PlayStation Plus Mid-Month Update

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PlayStation Plus Mid-Month Update

New PlayStation Plus Content

I hope you’ve been enjoying all the amazing content so far in April, especially the brand new stuff you won’t have played before.

As promised, here are your mid month treats that complete the content in the biggest Plus month yet.

The first mid month treat was the day-one discount from Ubisoft on Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes which came on the 13th. If you haven’t checked out this great new puzzle/RPG yet, then get it today at Plus exclusive discount of 20%. This discount is available to Plus members for almost a month, not just the rest of April (ends 11th May).

Also released on the 13th was an exclusively early single player demo of Virtua Tennis 4. Hope you made the most of being the first people to ever try the fantastic new tennis game and checked out the game’s new world tour mode.

Now for the stuff you haven’t seen yet –

  • 50% discount on the brand new game Red Johnson Chronicles
  • 100% discount on Socom Pro Access – This download gives you different game modes at launch and then future updates to pro will give you new weapons, maps and other Socom benefits. And you guys get it exclusively early in Europe
  • 100% discount on the wacky PSN classic Pain
  • 20% discount on the 2nd of the Ubisoft brand new titles: Outland
  • 20% discount on the awesome racing BD title coming new to the Store: Modnation Racers
  • 100% discount and exclusive to Plus – new Clock theme from The Studio

Don’t forget, if you haven’t signed up to a year membership then now is definitely the time. Everyone can benefit from the limited offer of 15 months for the price of 12 until the 3rd May. Even if you have a membership already, you can stack another one on top and the 15 months will roll on when your current subscription ends.

That’s it for the April mid month treats but May is going to be another fantastic month in Plus so keep an eye on the blog for my update on May 4th. Keep the suggestions coming as we will always try and get you the games you request on here if we can.

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24 Author Replies

  • nice little mid month update i will be getting a few things tonight, outlands and the move title will be getting bought tonight as i have money now :)
    plus is getting better and better keep it coming.
    gutted about not getting into infamous but cant have it all

    • Hey, glad there are a few things for you but i’m afriad there will be a slight delay on the TV Superstars game but this will be coming ASAP and when it does you will still get the Plus discount

  • Will the infamous 2 beta open up for all plus members? Thanks

    • Hi, That is what we have requested but i’m afraid that sort of thing is up to the developers. I’ll let you know as soon as i hear anything

  • this sooo cool! April sure is the best month… but May will be better, right? hehehe ;)

  • PAIN for free? Really? Wow, thanks! :D Always wanted this.

  • with regards to requests hows about shank or joe danger????

    and i know its pushing it but how about ff7 or 9 ( i have 8 thats why im not requesting that ;P)

    • Hey, I have requested those a few time already and if the content guys can get them then I will let you know. Afraid its quite a tricky process sometimes though

  • 100% discount on SOCOM Pro

    Does this mean that when it goes on the normal store it costs money?

    • you guys are getting it exclusively a week early but it will also be free on the store. Afraid i’m not allowed to say ‘free’ for plus as its part of a subscription, hence the 100%. Thanks

  • So, will be seeing any discounts on PAIN DLC like charatcers and such?

    I own all the areas, and half of the characters… but most of the latest characters, and modes elude me :(

    *nudge nudge*

    Still… Thankyou very much :D

  • Hi James,

    I’d like to know why nobody got Infamous 2 beta???


    • Hi, they did. the vouchers for the people selected have def gone out. We are all pushing to try and widen this to more Plus members but i’m afraid its up to the developers. I will let you know if we get anywhere with it though

  • Looks cool, any chance that we will ever get BD game (any) for free ??

    • Hi, there have been quite a few BD games that have been included in Plus when they have come to the Store. As this is a PSN service though we wouldn’t be able to offer you a retail BD i’m afraid

  • Doesn’t SOCOM Pro come with the game like an online pass anyway?

  • Where’s Infamous 2 Beta??

    Nobody got that!

    • Hey, all the voushers have been sent to the people selected so people have received this. Its a real shame the beta couldn’t go to all of Plus but we are pushing for more places for you guys ASAP

  • Pain itself was never that expensive to begin with, it’s all the extra game modes that end up costing a lot that really shouldn’t.

    Nothing for me there but what price will Modnation Racers be? I enjoyed that when I rented it last year and always meant to buy it properly.

  • Free Pain, cool. I’d love to re-purchase MNR but 20% is still fairly expensive, make it £10 this year if you can, that’d be an epic discount.

  • Nice set of bonuses, can’t really complain about anything… Heres hoping we have more months this solid in the future! :)

    My poor weedy internet connection is going to be busy though this week with Plus and regular PSN content (if the US store is anything to go by)… If only I got a discount on that with Plus too! :P

  • Great updates so far! I’m dying to get these games from PlayStation Plus:
    -Crash Bandicoot
    -Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
    -Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
    -Crash Team Racing
    -Spyro The Dragon
    -Spyro: Gateway to Glimmer
    -Spyro: Year of the Dragon
    Please make this happen, you’ll have a very happy subscriber! :P

  • Thanks good treats!

    Shank is a good shout forgot bout that game!

  • Just gets better by the month! :) I took the opportunity to buy another year of Plus. Awesome work guys, thanks a million

  • Nice, I want to moan but I can’t!

    Infamous 2 beta bit of a shame I guess. I had 70%, I thought that might be enough trophies – seemingly not.

  • For requests id like:

    Alien Breed Trilogy( 1 a month maybe :) )
    Death Spank 1 & 2

    But most of all new content that way know one can fall foul of already purchasing it.

    Also I did get into the Infamous2 Beta so thank you, for those that didn’t Sony have said in the past that not allowing them to send you junk mail in your account settings can exclude you from receiving beta codes as these codes come in the form of emails.

  • more ideas for requests

    costume quest (double fine likes us here on playstation)
    castle crashers
    back to the future (prob pushing it with that one)
    prototype (because its so pricey no one will have bought it from the store ;P)
    dead space extraction
    bionic comando rearmed
    trash panic

    still wondering if i should renew right now for the 15 months, dont want to jump too soon as theres bound to be a first birthday offer ;)(any info if there wil be)

    • Hey, I can’t comment on any Birthday offers (afraid I don’t know yet) but 15 for 12 is a great offer with obvious benefits. Up to you my friend ;-)

  • Thats cool for Pain, even if I’m not a very big fan of this game.

    I’m still hesitating of taking M&M: Clash of Heroes or not.

    But anyway: THANKS for the Infamous 2 beta code. ;-)

  • Interesting SOCOM offer. You only need the Pro Access if you buy a used SOCOM copy. So this is utterly useless otherwise. Or does SCEE want us to buy used games now? As I said, it’s an interesting offer. :P

    Guess I’ll check out Outland and Red Johnson Chronicles, in case that there are demos coming.

    It’s nice that a further free game was added, but I’d always prefer quality rather than quantity. Games as Stacking all alone, are much better than Sonic 2, RF Battlegrounds and PAIN combined.

    • Hi, in europe thats not the case with Socom Pro. Its not a key to allow you to play online but its access to different game modes and then later on, special weapons, maps, etc. so its very useful I hope ;-) check out Richard Yap post yesterday for all the details

    • Sorry, was Jeremy Dunham who posted yesterday about Socom

  • Fantastic stuff. These day one discounts are DEFINITELY the compromise needed for people who like the latest stuff but don’t want to wait with plus to see if they get it later on for free.

    This month I’ve bought Dungeon Hunter and Clash of Heroes and they’re both fantastic. Win win all around! And now, free Pain, oh my, with these discounts you are really spoiling us!

    A couple of qs’s; as others have asked what happened to Infamous 2 beta, I had a platinum yet heard nothing? Also, how much is Modnation with the discount? Can’t find the price anywhere and the missus is on Clash of heroes at the mo haha.

    • Hi, glad you and the misses are liking the Plus conetnt! The infamous 2 beta vouchers all went out last week. I’m afriad the numbers were limited but this couldn’t be helped i’m afriad.
      The store guys aren’t here to ask right now but I think MNR is £24.99 without the discount

  • Just saw that some people got codes for Infmaous 2, what the hell? 100% trophies isn’t enough?! That’s a kick in the crotch!

    • Apologies for this but it was communicated that it was a limited beta. we really pressed for more people in Plus to get access but this is a publisher decision, sorry

  • So only certain people got the BETA?? I been a plus subscriber since day 1 what am I paying for?? I got PLUS because of BETA and other stuff and somebody who else who probably signed up for 1 month got in the BETA and I a loyal member since day 1 didn’t? How is that fair?? Also whats going on with playstation rewards? US have had it for what seems like years now and we still don’t have it can we not get it?

    • Hi, apologies that you didn’t get into the beta but as i’ve said there were limited numbers and this is a publisher decision. We will always push to get all Plus members into them whenever we can.
      In terms of the US rewards programme I have not heard anything on this for Europe so can’t comment i’m afraid

  • “Keep the suggestions coming as we will always try and get you the games you request on here if we can.”

    I want Flower and if possible Castle Crashers. At least you should offer a similar price cut as it was the case in the USA lately.

  • any news on the R3 beta?

  • James I was asking about digital versions of BD games. I am pretty sure it would be difficult to send retail copies to each PS+ member ;)

    • ah, apologies!! in that case they are already starting to be included in Plus so keep your eye out for more coming to the service ;-)

  • I’m asking that about infamous beta because nobody that I know got it and I’m talking about lots of people!

  • Ooooh. Defo picking up Pain. It was always one of those “I’ll get it if…” titles and now I shall have it. :D

  • i´m not buying plus this month. nothing for me

  • James could you at least tell us the requirements in Trophy for it?

    Infamous 2 beta.

  • Nice to have Pain, too bad I already have it.

    Warning to other Plusites; it’s a hefty download with all the updates it has had. But a great game it is.

    looking forward to Outland.

  • Hmmm…. MNR for £20 on PS+, so if I can get a cheap PSN card, that might actually work out to be a similar price to the retail product!

    Moving in the right direction there guys! :)

  • talking about imfamous 2 beta its the total lack of infomation on these sites its a joke ,ive subscribed to plus for one reason to get in to early betas wich it did state i would get when i signed up ,but nothing i got the platinum trophy in the first game and thought i would have a very good chance ,but sod all i wouldnt mind if there was more infomation on this site instead of me having to constantly checking my emails to see if i be sent one .seems the goal post for these betas are getting smaller and smaller its a joke

  • @vherostar

    It has been cancelled. They ended the Beta as the end of March and said they are shelving the plans.

  • Oh, Outland is the game by the Super Stardust folks? I may have to check that out as I loved that game but I didn’t enjoy Dead Nation much at all and regret buying that one. Still, why couldn’t you say that it’s by them rather than Ubisoft?

  • Thanks for PAIN. I am looking forward to it. About Infamous 2, There has been no confirmed UK release for the Hero edition and as far as I know nobody in the UK got the beta either. Do sucker Punch hate us? I am a huge fan of ‘Infamous’ I have the platinum trophy for it and bought the comic books. Sucker Punch needs to get this sorted.

  • dint think id get a response never do

  • Help me out here as a day 2 subscriber to PS+ (busy on day 1).

    I didn’t want LBP for subscribing & for some reason you decided early adopters could’t have the 15 months like the US. Do you plan to stitch up your loyal fans again when renewal time comes around again? Or is something extra special planned for yearly subscription renewals?

    Surely this needs to be clarified in advance i.e. before you stop the 15 months offer. I happily stack if I know something better isn’t coming.

  • socom pro free. sony knows my price.

  • Hello,

    I renewed my PSN+ subscription (via stacking) and there are some problems:

    1) My PSN downloads list is messed up. For example, some PSone games I downloaded last year seem to have an April 2011 date.
    2) I noticed that the expiration date for PSN games doesn’t get renewed, UNLESS you delete them and you download them again!
    That’s not very efficient I think, bandwidth-wise.

    I wonder if I am the only one experiencing these problems… and if it’s possible to fix them.

  • Great treats,

    The games I would like to see are

    PS1 Classics – 100% Crash Bandicot Games, Metal Gear Solid, also new Ps1 classic like Croc

    PSN – Blue Toad Murder free, Call of Duty Classic, Hustle Kings

  • Thanks James love you man

  • Happy Easter everyone, will someone get me a giant creme egg?

  • Great news!

    Some suggestions for the future:

    Call of Duty Classic
    Dead Space Extraction

    And MORE DLC!

  • Great content for april (Dungeon Hunter ROCKS, thanks for discount and PAIN for free \o/). Is there any chance to get us Trine free? :P I love offline coop games, so anything with such option will be really really welcome ^^

  • Agree with #4 i always wanted PAIN is a funny game thanks! PS+

  • woehoe never expected but i just received my infamous 2 beta key:D


    gonna start it up right away! loved part 1 and i buy part 2 also!


  • yay! i got infamous beta too! :D

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