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“Well, it’s here: E3 is just two days away and I’m packing my bags as we speak. This year’s PlayStation press conference should be very interesting and I’m happy to say that you’ll be able to watch it live here on PlayStation.Blog. However, you’ll need to either stay up quite late or get up very early; the press conference begins at 1am BST/2am CET/10am Sydney.

As the week progresses we’ll be bringing you some exciting video broadcasts live from the show floor. I’ll also be bashing my fists against a keyboard, taking pictures and tweeting like a Justin Bieber fan to try and bring you as much news as you can stomach. Here’s your recap.”

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11 Author Replies

  • This has been a great week. Store coming back. Resistance 3 and Uncharted (both) coverage. E3 is going to be great. Taken the day off from work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to get the most out of E3. And I might get inFamous 2 allready on Tuesday. Great times to be a gamer.

    • James Gallagher

      Hey all, sorry for not commenting this weekend – I’ve been in transit and have just checked into my hotel for E3. Hopefully speak to you all loads over the coming week.

  • Hi james do knw if u cann dwnload ps store on computer cause i posted a question ON the other post about welcome back program back ETC because i aint gt my new ps3 yett :(

  • hey james just wondering when is the playstation store and psn itself going to be fully operational? i’ve been trying to create a new account all day and all im getting is “an error has occurred” i have tried multiple times and still getting the same error message what should i do?, also i tried to download the “welcome back to playstation” deal (2 free games and 2 free psp games) and im getting even more error messages what should i do?
    and answers would be much appreciated.

  • It has indeed been a great week for Playstation freaks. E3 is gonna be cool and I for one will be looking forward to PD coming on ar E3. GT5 Spec II anyone?

  • No doubt this was an important week for Sony. PS Store Restoration arrived with some great goodies (a day later) but I must say the offers were not so interesting. A few reasonable errors at the start considering the heavy amount of traffic. Anyway, I’ll be one of those who are going to stay up late in order to catch up with Sony’s Press Conference. Let’s see what Sony has in store for us. Have a nice trip, James!

  • Hi James,

    basically my ps3 has 2 accounts/me and my brother, just wanted to know if im allowed to download 2 free games on my account and another 2 free games on my brothers account.

    before i attempted to do it i need a awnser from you james


  • Hey James, I donno where to write this, but I need to ask. I got Infamous 2 today, and I tried to redeem the extra DLC, but due to some error I didn’t get to the download screen. So now when I type them in it says it’s already been used….

    How can I fix this? Is there any place I can mail and get this fixed?

    Kinda sucks, but I should’ve thought about it before I tried to redeem them as there’s a heavy load on the store now….

  • hey james i can’t sign in too my account just because when i use the link and go through the reset process it says the ps store is not available for your country and i am not even trying too go on the store can fix this because i want my account back

  • I cannot redeem psp stuff, but i can redeem ps3 stuff, help!

  • its just sign me out and i can sign back in DNS error. but i can sign in on my psp?

  • The list of free games has disappeared. I’ve had enough of Sony. Won’t be gettin another penny out of me and when my PS3 dies on me (like the last 2 £250+ consoles have!) I will definitely be gettin an Xbox!

  • 11 go on account management_ transactions- service list- playstation network promotions and its in there

    and false alarm i fixed my psn :D

  • will the new black ops map pack be free due to being offline for so long as alot of people want add ons not games

  • I can finally comment woot!!

  • Problem: Additional 10 days has stil NOT been added to psn plus subscription

    When will the additional 10 days be added to my psn plus decscription?

    So far mine only shows the original 60 days. However, I have noticed that my psn plus start date has been backdated by 2 months and 10 days (before I became a member?!?), whereas this should clearly have been added on to the psn plus expiry date?

    James (Sony): Please can you send this on to your technical department to investigate?

    Fellow PSN plusers: Anyone one else have this problem?

  • Jamesie_Payne91

    This has been a great week for both Sony and Gamers. Great gameplay coverage on Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and Starhawk, which all are going to be big when they are released. Playstation Store is finally back up and constantly being updated, meaning the Network is almost back to full working order (minus a few countries). Now next week is also becoming very promising, with E3 guarenteed to please aswell as shock many gamers. Black Ops Escalation Maps FINALLY being released and some very promising games such as Red Faction: Armageddon and inFamous 2 being my pick of the bunch.

    Also thanks Sony for the Welcome Back package and congrats on turning round what was a very bad situation into something that will win back many of your customers.

  • when will there be a pshome welcome back pack?

  • i have a question Mr. Gallagher:
    will you record the broadcast that will be on here, so we can watch it the next day? I’d like to watch E3, but I’m busy at that time. It would be nice if you did something like that.

  • @13 you really hope that the escalation maps will be for free? well they won’t, as we already got the apologies from sony by getting ps plus for 30 days and 2 free games.

  • @GDRAYTON2K7 LOL. read the last few posts about the PS Store, many people have asked this question. see what the admin answered before raging on the site.

  • Have a gd time At E3 james :D …… can’t wait to try out uncharted 3 beta woot woot ! c u online whan u get back from e3 . P .S i can finally post a comment

  • i know i defo be watching got no where to be on tuesday lol i gess its 2 hours like the others?

  • Does anyone know when the Fallout New Vegas DLC ”Honest Hearts” comes out in Europe. North America got it the day the store came back up but we haven’t.

  • How can i change language in infamous and set it to english ?

  • hi james just some information u may have missed on the welcome back blog update, plus members that got infamous as a full game trial are having the game state it is still a trial or that trial has expired, this is a similar issue to what happened with shatter.

    i myself tried the trial and it expired i chose infamous for my free game but low and behold it says it has expired. please fix infamous for ps + subscribers as we should get this game free as it was what i chose as i already have LBP, wipeout HD + fury and also Dead Nation thanks to you guys..

    also will we get more than the 3 movies offered as those 3 arnt really a good selection. im into sci fi not horror or comedy or war

  • Im still having trouble with the welcolme back package..


    I try to accept Welcome Back Pack to be avaible to download the 2 free games
    When i press “Get Now” button the PSN Store give me two error messages 80710D36 something like that,and after i retry to take the Welcome Back Pack again the Welcome Back Pack dissapear and the free games dissapear from Welcome Back MENU.
    Who the hell fix this bug for my PSN Account??????

  • “1am BST/2am CET/10am Sydney”, seeing as this is the EU blog what time will that be over here? :P as i would quite like to watch it.

  • alright james?… as excited about e3 as me? i cant wait to see all the excellent new stuff ps3 has to display

  • dizzy james explained this like 100 times goto account management goto tansaction management click service list and then sce promotions then free games

  • why dont any of you read? the mods make it so easy for you

  • I love that plus next to my name think i subscribe to it for a year :D

  • POLYNSKI Thank You!!!!!
    But i soved allready i Google it and i find my fix.

    [url=] [img][/img] [/url]

  • POLYNSKI Thank You!!!!!
    But i soved allready i Google it and i find my fix.

  • POLYNSKI Thank You!!!!!
    But i soved allready i Google it and i find my fix………

  • Well done for getting the Store back up in running. Still small wee bugs on it but i think that will be fixed after everyone stops destroying the Store with all the traffic. Plus i recently got told the Ps3 users were getting Black Ops: Escalation package earlier, this was true because will the store was down Treyarch gave Ps3 and Xbox the chance to download it off there in game store but because store was down no one had the chance to and i no it will be realised on the 10th june was just wondering why would yous give us the option to download it off Store when it was under matinence ???

  • It was a good week for free stuff :D

  • cant wait to see what you pull out the bag for E3 im already excited about all the great games we know we are getting this year ( UNCHARTED 3!!!! :3) anyways thanks for getting the store back :) been playing on Wipeout HD, tis great! being a PS+ member is great too, i might consider subscribing

  • Hi, Any News about Nina and the Singstore Update?

  • Hi i’ve got an issue with the welcome back package and i was wondering if anyone could help. I downloaded dead nation and it was fine. However, i downloaded infamous as my second game and five minutes in, i was told it had expired and was brought back to the xmb. When i went to the store to download it again it was full price. I’d appreciate some help, thanks in advance for your time.

  • I’m having issues with all things PSN at the moment. It takes sometimes 5 or 6 attempts at signing in and then repeated attempts to access the store. I also can’t download any game updates. My PS3 gets stuck on please wait for like 20 seconds after accepting the update, beeps 3 times and then reboots.

  • sorry i read above, thanks sorted it now x

  • sorted it now thanks x

  • How should I download WipEout HD/Fury? I already downloaded the Fury pack and the Unlock Key and installed them… and I have nothing to click on, so I can play… What should I do? Help, please.

  • How should I download WipEout HD/Fury? I already downloaded the Fury pack and the Unlock Key and installed them… and I have nothing to click on, so I can play… What should I do? Help, please..

  • Is there a way to see how much of my subscription to PS+ I have left. I forgot when I joined.

    Can’t wait for E3. I got Tuesday off so I can stay up late to watch it. Pity the conference is shorter this year than the last 2 years. I prefer 2 hours to 1 and a half hours.

  • when is the catch up date 3?

  • hey i need your help when i downloaded pursuit force from the store in welcome back pack for psp it syas tht you can download it but you wont be able to play this content because this account isnt registered to the psp but it is its this account the only one i have had can anyone help pls connorblue14 please i beg u

  • similar thing has happened to me, download two games on the psp. It tells me that if I activate them it will deactivate all my other stuff. Tried all sorts of things, loading onto ps3 then copying to psp. loading direct onto psp. Have two psp’s both with the same problem.

  • Welcome back didnt work right, I only got 1 free game, Infamous.

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