UNCHARTED 3: Naughty Dog Talks Multiplayer

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By now you’ve probably read the full details of what you’ll get with UNCHARTED 3‘s upcoming multiplayer beta. Now, in our new video interview, Naughty Dog‘s top developers reveal just how deep this rabbit hole goes. At a glance, UNCHARTED 3’s most obvious multiplayer enhancement lies in its sweeping character customization options in the form of weapon loadouts, gun mods and a wide selection of ability-enhancing Boosters. You’ll be able to modify your character’s appearance in almost every way, whether you want to slap some aviators on Nathan Drake or cobble together a custom hero or villain from scratch. “There are hundreds and hundreds of parts and every part has a customizable color,” Game Director Justin Richmond tells us. “You can look the way you want to look. We want it to feel personal.”

“Personal” is a theme that permeates every yawning nook and cavernous cranny of UNCHARTED 3‘s redesigned multiplayer experience. Underneath the ultra-polished shooting mechanics and well-balanced arsenal of weapons lies a social media platform that is positively thrumming with potential. With UNCHARTED 3, community is finally a two-way street: You can tap into your Facebook friend list to recruit a Buddy, then fight by his side while earning rewards for coordinated kills — with a bonus for landing the obligatory post-kill high-five. Afterwards, you can upload your favorite video clips to Facebook and YouTube for sharing. Or, if you prefer, you can watch streaming community clips via UNCHARTED TV while you wait for the next match to begin.

You’ll get your hands on UNCHARTED 3‘s new multiplayer modes when the beta begins on June 28th for PlayStation Plus subscribers and owners of specially marked copies of inFAMOUS 2; full access follows on July 5th for all PSN users. Watch the video and read on for more excerpts from our interview with Game Director Justin Richmond and Game Designer Roger Cogburn. And chime in with any questions in the comments!

Uncharted 3: airstrip approachUncharted 3: airstrip jump

You’ve already contributed to UNCHARTED 3’s multiplayer mode by playing The Lab.

“We’ve been running The Lab sessions for UNCHARTED 2,” UNCHARTED 3 Game Director Justin Richmond explained, “and we used that feedback to help design UNCHARTED 3.” With The Lab, Naughty Dog‘s designers experimented with new modes using UNCHARTED 2’s sizeable multiplayer audience. “Plunder Pistols ended up being super popular,” Richmond said, “We knew it was fun internally, but being able to test it with the fans in The Lab verified that we thought was cool. We want to do even more of that with UNCHARTED 3. We have the ability to get feedback from the fans, and we want to maintain that dialog.”

UNCHARTED 3’s 3D technique paved the way for split-screen multiplayer support.

“There are a number of ways to implement 3D; some are more ‘fake’ than others,” Richmond explained. “We committed to using 3D early on, and we wanted to do it as real as possible because it allowed for splitscreen. 3D and splitscreen are kind of the same thing because the game is basically rendering each frame twice. As soon as we figured out how to do that with 3D, we knew we could handle splitscreen. Now, I am grossly oversimplifying that — the programmers would kill me for saying it was that easy! But basically, our 3D implementation allowed for splitscreen support.”

Uncharted 3: airport hanger drake

UNCHARTED 3’s splitscreen multiplayer enables dual PSN logins.
“You don’t have to be on some guest account,” Richmond said. “You and your friend can sit down in splitscreen and level up both of your characters. We support two different PSN ID logins.”

The dynamic multiplayer events were inspired by UNCHARTED 2.

UNCHARTED 2‘s Trainwreck multiplayer level that had an event where a cargo train fell down and revealed an RPG,” Game Designer Robert Cogburn explained. “We were surprised by how that resonated with people, so with UNCHARTED 3 we decided to swing for the fences and go as epic as we can.” Every level includes some sort of dynamic event: Airstrip’s opening truck chase ends in a finale at the airport; Chateau’s spreading fire slowly consumes the central floor and reveals a new area and weapons.

You’ll collect random loot in order to unlock new gear.

Fallen foes will occasionally drop randomized Treasures, and you’ll want to collect every piece you find. “The Treasures add a bit of an RPG element,” Cogburn said. “Every Treasure piece has a varying level of scarcity, and they fit into sets. Once a set is fully completed, you’ll earn an item: a gun, a custom part, an emblem, and so on.” What’s more, if you’re battling with a buddy, he or she can run over and grab Treasure for you. “We can update the Treasures dynamically, too,” Cogburn teased, “so we can add more later if we want to.”

You’re no longer helpless while climbing.

Back in UNCHARTED 2’s multiplayer, climbing left you high and dry — especially if you encountered another enemy. “It came down to who could hit the ground first and get his gun out,” Richmond said. “It kind of sucked — you could only climb or drop down.” Not so with UNCHARTED 3. “Now it’s more like a chess match. Should I edge over and try to kick him? Should I drop? Should I climb? If I do, will the other guy pull me down? It adds an extra dimension to the combat.”

Uncharted 3: chateau gas mask

UNCHARTED TV support supports uploads and downloads for YouTube and Facebook.

Plenty of games enable you to capture multiplayer footage and show it to your friends, but UNCHARTED 3 is transforming its multiplayer component into a full-blown video publishing platform. “We can not only upload your video clips to YouTube and Facebook, we can stream videos into the engine,” Richmond said. That means you’ll be able to watch Clips of the Week and community clips while you wait for that next multiplayer level to start. “And we will constantly update that content,” Richmond promised.

UNCHARTED 3 will give high-level players much, much more do.

“With UNCHARTED 2, high-level players would hit a point where they didn’t have anything to spend money on,” Cogburn said. “UNCHARTED 3 is much deeper.” Boosters, which enhance player abilities, can now be leveled up with use. And if the competition gets really tough, you can even buy pricey-but-potent Paid Boosters to temporarily even the odds. “The ranking system plays into that because the higher your rank, the more Paid Boosters will appear. It’s a far more interesting ranking system than in UNCHARTED 2.”

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  • any1 know how much escalation DLC will cost on ps3

  • hmm so every ps3 gamer with a psn account will be able to play the beta?As everyone will get psn +.

  • Gimmme Gimme Gimme :D

  • @1 no one cares this game is gonna be immense when does the beta end SID

  • Looks great. Can’t wait to get it. Though I don’t have much interest in multiplayer, this may change things.

  • sorry SID i forgot i read when it ended on July 13th yesterday on IGN

  • BEEN WAITING FOR THIS BEEN WAITING FOR THIS !!!!! H3LL YEAH !!! Uncharted 3 whoho great news, this made my day :) :) :)

  • looking forward to this, I hope more games follow suit with the multi-PSN account thing, seems like an obvious and great thing to do

  • Lack of dedicated servers was disappointed tho… :(
    but i cal live with that because Uncharted 3 is just amazing

  • Sooo… Uts full access for everyone on June 28th then, seeing as everyone is meant to be getting a free month of Plus.

  • This game will get GOTY & like loads more Awards, it is tha BOMB of Multiplayer Experiences.

  • Split screen? AWESOME

  • @kivi95 @Gekidami Im guessing that uncharted 3 early beta acces wouldnt be available for those that got ps+ for free, but only for those that have a PAYED ps+ subscription. But thats only how I see it tho. inFAMOUS 2 beta code would be meaningless if that would happen. Whatever but I cant wait for inFAMOUS 2 next week and BF3 and Uncharted 3 this christmas :) ;)

  • Solid_Snake1987

    UNCHARTED 3′s splitscreen multiplayer enables dual PSN logins.

    My brother and I have been waiting for this to be added to PS3 games and finally you guys have. Other developers take note and add it to your games!

  • I freakin’ LOVE split screen! And with dual login. ND bringing their A game as usual. Can’t wait for UC3.

  • 14# Resistance 3 have it :) and so do Motorstorm:Apocalypse and Resistance 3 will have it too :D

  • almighty-slayer

    Don’t care about Uncharted online. Hated it in Among Thieves, likely won’t bother touching it in this one.

  • Any word on any co-op component in the upcoming beta. I loved the co-op mishes in U2. Hope we have more of that in U3. I’d rather work with folk against AI than against them other players…

  • Well I know what my character will be. Elena in a bikini lol

  • When the game is being release all new copies will have a VIP pass which can be used to play online. This VIP pass can be redeemed only trough the PSN store, and can be redeemed only once.

  • Will multiplayer stats gained during beta (like levels) be retained when we get the full game in November?

  • What if I shoot a guy who’s really far away, he drops a treasure, and never get to him during that match? Will it re-appear in another match? Can someone steal it? Many Q’s unanswered!

  • 17# Didn’t you even like co-op?

    Ah that video made me want to play Uncharted 2 now!!!!

  • Great news. I’m so stoked about multiplayer. I’m just as stoked about single player to, but I’m happy that we don’t get to much information on that, because I want it to be as fresh as possible. Thought it was a little bit to much info last year. Love the hard work Naughty Dog does with their games.

  • @ Sp4reNL

    If you’re going to troll, at least TRY and make it believable. Don’t throw up a fake quote that a simple google search can disprove.

  • 2 player Splitscreen with online mode on MotorStorm Apocalypse does it right :P
    Shame they couldn’t do 4 player splitscreen with online to tho, oh well maybe on PS4 :D

  • @chrisopo – does this look like the suitable post to ask that? No. -_-

    Now some things in Uncharted 3 are looking good and some bad. Here are my pros and cons so far –
    Player customisation
    Dynamic maps
    Uncharted TV
    Treasure drops
    Buddy system
    Power Plays
    Medal Kickbacks
    The current selection of boosters
    Weapon customisation
    Huge maps

  • can i jusr say great job ND. i’m totally psyched for U3. I also want to applaud your ability to deliver online MP features and online comunity features on a scale of MW3 ELITE with out the need to request extra monthly subscritions on top. I truely cant wait to see what the beta has to offer.

    Also on another note will u be running a free redbull promo like the U2 beta because when i got them through the post it ones an amazing gift from ND and the SCEUK team.

  • can i just say great job ND. i’m totally psyched for U3. I also want to applaud your ability to deliver online MP features and online comunity features on a scale of MW3 ELITE with out the need to request extra monthly subscritions on top. I truely cant wait to see what the beta has to offer.

    Also on another note will u be running a free redbull promo like the U2 beta because when i got them through the post it ones an amazing gift from ND and the SCEUK team.

  • @Labreya

    I(t) might be a troll, but show me where you found it will NOT have a VIP pass?

    More and more games are getting these online-passes and with Naught Dog talking about multiplayer I wouldn’t be so surprised if U3 had an online-pass.

  • I just don´t care for mp in Uncharted. Hope this won´t be needed to get all of my trophies!
    PLEASE make a sp game and if you want a separate mp game. I just don´t care and don´t want to pay for it.

    Due to this I´ll wait until it´s in the bargain bin.
    I have a lot of love for the wonderfull story driven sp part of the game but you lost me here.

  • I must admit so far, I couldn’t care less about multiplayer.
    I LOVE Uncharted for the epic Singleplayer experience, the great story and characters.
    If the main game would have co-op, now THAT would be interesting.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Uncharted 2 is the best game around in single player and the superb multiplayer (it’s still the only action game I love playing online and have made a lot of good friends on it both worldwide and even in my local area) and all this Uncharted 3 stuff really sounds like a massive improvement on what was already fantastic. November cannot come soon enough. Gonna go play some more Uncharted 2 multiplayer after dinner.

    You folks who ‘don’t care’ about the multiplayer really are missing out on one of the absolute best gaming experiences around. Naughty Dog are the masters of PS3.

  • The idea of paid boosters and giving higher levels an advantage seems incredibly dumb to me… ust my opinion. Like how the rest of the MP is shaping up though, very cool.

  • Shakira???

  • These features sound amazing… but honestly unless you fix the matchmaking, they won’t count for much. UC2 was brilliant but I spent more time waiting to be matched with other players after every match, than playing. DO NOT BREAK UP TEAMS in between matches unless people CHOOSE to leave…. Simple!


    i just hope this huge expansion in multiplayer didn’t affect the single player since i am more of liking single player than multiplayer

  • Mega excited for this, the single player of course alone will no doubt be mind blowing but with after reading this I must say I am almost as over the top stoked for the multiplayer as I am the single player story!

    @38 I highly doubt that the level of work that went into the single player has suffered because of the work on the multiplayer, when Uncharted first begun it lied solely within single player and I’m sure that’s where Naughty Dog want the majority of the emphasis to be on the single player story with the multiplayer as a extra (but extra great) bonus to add to replay value.

  • is the beta gonna be a public one or do you have to have a cetain game to get acsess

  • Playstation network is off again and chrisopo they havnt released a date for when escalation is coming on ps3 so it might not be out for another month :'(

  • @xMerKaaHv
    but when i went on black ops earlier it said it was available to download now so maybe when store is back it will be available

  • pure class love ND & Sony.

  • These things – character customisation, dynamic levels etc – all sound AMAZING, and that Naughty Dog actually CARE about their game and their fans. Unlike, say, Zipper, who constantly ignore what the community they created ask for… most importantly, a decent lobby system.

    SOCOM used to be the jewel in PlayStation’s online crown, the pinnacle being SOCOM 2. This was a great game with forgivable flaws, but what made it so popular was the lobby system, both with the regional server list and the in-game lobbies themselves.

    There is nothing more disheartening when entering an online game than to find yourself in a room with silent people with the odd few chatting in a language you do not speak. It kills the spirit of online games: team spirit, friendly rivalry and community are the big differences between playing online and off. Having a simple “quick match/no lobby” system has destroyed the fun that SHOULD be there in SOCOM 4.

  • Regional lobbies, and a decent in-game lobby system, and also the tools to tailor rooms to your liking without being penalised (e.g. no XP points in custom rooms spoils them a bit, SOCOM 4!) would MAKE the next big online multiplayer shooter. We need a COMMUNITY. Please don’t forget this, Naughty Dog! Zipper did…

  • [continued from previous post/rant]

    Regional lobbies, and a decent in-game lobby system, and also the tools to tailor rooms to your liking without being penalised (e.g. no XP points in custom rooms spoils them a bit, SOCOM 4!) would MAKE the next big online multiplayer shooter. We need a COMMUNITY. Please don’t forget this, Naughty Dog! Zipper did…

  • Apologies for the double post above.

    Good luck making Uncharted 3 multiplayer, Naughty Dog! The previous two games were just amazing, raising the bar each time… I am sure you can continue the trend!


  • as long singleplayer won’t suffer from multiplayer, carry on. I won’t try multiplayer out unless for trophies. It just ain’t my thing.

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