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As difficult it is for me to get my head around (especially as my new passport is still in the post) E3 2011 is only seven sleeps away. As you’ve come to expect, I’ll be there and PlayStation.Blog will be the place to get the breaking news and interviews from the show floor.

Last year, I wrote a series of posts going through the years and looking at the big announcement, and you can check them out again by clicking through the links below.


1995: The inaugural Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) took place a few months before the original PlayStation launched in Europe and America. It gave Western gamers their first glimpse at the console that set us on the road to where we are today.

1996: Two characters that epitomise the original PlayStation were both first seen in ’96. Crash Bandicoot and Lara Croft don’t have a lot in common, but they ushered in a bold new era in gaming.

1997: Not for the last time, Snake was the word hissing around everyone’s lips in 1997. The Metal Gear Solid trailer set a precedent for announcing your game with lavish, cinematic trailers.

1998: The Real Driving Simulator debuted in 1998, redefining how a driving game can look and feel. ’98 was a vintage year that also brought us the brilliant Silent Hill.

1999: Despite appearances from David Bowie and Aerosmith, PlayStation 2 was the star of E3 ’99. At the time, it was a breathtaking display of power from a console demonstrated with a real-time demo of Final Fantasy VIII.

2000: Once again, Solid Snake stole the show with the first reveal of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Such was the impact of that nine minute trailer, each screening drew huge queues as attendees returned for repeat viewings.

2001: For sheer breadth of quality games, 2001 is hard to top. Any show boasting Final Fantasy X, Devil May Cry, Silent Hill 2, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 and Grand Theft Auto III is bound to be remembered.

2002: The Getaway was debuted at E3 2002 and here’s a little known fact: there’s a pub on the corner of Great Marlborough Street, not far from the SCEE offices, called the Coach & Horses; one of The Getaway’s interiors is based on that very hostelry.

2003: You’d think that the unveiling of Gran Turismo 4 would have been enough to send everyone home excited, when Ken Kutaragi stepped on-stage holding the first PSP, all headlines were rewritten in a flash.

2004-05: E3 2004 was all about pocket-sized fun on PSP and grand brutality as God of War was revealed. In 2005, we were back with new hardware as PlayStation 3 was revealed and footage from Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots and Killzone 2 set mouths to drool mode.

2006-07: Naughty Dog has been creating PlayStation stars since 1996 and in 2007 they revealed their latest: Nathan Drake.

2008-09: A plethora of games announced for PS3, including LittleBigPlanet and God of War III, before PlayStation Move starred in 2010.

Which are your favourite E3 moments and what would you like to see announced a week from now?

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7 Author Replies

  • E3 2012 – PSN Store returns :P

  • The first one I remeber was in year 2000. MGS2 video was stunning for that time. Hope to get crushed by Sony this year :) (and I hope you will annouce EU date for NGP):)

  • to true it will be boss carnt wate to see whats comeing soon BUT E3 with no online store up and running will be a massive letdown i meen you can update us E3 is here yet we still dont get no update on the psp and ps3 store they are ment to be a big selling point for sony and will not help to bring in new sony players as the coms has been so bad

  • Tell me something, do you plan on going to e3 with the store still down? Because if you do, you know what will every single question you get be about… Tomorrow’s the 31st, Sony. Are you going to break another promise? And what would we like to see announced? “The store came back online a week ago.” That.

  • why no news about PS store ???? we would like some information on what your doing.

  • Agent
    Metal Gear Solid 5
    Final Fantasy versus XIII
    Kingdom Hearts 3
    Last Guardian
    Uncharted 3

  • Where is the news about the PSN store? It’s the 30th of May already…

  • Will there be a live stream of the Sony conference here on the Blog?

  • New games for Move would be nice!

  • would there be a PlayStation Home E3 Booth this year? loved it last year. ;)

  • Any news on the Store?

  • we dont care about E£ or other games just yet we just want the store back NOW

  • can´t wait to play Resistance 3 with the sharp shooter :)

  • lol people who moan about the store make me sick, give it up already i will be back up when it’s back up

  • The US blog is telling us they are streaming it life (finaly after all big american sites are already streaming it). How about the EU site? Will it also be streamd in Home?
    I don´t want to miss it. After all the complaints about the very medeocer welcome back programm I´m sure the head of Sony Playstation will anounch an awesome welcome back deal!

  • The ‘2’ main things i want to see is just –
    More new PS3 Games News :P
    SONY bringing out a PS3 with PS2 playback again(i know, i know, stop going on about it) :D

    + Don’t hate me :D but MOVE & 3D i found boring really last year at E3, sorry.


  • Can’t wait to see what treats E3 is going to give us this year! :D

  • @15 Spare a thought for the people who paid for lots of DLC over a month ago and have yet to receive it… besides, Sony only respond to moaning ;)

  • I liked the time when we found out what the NGP was really called. That was my favourite moment!

    .. Waaait a minute..


  • Wow, you guys asking about the store are crazy. This blog is about E3, NOT the store. What do you think is going to happen?
    And do you think they’re just keeping it down for the sake of keeping it down? There’s probably a good reason it’s not back up yet. It’s clearly not ready, and all you people asking for/ demanding it back aren’t making it any more ready. If it was in a good state to go do you really think they’d delay it with all the entitled fans screaming for it to come back?

    Anyway, to the point of the article. Last year’s Portal 2 announcement was absolutely incredible and I hope Valve come back with something this year, despit their saying they wouldn’t.
    Looking forward to more details on the NGP :)


  • I believe the biggest announcement on this E3 will be the PlayStation Store’s come back.

    Apparently it allows us to download games and other content, i’m super hyped!111eleven

  • I think some communication about the Store is needed, even if it is bad news. I’d rather be kept in the know about progress than just left to wonder what is happening. I think it’s fantastic that you guys are working diligently to make the Store as safe as possible, but you should keep us, the customers, up to date even if it is ‘No further updates on the store’ or ‘It wont be up by the 31st’.

    It would, however, be a nice coincidence if it was to be back up at the end of the scheduled maintenance! That seems unlikely however.

  • I would like to see an announcement on when the store will go back up or at least what is being done and what is required and well before a week? (See what I did with your question)Any reply will be appreciated.
    On topic, E3 sounds cool and as I am a relatively young gamer giving GCSE’s in the UAE, I was wondering if there is any way we can see E3 online.
    Lastly, getting 60 days of PS+ for existing subscribers for one month of outage was more than acceptable but I believe you need to realise that it should be extended to 90 as we haven’t had the store for about 50 days and haven’t been able to use the service. Any possibility of that happening?
    Replies to all questions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • my favourite E3 moment : 2008, Final Fantasy XIII announced for XBOX 360.

  • Hi James

    I am writing big paper in university about Sony Logistics. I am kind of having hard time finding any information. Can you point me to something?

    Basically anything about Sony Logistics management, supply chain, something like that.

  • So the press conference is held on June 7, 1:00am BST? Awful time, it’s 3am here in Finland. Oh well, maybe it’s worth staying awake.

  • Agent
    Final Fantasy versus XIII
    Kingdom Hearts 3
    Last Guardian
    Uncharted 3

    I left out MGS5 as it wont now be announce as Kojimia wont be at E3

    btw those are games you foget about features i expecting PS2 games store be announce this time around. :P

  • youre going to be the laughing stock at E3. especially if the store isnt online by then.

  • if the store doesn’t come back on the 31st you guys will be eaten alive by the gamers at E3, you might as well not even show up.

  • there going to be more talk about the awesome starhawk at e3 the psn store going 2 be up before e3 starts (just wondering)

  • James will you be posting a live stream of the Sony’s E3 press conference.

    I hear that the US Blog will be.

  • So If my facts are right we should be seeing new software called PS4 ? because its six years between each console they announce a new one

  • Off topic:
    Still no word up for the PlayStation Store? I am loosing a lot of faith.

    I haven’t touched my PS3 for a while and currently don’t miss it.

    I guess it will be on 31st of May, where will get a “a little longer” ETA and “we are doing everything and work around the clock” statement… It’ll be thrilling with all the games requiring.

    On topic:

    Nobody mentions SLY COOPER 4 for this year big announcement? Sadness!

    Also a quick question about the live stream. Will the stream be downloadble / watchable even after the event? I won’t be back home on time due to work. So any re-broadcasting for sometime would be great.

  • “Posted on 30 May, 2011 at 12:13 pm by richardjc
    why no news about PS store ???? we would like some information on what your doing.”


  • I heard at least the US Playstation blog is going to livestream the event on their pages.

    Is there a possibility you’re making a reprise view of that so that EU countries can watch the conference too?

  • Btw i want great things from uncle sony (kevin butler)

    i remember last year KB made a speech this year he and kaz will say sorry & bow down for a minute

    then the net will explode with FF7 a Ps3 exclusive quickly follow by putting on stage the hacker for a public stoneing


  • I haven’t followed E3 a lot until last year but the announcements for Twisted Metal and Portal 2 were spectacular!

    What I’m dreaming of seeing:
    Agent gameplay photage.
    More NGP information, pricing and some must have games for it.
    Suikoden 6 (I know it isn’t a Sony brand but a Playstation classic :)).
    Persona 5 (same as Suikoden :))
    New Jak & Daxter game.
    Kingdom Hearts 3.
    Metal Gear Solid 1-3 HD collection.
    Jak & Daxter HD collection.
    Ratchet & Clank HD collection.
    Cross-game chat feature for the PS3.
    PS2 classics coming to the store.
    New IPs from Sucker Punch and Guerilla Games.

    I also look forward to seeing more from all the great games already announced as coming to the PS3.

  • @23

    You make a very valid point, however, the reason people are replying to blog posts that have nothing to do with the store is because Sony have not released a blog post relating to the store. Customers are getting increasingly frustrated not just because the store is still unavailable for people wanting to redeem DLC etc. but because Sony have kept them in the dark over when the store will be back up. It is very poor customer service from Sony to fail to communicate with customers. Even if it is going to take another two weeks to get the store up, they could at least keep customers informed.

  • I’m flying out to E3 on Sunday!! Life long dream fulfilled….Now I need to draw up a list of games to see and make best use of my time.

  • Wasn’t their supposed to be a blog “coming soon” giving us full details about the welcome back package – that’s not came yet.
    It’s 30th May now; and no blog about the store yet either.

    If you’re on schedule, I’d assume we’ll get a blog update today, and one tomorrow before the switch on late at night GMT.

    If you’re not on schedule; uhhh… a blog telling us that would be nice.

    To remain on topic… E3 – can’t wait, etc.

  • Guess no store before May 31st? the staff have today off as its a bank holiday (as people will remember from the Xmas Monkey Island Tales debacle that left us all paying for a game and only getting 1/5 of it for nearly 3 weeks)

    So at the earliest, we’ll get it on the 31st, that being tomorrow. But as the staff are too busy boning over E3 (and rightfully so, really) I’m guessing tomorrow is probably unlikely too, as there’s no announcement.

    It would be nice, if just once, Sony said “Hey, we’ll do this on this date” and then gave an update every couple of days. Cause right now, they say something, give a date and then shut up til the day passes seemingly hoping we forget. It’s [Deleted].

    Regardless, looking forward to E3, hoping for great stuff to be revealed. But lots of info is out on what will be there, so the best things to me will be the surprises. Can’t wait to see what shockers turn up.

  • @blu spykes, there was a blog about the welcome back package. Told you what games you get and everything. In fact, it was linked on the Welcome Back picture at the top of this blog for a few weeks.

    No news on the store, but that blog was definitely posted

  • I would be soo happy if in this E3 u would say:And now we are happy to tell u that a new Tenchu is coming for Playstation 3 exclusive -.-!The first 2 were Ps1 exclusive & they were great!The third one(Great) n fourth one(Good) were for PS2!4 Tenchus for PSP n 0 for PS3?WHy?-.- this is annoying -.-

  • @25 You nailled it XD *PRICELESS*

  • For Neptune’s sake can we please shut up about the store? It is becoming increasingly more impossible to make a statement about anything due to this incessant chain of screaming for the store.

    I, and I’m sure Sony, get that you want the store back. Hell, I want it back MORE than you, trust me. My PS3 stopped reading discs the day before PSN went down and I haven’t got enough to pay for it to be fixed either so I’m really looking forward to getting Dead Nation and Wipeout HD.

    I , however, realise that screaming ‘OMG GIMME THE STORE WHERE IS MY FREE GAMEZ’ on here will not help. At all. So can people PLEASE stop ruining the comment section of this blog for everyone else?

    On the subject of E3, as long as you guys have something clever and unexpected planned like GLaDOS’ surprise or Butler in ’10, it’ll be fun.

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