Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Box Art And Release Date Announced

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Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Box Art And Release Date Announced

Following the release of the Resistance 3 pack earlier this week, SCEE and Insomniac Games are now proud to follow up with the official announce of the Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One packshot.


We can also confirm that All 4 One will be releasing across PAL regions from October 19th, 2011. Be aware that release dates vary depending on where you live, so for more information please keep an eye out on the PlayStation.Blog.

Finally, we also have the following pre-order bonuses that are available at select retailers:





Again, please check availability with your local retailers.


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2 Author Replies

  • (Private videos??)
    Looks amazing BTW.
    Insomniac Games always delivers

  • ok this looks ok
    but this is not why im here
    i have just been informed the CoD Blackops Escalation map packs are not going to be released on PS3 for a while, if at all. now Chris considering the you are the Senior Product Manager, can you tell me why? and when it will be available please ????

  • SCEE better not plaster that stupid purple sticker on the box.

    What is the point of those purple stickers anyway? They’re effing hideous.

    • Chris Weatherhead

      For those who aren’t fans of the lozenges, we will be making sure that the reverse of the inlay can be swtiched round and used instead. Our current plan is to use Captain Qwarks design for this, see the blog post on the 1st of Aril for more info on this.

  • Looks ok

    But not investing anymore money in Sony or Playstation brand.

  • Looks good!!

    I’ve played all the titles in the series so far on PS2 & PS3 & enjoyed them a great deal!

    I thought this was going to end up being a Move title only, so i’m glad to see it isn’t & will pick this up in October! :)

  • almighty-slayer

    @Slim-Joe you know where to go then don’t you!

    Cool boxart guys (not as cool as Resistance 3 though :p) definite day one buy :)

  • With early weapon acces i hope you mean you get it when you start the game but if you don’t pre-order you will have to unlock it with screws.Please confirm this so i don’t get 4less weapon than is should have.

  • there better be escalation maps i just went out and got £50 psn card to have the money there ready dont let us all down sony

  • Slim-Joe2911# Then why are you in this blog?

  • How come this post was taken down the put back up -.-

  • This is going to be fun. :-)

  • I would rather look forward to a full sequel to a crack in time instead of a gimicky cash-in game.

  • Preferred the box art shown in April :)


  • 13# I think it’s looks alot of fun this game and they can’t just do the same the same over and over because if you look at sales the serie is just going down.

  • @4 it won’t be a sticker it will be printed as always, to destroy the boxart.

    And I think its head of marketing/sales who does that. Because it makes him feel superior to his customers somehow (I can already hear him say it “YES I did it again”). The poor chap…

  • Mr. Zurkon – is the best weapon – except for when you unleash the groovitron (he started dancing as well) – definitely one of my favourite sociopaths – but what happened to his voice – something about it sounds very wrong

    not really bothered about starting with special weapons – I would rather earn them with bolts – because earning bolts was never hard in Ratchet and Clank games

  • Unrelated question: On my other account I use to download my items to my PS3. I have restored my PS3 5 times now, without deactivating my account. Is there a way to deactivate all previous PS3 systems? I will then know what to do in the future. If you want me to post back here on the account itself the I shall.

    Thanks for your help/

  • please hurry psn store hope u r bk next tuesday so we gan get our packige

  • please hurry psn store hope you are back next tuesday so we gan get our free packige

  • please hurry psn store hope you are back next tuesday so we can get welcome back package

  • I liked the april fools box a bit better ^_^ (but this one will do fine, don’t worry)

    I truly love some of those weapons though! :D

    • Chris Weatherhead

      I liked Captain Qwarks design too, the aim is to use this for the reverse inlay so you can swap it around,

  • I can’t believe how many PS3 only games would have come out by the end of this year :P
    Well done SONY & the game makers for giving me what i want in a games console[unlike Microsofts Xbox 360 which seems to have died with exclusive games] :D
    Can’t wait for R&C:All4one :P

  • Bellissima box art!!! Non me lo perderò! Grazie insomniac, anche se mi manca il tuo fanatstico Spyro per PS1 :D

  • now i understand thats 21 for the uk and can u give us a relce date for R3 for eu and uk plz

  • Mr Zurkon rules! And I agree – who wants free stuff that you can earn anyway? It just ruins the satisfaction and potentially the difficulty curve. I’ll collect bolts and search out the platinums, thanks!

    @Slim-Joe2911 if you were looking to encourage a mass walk out you got the wrong guys! Either cheer up or go make friends with the children on the dark side.

  • Dear innsomiac, handing out different weapons as pre-order bonus, especially some cool weapons is upright dumb, now if it had just been some costume or something that affect gameplay in no way rhat would be ok. This isn’t.

  • I was just wondering, Do you get these weapons later in the game if you dont pre-order the game?

  • I love R & C but I HATE retailer-specific pre-orders. This one isn’t so bad as we will have access to them all at some point but I’m effing furious that I can’t play Abandoned on SOCOM just because I didn’t buy it from somewhere specific. Particularly as it was terribly advertised.

    Also the fact that a lot of content in games should be available from playing the game, not purchased after the fact. The worst being Dead Space, as far as I’ve seen.

    Please stop this crazy practise. I love a bit of “extra” DLC after the fact but stuff that should be available in the retail version is just taking the mick.

    However, I will certainly buy this game as I have loved every R&C game so far.

  • Well said Bumblebee, I totally agree.

  • I agree with Bumblebee about the DLC contents. Instead buying from diffrent stores to get DLC they should have it in one pack all four weapons. I mean there weapons not extra missions or anything.

  • the fact that his name is “Mr. Zurkon” is reason enough not to mess with him

  • K3NDO-H4N20-san

    great news. LUV R&C. how about we keep to the thread guys,am sick reading threads full of “I WANT,I WANT,I WANT! Sony dont owe us anythin but an apology and ive had mine, how was yours?

  • Can you tell us what the select retailers is, so that we can place a order. Many Thanks

  • “I liked Captain Qwarks design too, the aim is to use this for the reverse inlay so you can swap it around,”

    Cool! I, and some others, commented on the April fools posting that you should do that. If you do so, I’ll think I’ll swap the cover arround. Getting this on release whichever the box is though. Love the new angle on the franchise!


  • I want!
    How I’ve missed my little Lomax and his awesome weaponary. :)

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