inFAMOUS 2: The Beast Is Coming

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Here at Sucker Punch we’re tired. We’re whipped. Game development is a sprint. You run as hard as you can, then keep running. The problem is the goal line sometimes move mid-race. When you set out to make a game you sort of have an idea of what it’ll ultimately be… but that’s not what it ends up being. You only know what you’ve made once it’s done. Like you guys we experience the game, the real game, for the first time at the end of the road. And it’s exciting. It’s crazy to be playing the game and forget that you made it because you’re busy ducking an RPG rocket. You know that feeling you get when you actually dodge in your seat? Get that all the time. Cole and his friends have stopped being polygons and actors and have become real people. And it’s this reality that makes today’s post cool. Now that we’re so, so close to being done we can finally really talk about the “Big Bad” that pushes the whole story forward.

The Beast is Coming!

What’s the Beast you ask? Like a meteor from outer space it’s a force of destruction too powerful for humanity to contain. At the end of inFamous 1 Cole MacGrath was given a vision that the Beast would arrive into the world and that he alone could stop it. The safety of our species was put on his shoulders. No pressure right? As you might imagine, Cole would do anything in his power to get ready for the fight. He’s desperate to win, to save the lives of his friends and neighbours.

But at the start of inFamous 2 he fails. The Beast arrives and Cole isn’t strong enough. He’s forced to run south to New Marais and prepare for a second, final encounter while his home, Empire City, is swallowed in flames.

Have you ever failed at anything? Ever been dumped or fired or beat up? Ever tried your hardest and still lost? It’s sucks, right? Makes you feel hollowed out, weak. Like you don’t matter. Of course, it’s moments exactly like that which forge you into in a stronger person. I believe that we are defined by our failure more than our successes. Once you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and OVERCOME the thing that beat you, that’s when you really win. That’s when you’ve surpassed your past self. In inFamous 2 you help Cole get there. You guide him through New Marais; searching for new, stronger powers. Along the way you’ll meet potential allies who could help in your fight against the Beast. And you’ll need the help… the monster is moving down the coast, burning the landscape, getting stronger as it centers in on New Marais. Your back is against the wall, with only a few days to prepare for that second chance. Soon it’ll be time to overcome the things that have beaten you in the past. Are you up for it? After all, the Beast is Coming…

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  • Can’t wait for this. I got my hero edition on order and all that is left is the waiting game.

  • TroubleMaker411

    Looking great.

    Shows nothing, but makes me want it more. The way a trailer should. COME ON JUNE 10th!

    Any idea if there is a way to get the cool skins without the hero edition, with duke out the same day, I simply cant afford £100

  • almighty-slayer

    Looks absolutely flippin’ fantastic. Nice work guys! Got Hero edition preordered and counting down the days :)

  • ahh cant wait for infamous 2 got my hero edition coming on 10th of june just cant wait looks fantastic :) but could sum1 tell me if it has online ?? ive been searching every where for the info but just cant find it ?? i think it would be even more amazing if we could fight online !!

  • Gosh, now I’m really comprehending just how powerful this Beast is. Infamous 2 is going to be so awesome, I’m willing to bet no other game will have a story as good as this!
    I sure hope the PS store goes back up soon since I only borrowed the first Infamous from a friend. I’d love to play it again in time for the second one!

  • almighty-slayer


    No online but there is user generated content

  • CANT BLOODY WAIT NOW! XD Thanks for posting Nate!

  • Based on the trophy list it seems the game is still getting on a solid single-player.

    And since I really liked inFamous 1 I might also get this one despite previous blog-posts where (for me) it felt like there was too much focus on the new UGC-part and not enough on the single-player.

  • I will not watch this video but it sounds AWESOME.


  • Urr Nate. I’m getting this game now. Holy crap that trailer was convincing.

  • Is that a giant hand @ 0:47 top right?
    That kind of size sort of throws my plot prediction in the garbage bin. And it would have been so great if I were right all along. Oh well, you probably have something better planned for the ending, just like in 1.

  • I couldn’t help but notice the US version of the Hero Edition has considerably more DLC than the EU version.

    EU DLC:

    •Electrocution Grenade
    •Original Cole Skin
    •Kessler Skin
    •Gold Amp
    •Lightning Hook

    US DLC:

    •Electrocution Grenade
    •Lightning Hook
    •Kessler Skin
    •Reaper Skin
    •Gold Amp
    •Sly’s Cane
    •Caveman Club
    •Samurai Sword

    We are getting these extras too, right?

    • Hey guys
      Just to confirm, the EU hero edition will also contain the bonus items:

      •Sly’s Cane
      •Caveman Club
      •Samurai Sword
      •Reaper Skin


  • Yes. This is all very interesting but how about fixing up PSN store first so people can play the games they allready paid for?

  • Is that game for the ps4? Because it looks BLOODY AMAZING

  • It’s a shame the Hero edition is twice as expensive compared to the US…

  • I was hoping to get the Hero Edition, but when I found out the cost in the UK, I decided it wasn’t really worth it. It’s a good price in the US, but over here it’s just too much. Oh well, will get the Collector’s Edition, and hope we get DLC!!

  • @ almighty-slayer cheers m8

  • Wow it looks and sounds great, I just hope the repetition from the original is gone ^^

  • Does anyone know which languages come in the UK version of the Hero Edition ? Besides English, that is.

  • @ divine1000

    Dude, we are getting a hell of a lot more than they do. We even get the exclusive Original Cole skin !!! The Amp skins are coming with the Hero Edition too…Brian Fleming said it himself.

    Now if only they released a skin of E3 Cole/Cole with hair…

  • im AMPED up for this game so bad, but I cant afford to buy the hero edition. :(

    Will probs end up getting either the special or the controller bundle( crimson red) as I already have a blue PS3 pad :D

  • It’s good to be a Playstation gamer!

  • Iv’e pre-ordered this. Got the plat on the first one and number 2 looks way better.

  • Really can’t wait for this game. Would have loved to get the Hero Edition but it’s too much (over in US it’s about £60 I’ve heard.) and the Limited Edition doesn’t have good DLC included. I pre-ordered the normal edition from, at least they give me two DLC powers, and the Uncharted 3 Beta. inFAMOUS was and still is my favourite game, really can’t wait to get my hands on inFAMOUS 2 :).

    @divine1000 I wish. The UK always gets the scraps when it comes to game releases. Even when the game is made in the UK, we still never see it till after the Americans, and even then we can only pick at the scraps. I’m sick of having my game ruined by mates in america who have played it and then post to facebook or other sites about the ending. Totally ruined Red Dead Redemption for me.

  • Awesome trailer!!!! The Hero edition is coming from me yay :)
    I Hope is coming soon the psn store :)

  • Well… it’s not Sly Cooper 4. You better announce that on E3…

  • I’ve played inFamouse 1 twice as I played once as the good guy and once as the bad infamous guy and it was great, now I can’t wait for the sequel and continue the story.. Let the beast come.

  • Will All the bonuses in the hero edition be purchasable via DLC eventually?

  • I have said before how I feel when I am playing inFAMOUS. Even tho it’s dangerous out there in Empire City, it feels like it’s my neighbourhood of town, the way you feel when you’re on the bus and it finally crosses into your safe-feeling neighbourhood. You are finally feeling at Home… Not that you might set up lounge and bedroom in your local public square tho, its not that safe.
    Well on receiving the beta to the inFAMOUS2 online features, I must say that euphoric nice butterflysy feeling in the gut is there for me when as I discover the Marais. Not that I have wanted to spend too long therein, I do not want to ruin discovering this beautifully rendered map in full until I get my Hero Edition.
    inFAMOUS looked bloody good on my ps3 way back in ’09. I can tell you that inFAMOUS2 looks that much better again here in ’11.
    As for multiplayer, I’m glad it’s not there. AC:Brotherhood’s mp was a waste of time, I’d rather work with folk than against them. Any future inFAMOUS titles would be great with co-op mishes to do with a friend. inFAMOUS Cole working with inFAMOUS2 Cole working with whom? Kessler?
    Thankyou Sucker Punch…

  • @ Elliott
    Thank’s for the update, appreciated.

  • Drawing a parallel to the identity of Kessler, I expect we’ll find out that the Beast is actually Cole’s long lost brother Ross, who went on a rampage after hackers deprived him of his weekly store update lovefest… :P

  • Why doesn’t SCEE release the Hero Edition in Norway? :(

  • hi Nate, i bet that video looks amazing but i will not check it out as
    i don’t want any spoilers or whatever.

    i am part of the UGC Beta and i must say that the gfx and enviroment is amazing compared to the allready amazing first game.

    My hero edition can’t come soon enough :)

  • @cthulhu85

    i just preordered it at, exellent shop!

  • it’s an awesome game!!!I can’t wait!:D

  • My most anticipated game this year, but its just a shame that its being released amidst so many other games that demand attention.
    If it wasn’t for the following games all being released within a 4 week period I would have probably preordered the Hero edition aswell. But I must content myself with the standard version.
    Dead or Alive Dimensions
    Duke Nukem Forever
    Ocarina of Time 3D
    Alice Madness Returns

  • Whens the store back uo

  • Can’t wait for this game!!!!

  • Pre-ordered 2 weeks ago. :)

    One of the best PS3 exclusives deserve Day-1 purchase.

  • Looking really good. Definitely getting this day 1. Looking like there will be epic battles in this!!

  • Im doing my finals at the moment, so I cant get this day one (or I won’t to save my grades).

    This is definately on my next-to-buy list, and the fact I cant buy it right now makes me a VERY sad panda.

  • How do we in sweden get those dlc?

  • I can’t wait for this game !!!! awesome
    Pre ordered getting U3 beta, PERFECT !!!!

  • DAAYYUMM looking good!!

  • It’s gonna be…wonderful!!!Can’t wait!Hey,Cole’s voice was changed,wasn’t it?It’s gonna be marvellous!!!The Beast will certainly go down and become The Wired Kitty…

  • Kinda rare I look forward to DLC for games this much actually. Kessler, Original Cole & Reaper are great choices for skins. I have just Platinum’d Sly 1 & 2 during the PSN downtime (just starting 3) and must admit, the idea of using Sly’s Cane to deal out some justice us very, very appealing.

  • Please, i know you said that the Reaper skin and 3 Amp variants will be available for the EU hero edition(and I’m guessing that involves the UK). What i want to know is whether the standard and special edition for the EU, specifically for UK, includes these bonuses. Please reply as I am desperate to know.

    Sucker Punch Prod is amazing and I will back them all the way.

  • now listen to what i’m going to say infamous1 was amazing BUT it was to short which was frustrating and i can’t remember anything because i bought it and finished it in one day!!!!!! 3 years ago and i sort of lost still EXCITED FOR 2

  • E3 COLE needs to be an ingame/future DLC skin. I want to play as him too. Won’t mind paying.

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