GT5 Update 1.10

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GT5 Update 1.10


Hello Everyone,

Online racing on Gran Turismo 5 has, of course, proved massively popular since the game’s launch. So I am sure you’ll agree that it is great news that PSN is back up and running and the online racing restored. The PSN issues have been well documented elsewhere, but from my side, I add my own apologies that the issue has taken so long to be resolved and that you have been without multi-player racing during this time.


The good news is that with PSN back up and running we have a new update today for GT5. Kazunori Yamauchi made it clear at launch back in November that the game would continue to develop and be updated during its life cycle. This latest update from Polyphony comes in the form of version 1.10 and includes many improvements and new features to welcome players back to online racing via PSN.


As well as addressing a few issues and making a few simple improvements to enhance the GT5 experience, update 1.10 adds some exciting new features such as online event prizes, a simpler way to purchase parts, an improved opponent AI algorithm, an easy way to interrupt and save your progress in championship mode, new racing gear choices and a new music track.



This latest version of GT5 should automatically download when your PS3 is connected to the internet. However, to check the version of your software, press the “Manual” button at the bottom of the main menu screen. The version number will be located on the upper left of the index page in this manual. If the number starts with “Ver. 1.10”, you are playing the latest version of the game.

If not, please press PS button and quit the game. The game will be updated automatically when you restart it with your PS3™ system connected to the internet.


Enjoy the new update and have fun racing online again.

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6 Author Replies

  • And did you make the game a little bit easier as well?
    (or add a casual mode ;)

    • Hi Yeroon – unfortunately not at this stage, but remember that practice makes perfect :)

  • What does this mean..?

    “an easy way to interrupt and save your progress in championship mode”

    can you save During races..? or only during championships..?

  • Please tell me you can save DURING endurance races, and not just between Championship races. Can’t see any mention of it in the official info.

  • @2 &3: Only between races in Championships.

    Looks like a good update. I played this game for 6 months straight until I got my Plat and the seasonal events bring me back to play this game.

    My highest wish: Do the Mazda Furai justice and make it a premium car. The most beautiful looking standard car in the game.

  • Are we ever going to get DLC? Or are we just going to get ridiculous updates such as new racing gear. Seven months and no indication of new tracks or cars. What the hell have PD been doing since the release of GT5?

    • Hello SunhiLegend – I appreciate the frustration with regards to DLC but keep checking back on the PlayStation Blog, there will be news in due course.

  • I hope you mean saving during endurance races and not championships..
    i mean, that’s great.

    But you expect me to race a car for 24 hours? Would have to leave my ps3 on over 60 hours probably!!!

  • Can we get PSP remote play for GT5? at least for the B-Spec races.

  • dammit, gonna have to keep an eye on these racing suits and lids incase i miss any sweet ones.

    anychance they could be released as a “time savers” pack :P

    also are we likely to get the stigs outfit?

    thats the only thing i dare say most want from this…..

  • what about my birthday gift :'(
    damn PSN being down means i didnt get my 1990 Rx7 (or other, but thats the one i was hoping for :P)

    lol anyways nice to see a new update ;)

  • Great point – My birthday was on 19th May :-(

    Anyway I was happy to see the 3D photos implemented, I’ll need to try that out – Thanks

  • Confirmed, then. No saves DURING endurance races.

    I love PD, I love GT, and I’m not one to usually moan on the blog – but this is a joke. Especially as they said it was coming:

    I hope it’s still in development, but I don’t see why it wasn’t added in this update.

  • Great info :) Well done

  • Great update but i still don’t understand why you guys don’t release any DLC. It’s the best selling ps3 exklusive game and you are not releasing any DLCs?Why?(lots of money to make :), Or are you working 100& on GT6 and GT for PV(pretty sure they are working on one) and a little team doing updates.

  • Cool update. I know this is a small thing but you can now just press ‘circle’ button to go back to the previous pages without having to press another button like before which is cool now;)

    1 thing tho – still a 20 million credit/money limit!?!? WHY? :-/

    + You still can’t save mid-race in the 24 hour races?

  • I had a quick look this morning and it looks like you cannot save in endurance races, just save after finishing a race in a championship. I only have the 24 hour races to do on A spec but I’m not going to do them in one sitting or leave my ps3 in pause mode for long periods of time.

  • Still no love the Logitech G27 :(

  • Great update! Thanks for AI improvement and new features!

  • Love this update! I’ve wanted Helmets and racesuits since day one, just wanna collect em all now :) Thank you for this update, well happy!

  • Support for Logitech G25 and G27 PLEASE! :D

  • Very good update!!! ;) This is the way

  • Random and possibly stupid request, but one I’d love: Could you add the loading song “Check” by Goose to GT5, even as an option?

    (It’s the loading tune in GT5 Prologue.) It really added to the sort of pre-race adrenaline rush when you have the volume up :P

  • YAY ! I can’t wait to test this update !
    I whish we could have Distinct A-spec / B-spec audio settings someday though…



    Sorry for caps, but seriously, this omission is so stupid.

  • Wheres the singstore update??

  • You people of the Internet are getting way too used to complaining as a default response. A big update with plenty of refinements, awesome! Be happy! At least they actually update their games at a respectable rate, as opposed to certain first person shooters that couldn’t give a damn once they’ve took your money.

  • I like the patches a lot. I’m a programmer myself, and I like the base to be as near as complete (known bugs squashed) before releasing new content, in a bigger scale. I think PD has done a great job, fixing a lot of headaches and implementing new, cool features, although most of them pretty minor.
    Gonna test that “simpler way to purchase parts” out and see if they behaves the way I’ve dreamed of. Together with some million others I’m also looking forward to new content and implementation of other missing features, such as:

    1. Complete support for the Logitech G27 steering wheel!
    2. Preview coloring during repaint
    3. Ability to skip repeating in-game sequences: washing, repainting and “new car earned”… gets kinda boring, even frustrating, having to watch them all over again and again… and again!
    4. I think it should be easier to wreck the cars. I know this ain’t a NFS or Burnout game, but seriously, when heading 300 km/h straight into some tires
    5. Tuning mode; where you can change the car’s settings on the fly

  • Also…

    1. Add new premium cars; there should be both free and paid cars
    2. Remodel as many standard cars as possible

    1. Add new tracks… all tracks from the previous GT series should’ve been an requirement
    2. Updated current tracks with better textures, normal mapping and please add physics to some objects – like tire walls etc. Looks awful driving into those and they’re stiff like rock…
    3. Add the ability to drive outside the track; at least for rally – kinda wierd that some poor fencing manage to keep the track on the course after being victim of a car crash… the car should crash off road and get lifted back to the track… or restart the race.

    • Hello sibbor thanks for the interesting suggestions. I know the PDI team like to keep an interest in what the GT community thinks so these comments are most welcome.

  • I just wish we could get some AI racers when playing 2 player splitscreen.

  • “unfortunately not at this stage, but remember that practice makes perfect”

    I know, but most of the license races are impossible for me.
    I want to enjoy a game and not get frustrated by it.

    Maybe something like “easy”, “normal”, “hard”, so everybody can enjoy the game.
    (now I think it was a waste of my money, because i can’t play most of the content)

    • Hello Yeroon – It’s a fair comment but I guess that as the game has to be balanced to meet a very broad range of abilities then it’s never easy to have it pitched at the right level for everyone.

  • Does the suspend function only work for Championship events? I assume that this means that they still haven’t addressed the endurance races, in particular the 24 hour races. If not, what the hell were you thinking?

  • I enjoy this GT5 1.10, love it 100%!!

  • @Penrose Tackie

    If PDI team like to keep an interest in what the community think, surely they have seen that endurance races need saves. In fact it is dangerous for your health to try and complete one on your own.

    Also, preview paint jobs (simple).

    AI needs improving. Too many races are processions for the AI and the player just cutting through. Ever seen BTCC? Thats proper racing!

    Personally I would like a livery editor like Nascar 2011, or Forza but can understand why it may not suit everyones tastes.

    Presentation still reminds me of my first attempt at drawing a visual menu screen!

    DLC, yeah, we want some. Personally i’d go for more real world tracks and cars over updating old GT4 upscaled cars to premium!

    But if they do listen, then I am sure they have heard this loads of times.

  • Thanks for the response. I love GT5, playing it almost everyday since release. Its just so frustrating seeing the potential this game can achieve, and being left in the dark about everything concerning the future of GT.

  • First thing PD should do. Get rid of the stupid standard cars

  • Is there a way to change our pilot outfit and helmet ?

  • Yes! Go to your profile pic then select “Chage outfit”.

  • @seanmcc123 Keep the standard cars thanks! I like them.

    as for being too hard – it isnt a “game” its a simulator. it needs to be realistic – its why many buy it.

    As for races I would like to see more of the same make races like their was in the garage on gt4. fiat 500 vs fiat 500, quattro vs quattros

    Also the game progresses very quickly to race cars only, not competitive /difficult road car races.
    All very well having 1000 makes of cars if there is little places to use them.

    otherwise – thanks for the update!

  • Can you please add XMB status updates to show what you and your friends are doing while playing the game. Games like LittleBigPlanet and Call of duty have this feature which helps as these game have alot of different modes, eg single player, multiplayer ect..

    Please add this for the love of God!

  • Please can someone ask Kaz to add RALLY events to the Online Seasonal events….also, longer events, day/night transition and possibly weather. More variety please.

    Otherwise, awesome update.

  • Will there be any chance of adding Youtube functionality? or at least an option to install to the ps3 as a MP4 file?

  • ^^^ I was talking about replays.

  • cool_namestaken

    Thanks Love it. Its just impossible(with my lifestyle) for me to complete endurance races without saving.PLEASE!!!! help.Would love to complete those races.

  • I’m having problems with this patch…every time I try to go to Seasonals or Online Events or click on my profile image, it just stays there loading and I have to PS Quit out or sign myself out. D:

  • Loving GT as always, but you can make me love it even more by please answering the question question several others have now asked:
    “an easy way to interrupt and save your progress in championship mode”
    Does this mean saving in Endurance races??

    Thanks in advance :)

  • I’m with most of the above on this. Credit to the programmers for the regular updates but I’m amazed there hasn’t been any DLC yet.

    I would love to see:

    1) More UK / Euro classic cars modelled. You know, the ones we actually owned growing up! e.g.:
    Ford Escort Mk1/2 (RS1600, RS2000, Mexico)
    Ford Capri
    Ford Fiesta
    Ford Granada
    Ford Cortina
    Hillman Hunter
    Hillman Avenger
    Hillman Imp
    Jaguar XJS
    Jaguar XJ12
    Morris Minor
    Morris Marina
    Ferrari 365
    Ferrari 250
    Ferrari Dino
    MG B/GT
    MG Maestro and Montego (No really!)
    Morgan any
    Opel Manta
    Triumph TR6
    Triumph TR7
    Vauxhall Viva
    Vauxhall Astra
    Vauxhall Chevette
    Vauxhall Nova
    Talbot Sunbeam
    Talbot Alpine
    BMW old 3,5,6,7 and 8s,
    Classic Skodas and Ladas
    … bored yet?

    2) ANY proper current or old 4x4s (why none except specials??)
    3) F1 and real world circuits.
    4) Different BRAKES (why is there a section but no parts??!!)
    5) Wear and tear indicator (engine and body condition) and oil change in car information screen.
    6) AI cars to actually crash occasionally when you hit them! They seem invincible at the moment.

    Well that’s my lot for now.

  • @Penrose_tackie
    How long will the half price online collectors dealership and triple online event money last?
    Are you still working on endurance race saving? – there are genuine health hazards associated with gaming for 2 hours, let alone 24.
    And is there anyway I can haggle the X-Vettel gold and silver times up? especially for people using DS3.
    Otherwise, absolutely fantastic update!! you’ve added so much! might as well call it dlc :)

    Note: This post doesn’t list all the changes. For full details, see:

  • jacktheladfrost

    Whatever happened to transfering your cars from GT Prologue? This was mentioned on the GT5 website before launch.

  • the update is great thanx PD
    but two things i really would like to have them in GT5, both on split-screen mode:
    1. AI racers
    2. tiers smokes

    its boring to race in such great tracks with only two racers, it would be wonderful to have competition with others than your brother or friend in the same race.
    also the smokes are not available in split-screen !! i like to do drift with my brothers but the absent of the smokes ruin the fun.
    so plz consider split-screen in ur nxt update PD

  • wow, this update is terrible, it froze my playstation at 90% of installing the update. had to force shutdown the system, and now it has decided to download every update and reset the entire game.

  • wow, as well as the fact i must now reinstall the eight gigs of data to “help make load times faster”, i have over three gigs of data corrupted that will not delete due to the update freezing, thanks for making me format my ps3 to get rid of the data.

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