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Don’t forget to check out the E3 Theatre in PlayStation Home this week, which will be showing interviews with the developers of your favourite Sony titles and you’ll also be able to catch up on all of the news from the Sony E3 Press Conference – so don’t worry if you missed it the first time around. Keep your eyes peeled for the E3 Booth which will be making a return this year to showcase all of the hottest Sony trailers from E3, and offers a whole host of rewards based on your favourite Sony titles!


Elsewhere in PlayStation Home this week…

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right… Do you know your Konami Code? Get the newest avatar Items from Konami. The Konami Code Gloves and Tattoo, the Animated T-Shirt, Animated Trousers and Boots and Animated Helmet all display the famous Konami Code – available in Alter Ego. Also from Konami, a selection of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker clothing hits Threads and Alter Ego, including a full body Snake Battle Armour outfit.


Ahead of the hotly anticipated Sodium2, Lockwood is expanding its range of popular Track Wear. This week sees the introduction of the Data Runner and Circuitry outfits. Once again setting the standard in futuristic industrial street chic.


Data Runner features an awesome combination of technological curiosities and rugged future-proof styling, perfect for the more adventurous gentleman. Meanwhile Circuitry provides female Sodium2 supporters with an elegant yet sporty solution for keeping cool in the desert sun.

Last but not least, as a follow up to the recent release of the Paris Clock Tower apartment, give it a modern and stylish revamp with the Paris Modern Furniture set which hits the Furniture store this week. This collection includes a wide range of art, ornaments, tables, chairs and more. There are several value packs including the Bedroom, Living Room, and Dining Room Sets, or get all of the above in one mega bundle at a specially discounted price. You can also dress your avatar in the finest Parisian attire with the Paris Modern Male and Female clothing, available in Threads.



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  • What about the bug that freezes your PS3 every time you receive a reward item? Instead of shovelling more stuff to buy at us, how about fixing that huge worldwide problem first??? When will this be fixed as it’s crippling HOME right now? Also, will all event spaces, etc not be removed before a fix to this issue is found?

  • BG&E price – nuff said! We are not happy.

  • I just want to ask three questions.
    1: When will the Welcome Back Package come to EU Home?
    2: What will be included in the Welcome Back Package?
    And 3: Will Playstation Home do something for the release of Transformers Dark Of The Moon, t-shirts, items, anything?????
    Please answer!!!!

  • fixs the bug that freezes us plzzzz mates of ps3 i keep freezing

  • We are still not welcomed back to Home with the promissed package.
    Come on you had more than 7 weeks to get that package together!

  • Please fix this bug that is freezing us all. The are thousands of users who this is affecting,resulting in us all being unable to gain any rewards.

  • 5 comments, 5 valid complaints.

  • Yeah KAP is right.

    SCE, if you’re reading this, we really need a Home Community Manager again.
    It’s been way too long without one and Home’s getting kinda out of hand.

  • Hi guys ! I found a solution to fix the freeze bug on PS Home ! You just have to delete the PS Home save from the utilitary of game data with your bugged account and to offer you a male/female gift from blue lockwood machine with another account ! I hope you could understand this ! It’s a bit hard to me to explain in english cause i’m usually french… lol

  • That fix doesn’t work for everyone unfortunately. Also some of us already have all of the gifts from the machine. What we need is a patch that works for everyone and soon. There are many that can’t enjoy E3 in home or any other events until it’s fixed.

  • I don’t understand cause it worked for all the french users as I know… Maybe I didn’t explain correctly so i’m really sorry for that…

  • hey James when are we getting our Welcome back Content in home? americans have already got their’s.

  • I don’t know why but i can’t start the trailers in the E3 Space. I see the flickering screens, but when i approach them i can’t play the trailer.

  • You explained it perfectly fine. That fix does work for many people. Unfortunately it doest work for everyone though. I am sure a few people will be thankful for the tip and will be able to enjoy home again.

  • it sure is a big distraction to Home the E3 event but what about the Home welcome back package we were promised i mean not to be a whinner but U.S. Home already got theirs so wheres ours

  • Hi just wondering when we getting ps home welcome pack it in us but not in here in uk why??

  • reward freeze bug is easy to fix first delete home game data in the game row of the xmb, game utility top one in row so you can get back onto home
    Then there are a few items that you can win to effect a cure from freezing if you win anything else,the ones i know to that will cure the freeze bug are the echochrome rewards. the items form tron apt (visit a usa user and play at their personal space)the 2011 dual gender headwear from the lockwood gift machine i heard all dualgender items from the gift machine work but did nt check the hats fromthe wipeout museum also fix but i think that space is usa only
    win any of these items will cure the rewards bug freeze after deleting home game data so you can get back on home

  • There is only one problem with that list of possible fixes. Some of us already have all of the items and can’t win them a second time. There was a reply on the NA blog that said that the bug is affecting people that currently have a large amount of rewards.

  • I wish we got the Welcome Back package like we deserve :(.

    Will be checking this space out though, thanks!

  • Why is there absolute silence on this bug issue from Showny? Too busy at the E3 event we are all missing mebe? 30th of june is a date given in a thread of the ps forum. Its not an official post from Sony, but if it’s true the date placing and length of time for a fix sounds all too familiar. I hope it gets unblocked soon.

  • If we do get any of those items to fix bug, can we go back safely to say the e3 stand and rewin the itemthat caused the orig freeze without it happening again?

  • Look here Sony, I’ve been on your side about this whole Outage thing, I’ve supported nearly every action you’ve done.
    But now I’m starting to question that…
    I mean as usual it’s USA all the way and we here (I speak really for everyone on this) in the EU and the Down Under get the backside of any deal e.g. Sales, content etc..
    US Home got their Welcome Home Package nearly 2 weeks ago, where’s ours?????????????????????
    And I bet we’re only going to get 50 items and no apartments!!!! Why, because Sony doesn’t care about us on the EU Blog and EU Home is no longer worth bothering with in their opinion.
    Sorry about that everyone, but Home is quite important to me and I love it (but that could start to change).

  • Oh look, not a single reply to any of the questions raised. What a suprise!

  • the eu welcome home package must be a ittle different for eu as the gevs that donated things have to make a considered deciision on what they are willing to give
    for example sveral paris furniture bundles were part of the usa home pack because in usa theyve probably peaked their sales now,but they are only just released recently in eu home so it would be doubtsull that they would give them away yet.
    i agree eu home should get its welcome pack for home just trying to poit out there are valid reasons why it could be complex to put the deal together on whatitems devs are willing to donate

  • Welcome Back package home where ????? ( sony europe hopes we forget, lol)

    same as backt to the future game

    usa = already part 4 !!!!!!!!

    euro stil part 2 ?!?

  • Hi all, please that in Europe there is still no news about the welcome pack for the Home?? At Home in Europe do not have the same things in the U.S. Why?? I’m sad bye

  • i would quite willingly swap all of the 100 free items for binx the dog companion in eu to come to NA home.
    so i will have to quote the old cliche of both homes having their pros and cons.
    Also even though the 100 items are free items one would have to presume that they are still part of a targeted marketing and promotion strategy so as such eu home would obviously have to come up with a different set of items
    And all this without a current home community manager

  • I know it’s great to have free stuff handed out, but is there any point in Sony EU handing out home items?
    They never said they would, no one is going to thank them for it, and why do they “owe” home users free stuff anyhow? It’s a free service.

    As a business I think Sony US were daft handing the home stuff out, it achieved nothing for them whether they did or not….except create this expectance from people in the EU territory they they should be “entitled” to it as well.

  • We are entitled to the ‘Welcome Back’ package for HOME as it has been stated on the EU Blog several times that we are getting it too. And why wouldn’t we if NA HOME got it???

  • ok so i;m inthe e3 booth in home and i cant see any trailers, anyone know why???

  • awesome so cause none of the trailers will play i get to miss out on the cool free stuff…..bit sucky

  • america have included in their welcome bk pack 100 free home items including 2 personal spaces and furniture an clothes y have uk not had anything free on home

  • I’ve read that as part of the ‘Welcome Back’ package we will be getting two free home spaces, and some free avatar clothes. Can you confirm whether this is correct?

  • whats in the welcome back package for home?

  • This would be a really nice update and would normally have me reaching for my virtual wallet… but no.

    I will not buy a single item until the REWARD FREEZE BUG is fixed!

    If I can’t trust you to handle my items correctly then like hell am I handing cash over in the hope that you may get something right.

    I won’t be visiting the E3 space either as anywhere with rewards is a risk of account corruption currently. It will most likely be gone by the time I’m fixed so I can wave goodbye to all the rewards with the bad taste in my mouth that is the only thing that comes free these days.

    In fact, if you see me on Home at all then it’ll be as part of yet another attempt to fix the damn bug (I’ve tried the fixes, it’s not easy when you already have the items people mention). Once you’ve fixed it then I’ll love Home again and may even resume my usual compulsive shopping on there, but just stop putting all these reward spaces out as it’s getting more people frozen and annoying the ones who already are.

    Home is burning – stop playing the fiddle!

  • Good news: It seems that over in America the MODS actually listen and reply to HOME users. An ’emergency fix’ for the reward item bug is being pushed though with next weeks update [16/06/11] so hopefully all will be well again then and it should apply to EU also as it’s a core update.

  • hi like evry one else here was wondering when the welcome back package would be coming to home

  • hi like every one else here was wondering when the welcome back package would be coming to home

  • i agree with other comments regarding needing a fix for reward freeze bug
    this needs sorting 1st, also why does no one reply to this issue from sony
    i spend a lot of time in home and i spend money
    i cannot do the things in home that i am there for
    please reply and sort it out

  • im not gettin any bugs and got all the reward items but i still dont understand why eu home wont get off their lazy A**ES and actually start caring for their customers like the us home

  • i got a usa addy and got my free 100 stuff it looks ok but the uk will get way better stuff i bet

  • how can it possibly take nearly 2 months and counting to put up a playstation home welcome back pack for europe? especially seeing america has had it for a very long time already. makes no sense

  • where is thew 100 free items

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