Operation Flashpoint: Red River Is Out Now!

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Operation Flashpoint: Red River Is Out Now!

We’ve got great news for you today! Red River is out now and you can pick it up from all your favourite retailers! To mark this momentous occasion we’ve this spectacular TV advert that shows Codemasters putting the everyday folks, like you and me, in the boots of a Marine!

We’ve strived to make Red River the closest experience you can get to being a marine without signing up. Whether you choose to hit the battlefield as a Grenadier, Scout, Rifleman or Automatic Rifleman, the drop-in / drop-out co-op makes sure that there’s plenty of fun to have. If you then want to break from the exhilarating campaign you can always immerse yourself in the 4 excellent FTE game modes.

  • Last Stand – Fight off hoards of enemies! The longer you and your friends hold ground, the more points you get. But don’t forget to bug out or you’ll just bag a big fat zero points!
  • CSAR – Combat Search and Rescue sets you in a Black Hawk Down style scenario. Find the downed pilots and escort them to safety, but watch your buddies backs, the PLA won’t be too pleased to see you!
  • Combat Sweep – This is clean and simple fun. Work with your team through a series of compounds clearing out enemy insurgents. Grab some friends and run through this as quickly and effectively as you can for a big time bonus! Clear orders are the key to success.
  • Rolling Thunder – Escort your convoy to safety watch out for IEDs, RPGs, and ambushes from insurgents. Make sure the convoy doesn’t stop for too long or you and your team will start losing points!

If you’re looking for some fearless Marines to recruit into your fireteam then head over to our co-op forums to meet other Red River fans and jump online.

If you’ve got a question about Red River, then just leave it in the comments and we’ll get on it.

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3 Author Replies

  • Very happy about the release. Can’t wait to play it.

    The only thing I have to criticize is the advert.. I mean… come on.

    • I’m sure you’ll love it. Red River is great fun online with a few mates.

      Can I ask what you don’t like about the TV ad?

  • I like the advert but I think it could do with some way of showing what the gameplay is all about, for example CoD is about the fast, arcadey pace and making your gun look pretty, Battlefield is class based and about co-ordinated team play in small squads, the advert doesn’t really give a sense of what Operation Flashpoint games are about, there’s a lot of competition for multiplayer FPS’s these days and without knowing what sets OF:RR apart from BC2 and BlOps I don’t think the ad is going to be so effective for the everyday casual FPS player. I’ll be getting it for PC soonish hopefully anyway (depending on whether any PSN friends get it for PS3), looking forward to it.

  • A bit Y.. M.. C.. A’ish dont you think?

    Im sure its a decent enough game though.

    • Ha ha! You could say that. The image it’s trying to protray is that despite different backgrounds you all stand together under one banner, the USMC

  • Any chance at competitive multiplayer down the line?

  • Looks promising, really looking forward to playing the demo.

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