Welcome Back To PlayStation Plus

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Welcome Back To PlayStation Plus

Update: It has just been confirmed that, due to the Store coming back a little later than we hoped, the extra days added to Plus memberships is being extended by another 10 days so you are getting a total of 70 days extra for free. This will show up automatically on your account in the next few days.

New PlayStation Plus Content

Hi guys, It’s great to be back on here to let you know what great content is coming up in Plus and what we are doing for Plus members to say thank you for your patience during the time the network has been down.

Here is what’s included in the welcome back package with regards to Plus:

  • If you were a Plus member on or before the 21st April, we have automatically added a full 60 days onto your Plus membership to make sure you get back any time missed. You don’t need to do anything to get this; it has been added to your account and your membership will simply carry on for 60 days past the original renewal date.
  • We will be keeping April’s content on the Plus section of the Store for a further 2 weeks in case you missed anything before the 21st.
  • We have an action packed month for you in June and, for the first time, we have a fantastic EA title for you – our flagship title this month is the amazing open-world racing game and the king of arcade racing. Burnout Paradise is available to download as part of June’s content list so don’t miss it.


April content available to PlayStation Plus members until 15th June: (if you were a Plus member on or before the 21st April)


PS One:

  • Creatures 3: Raised in Space

Exclusive Discounts:

Game Add-ons:

  • Killzone3: Steel Rain pack
  • MotorStorm Apocalypse Supercar Elite – 20% off

Dynamic themes:

  • Exclusive Growing Garden Theme
  • Exclusive Abstract Art Theme
  • Exclusive Clock Theme

Premium Avatars:

  • MotorStorm Apocalypse Burning Avatar
  • MotorStorm Apocalypse Urban Avatar

Available to all PlayStation Plus members, including those who have 30 days free membership:


  • Burnout Paradise
  • Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers
  • Streets of Rage 2

PS One:

  • James Pond 2: Codename Robocod


Exclusive Discounts:

  • PlayTV Live Chat – 25% off until 6 July 2011
  • Thexder NEO – 50% off
  • Worms – 50% off
  • Burn Zombie Burn! – 50% off
  • Chime – 20% off
  • Under Siege – 40% off
  • Beyond Good & Evil – 20% off (from 8th June – 22nd June)

Dynamic themes:

  • Exclusive City theme
  • Exclusive Dragon theme
  • 20% off a selection of new themes from The Studio

Premium Avatars:

  • Patapon 3 Avatars: Bowmunk, Cannassault, Gaeen, Manboth, Oohoroc

And of course, keep your eyes peeled for some great extra treats during the month.

SAVE THE DATE! If you didn’t know, PlayStation Plus will be celebrating its first birthday on the 29th June 2011! But unlike a normal birthday, Plus will be the one dishing out the presents to say thanks to all its loyal members.

I couldn’t possibly ruin the surprise, but if you thought April (“The Biggest Plus Month Yet”) was big, then wait until July!

Hope you all enjoy the content this month and if you’re new to Plus and planning to check it out with your free 30 day membership, don’t forget to make the most out of all the other exclusive features as well as all the content. Check them out here.

Note: Extra treats during the month are only available to existing Plus members from on or before the 21st April 2011.

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42 Author Replies

  • When ever i try to go in the store it says “An error has occurred” (80710D36) or “The connection to the server has timed out” :S

    • Hi, apologies for this, its just the huge amount of people accessing the Store. Please try again later

  • so when are we getting the welcome back pack and when is black ops 2 map pack in store

    • Hi, i’m afraid I can’t answer those as I don’t know myself. They will both be up as soon as possible

  • Nice, all is downloading now!

  • James when is the actual welcome back package

    • Afraid I don’t have that info but I know everyone is working all hours to get it up ASAP for you guys

  • I’m so glad I took out PlayStation Plus at the start of April… :)

    Nice update guys and gals!

  • whens Beyond Good & Evil going 2 be released for non-ps plus users?

  • Magic ?
    Where is the game, I have only the key and i don’t find the demo…

    • Hi, sorry this seems to be a mistake. You can find the game if you search for it on the Store but it’s missing from the Plus section. Apologies for this, they are sorting it ASAP

  • Brilliant News James.

    Great updaye and good to see you back.

    Looking forward to the extra treats and Burnout as I did love it but traded it a while back.

    Quick question – the 15 months for the price of 12 – is it still available because I was going to add this to my sub before it went down.


    • Hi, the 15 for 12 offer is back on so stack away ;-) The offer will expire on the 15th of June though so get it while you can! Cheers

  • Hello, why’s Magic the Gathering not in the UAE store?

    • Hi, this should be there but I just spoke to the Store team and they are fixing this now for you. Cheers

  • streets of rage twoooooooooooooooo, yay. ^_^

  • James, I was just wondering. Have you any update on Beat Hazard for PS3? Have played the living s**** out of it on PC, and can’t wait to also get it on PS3=) It is a fantasic game (even tho maybe a bit light on content)

  • Does Burnout for free include all DLC? I already have the game, but not all DLC.

    And James, please look into this:

    When I checked that I had received the extra 60 days (and thank you for that ;)) I noticed that LBP says it will expire 2/7/2011, 1 year after my initial Plus purchase.

    LBP was supposed to be mine to keep forever, why does it say that it will expire in a month?

    • Hi, afraid Burnout is just the game but Ross tells me there is a very reasonable complete dlc pack on the Store ;-)

      Don’t worry, LBP won’t expire, its yours to keep forever.

  • When’s the SingStore going to be refreshed? That’s all im bothered about tbh :P

    Also, looks like another great month of plus, if i enjoy my trial i might sub afterwards. I can see cloud saving and auto downloading being very handy!

    • Not sure about the SingStore, sorry. Am sure it will be soon though.

      Hope you enjoy the trial and it could be perfect timing to join in the huge birthday month of Plus!

  • Im getting errors upon errors [DELETED] is going on… :S

  • Streets of Rage 2 !!! Perfect game for me !! Any chance we will see Comix Zone in July or August??

    • Glad you like it. Comix Zone is one of the six titles from Sega but i’m afraid I don’t know when they will release, this is up to them.

  • wow. great update guys :) happy to hear from you chaps again

  • Nice. Too bad most people are just spamming the Store now with their downloads which overloads it. Hope I can get my DLCs for Borderlands GOTY at least ^^

  • you know what, I think this is pretty decent considering all the hubbub lately. Nice one

  • Wouldn’t you also be spamming the store with your downloads by getting the DLC for boarderlands? :P

  • Cool. Really hope the Big Surf Island might be included in the ‘birthday’ update then! Love Burnout Paradise.

    Would really like a few PSP games on PSN+ as well, though. I know some people moan that it might replace PS3 content, but I mean as extra to the normal content. There are loads of games on the store we could get for free without too much hassle (being Sony games).

    • Hi, we have included some huge discounts on PSP game recently but I will suggest the addition of a PSP game or two for free.

  • Great title there! Already have it but at the same time I didn’t expect anything so I’m glad for those that are receiving this awesome freebie, good job!

    IMO Sony has done a great effort with the welcome back packages, just looking forward to inFAMOUS 2, E3 & Leipzing and those awesome game announcements so we can really say the PS experience is fully restored, in that sense PS3 gets a full-health pack every gaming conference…you got us there that’s why free games or not, there’s no other more appealing option than PS3 at least for me and my kids :)

    Hope this E3 and Leipzing reconfirm my thoughts =D

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Burnout paradise! I accidentally broke my disc the other day so yay for free download :D

  • is all that stuff available for all users or just PS+?
    and if it is available to all do we keep it forever or 30days?
    and is the original free stuff from the welcome pack still available?

    • Hi, when the welcome back pack goes live, non Plus members will get the 30 day free membership and the content available will be that in the bottom list above marked – Available to all PlayStation Plus members, including those who have 30 days free membership:

      the games will be yours to Play for 30 days but anything you buy with the discounts and the themes and avatars are yours to keep forever. If you decide to carry on with Plus, then simply purchase a 90day/1year membership and you will have access to all the games above and the content in the coming months.

  • Where is the PSN+ updates for May 2011?

    • Hi, as we mentioned, to compansate you for the time we were out, we have added an extra 60 days onto your membership. 30 to compensate for May and 30 to apologise for the inconvenience

  • Hi, When we get our Free 30 days Plus membership, will we have to redeem a code or will we just suddenly see a plus logo next to our ID?

    • Hi, there will be a thumbnail in the Welcome Back section and you just download this as you would any other product and then you will access to the Plus section of the Store, where all the content will be. Hope you enjoy it ;-)

    • Hi, when the welcome Back pack launches, there will be a thumbnail in the Welcome Back section and you just download this as you would any other product and then you will access to the Plus section of the Store, where all the content will be. Hope you enjoy it ;-)

  • Can you answer why we only get 60 days despite having lost a good 40+ that we have paid (so effectively 20ish) for yet non plus subscribers get 30?

    • Hi, if you see above we have added the content from April for a further 2 weeks so that you don’t miss out on any of it. Therefore April’s content will have been available for the full month, you unfortunately missed May and so we have given you 30 days for that and then 30 days extra to say sorry.
      Also, I have just been told that due to the Store coming back a little later than we would have liked, you are getting a further 10 days onto your membership, so 70 days extra in total. Hope this is fair. Thanks

  • Will you be adding more to our welcome back package to make it equal with the US packages because at the moment they get everything we get plus much much more.

  • So when all the non-plus members get their 30 days they’ll actually be getting more than plus members get?

    Hear me out: We missed out on over 40 days worth of our membership, so you gave us 60 days back, meaning we get less than 20 days for the welcome back bonus, and everyone who isn’t a member already gets a full 30.

    That’s the way I understand it anyway, explain it to me if I’m wrong, please.

    • as I just said above, you will notice in the list that exisitng members also get April’s content for a further 2 weeks, meaning that you will have had Aprils content for the full month. therefore you missed May but are getting that back, plus another 30 days. and as I also said, I just found out that we are adding another 10 days onto that so you are getting 70 days added in total. Hope that makes sense

  • Very nice with the store back up..

    But I am waiting to try the PS+ thingy..
    Will there be some information on how to access it with the 30 free days or how is that going to work?..

    Also, if you could answer this:
    If I where to buy PS+ right now, would the 30 free days just be added to the subscription that I buy or would I not get the 30 days then?
    (I understand that I will not get 60 days, as I have never had PS+ before, but I am really thinking of getting it permanently)

    // ChristensenM

    • Hi, There will be loads of info on here and the Store about how to get it but its will be dead simple, just download the 30 day trial from the welcome back section and you will have access to the 30 day content mentioned above. If you join now, i’m afraid you wouldn’t get the free 30 days as well, but even better than that, we have kept the 15 months for the price of 12 offer open for the next two weeks! Therefore if you sign up for a year now you will get 90 days free instead of 30!
      If you want to try it first though, your best bet is to take the free trial when welcome comes (soon) and then decide if you want to buy a year’s membership. Hope that helps

  • Ok, So April and June have been covered, What happened to Mays update?

    When I try to access the Burnout Paradise download message it says “This content cannot be accessed on your account” Please help?

    What is happening with back to the future? I was expecting 2 more episodes for download???

    • Hi, the store team are looking at the burnout issue right now and will get it fixed ASAP, sorry for the delay.

      because we were down in May, thats why we have given you the extra 60 days on your membership.

      Afraid Back to the future is not Plus so not my area, but if you were expecting content on the Store then it will be there as soon as the team can get it up.

  • @27 but you can still access the content you would of missed before, while we can’t so it ends up having the same amount of content.

  • Are we getting this in europe?

    •SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs SU90-S Shotgun (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
    •SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs: Abandoned Map (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
    •MAG Interdiction DLC (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $4.99)

    • Hi, we don’t have the MAG pack yet (keep an eye out) and can you really complain when your getting Burnout and they aren’t?? ;-)
      Also the SOCOM stuff was part of the ‘Pro’ pack that we gave exclusively early to Europe Plus members and is now available free on the Store.

  • I have question
    If I buy BG&E using Plus discount I can play it even when my free 30day trial expires?

  • Hm ok, now the store is in maintenance mode ._.

  • Thanx for your hard work James. Winter is setting in here in South-Africa so it’s kinda like Mid Year Xmas now for us :)

    • haha, just wait till Plus’ Birthday month in July then, you’ll have enough stuff to keep you busy during the winter

  • Where is Burnout? it’s not on the PS Plus list and when I try to click the advert for it on the main Store page it just pops up with ‘this content cannot be accessed on your account’. Strangey strangeness.

    • Hi, sorry for the issue, the Store team are working to fix this right now and it should be fine later today.

  • AWYEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Burnout Paradise.. Fck yes!

  • @30 its not about the amount of content but the time we can use it. We have paid for 40 days where we have not been able to access content. Yes we can access it now but we are still paying now.

  • James, is it a bad sign when your PS3 used ages to install content? Pain has used 40ish min to install 38%. Would suck if my third PS3 was to die (it has made insane noise since I got it!). Well, better if it does it before summer, since I’ll be gone 2 months. Your service provider in Scandinavia (Nodic Film) is most horrific, they used 2 months to get me a new PS3 when the first broke, and I didn’t get refouned my 500gig HDD!

    • Hi Martin, very sorry to hear that! Fingers crossed that it isn’t broken this time, it could just be a slow connection or reduced speed due to the amount of people on the Store. i’m afraid if it carries on then I can only point you to your local customer service team. If you explain this all to them and how long it took last time, i’m sure they will help you out.

  • TheKillerSnowman

    the store is not online for me :(

    • I’m afraid its just the amount of people trying to access it. Please try again later and it should be fine

  • Ross, Thorpy, all we need now is Kebby and it’ll be like a school reunion :D

  • I keep getting:

    “This content cannot be accessed on your account.”

    Why not? I’m a fully paid PS+ user, I should be able to go anywhere and wherever I like in the PlayStation Store.

    Hopefully, I can download everything from my PS+ and Back to the Future: Episode 3 sometime later today if everything becomes available.

    • Hi, the store team are working to get this all fixed ASAP but if you try again later i’m sure it will be fine.

  • Any info available regarding the steps to activate the 30 day plus membership and the rest of the contents of the welcome back pack? Muchh appreciated guys

    • Hi, when this goes live there will just be a section on the Store where you can access the Plus membership and the free games. Hopefully this will be up there soon. thanks

  • Merci.

    I have found Magic on the Store with “Search” but it is said (an error message) that the content is not available for my account.
    Why ?

    • Hi, this si just a little teething problem that the Store team are working to fix now. Please try again later and it should be fine. Thanks

  • @ Martingutten
    Try to stop downloading while installing.

  • Problem solved.

  • ahhhhh 2 jameses james thorpe can i call you number 2?

  • number 2 did you get the sharks with the frikkin laser beams attached to theyre frickin heads?

  • Store is faulty. Some goods are not there or goods ‘cannot access on my account’. And an error message 80710D36 always comes up. Why bringing up the Store when it’s faulty?

    I heard Welcome Back Package is coming to mid august. If this is true, another disappointment Sony. What’s the point on Welcome Back package when it’s too late??

    • The store team are working to fix the errors ASAP, apologies for the inconvenience.
      Where did you hear that?? It will not be that long, like you say, whats the point in that. i don’t have a date but am told it will be soon. sorry I can’t give a more def date

  • Talk about Excellent Quality Service

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