The White Knight Chronicles Are Back…

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The White Knight Chronicles Are Back…

Today we can reveal the launch trailers for White Knight Chronicles II for PS3 and White Knight Chronicles: Origins.

Both games are out next week so not long to wait now! In the meantime we have a brilliant competition where you can win a home entertainment system, PS3 and PSP, as well as a copy of both games.

You can enter right here.

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17 Author Replies

  • Looking good, can’t wait til next week.

    Cannot sign up to the competition atm, says PSN is currently under maintenance… which I thought wasn’t for another couple of hours?

    • Sorry to hear that. I’m sure you’ll be able to enter later. The competition is running for a couple of weeks so there’s plenty of time.

  • it looks promising is this the same game as US one?

    Also it would be nice if you post that psn being down today so everyone else knows

  • Does the dlc from the first game work for this

  • Any chance this will be one those remastered PSP games? I really want to play it but don’t want another PSP

  • Which languages contains uk version?
    In japan version online quests can be played by 6 players, in this version 5?

    Sorry for my english.

  • Final exam for the semester tomorrow, my copy of L.A. Noire is still unopened and inFamous 2 and White Knight Chronicles 2 next week. Summer is starting good, won’t get much of a tan though. :)

  • Can’t sign in to enter :(

  • What PSP model is that? I traded my last one in a while ago but really miss it. It was an old machine that took UMDs. Is this a GO? And if so does it only play DLC?

    • The PSP in the video is a PSP Go but it will work on all PSPs.

      WKC: Origins will be available at retail and as a download via PSN.

  • Ok… so is the WKC2 trailer…. “play and chat with up to 5 friends” does this mean me + 5 friends or me + 4 friends?? and if its the later then why was this changed from the 6 man quests from the japanese version?

  • it reads like you+5

  • Just ordered this… White knigh and Red Faction for me next week ;-)

  • Woot, Getting WKC Origins First, then WKC2 later in the month i have exams you know :)

  • Why can’t we Belgians ever participate in the competitions you guys set up. I want a shot at that set! :'(

  • Oh ok Ross, the trailer got me a little worried, thanks for clearing that up.

    Also can you confirm with 100% certainty that WKC2 comes with the WKC1 trophy set?

  • Looking forward to this I pre-ordered WKC2 but if I win that competition I’ll have origins too :D and that big tv also in prize will help a lot coz the tv my family have atm is anicent it looks like it was made in the 1950’s

    • You’ve got to get an HD TV, even if you don’t win the competition. The difference is amazing compared to standard definition.

  • Next week can’t come soon enough, I’ll be picking up both games on Friday.

  • it was a great idea including the old game with the new white knight chronicles 2.

    does anyone know if completion data (levels etc) from WKC1 will carry over to WKC2?

    • Yes, save games from WKC I will be compatible with the remastered WKC I on the WKC II Blu-Ray. Bit of a mouthful, but hope it made sense!

  • @focalpoint Your Guild Rank, Georama, items and money all carry over to WKC2.

  • @17 yes, all your character data, weapons, armour and itens will carry over to WKC2, as well as your GR level. But your character will be back to 35 if its over that in WKC1.

  • Is there a list some where that tells what updates were made to WKC I?

  • 11# How can you pick red faction instead of Infamous 2??????

    Looking good will maybe pick up Orgins as i wont be home that much so no reason to but WKC2 right now for me.

  • Awesome! Is there any info anywhere on what exactly is remastered in the included version of the original WKC? Like combat, online play, extra content etc?

    I love Level-5 but missed out on the first WKC, so I can’t wait to get into both.

  • hi ross please i want you reply about this

    im an eu player

    i have a sister who like wkc too

    and i heard that online pass activates once per psn account

    and i and my sis play on one ps3

    so my question is

    does the online pass works with 1 psn id only or to all eu accounts connected with the same ps3 that the code activated in, or my sis have to pay some money for another online pass to play with me?

  • I’m afraid it only works with one PSN ID, so your sister would need to purchase an additional online pass if she wanted to play online.

  • one question. i got the us version (bought from canada). will that savegame work in a eu/uk version of wkcII ?

    • No, it won’t but WKC II will be released in the US soon after it launches here. It’ll be released by independent publisher D3.

  • stuff the game hurry up with puttin the store back online

  • just a couple of questions, do we get our own knights in the psp version?
    and does the psp game use an online pass?

    • In the PSP version you actually fight against the Knights, and instead you transform into an Optimus.

      Yes, PSP uses an online pass too.

  • wkc2 kame later ?
    wy = no psn shop ?

    also a lot of person dc. in wkc1 . only 2 games were i have somtimes
    problems = cod bo – wkc1
    u now the problem exist + lesser in part 2 ?

  • i really love the 1st game but with your version of a online pass, i worse then EA’s VIP system for BF:BC2. You’re telling us that family members or room mates, that play on one PS3 on different ID, still have to pay for additional passes. It was bad enough that we have to pay just to change our avatar’s hair cut, but have to pay another fee on top of the cost of game.

    Here’s the 2 things you did wrong with WKC….
    1) Fans of game, cant import
    2) Gamers with families, have to pay additional fees to play online.

    Can at least tell us you fixed the friends in WKC or you still using the old one

    • The online pass is tied in to one PSN account. If a family member wants to play the game too they can just create their own character, but will have to play using that same one PSN account. The only downside to this is that any Trophies they get will be logged on that one PSN account.

      If we allowed the online pass to be redeemed on more than one PSN account, then you could just complete the game and then give it to a friend who could then do the same and pass it on, hence defeating the whole purpose of an online pass.

  • i’m guessing by optimus, you don’t mean the transformer.
    which is kind of a shame, because that would be awesome. ^_^

    • If you watch the WKC: Origins launch trailer and you see the bit where it says you can team up together and launch joint attacks, the four characters there are Optimuses, or Optimi, not sure what the plural is!

      Transforming into Optimus Prime would have been pretty cool if a little bit random.

  • Ross Alexander,
    There are other ways to do online pass system, where it remains a one time use pass. Like why not make it a download, then that ties it to the system. Much like the pass system used in Mortal Kombat’s fight pass or Need for Speed:HP’s online pass system. Now that I think about it, is there a online trail system in place?

    Also can you tell me, if someone playing remastered WKC1, can play with players on the original or is it a different server? & Does the remastered version of WKC1 support 6 players, like WKC2?

    Thank you for the reply and for your time

  • SurrealNightmare

    I’m really excited about these 2 games. I’ll definitely pick up White Knight Chronicles II next week though I’ll leave it a few weeks until I get Origins on PSP. With a little luck I’ll win a copy of the game in the competition though I’m obviously not banking on it… heh.

    I also hope that most of the DLC from the Japanese version of WKC II make it over here as well. I’m particularly interested in trying out that quest were you fight a giant sized Polkan as a boss enemy. XD

  • a lot of person dc
    dc = disconect from geonet !!! lots person have same problem.

    so wkc 2 lesser dc?

    also wkc 2 delayed 8 jun( normal may )
    = reason ???? ( online pass en shop not ready ?)

  • Hey Ross, you said the UK Version will be english only, am i right assume that this means that the German Version will be German only? Would be nice to know because if it is that way id rather get myself the uk version.

  • 32 @
    i hope level 5 wil make 2 – 3 jear ( longer = also ok ) new quest armore weapons

    new places on world map .

  • Ross, please I have asked this question on every other WKC2 blog post with no answer, please help me

    I have a US PSN account, but live in Israel which imports PAL region games, so I have the PAL version of White Knight 1 International Version, and so I will only have access to the PAL version of WKC2

    Will we not be able to use the Online Pass on a US PSN with the above scenario?

    Also, if we’re not able to do that, would I be able to use a UK PSN Account, copy my save to that account, and import my save data from there? I know in that case I wouldn’t have my trophies from the first game but at least I wouldn’t be losing my character data in the year+ I’ve been playing White Knight 1

  • Ross: “Yes, save games from WKC I will be compatible with the remastered WKC I on the WKC II Blu-Ray. Bit of a mouthful, but hope it made sense!”

    No, they are not. They are only “compatible” if you have a clear game save data. There seems to be no way to continue a (non-finished) White Knight Chronicles 1 from the included WKC1. The options are:
    Start new WKC1/WKC2 or continue WKC2 from a finished WKC1.

    Also, can’t find any distinct trophies for only WKC1. ;)

    (Also, servers go online when? I’m getting a “Georama connection error 4700”, which makes reviewing this a little bit difficult.)

  • Cant wait!

    Although this online pass system is a bit annoying for people sharing 1 ps3. Would have been better to link it to the system rather than the psn id.

    On a side note, I wonder if you can help with the following question.

    If a EU ps3 was taken to US (where a US PSN account was made as the main account), was then brought back to the EU (but continued to use the US PSN account) and played the EU version of WKC1……will the EU version of WKC2 work with the US PSN account? Aka will the code be redeemable on a EU PS3 with a US PSN account or will a new EU PSN account need to be made?

  • @37 do you already have the game?? So no WKC1 trophies on WKC2?

  • 39 = u play wkc1 remasterd = wkc 1 tropies

    u play wkc2 = tropies from part 2

    online part i tink them compatibel, not sure

  • 39 @ jes 37 is from game pres = pres copy

    Also, servers go online when? I’m getting a “Georama connection error 4700″, which makes reviewing this a little bit difficult

  • @39: So far, WKC2 only installs trophies specific to WKC2. I’ve only tested the “remastered” WKC1 a little bit, so it’s possible it can unlock the already existing WKC1 trophies on my machine, perhaps.

    But, not being able to continue my “old” WKC1 save games (not finished game) makes it a bit tedious to test. :-)

  • Must have been a bug. Either after a) clearing the game, or b) making sure any paid DLC items were re-downloaded, I could import a WKC1 game.

    Or a combination. Doesn’t make sense though. :-)

  • Just got my game now! Time to to do some slashing ;-)

  • Hi
    i was wondering about the game of white knight chronicles origins for the psp and will it made to the american release in america after the release of white knight chronicles 2. cause i want play so badly and i want to try out my avatar from wkc1 and want play this game so much. but will this release in a near future or do i have to import the game online and try to use that feature?

  • @ 42 = no bug , u mistake

    kil final bos game saves wen u see clear data whit star
    = ok , but u canot start game + , if u have u neet 2 kil final bos again 2have clear date again = auto save after u finishd game = clear date !!!!!

    but iam ready !!!!

  • i cant do the contest yet D:

    i log in and it tells me to make a account…………

  • Is there any way to have the japanese audio has a paid DLC? There would be lots of fans that would pay gladly for that DLC and enjoy the japanese audio for both titles

  • i cant seen to got in to my white knight chronicles 2 geonet i try using my redeem code it said is invaild or expire (31/12/2013) which is impossiable and i try to purchase the geonet linese it ask me try login back in few min time can anyone help with it thank ^^

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