Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – E3 2011 Preview

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All of Naughty Dog has been looking forward to tonight ever since we announced Uncharted 3 with Entertainment Weekly and showed it for the first time at the SPIKE VGA show back in December. And just a few minutes ago, if you were watching the SCEA Press Conference on any of the live streams, you go to see what we’ve been working so hard to be able to show you!

At the SCEA Press Conference, our Co-Presidents, Evan and Christophe, took the stage and with just a short intro, launched into the first live demo of Uncharted 3 ever shown publicly. The brief Cruise Ship sequence shows just a small slice of one of the most challenging scenarios we’ve concocted for any of the Uncharted games – as a massive, moving environment of the Cruise Ship gets turned on its side mid-battle, Drake has to scramble for his life. This sequence showcases the next level of our physics and water technology – and you’ll see video of this sequence later this week.

The Cruise Ship isn’t everything we’ve got up our sleeves – Naughty Dog is bringing more content to E3 2011 than we ever have before. We’ve also brought a ton of PS3 systems all hooked up with a massive chunk of the Uncharted 3 competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes – those are all on the floor of the SCEA booth for all E3 attendees to check it out. Do drop by!

We’ve also prepared what I think is one of our best trailers to date of any of the Uncharted games. Check out the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception E3 2011 trailer above!

Have a great E3 everyone – I’m looking forward to a crazy, yet awesome week working the show floor!

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