The White Knight Returns From 8 June

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The White Knight Returns From 8 June

Today we can announce that both White Knight Chronicles II on PS3 and White Knight Chronicles: Origins on PSP will be releasing on the same day:

  • UK and Ireland: 10 June 2011
  • Australia and New Zealand: 9 June 2011
  • Rest of PAL: 8 June 2011

And now feast your eyes upon our preview trailers.

First up, the story continues with White Knight Chronicles II:

And time to discover where the legend began with White Knight Chronicles: Origins:

Keep an eye on the blog for our launch trailers and a VERY exciting competition!

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15 Author Replies

  • The White Knight Chronicles: Origins trailer appears to be set to ‘private’, I can’t watch it. :(

    I have WKCII pre-ordered and very much looking forward to see what happens after that cliffhanger of an ending in WKC!

  • WOW awesome!!!! Thank you for the release date ^_^

    Now… just 2 more weeks :D

  • Nice, so glad it comes with WKC1 too. Was too addicted to Star Ocean: The Last Hope to play it.

  • just 2 weeks before release u say date hahahahahaha

    but tanks 2 smal trailer

    now only 1 big problem need 2 be answord

    usa – euro play together online ore not ?

    • I’m double checking with the game’s producer on the EU / USA server question. I’ll get back to you asap.

    • USA and EU gamers can play together. They will be on the same server. Initially it’ll only be EU players on there, but when the game is released in the US they’ll be joining in too.

  • Woo hoo! Been checking for this most of the day! Great news, and so soon. Any pre-order bonuses anywhere? If not I think I’ll use my £22.50 worth of points @

    I hope the main campaign is a little longer than the original.

  • Also, that PSP video is set to private :( Won’t let me watch.

  • Can’t wait gonna be a blast ^_^

  • AWESOME AWESOME!! Will there be any DLC for this game?

  • @6 jes psp video = private ;)

  • sweet, looking forward to both games, even gone back to playing WKC1 until they come out.

  • The PSP trailer seems to be set to ‘Private’ like someone pointed out so we can’t watch it. I’m definitely picking up WKC2 and with inFamous 2 coming out at the same time I feel lucky to own a PS3 so I can send my paycheck straight to Sony. Don’t have to decide where to spend my money. :) As for the PSP game I just got a PSP and have some games to play for it but I look forward to reading more about it and hopefully picking it up in the future!

    Thanks Sony for keeping the great games coming and I look forward to seeing the store operational soon.

  • WKC 2, WKC: Origins and infamous 2 out the same day.

    My poor poor wallet.

    At least I get Origins for £12.99

    • Don’t forget Duke Nukem and Red Faction too.

      It’s a costly week for games fans, I’ll be out of pocket myself.

  • Awesome. But, Im gonna ask about servers again. Will we be able to play internationally with US and other players once they have it? I’ve asked 3 times as have others. I understand you may have no information or cant tell us anything right now, but even if you say ‘ I dont know’ I’ll stop bugging you I swear :]

  • Looking forward to getting both games. Should be fun to play throughout summer. =D

  • juniorkatsumotto

    Since Japanese Audio has been cutted due to Disk Space, any chance to get it through DLC?????, i would even pay for this option DLC…

    • It’s not something that’s planned at this stage but could be a consideration for future titles.

      I also enjoy the Japanese audio, loved it in Yakuza 4.

  • I can’t wait – yes please any news on the servers – don’t want to find the majority of people I now regularly play with won’t be around on the same server

  • Thank you SO much SCEE for taking charge of this brilliant franchise. Not only have you made it clear that SCEE can do things SCEA cant but youve also provided a brilliant and constant stream of updates.

    Id really love to meet the people invovled in the localisation of this and shake your hands personally. Youve brought my beloved franchise to the UK with little to no fuss.

    The icing on the cake would be if you translated the manga too, but i think that might be a bit of a stretch.

    Thank you once again SCEE for making my day.

    • US fans won’t have too long to wait.

      WKC II will be released by publisher D3 in the US and will feature the exact same content as our EU version.

  • jamy jamy i need 2 play wkc2 .

    ful jear looking japanese trailers en video on u tube .

  • only euro blog = red licht

    i not like red color

  • Games look good, have no psp so PS3 version

    Off topic: PSN down? oh noooes!!

  • Got my copy pre-ordered Ross!

  • Looks interesting! I like the RPG element. (:

  • nice cant wait pre ordered both. heres to another 1200 hours of fun XD

  • anyone know why the psn status is off? but im signed into my psn on my ps3?

  • One question I have:

    I know that the WKCII features WKC as well, but will it include both sets of trophies (i.e. a set for number 1 and a set for number 2)? Thanks!

  • Josh Walker

    i tink a lot persone have ,lol

  • juniorkatsumotto

    thats sad, since im a RPG player and ps3 player, i dont see looking for other titles from level-5 right now since WKC is the only franchise i know its coming, thats why i did expect at least a DLC method for japanese audio…

  • when will you allow people with sub accounts to upgrade to master accounts when they are 18 or above??

    its a major problem

  • When you say Australian release, does this include a UMD release? Because you guys skipped a UMD release of Patapon 3 last month and as a result I can’t play it.

    • In Australia it will be released via PSN only. There isn’t a UMD release planned at this moment.

  • Hers a question, will all the current japanese version content thats out now (including DLc like teh avatar storyline quests) be included on the disc in the EU version?) kinda like how WKC1 was handled in its US/EU release where it had all content the japanese version had (including the DLC) on the disc when it was released?

    Id love to play those avatar story quests. Also will the EU version have the DLc tickets that the japanese version has? (you buy the tickets from the ps store and they allow you to increase the exp, gr point and money you gain in game for a full 30 days) Im looking forward to having those to make grinding and leveling a lot easier.

  • wy easier

    i gr 15 never cheated ,lol

    only i hoope beter % drop rate of loot .

    after 800 + stil 0 old mage turet = haaaaaaaaa

  • Really want to get these, but ive just spent all my money on LA Noire. Please don’t overprice the PSS release for origins!

  • very glad u keep on releasing jrpg-stuff in europe. since january im an owner of a psp-go, and i was worried first about the gameselection on the psn-store…but since than i got me phantasy star portable 2, the 3rd birthday and monster hunter freedom, plus im looking forward to gods eater burst, persona 3 portable and white knight chronicles…keep it going guys ;) by the way, any chance of a europe release of “akiba`s trip” ?

  • Ross, do you know if it will be possible to play with my NA/US account with the EU WKC2? Please, say that the online pass won’t ruin my online gaming. =(

    • No, it won’t be possible. But you can buy the US version when it comes out in a couple of months.

      I’m chasing up on the servers to find out if EU and US gamers can play together online. Just need to double check with the game’s producer.

  • Already pre ordered my copys :)

  • do you know when the store is back because im wanting to get assesion for black ops

  • Why are you guys shooting yourself? Relesing it the same week as Infamous 2,Duke Nukem Forever and Red Faction Armageddon. Will maybe buy the psp game but The ps3 version will have to wait.

  • Thanks sony for a solid release date!


    Origins is Infastructure aswell right!?

    I saw boxart saying ‘PSN: Play with up to 4 players’

    It would be great finally having an online RPG for PSP :)

    Thanks Again, Stocko

  • cotrip they already stated that US save files wont work on the EU version so you cant use your US character on the EU game youd have to start over if you import

    • There’s no need to import as publisher D3 will be releasing White Knight Chronicles II in the US in a couple of months.

  • @ 40

    = korect answord

    but very not amuzing 4 player wo have other version save :(

  • im in germany at time of release. just asking a stupid question but is my uk version of wkc1 save file compatible with the german wkc2 game.

    lol \(^_^)/

  • @39 theres already an online rpg on PSP its call phantasy star portable :p

    and yes you can play WKC origins online on PSP

    Also Ross just to confirm on your last reply.

    Its a known fact that the Japanese version of WKC2 only has the WKC2 trophy set, even though the original is included in the game, the only way to get WKC1 trophies was to have the original game disc, you could NOT get WKC1 trophies in the version of WKC1 that was on WKC2 in Japan.

    Also the trophy list for WKC2 in EU/Us has been released and it only lists WKC2 trophies, there isnt a single WKC1 trophy on that list.

    That being said are you confirming that the EU version of WKC2 indeed has both WKC1 and WKC2 trophies on the disc and thus there are TWO (not one) set on trophies so you could technically get 2 platinum trophies on one disc?

    I mean after all in the JP version you needed a WKC1 clear save file to play part 2, that feature however has been taken out of the EU version of part 2, so that being said maybe you added WKC1 trophy set in part 2 as well, I just wanted crystal clear confirmation that that is the case.

  • juniorkatsumotto

    Ross are you crazy????, we wont be able to play this EU game in US account?????, D3 schedule up to now(amazon reference) is to december 2012!!!, if we need to wait until there to play wkc2 im going to give up on this……, and i have already preordered UK version, are you saying i wont be able to play it??, i have US account, all my trophies are on my US account…., this cant be right, are you sure of this???

  • @40

    I know about the saves. I lost my first WKC save when my ps3 was stolen so I’m starting all over again in WKC2.

    I’d love to play the game in July tho (my holidays), but I’d also like to have the trophies on my NA account. That’s Why I need that EU WKC2… =(

  • 42@ jes

    uk – german
    = europe version

  • Here is hoping they dooooooo let EU and US players play together. My Guild will be split in half otherwise T_T.

  • where does the netherlands fit in? is it the UK section or the one with other pal regions?
    got both of them pre_orderd XD

  • nederland = 8 juni
    = andere pal regions

  • Wolters69, it will be in the “other PAL” regions :)

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