PSN FAQ – Restoration Questions Answered

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PSN FAQ – Restoration Questions Answered

Now that PlayStation Network is once again operational, a great many of you are once again enjoying playing games online. Of course, that’s only part of the Network’s offerings – and you’ve got some questions about how the downtime affected planned releases and online events. Here are answers to some of the more pressing queries:

Q: So what exactly is working right now?
A: Sign-in for PlayStation Network and Qriocity (including the resetting of passwords), online gameplay for PS3 and PSP, playback of rental video content on PS3 (if within rental period), Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity on PS3 (for current subscribers), access to services such as Mubi and Vidzone, “Friends” category on PS3 (including Friends List, Chat Functionality, Trophy Comparison, etc), and PlayStation Home.

Q: I’m having trouble changing my password/I forgot which email I used on my account/I used a fake email to set up my account.
A: Visit for a set of tips on resetting your password. If you’ve gone through the process and are waiting for an email from us, please note that the very large number of requests has caused certain ISPs to slow the rate at which recipients get emails from us. Please be patient as the systems work through the backlog.

Q: The PlayStation Store hasn’t updated since April 19th. When can I download digital games that were planned to be released since then?
A: To date, three Wednesday publishes were missed and rest assured that you won’t miss any of this great content. To catch up on the large amount of material, we’ll be publishing to the PlayStation Store multiple times per week once commerce functionality is restored. We will update the PlayStation.Blog with information on timing of the Store restoration, as well as the full list of new content as each publish occurs.

Q: How will PlayStation Plus members be affected by the PSN downtime? A number of games/items were slated to go live or come down on April 26th.
A: We will be picking back up with the PlayStation Plus content calendar right where we left off, to ensure that you won’t miss out on anything.

Q: Sucker Punch has indicated that they will extend the inFAMOUS 2 beta. Any details?
A: Sucker Punch is evaluating extending the inFAMOUS 2 beta, as well as expanding its scope. Stay tuned for more details here in the coming days.

Q: Is anything special planned for the SOCOM: Special Forces multiplayer community?
A: Zipper will announce details on activities to re-engage fans of SOCOM: Special Forces who have patiently waited to play online.

Q: How can I redeem the Welcome Back offer that was mentioned by Kazuo Hirai? What’s in it?
A: Hang tight – we’ll be announcing all the details soon.

Q: When will the PlayStation.Blog start talking about games again?
A: Tomorrow! Thank you for bearing with us as our role changed over the past few weeks. James will be back tomorrow and will be talking games every day leading up to E3, which is just a few short weeks away.

If you’ve got a PSN-related question that remains to be answered, please ask below, and we’ll do our best to answer.

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12 Author Replies

  • nick thanks a lot for your effort on this your mass number of updates on various threads this weekend has been insane in all fairness you deserve some recognition i work in IT and i know the sheer ammount of work the whole dev team have needed to put in behind the scenes is silly well done guys 3 week turn around to get a mass online gaming system back online is brilliant !

  • Thanks for announcing this, I am glad to be to be back on PSN.

  • hi, could you please answer me this, i havent recieved my password reset email yet and my 24 hour time limit is almost up and im worried that if i dont get it before then i wont be able to reset my password because i accidently deleted it while trying to log in and send the password change requests on my ps3, and i do not remember my password, and i dont remember the D.O.B. of the account as i had to put in a fake one to make an account, so if you or anyone knows the answer to this could you please tell me ! thank you very much :).

  • c’mon guys give details on welcome back programme we got told last night ” in a few hours” please tell us dont do ” the sony thing ” & say nothing

    • I am really sorry that I wasn’t able to update you on the welcome back programme in teh timescale I promised. Unfortunately there were a couple of last minute issues that came up that needed finalising. We will be sharing this information with you soon. Hopefully tonight if we can get it finalised.

  • sod online gaming, i only care about the store. if i cant get the la noire and new vegas dlc on psn this week, ive got to get them on the 360.
    however much i dont like the idea of 3 disks, at least i get the complete game.

  • Will the ‘Welcome Back’ package and it’s contents be announced today, or another date?

  • I look foward to seeing what the 3 weeks worth of stuff has in the store

  • Hello i want to ask what happen to the thinks i ve bough before the atack because i ve bough all thinks for uncharted 2 and i now i ve played and i cant use that packs can you tell where are the packs thx for the time you take for respond

  • im looking forward to see what you guys have been up to ! Please dont disappoint with games that people would not want, you know what i mean ! lol, i have waited long enough for PSN to get back and im sure i can wait til the store is back up, please make sure its before E3 otherwise Sony will not live it down. HYPE

  • When will all PSN members receive PlayStation Plus and the Welcome back offer?

  • I think a lot of people are starting to get a bit impatient, it was roughly this time yesterday we were told “a few hours” for details on the “Welcome Back” package.

    I appreciate your hard work, and especially the fact that we are receiving this package for a free service. But please, any time on when we’ll see details on this?

    • Really sorry I wasn’t able to shatre that information with you when I promised. I can assure you that I am doing everything I can to get it finalised and share it with you as quickly as possible.

  • xiineoNz, most likely yes.

  • Will all our credit card information still be linked to the account, or will we have to set them up again if they were maybe removed for safety’s sake?

  • BACK IN.

    thank you. i can stop going out for meals with the g/f now ;)

  • can we get Call of duty map pack for free? :P

  • i have put a fifa online pass in

    and now my online pass is Disappeared …

    how’s that….

  • and by the way, can any sony employee give an ETA of the playstation store being back up? i’d like to buy some items

  • I just signed up for a psn account, and now i cant get into qriocity or find any other services other than chat, when is the playstation store reopening?we just got broadband in a few weeks ago been waiting since thinking it be great!

    • Our priority has been getting PSN up and running for you all to get online, playing games and using the services. Now that has been achieved we are now working on getting the store live for you. We will get it live as quickly as we can.

  • Thanks for the FAQ.

    My only concern now really is the PS+. I wanted to get the additional 15 months they went on offer in April. I didn’t have the money and when I did the network went down.

    Will this offer be extended?

  • yeah, why don’t you give us PS2 compatibility back on Slim. I have games I’d like to play, just sitting on the shelf. People will want to play new HD games too, you could sell more PS3’s? Software emulator please. Don’t want to wait for all the HD remakes (some of them may not come out) that people cash in..also update these music visualization for universes sake! thanks. i’ve been loyal since Walkman, you should listen sometimes..

  • Starting to think the word “soon” doesn’t mean the same thing at Sony, as it does in my house :)

  • my Q is when we will get email rest pasword maxmume time plz tell us

  • im not happy with the month free on playstation plus thats not right for the people who has there bank details on we have had to close our accounts cos of it i think you should give everyone better deals for all the aggro you have caused everyone please get back.

  • Not working for me… My PS3 is refusing to DL the update. :(

  • When we do get details of games etc in welcome pack will those of us who own ps3 and psp be able to claim both sets of packs. Thanks.

  • Welcome back PSN ! im waiting for the welcome back package :D !

  • Oooh the week PSN store goes live will be like Christmas and Easter combined. I’ll go on a shopping spree if there are many PSN+ discounts ;)

    Warhawk for free would be a good choice, bringing more people to the franchise and building up some hype for Starhawk.

  • I’ve only recently registered with PSN, i can’t play online yet, any news on when i’ll be able to?

  • asked on another thread and was ignored…for those of us with games which come with vip codes (e.g. fifa, mortal kombat etc) will the functionality to get the vip access come before the store update or will it be at the same time as the store becomes live again?

  • hey, i have BO and have had some problems with zombie mode, actually i cant connect online any1 else?????

  • i am so happy this is over !!!! thx sony

  • The Store is a very important part of the PSN. Please can we have some specific and proper details about re-launch date.

    Thank you for your hard work Sony. :)

  • I think you said those Welcome Back details were coming last night? ;)

    Oh and when will developers etc. start blogging here again?

    • James Gallagher
      James Gallagher

      As it says in the FAQ, the role of the blog has changed these past few weeks but I’ll be getting things back towards normal tomorrow and we’ve been stockpiling some great content.

  • Many thanks to the Playstation over the past few weeks with their speed and good decisions overall on this issue.
    I do hope everyone can pull together after this event and fully rebuild the network and commmunity just as it was before this!
    Many thanks once again to Sony for handling this issue with great care and properly throughout.

  • i downloaded red dead redemption undead nightmares when psn crashed and i cannot find it on my system ( i have purchase details ) can i get it when the store is up and running??

  • Can’t wait for PSN Store then, there should be LOADS of stuff on it :P

    + REAL!!! PS3 gaming News back on this site tomorrow!!! SWEET!!! :D
    [not sure why we had to lose normal PS3 News on this site anyway just because of the PSN down time, oh well]

    @stellardust That is the only thing i want to. PS2 playback on a PS3 somehow. I want to play my 70’ish PS2 games on a PS3. i.e i don’t want 2 game consoles under my TV. I wish SONY would do it :-(

  • I am happy PSN is back up.. But i do have a question.

    I am already a PS + user, so will the days lost due to service outage be added as well as the 30 days extra free?

    Also, if your offering ps + free to normal users as a bonus, what do us ps + users get that the normal ones dont? As it doesnt seem that fair for people who are already ps + does it?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Awsome update cannot wait to get gaming again,well done nick caplin thoughout this experience you have conducted yourself very well.

    I do hope sony learns from this mistake but moving forward it will only make you stronger.


  • what about first play sub

  • It’s good to be back Online, missed commenting on these and chatting to people on PSN, I hope to see the PSN Store back on soon then :)

  • I have today put my VIP Battlefield Bad Company 2 Cod but I have forget the store is offline and I can’t download my VIP PACK 1. When I will can download that maps pack ?

  • What about people that can’t get the email that was sent out by you guys. What should we do about that. We ca’t call because you guys have phone tide up so what now for us

  • Farhed33256_fade

    when will psn store work in sweden

  • Q: I’m having trouble changing my password/I forgot which email I used on my account/I used a fake email to set up my account.

    The answer to that does not say how can people with fake email recover their password. And the link in the answer doesn’t help on that issue either.

    Also I still don’t see an answer for people in countries that do not have a PS Store and that are greeted by an unceremonious message which makes changing the password impossible.

    • If you are having problems changing your password, call your local customer care line and they will be able to resolve it. They have been dealing with many similar issues. As for those countries without stores, we are aware of teh problem and are currently resolving it. You’ll be online soon, please just bear with us while we fix it.

  • Theres a new Ps home update available and i’ve just igned in and tried to download it and it says that there’s been a problem downloading content. please help. thanks

  • Finally… now please bring up the market, too…

  • It’s great to have PSN back online.I have only one question…When are the details about the “Welcome Back” offer going to be announced?

  • Hi

    I need to access my downloads list to reactivate downloaded content for my games. I forgot that doing so renders your games unplayable. Am I right in assuming that I cannot access that until the store is switched on again. I don’t need to download any of the content, just activate it.

    Is there a way I can do so without having to wait for the store to be switched on. I did assume that my downloaded content would be linked to my account and PS3 always.

    I appreciate any help on this as I am unable to play any of my games due to the additional downloaded content.


  • Glad it’s back to normal!

  • Question

    I have a question regarding online passes for games like mortal kombat 9, is it possable you could allow us to activate the games for online play? I know that it is required to go through psn store.

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