everyone is getting it free

  • COLE with HAIR needs to be a skin ! xD

  • Sweet, I seriously need to get this game!!! Does anyone know if it’s available in South Africa yet? Probably is, but I wanna be sure.:)

  • @5 To put all PS3 games in English, change the system language on the PS3’s System Settings.

  • 50% voucher for inFamous 1! Necause I “rented” the first title from my brother I always wanted to buy it… that’s a pricepoint I call GOOD. Thanks for the voucher ^-^o

  • can anyone explain why the code i got with infamous 2 for the uncharted 2 beta doesn’t actually work. I mean it doesn’t run out until the 13/7/11 so that isn’t an issue. So another problem with PSN (again – wouldn’t be surprised). Seems stupid though, won’t work at all. -sigh-

    also can someone explain to me the point of not warning us that the infamous voucher for 50% of the original game would be in Infamous 2 considering that was one of the games we got given free. It may have helped a decision on that.

    sony you really are getting worse at this “video game” thing…

  • @15 I trust you know that not EVERYONE got inFamous as one of their games from the wb program. There were other games, y’know?

  • looks super awesome :)

  • Was there and it was great.
    Got the game and it is a must buy for fans of super heros or open world games.
    Hey Nino it’s Adrian send me a PM, you did say you’d look for me on the PS Blog…..

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