Resistance 3 Trainyard Multiplayer Footage

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Resistance 3 Trainyard Multiplayer Footage

We wanted to be the first to bring you this EU Blog exclusive footage of our Bogota, Colombia multiplayer map from Resistance 3! Set in a sunbaked trainyard, this map has an awesome mixture of long-, mid- and close-combat options. For that reason, it really fits our main objective with Resistance 3 multiplayer – to give the player a ton of choice in how they approach the game, while also giving them weapons and abilities that make their style of play even more powerful.

Features in this video you should check out include the different HUD for Chimeran players, and our new Resistance 3 rocket-launcher, the Firestorm. One of the best parts about Resistance 3 is customizing your loadout with the various Support and Tactical abilities. In the video, you’ll see players dropping Healing Beacons and Bubble Shields for their teammates, as well as using Thermal Vision and Dash to get a jump on enemies. Various attributes allow you to carry larger clips, track enemies by their footprints, and even have leapers burst from your corpse. You’ll be able to unlock the various weapons, abilities and attributes, and upgrade them all, as you continue to progress through MP.

You may also notice the various Beserks that you can utilize. These reward you for playing well. Humans can gain a Riot Shield, while Chimera and cloak. Both sides can gain access to the powerful Auger, with its ability to see and fire through walls, as well as deploy mobile shields.

All of this and more will be available in the Closed Beta – access details to follow. Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled next week, as we head to E3 to reveal a new multiplayer map that takes place in Europe! As always, stay tuned to the Insomniac Games Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as for all of the latest updates on Resistance 3!

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  • Very nice game!!!

  • Looks awesome! Another game adding to my poverty this autums, thanks Sony and Insomniac! ;)

  • The links in Twitter made me lol. 4th time was lucky heh? ;)

    The game looks great

  • Didnt want to see too much and spoil it for me – watched about 30 seconds and I’m delighted – looks sweet.

    Just bring it!

  • cool finally something new on the blog not what i wanted… (Welcome back package) but still looks like its shaping up does it still have the wonky controls from the first on it annoyed me a bit

  • looks exactly like another call of duty clone.. I’ll be putting my money towards the only game that pushes the boundaries rather than rehashing the same old shallow formula.. BF3.

  • Usually I’m not a Resistance Multiplayer guy, have always played them for single and co-op, but this seems cool though! Looking foreward to some hands on time… This video, somehow, to me, seemed less hectic than the first one that was released!

    Also there is a point/segment in that trailer that repeats itself twice!

  • Looks like a very good map. I’m very happy that you move to smaller maps. Thought Resistance 2 MP was to big. This is going to be fun.

  • Looks fun and solid. Isn’t the homing rocket launcher a bit overpowered though?

  • Rocket noobing? Really? This is a highlight that you are choosing to show now? This is all people will end up doing.

    Rental game at best.

  • The Resistance 2 multiplayer component was so atrocious it made me want to vomit rusty nails. Nice to see you’ve changed very little, so it seems.

    Also, LOL @ 0:16 – 0:20. Someone actually teleports across the screen with zero damage and it looks like they kill a player before going down. Yeah, that definitely encourages me.

  • u mean the closed beta which is coming to ps+?

  • This may have looked a little better if the player wasn’t against bots, or at the very least, very crap players. Still, it looks like just another CoD or Crap on Dorks rip off, somy money won’t be heading in this game’s direction.

  • looks pretty meh.

  • I fail to see how its a CoD clone, Battlefield and Homefront maybe but Resistance is nothing like CoD.

    Obviously some of you don’t know your games, it has a different control scheme to CoD, different weapons, different enemies, different era (1960’s), 2 different HUD’s depending on who your playing as and even has a different health system (medi packs not regenerative).

    God some people are thick.

  • Look at the bigger picture. Control scheme, weapons, enemies, era/theme, health system etc. these are all minor variations, they DON’T make the game. This is another close-combat arena shooter with little to no room for strategy, it’s just head on combat. Battlefield on the other hand is large scale, has all types of vehicles, squad combat and uses destruction and maps large enough to give you room to strategize and flank. Resistance 3 looks exactly like MW2, you can say it has different weapons and perks, but it’s basically the same style gameplay. Since CoD4, everything has been arena based shooters, everything except Battlefield.

  • @ #15 djreplay, hey don’t get me started where I can point out that resistance 3 is a huge cod clone in the mecanics. 1) customize your class 2) killstreaks 3) unbalanced 4) overpowered weapons. Well even motorstorm apocalypse is guilty in this whole mess with perks and all.

  • Jamesie_Payne91

    Wow! This game looks excellent. Really tempted to go get and complete the first two ready for the release of this. Although it does have a Call of Duty foundation, still looks better than Black Ops

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