Update On PlayStation Network/Qriocity Services

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Update On PlayStation Network/Qriocity Services

An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. In order to conduct a thorough investigation and to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward, we turned off PlayStation Network & Qriocity services on the evening of Wednesday, April 20th. Providing quality entertainment services to our customers and partners is our utmost priority. We are doing all we can to resolve this situation quickly, and we once again thank you for your patience. We will continue to update you promptly as we have additional information to share.

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  • Hope it gets fixed very soon! Unlocking offline trophies in the meantime! :)

  • Comments are the lifeblood of the PlayStation.Blog, and we encourage you to keep the conversation going in a relevant, constructive way. Remember: no swearing, fighting, or using the comments section of this blog to be “first!” Think about what you’re saying before you press “Submit.”

    Please can we implement this onto the Europe blog too. ‘First’ posts are so old and childish.

    Thanks for the update though.

  • I hope it all gets sorted soon, I’ve got an inFamous 2 beta to play :p

  • Crazy that Sony could let this happen. All the major companies are more than aware of the threats by hackers to modern technology. There will be a lot of ticked off people who have paid for Playstation Plus who will now be out of pocket, will Sony compensate? Yes but only by way of an apology. This should never be allowed to reoccur, once bitten twice shy!

  • I hope it gets sorted soon I want to get back to playing Marvel vs Capcom 3 online.

  • So basically…our credit card info is compromised and these hackers could screw us all over?

    If that’s the case – good job, Sony.

  • Also, ken26041970:

    Whilst I share your pain, Playstation Plus doesn’t work anything like Xbox Live Gold. We can’t straight up claim that they should compensate us, since Plus is based around exclusive deals and downloads – both things being available for a lengthy period of time. It’s not like we’re losing anything right now, although correct me if I’m wrong.

  • I believe that what some people are saying about Sony should be able to see this coming, are wrong.

    Sony have been through so much and for the past 4 Years with the PS3 and PSN combined they should be allowed a day off everyone of them.

    If this is what Sony have to do to keep such an impressive load of Information and Data on an Interactive Online Store, keep up the Great work Sony. Without PSN Downtimes and all of you fixing the problems, PSN wouldn’t exist anymore.

    So, what I say is Sony take your time in fixing this, the only thing anyone should be worrying about is that their Private data is kept safe.

    Thank you Sony, we all love you.

    Don’t stop the Brilliant Work. Thanks again.

  • ^

    Erm, this is apparently caused by a breach in the system – not exactly lack of maintainence (although that can factor towards security).

    As such, personal data is very likely to be compromised.

  • SteadiestShark,

    You have no knowledge of this attack other than what was posted on the blog – it was an ‘external intrusion’. Everything else you are saying you’re pretty much just inventing in your head. I find it highly inflammatory for you to parrot that personal data is compromised without any evidence to suggest as much.

    So, please… stop trying to incite fear and upset; what you are saying is worst case scenario, and if it was true Sony would be obligated to inform not only their customers but all affected financial institutions around the world as soon as possible to prevent financial loss.

    This, to my knowledge, has not occurred. So, while it is very unfortunate and inconvenient that PSN has gone down, it is in fact, quite unlikely that confidential data such as addresses and credit card details were exposed.

  • stoked I took my credit info of my ps3 before all this happened

  • I read people’s bog commentaries in order to partake in hopefully intelligent discourse & to maintain my inner sense of community with my fellow psn bloggers. All this is usually shattered by some ten year old panting to come “first”. grrrrrr… Anyways, thankyou James for the update on what is going on with my/our network. You really do not appreciate the good things in life until they be taken away from you…) This blog entry gets 5 circles for keeping us abreast of the outage situation, even tho it may not be what I want to hear, some news ranks higher than no news at all. peace…

  • why have a started getting Spam from unless sony has started selling prescription medication for erectile dysfunction.

  • @ no 8
    I have lost, and continue to lose access to my sub to Qriocity. I hope Sony gives me a free extra month of that service. I want to listen to Yazoo Reconnected Live(no pun intended). Also I think Sony should grant + users an extended month on Plus tho I am payed right up until oct 2012.

  • Sony are such liars, first the PSN is down due to Japan now, then we find out its hackers all along!

    Make your minds up man!

  • Music Unlimited is still running – but you can’t log in and you can therefore only play 30 seconds of each track.

    Maybe they should take that time limit off for everyone till it’s possible to sign in again. That would keep the service going for the paying customers, while encouraging the non-payers fully to explore what’s there – they might sign up afterwards – and it would restore confidence in the availability of the service, which in recent weeks has been somewhat intermittent.

    But maybe their staff have too much on their hands at the moment to make that change…

  • @8 Cloud saves, various services that require PSN access to work, such as Netflix, not being able to update or purchase new content…etc.

    PSN might be a free service, but it being free is a selling point and it is advertised as one. It’s a factor when you buy the console, it’s a feature of it and it has now been removed. There is also the issue of a lot of services that are tied to the PSN, like the ones I listed in the paragraph above, not being available and some of these are paid for by the costumer.

    There certainly are grounds for demanding a compensation, although personally I do not care much for it.

  • All I wanna know at this time is, is my personal information safe, namely my credit card info and stuff.

  • So, how bout a time frame Sony?

    Not giving an approximate fix date is starting to make me think that PSN could be down for weeks.

  • This is an Easter thing. Nice one Sony – on the third day it will rise again!
    Good luck with the fix, and take whatever time it needs to make the PSN secure against these Billy-No-Mates ‘hackers’.

  • considering this blog is just a copy and paste from the U.S blog.
    everybody should just check the U.S blog cause SCEE is clueless

  • What this outage does show is that Sony aren’t up to the task of preventing these external attacks.

    It would be very proactive to hire whoever is highlighting fatal flaws in the PSN infrastructure so as to close this door.

  • There, they FINALLY admited that they got owned byt a groupd of kids with no life. Well, kida admited anyway.

    I just can’t stand why a multi-millionaire company such as they with lots of pro senior engeneers are taking this long to solve the problem. This is seriously underwhelming.

  • Thank you for the update. It’s a shame that an “external intrusion” has caused all these problems for us consumers. Everyone should express their anger at them and not Sony…. Sony, along with us, is the victim in all of this!

  • I have subs to and Lovefilm that i would like to use. Yes i could watch them on a PC but i subscribed because they were on PS3 and i could watch them on my TV not hunched over a computer desk.

    As angry as we are I can only imagine the annoyance of Zipper (SOCOM) and Valve ( Portal2 ). Both big games to be coming out this week, SOCOMs strong point is ONLINE play and with there being no online im sure many potential customers this easter will perhaps just buy something else, maybe they will buy the game later but maybe they will just forget it. Valve and Sony have the first ever Mac/PC/PS3 capable co op game come out and it does not work, if someone has an xbox as well as ps3 they are probably going to buy the game on that now. This will be losing Sony a large amount of money as well as game developers.

    It does look like amateur hour though, arguably the biggest release weekend of the year and a holiday for most western countries and PSN is decimated by “external intrusion” it has taken them 2 days just to find out what it was.

  • the first days without psn were ok for me
    i was going outside meeting friends but slowly im getting bored.
    that must be hard for valve now that nobody can play their game online… hope that hacker gets his a** kicked.

  • And lets not forget the people affected by the CAPCOM games that only work with being online and WARHAWK.

  • This would never happen on Xbox

  • And Plus member???
    Money or day back please!

  • Well whoever is behind this ‘external intrusion’ really need a punch in the face. I feel kinda bad for the Sony techs who are likely having to work extra hard this Easter weekend to fix this and sort out the damage to the network and put into place something to try stop it happening again. Had a couple of hours on Uncharted 2 last night though and cos of the lack of multiplayer I just got reminded what an unbelievabley fantastic single player game it is too then I watched a Doctor Who Blu Ray. There’s plenty to enjoy on a PS3 even without PSN. Ain’t like the machine is useless.

  • xD well I flashed a new firmware to my phone and someother stuff, want to play infamous 2 beta properly now though but need to accept EULA :(
    @Carnivus new dr who today :p xD

  • i just want me some SOCOM multiplayer now.

    im against hacking but with out proof i think sony are using them as scapegoats. I think something just went wrong. Lets be honest if u were some geek that took the whole of PSN down for 3 DAYS wouldn’t u boast a little bout it ?? seems a little odd to me

  • I think everybody should stay with sony now instead of directly playing on xboxlive …
    maybe we could sing a song ’till the downtime ends…
    but singing isn’t possible in the comments

  • it sucks, i hope today PSN is back..

  • I agreed with Sony when they took the Otheros away and even defended Sony against others who complained about Otheros. Now my faith in the PS brand is gone. Yeah its well and good not having access to the PSN for 5 days or so great I’ll go live my life but whats stopping the attacks from happening again next week and the week after that and so forth and so on. Can yous honestly ask your customers to stay patient everytime PSN is taken down??? because my patience is running out.

  • This is really poor… just read a article on CVG where Microsoft were gloating over their secure and stable network. As a bank holiday weekend this is a big fail for Sony, they need to get PSN back up asap and it remain there.

    I wonder what the scenes are in Sony HQ right now…..?

  • I am loving this, No really, I have purchased Mortal Kombat and Portal 2 and both work incredibly well offline.

    Local Multiplayer is far better than online. No possibility of Lag, people sat in the same room as you having a good time and no abuse from someone who is hiding behind a mic.

    I am a subscriber of both Playstation Plus and Lovefilm (Although I am not a fan of lovefilm)and I am not worried about the psn being down.

    This could be a blessing in disguise. With around 70m players affected there will be a strong enough opinion that Campaigns/story modes are actually important too. Then, just maybe, our £40 will last longer than 5 hours offline.

    I trust Sony are dealing with this as fast as they can. I also trust that none of my information has been compromised. So I’m gonna get back to the stupidly amazing game that is Portal 2 and carry on with the co-op with my Girl friend before a few of the guys come over tonight and we play Mortal Kombat. It’s exactly how gaming should be. SOCIAL!

  • Had a good go at get some more trophies during this down time. xx

  • i love the new Mortal Kombat. 4 player is so fun to play :) and for you hackers and people thats write first, GET A LIFE.

  • How empty has to be someone´s life to, in a tight, and lets be honest, stupid and incomprehensible situation like this, where a bunch of morons living with their moms shuts down a major company´s services, the only real comment they are able to do is:


    Seriously, get a life. A.s.a.p.

  • And it took Sony 3 days to tell us this?

    While at first they said they had too investigate what it was what took the PSN down, all this time they KNEW they had taken down the service THEMSELVES???

    Yup, thanks again Sony for showing us what a big up-your company your are :-(

    Sony, you should have told us this in the first place…

  • @link1983 Comment 38, love it! You make a very good point, and this is exactly what I did last night, had a friend over and played a ton of games split screen and tackled the next stage in my COD campaigns.

    Get your friends over and have a great Easter all :)

  • Whats up with our Credit Card numbers?

  • “An external intrusion on our system”
    It is strange this happens when the Xbox 360 gets dumped into 3rd place worldwide :D

    + i still have been enjoying my PS3 off-line anyway. Hope SONY sort it out ok soon. They keep getting knocks from everything lately :(

  • I hope the Spring Offer gets an extansion. I would love to have grabbed some games, but well no store no buy :(

    Also any intel about possible leaked info would be cool.

    So far I’m playing solo or with my brother, so no qualms about not playing online here.

    Just the store is on my list :/

  • Oh, so the main Anon group didn’t do it? Interesting…

  • People saying XBL “is better blah blah blah” need to shut up, because they’re making themselves look silly.

    You do realize 2 years back XBL was down for almost 2 weeks due to “maintenance” and all we got was a poxy xbla game called Undertow.

  • Sony, THANK you for the update, least we know more now.

    So, some idiot from the outside has ruined our gaming experience eh? Wonder how they did it, isnt the PSN very secure? I hope my debit card details are not in danger….

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