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As you’re no doubt aware, certain PlayStation Network services have resumed which means, among other things, we can all get back to playing games online. Here on the PlayStation.Blog, it means we can get back to talking about games, starting with the range of inFamous 2 editions available in Europe and the all-important release date. It’s good to be back.

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  • HI james is there any info on when the store will be back up

  • Good Morning James, Can we expect the store today?

  • ahh back to normality, good to have the blog back to the way it should be!

  • James!

    Not sure if you’ve noticed but there’s been some Nick bloke around here lately pretending to be in charge of the blog.

    • I always preferred being the leader in the shadows. And I’m still the man when we need to film someone taking something out of a box.

  • Hi i have still not get the password reset e-mail on my account with the PSN-name: oguzZz123 :(
    Can you please sen it.

  • can i just say the welcome back games are, well you can guess what im going to say, there should be more games that people can choose from, not much variety there, it should also include Black ops escalation, because thats what most people want. think about it james, it will boost your PR, and get people back onto PS3 and stop switching to x-box

    • It’s impossible to please everyone of course, but I think all five are quality games. And if I remember right, the PSN outage occurred during a bumper month in PlayStation Plus, which you will also be able to make the most of.

  • Hi James, glad to see some GAMING content on here for a change and cannot wait for Infamous, i know everyone will ask when the store will be up, but all i want to know is that you are definitley NOT going to to miss the deadline 31st May right ?

    Also for all those complaining about the free games it really is unavoidable You offer popular games and everyone will already have them, you offer unpopular games and then you’re offering unpopular games.

    I rest my case !

  • Welcome back guys. :)

  • Hi James,

    Back to normal thank god.. cheers for all the hard work all of you put in.

  • Welcome back, guys! We missed you! Keep up the good work!

  • Hi i have still not get the password reset e-mail on my account with the PSN-name: oguzZz123 :(
    Can you please send it.
    I want an answer on why i dont get it!

  • Can we get an update on what we will see new to the store when it goes live please, and for PS+?

  • Well guys, good to know the blog can go back to normal. I think Sony has handled this situation the best they could given the gravity (yeah, some people say about the lateness of the Info Theft, but I know having an investigation make things difficult).

    So have a good rest when you can guys at PR department, because in the end you guys receive all the critics when you have no control over things.

    So yeah, I hope to see you guys posting about the store opening very soon so we can at least go fully normal. Have a good day guys :)

  • @ Kanyeeezy

    Just let everybody speak there mind..

  • Hi all

    Normal is good…i like normal….makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

  • Hi James.
    Will we still have access to the offers that were provided before the network got hit?
    I was planning on getting the 15 month PS+ (for the price of 12 months) subscription. This offer was supposed to run until the 5th of may. Bought a PSN card on the day the network went down as well!

  • Welcome back everyone! Feels like I haven’t posted in a looooooooooong time.

  • Pffiuu, Finally back to normal!

    Now plz restore the store :D

    I Really want to spend some of my money om some cool things.
    Anything new on that front?

    Thx sony for bringin it back!!!

  • Nice to see you back James, alltough I’m sure you have worked behind the curtains lately. Will you resume your hunt for the Yakuza 4 platinum?

    • Great to see some familiar PSN Ids too, as well as a few new ones I suspect. I did get sidetracked by the brilliant Portal 2… and then by Mortal Kombat… and then by a revisit of NFS: Hot Pursuit. Back on it now though and am on the last stage of Ultimate Skill. Then I just need to complete the game again on Extra Hard and I *should* be home and dry.

  • I really want Under Siege lol been waiting ages for it

  • Welcome back. I’m so happy I’ll grant you one of my cookies. (and usually, I NEVER share cookies ;-) )

    Here boy!

    (Can’t wait for inFamous 2 btw. The first one was an unexpected sleeper hit)

  • @ James

    Leader in the shadows so this makes you the Noob Saibot of SCEE!!


    thnx 4 the update james

  • It’s nice to be getting some gaming news on here again, we just need the store up now then its back to normality

  • Eauuu K anyway.

    I don’t do Normal, and hurry up Store I want to spend PSN card money.

  • Yeah :-) And now we get ready for the E3!
    Welcome back guys ;-)

  • @26/Guillemots

    Oh yeah E3. Remember James we all hated reading the live blog. Get a camera crew and stream it! Please….! :D

    • I personally think that mine and Jeff’s colour commentary was so vivid it made the reader feel like they were actually there, but point taken!

  • Or was the live blog at European Gaming Expo? I can’t remember, but wherever it was is no match for live footage.

  • yes i agree with the 5 games, but if you look at twitter over the last month everyone has been saying the B.O escalation would be appropriate. even if i just got that and PS+ i would be extremely happy and so would millions more people. and also PS+ content expires in 30days, well most of it, so us PSN users will spend a week downloading stuff, well i will then it will all be wasted when it goes in 30days. i honestly think that B.O escalation should be included in the package, but if you claim it your not entitled to the other games. and anything downloaded during the PS+ days should be yours to keep.

  • I sadly wont be buying Infamous 2 nor will I be buying any other games for my PS3, i’ll use it as a Bluray player from now on.

  • Things will only be back to normal once the store has returned, I honestly feel sorry for the dev’s out there at the moment relying on your store for an income.

  • Hi i have still not get the password reset e-mail on my account with the PSN-name: oguzZz123 :(
    Can you please send it.
    I want an answer on why i dont get it!
    I really want to play online!

    • James Gallagher

      Just been checking the latest on this and there is still a huge backlog of emails with the ISP and waiting to go through. All we can say is please wait and they will all go through as the massive demand eases. However, if you have been waiting for more than 24 hours than it may be worth submitting a new request now, as each email has a 24-hour expiry. Just be sure to only submit the request once.

  • Welcome back good to see everything is getting back to normal. But everyone complaining about already having whats on the “Welcome Back” package is terrible. Sony have tryed there hardest and most people all they are doing is complaining. Thanks Sony !!

  • i hope that this kind of problem never happens against Sony . Not just for Sony entire Gaming industry it’s so sad day’s for gamers and Sony .

    So we hopefully pass these days and future is bright for Sony fans E3 is just around the corner and i can’t wait for NGP the excitement is HUUUGGEEE :)

    Not : For god sake Sony in future FW updates add option do account management for friend request option to off recive requests couse i had PSN ID with trophy level 7 but can’t play with it couse everytime i signed in there is min 15 friend request all from our arabic friends and i don’t know them My psn is Memo it’s nick name for my full name Mehmet (you know Mehmet okur in NBA people call him Memo like that ) PLEASE SONY HELP ME it’s ANNOYING

  • I Need the store back , be cuz my first strike dlc disapeared.. i need to download it.. AGAIN

  • Welcome back guys. Now enjoy all the greatest ps3 games ^^ and news from the best console ever ^^

  • I’d love to get some more info about White Knight Chronicles 2. Any updates of this game coming?

    • James Gallagher

      I just asked and we do have some new material we can post over the next couple of weeks. Watch this space.

  • mike_slate-21

    Believe me there are a lot of people that don’t want the escalation map pack.. I am buying it plain and simple..

    You are talking about pleasing millions but they can’t possibly please all 77 million can they..

    A activision deal for the map pack for 77 million users mmmmm I think not.. You know it is coming out end of the month save your money and buy it..

    And all the once that skipped playstation for xbox and would come back because of an escalation map pack let them stay where they currently are..

  • Hi i have still not get the password reset e-mail on my account with the PSN-name: oguzZz123 :(
    Can you please send it to me?
    I want an answer on why i dont get it!
    I really want to play online!

  • It’s nice for the blog to finally start discussing games again :)

    Out of interest, what’s going to happen to the Spring offers that were on the store before it went down? I was going to grab a few on that fateful day…

  • Hey James/NIck

    Can you tell us if there’s still a back log of emails? I’ve waited almost 2 days for my emails to my hotmail acounts :( still nothing yet

    • James Gallagher

      If you’ve been waiting two days then it might be worth requesting another as that original email will have expired by the time it reaches you. The backlog is gradually easing and I’m assured your emails will arrive.

  • Aye I’d like to know that too I was going to boost my PS+ Subscription then we all know what happend next :(

  • obiadekanobi1980

    im not interested in infamous 2 or any other sony game ever again after they way u treated us misinformation to tag us along with, the terrible list of games in the welcome back pack as a psplus subber for a year i have all these games so basically all i get is a extra 42 days on my psplus sub and u guys think this is fair??

    so half of ppl will get two free games for either ps3 or psp and the other half who just happend to buy these games when they were released have to go without??

    so how is this fair to everyone @rabidwalker wrote to me saying that it was a demographic choice to accomadate all age groups….

    so is there any plans to offer ppl who CURRENTLY own all 5 to get a alternative choice even if it just one game id be happy with flower or PJ shooter or even some themes but as it stands u either lucky and dont own them or unlucky and own them all.

  • James, I guess the greatest problem with the welcome back offer is the way it seemingly demonstrates your valuation of long term Playstation Plus customers, most of whom will have the content made available to them over the course of their subscription for free or at a heavy discount. Perhaps a discount for re-upping their subscription could be arranged, letting you lock in their business while demonstrating your appreciation of their patience during the troubles? They are your core customers after all.

  • Hey James! what do you think will be the most downloaded games from the welcome pack?

    I rekon its gonna be:

    1) InFAMOUS
    2) LittleBigPlanet
    3) Wipeout HD
    4) Ratchet & Clank Booty
    5) SuperStardust
    6) Dead Nation

    oh yeah, if were getting back to normal, i’ll take this opportunity to say MORE 1ST PARTY AVATARS PLEASE!!!!1111one :D

  • All I can say is it’s good to be finally back.

    And welcome back James.

  • Speaking of games, do you know when Beyond Good & Evil HD will be released? And if we’ll get it in PS+ as a discount?

  • It won’t be back to normal until people start complaining that America has X while Europe has Y

    Looking forward to some more WKC2 details though

  • So are we going to see Muster doing an interview for us at E3 ?? hehe

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