Update on PSN Service Outages

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Update on PSN Service Outages

While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running. Thank you very much for your patience while we work to resolve this matter. Please stay tuned to this space for more details, and we’ll update you again as soon as we can.

For further information, please refer to updates on PlayStation.com our @PlayStationEU twitter feed.

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  • Just want to point out it’s been out since at lease 7am BST and thus taken two hours for a status update on the Twitter Feed.

    Likewise there’s a difference between “maintenance” and repair. I very much doubt anyone would schedule maintenance on the official release date for Portal 2.

  • is this caused by anonymous? are our credit card informations safe?

  • This is clearly not scheduled maintenance, this is either an external attack or hardware failure, as PSN seems to be down in all regions it seems quite serious whatever the problem is.

  • And by “certain functions” you mean the entire PSN right? lol

  • Yep, PSN is down for everyone I know in Australia. Is it an Anonymous attack or a network failure?

    Not Battlefield for me tonight then!

  • I hope this fixes the error codes a lot of us have been having lately, I get the error code with a ‘B’ in it but upon a second attempt it always signs in fine, then sometimes I get another error code but if I reboot my PS3 I then go back to the ‘B’ error code and can sign in on the next attempt again, not a huge problem but kinda annoying nonetheless.

  • Nice, no SOCOM online then for me yet :/

  • Let’s all have a test based game of SOCOM then?

    *runs behind strategically placed non explosive barrel, shoots natsamson*

    *proceeds to dance*


  • Well back to the good old fashioned single player.. ;)

  • *nuke* win.

    I reckon it’s the hackers.

  • Thank God the inFamous 2 beta is available offline. I’ll save levels and upload later. ;)

    Hope it gets resolved quickly and that there isn’t a serious issue with the network.

  • The PSN indicator at the top of the Blog says otherwise. :p

    Can the person editing the Playstation UK Website not extend that talent to the Blog.

    It’s quite simple:


    Nothing like ensuring continuity.

  • Edit – LOL HTML won’t display on the blog. Though it seems like Web Support finally caught up. Haha

  • What a pain… I wanted to get on the store.
    Come on Sony sort it out properly!

  • Wow this is a BIG problem eh? Wondered whats happening.

  • PSN will be back up soon. Long live PSN ^%&..

  • mabe it´s some games hangs when you start them so they mabe fix it. :) ihope it´s that so i can play spare parts & prince of persia.


  • Probably a daft question but what happens if you get a trophy in a game whilst the PSN is down?

  • @FBZ pretty sure it’s synced when you go back online.

  • @FBZ1501 It’s stored on your PS3’s trophy list, then you can sync it so that the data is stored online (either by pressing triangle on the Trophies section on the XMB and choosing to sync with server or by going to your own username in or out of game and pressing cross on it, it’ll sync then load your profile).

  • some kind of ETA, on how long this will be down would be nice. Hiding in the back rooms is worse then being honest with us.
    If something is seriously wrong then let us know,tell us something, thats all i am say. This stupid silent treatment is insulting in a way.

  • So much for anonymous stopping attacks on the PSN because it doesn’t want to annoy the customers. Sony grew a pair and fight fire with fire. Employ a bunch of computer experts and go after everything anonymous. From websites they are known to use to finding and releasing information about each person known to anonymous.

    There is no way this is scheduled maintanace because Socom 4 just released and theres people wanting to play this online

  • And me trying to diagnose with virgin media about a new firmware thinking it was the firmware and it was infact your network.

    Biggest waste of 3 hours of my life.

  • Is this serious? Just bought portal 2, is it something to do with the steam integration?

  • How many times have PSN been down in 1 year? PS3 is for sure the most offline online console ever. How many times have LIVE been down this year? How many system patches did 360 get the last 4 years? PS3 gets more system updates in one month, than 360 does for 3 years, and this will make me skip PS4.

    Why are Sony always doing maintenance during Holidays and when PSN store is updated? Is it to piss off PS3 users? Why is PSN always gone at the wrong time? They should do this at night when activity on PSN is low. Not when people need PSN most!

  • @26 – Steam integration was fine when I ran it last night.

    However this week my PS3 has been refusing to connect on first boot just like @6, with the manual “Sign In” being fine. This morning I booted it up just around 7am to check something on the internet and got the constant “You have been signed out” when I tried to sign in.

    Checked for any maintenance scheduled and found nothing; checked the Twitter feed and nothing. I finally got to try someone else’s PS3 and found they had the same problem; one large sigh of relief there.

    Just wondering why it took at least 2 hours for someone to mention it though; were the offices empty until 9am?

  • Word of advice Sony: People are a lot more sympathetic to this sort of thing if you actually keep them informed of whats going on, is there seriously *nothing* extra that you could have reported to us in the last 3 hours? Even “Sorry for the further delay, we’re working hard to fix the problem but still don’t have an ETA for you” Would be better than silence

  • I just got back from holiday and was going to download the infamous2 beta along with yesterdays store update. Oh well! I guess I’ve got to find something else to do :(

  • been playing portal 2. but seriously its easter and everything. wanna know y ppl think xbox live is better than psn, this is y.

  • sony, i love you! but tell us what’s going on. if it’s anonymous then ok, if it’s maintenance for update 4.0… even better!

  • Haven’t been able to login or access Lovefilm, Mubi, Qriocity since last Friday.


  • james is there anymore of an update. Im bored os socom single player now lol

  • Can you tell us if it is maintenance or anon again?

  • They wont say if its Anonymous though, they don’t want the embarrassment lol

  • Give up asking who/what caused this.

    Even if it was a genuine hardware fault, Anon or hackers would still be blamed. Why?

    Accountability! Sonys fault means claims over the last 15 days of intermittent PSN access for lost Subscription time would be liable. Whereas, the ‘scapegoats’ that are Anon/Hackers can not be held to task.

    Simple company PR politics.

    From this point on, all PSN downtime will be blamed on Anon, either by Sony or PSN users. It’s so obvious it’s laughable.

  • well considering the issues I had yesterday , I’m not surprised. I kept being signed out of geonet and psn, the blog, website and forum would either a) load very slow, b) appear as some ancient style webpage sans any of the flashy bits or wouldn’t load at all (simply timed out).

    I could get on the network and remain but only if I wasn’t playing an mp game – could get on the store as well but seemingly some of the items I was interested in weren’t there at all.

    This morning though the new error code I got 80710A06 seemed a bit weird – can’t even post on the forum now as it’s redirected to another page – hope it gets sorted soon as I was wanting to stack my plus membership and buy some items for my georama.

  • No PSN means, I’m going egg hunting, who wants to join me? Oh and I need some CO-OP help in portal 2, add me.

  • Game patching still works when you boot a game which require a update. Its the only thing i found working. I bought ~15 retail PS3 games in 1 week, but i cant get the DLC for them in my spare time. :(

    I expect better uptime during “prime time” for a payed online service. I will still extend my PSN+ subscription, because i think its worth the money since i got it all since day 1 of PSN+.

  • At least it’s finally being looked at. PSN has been annoying for me for weeks now (even after anon claimed they stopped their noob ping attacks).

  • [DELETED] its been out for hours now

  • Still off………………..

  • strange – came back to see if there was an update and noticed green light next to playstation network stating on, refreshed the page it was then red, refreshed again green, now again red – anyone else noticing this?

    after reading the American blog comments – starting to wonder if any stored credit card details or funds in our wallet are safe? are Sony even addressing this – if odd charges appear on our cards or money missing from our wallets will Sony take responsibly and insure our funds even if stolen will be added back to our accounts?

  • Good thing i just got Portal and MK, both game i don’t need PSN to enjoy.

    however i was hoping to redeem my Infamous2 Beta code… but guess thatl wait :P

    Anynews on why this is going on…
    maintenance, issues, hackers ?

  • Skynet…It begins

  • cant log in now for 3 days and when it does log in its really slow and glitchy had the same error code as the guy above and cant log in atall today this is uncalled for fix it u morons cant belive a couple of idiots from annon cant disrupt the PSN shows how much not paying for our online does to sony “nah well fix it in a week no rush”

  • Back at the Anon lair they’re having a party because everyone is assuming it was them who shut down PSN. The service having problems is not anything new, it’s free and you get what you pay for. I hope it’s up and running soon because I am getting Mortal Kombat in a few hours and want to play online.

  • Ah, it’s not big deal. I can wait and have other things to do but I sure do have a craving for Uncharted 2 multiplayer :P

  • Isn’t it also interesting to note that the US PSN is likewise down for ‘maintenance’?

  • yanks are in bed they get priority imagine this if it was 2pm for them

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