SOCOM: Special Forces Deploys This Week

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SOCOM: Special Forces Deploys This Week

I’m pleased to announce that SOCOM: Special Forces launches this week in Europe!

So I’m sure you’ve seen quite a few posts over the last few months from the guys at Zipper but, just in case you’ve missed anything, here’s a quick recap on what to expect.

In the solo campaign, players will guide the Operations Commander and his squad across 14 missions set in war-torn Southeast Asia and a country on the verge of civil war. Fans can also expect exciting competitive 32 multiplayer battles with all-new maps, original gametypes and numerous modes of play. In addition you can hook up online with a great five player co-op mode…

If that wasn’t enough the game is also compatible with the PS Move controller, Sharpshooter and in gorgeous stereoscopic 3D (for those lucky enough to have a 3D TV)

You also might have seen a post on the U.S blog by me from Zipper Interactive mentioning SOCOM PRO which gives access to some great content and benefits.

I can confirm that SOCOM PRO Access for PAL regions will be available to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers at no extra cost from tomorrows store update for one week (20th April) Following that it will be available to everyone from the 27th April, free of charge.

So what can you expect? To begin with you’ll get PRO custom game types that were tested in the SOCOM: Special Forces beta period.

  • Community Day Classic – Suggested by members of Zipper Community Day 2011, CDC offers a medley of different maps that support 8-vs-8 “Classic” variations on Suppression, Uplink, Last Defense and Bomb Squad with faster movement and no ranged explosives of any kind
  • Last Defense Run ‘n Gun – Our incredibly fast-paced deviation from our Last Defense gametype that includes speedier player movement, reduced weapon damage, and limitations to sub-machine guns and shotguns only
  • SCRUM – A Suppression mod that offers a “Classic” rules-inspired list of features that includes no respawn, no Sniper Rifles, no Concussion, Poison Gas, or Frag Grenades, higher damage and faster character movement
  • Sniper Alley – Another 8-vs-8 variation on “Classic” Suppression that boasts higher damage values and weapon restrictions that allow players access to only Smoke and Poison Gas Grenades, Shotguns, and of course, Sniper Rifles

Following that SOCOM PRO players will get a set of weapons to wage warfare with.The M-16 (for Spec-Ops) and the AK-47 (for the Insurgents) assault rifles! Expect to see those within the first 30 days of SOCOM Special Forces release. Additional benefits will include access to exclusive multiplayer maps, various co-op additions, dedicated leaderboards, and lots more.

Hope you enjoy the game and any feedback for the guys then please let me know.

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  • Played the beta, this game is not worth the title SOCOM.
    Give us SOCOM II HD!

  • at last socom pro confirmation. also plz plz plz can clasic be 8v8 and not 16v16 like i have heard

  • While I was disappointed with the beta, I don’t have any complaints about the “gameplay” (other than the stupid, unwieldy weapon selecting- should have been d-pad left to cycle primaries, d-pad right cycles equipment, not the finger-fumbling nonsense of “hold down L2, wait a moment, fumble with either d-pad or stick to change weapon) BUT I have massive issues with the lack of lobbies.

    BRING BACK REGIONAL LOBBIES FOR ONLINE GAMING! It’s never been the same since SOCOM 2, which did it so well. As Europeans half the time we’re lumped into rooms where people are speaking different languages. RUBBISH. Even playing Americans is a bad idea as they may speak the same langauge mostly but CULTURALLY, we’re very different. Plus, greater distance = more lag, which is just physics and ye cannae break the laws o’ physics, so PLEASE BRING BACK REGIONALISED LOBBIES TO ONLINE GAMING! It makes things thousands of times more fun. Without this, online gaming is stuck for the sake of being “politically correct”, or some would say “lazy development”.

    The first decent game to have regionalised lobbies like SOCOM 2 did it will sell millions. NOT like Confrontation did it, that messed it up, but SOCOM 4 messed it up even further!

  • haha, trailer with the posh English dude, yikes!

    ‘Oh i say old boy, top trailer!’

  • I know this is the Internet but even so, I am disappointed about my “language” typo, above. Anyway, may I add that I have pre-ordered SOCOM but I did so in the vague hope that Zipper will eventually listen to fan/forum feedback and BRING BACK LOBBIES! Because the current system just doesn’t cut it. You’ve castrated the fun factor and lost the old “meeting up with friends” feeling that made S2 feel like socialising AS WELL AS gaming. Now it’s just gaming, with random strangers, who you probably have little in common with culturally or linguistically.


  • Great we get pro but what about Abandoned?

  • With the socom pro dlc will we get the pre order bonus map abandoned that the US have got?

  • Can’t wait to get this game. Such a shame about all the reviews but they won’t put me off this game. This game is coming out on thursday in Ireland right?? I don’t want to take a train journey to get the game only to be told its not out til friday, also vice versa I don’t want to travel on friday to find out all shops are closed due to Good Friday

  • Got this game on Monday (somehow the pre-order came early) and I liked it, but I haven’t tried earlier Socom games so I can’t really compare it on how it is compared to those. Also realise that I suck badly in games like this :D

    I also got a pre-order bonus with Abandoned (however the code didn’t work yesterday, might not work until the game is actually released).

    • You got the game early :) like most shooters practice makes perfect, you should be able to download the pre-order map now.

  • Will the pre order bonus map ABANDONED be available at any point to people that did not buy from GAME?

    I am happy to pay a fee and get it from the store.

  • I can’t wait for this game. Bring it on. :D

  • It’s a joke we need to wait till friday for the game when the yanks get it today

  • Thanks for the news Dunham, we didn’t even know about Abandoned though. Will there be another way to get it?.

    For the guy above me we get it on Thursday, Friday’s bank holdiay.

  • Thanks for the heads up ryap :) I’ll check it out and see if it works now. And yeah I guess practice makes perfect :)

  • so how abandoned for the people like me (any most others) who didnt want to pay GAMEs over inflated prices?

    will it be on the store for us on release day?

    if not well done on fragmenting the community from day 1!!

  • Cool thursday it is then. Thanks for letting me know. Also will the Abandoned pre order map be available to buy on the PS store for people who couldn’t pre order due to HMV being their closest store for buying games?

  • hmm. loved socom II. just got yakuza 4 and portal 2 is on its way.. aw, going to buy it anyways

  • I enjoyed the beta. So i will get it soon;)

  • Can;t wait til Thursday, the beta was amazing and from watching the live stream on Youtube right now the retail copy looks even better :)

    Oh and thanks for Socom Pro Zipper, I was getting a little worried that us Euro’s weren’t getting it.

  • Too much ripped from MAG for me and like confrontation this just doesnt feel like the Socom from PS2 days. Come on zipper give us a real Socom sequel and not a rushed effort. We need a Socom of old.

  • If portal 2 wasn’t so good… I would have bought this for a Easter treat, but you know…

  • You can never have enough games, go on treat yourself…

  • for anyone of you looking for the song its SKRILLEX – Kill EVERYBODY :)

  • Oppps wrong video :P! Sorry please remove the comment!

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