Under Siege Release Date, Price And Free Comic

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Under Siege Release Date, Price And Free Comic

After three years of production Under Siege is ready to hit the PlayStation 3. It will be available in Europe on the 27th of April at a price of €14.99/£11.99.

Under Siege Swamp

Under Siege is an action and strategy game in real time, where a small group of heroes fight against a huge invading army. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world and follows the story of Eirik, Kari and Asgeir. Designed to be played with the DualShock 3 controller or the PlayStation Move motion controller.

Under Siege Desert

The built-in editor is one of Under Siege‘s most interesting features; it allows players to create their own maps and game modes. The same exact tool that was used by the team to create all of the levels is available to everyone from the start, and there is no need to play through the campaign to unlock anything.

Under Siege Editor 02Under Siege Editor 01

Some cool features:

  • Plays in full HD 1080p
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Two players online and split-screen
  • Audio and video chat for online gaming
  • Video recording and screenshot capturing
  • Custom music support

Under Siege Comic

And a big apology to all the fans who have been waiting for so long for this game. As a thank you for being so patient, we decided to release for free our Under Siege Comic Book. Watch, download or print at http://www.undersiegegame.com/media.php?area=comicbook.

Official website – www.undersiegegame.com
Follow us – www.facebook.com/undersiegegame
Twitter – http://twitter.com/seedstudios

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7 Author Replies

  • I think I may get this. Looking very good. Thanks for the info.

  • So happy it’s finally coming out. I bet you guys feel relieved too. :P


    Finalmente. Compra certa!

    Finally. First day buy!

  • Finally, My PSN wallet is ready for a first day buy :)

    Congratulations Seed Studios!

  • It’s so good to see it finally has a release date :) Hope it goes well for you!

  • Will there be a demo or trial/upgrade?

    I’m interested but need convincing. Not going to impulse buy.

  • Hi Filipe, will there be a demo? I’m interested in this game but will probably not get it unless I can try it out first. If there is no demo on release I suggest you guys try to get one out ASAP.

    • You are correct with the demo.
      But first the team needs to get some rest, then we will see how and when :)

  • Hi Filipe

    I’ve been pretty outspoken about the promises and delays that have plagued Under Siege, now we have a final date and fixed price, I very happy to say that it looks like Under Siege will be one of the ‘must have’ PSN games.

    Delays aside, you guys have worked tirelessly to ensure the release is bug free and have done your best to communicate that to the fans.


    @ Everyone asking for a Demo – Fair enough. Let me ask you this, how many games priced @ £11.99 have a level creation tool (the one that actually built the game), voice and video chat, full 1080p, offline split screen, video capturing, screenshot capturing and custom music. This game does everything!

    Although I was pi$$ed at the delays, it’s a day one purchase for me because I think this game will rival PSN greats like Dead Nation, SSD HD and Wipeout.

  • OK, thanks for the reply. It’s unfortunate. Try not to let it go too long because you will lose sales. Sorry, but this day and age every Sony published game should have a demo. Good luck!

  • An editor…cool. Use to do stuff like this on the `age of` series on the pc. Can`t wait to start using triggers and logic again.

    Any news on a plus discount…go on you know you wanna. :)

  • Another thought!

    When Seed find time (after a deserved rest) would it be possible to produce some Level Creation ‘Tips and Tricks’ for the Eu Blog?

    Or is everything explained in the game?

    • Our Forum will have the entire Editor Manual (from the game) available to everyone before launch so that you can start thinking about what can be done.

      We will also create tutorials on video too.

  • Sorry but i have lost so much hype for this game that i had a few months ago when it was supposed to be released and i have bought other games on psn now so this will not be a day one buy.

  • Hell yeah ! This game is going to rock the block !

    Parabéns ! Congratulations !

  • O_O

    1080p, Custom music, PS Move support, Video and screen capture, both coop on & off. You guys are crazy! :O

    Is it 60FPS too? just for the record :P

    What is video chat in-game? It’s what I think it is?

    Anyway I think I’ll give a chance to the game in the coming weeks. Why?
    Beacause of Outland (why do you choose [ok, maybe not you but Sony] this week?).
    I can’t buy US just for 2€ <_<

  • hey hey

    i’ve been looking forward to this for some time but. . .

    whats the move support like ? move has a horrible habbit of calibration drift and generally being a bit wonky on pointer style games. How good and acruate is it in reality with the game ?

    any nifty move freatures ? colour interraction ?

    you guys look to have made a serious effort to create a good game but failed QA (aledgedly) what was the problem ?

    everything sounds and looks pretty awesome but i’m a strict no demo no buy person; sorry. Gonna watch for reviews and stuff and check out the community response and will wait until the demo . .. unless I can have a free voucher code. . .

    £11.99 is an interesting price point and only just over the £9.99 under a tenner breaking point could you squeeze out £2 for a first week bonus buy maybe ?

    lastly (i promise) with ALOT of games being in the sales within a few weeks of release will Undersiege become a summer sale title or do you have no control over that ?

  • lastly (this time its true) you really do appear to have put your ballz on the line and made a HUGE effort with eveything about this game and NOT fallen into the usual trap of “rinse and repeat generic game with shoddly last gen graphics.” Congratulations on the release and good luck with the game. I look forward to a demo at some point.

    *silly post length*

  • This is wonderful news! Back at Christmas, I asked for a £20 PSN card so that I could use it to buy Under Siege, which – I thought – would be releasing within a couple of weeks at most. Here we are four months later and I finally get to give you my money! =D

    Congrats on getting it outta the gate, I’ll be counting the days until next week and may even have to buy a Move setup to have a smoother experience!

  • Finalmete tugas a produzir para a PS3 e com qualidade :) boa sorte no lançamento pessoal.

    Although it’s not my game gender I’ll be supporting these guys as they’re from the same town as I am. Long live Porto (Portugal) hehe

  • *Finalmente (the typo was due to the excitment XD)

  • Day one, carago! :P

  • I’ve heard about this game quite a few times (mainly from Danlisa posting on the forums lol) but haven’t seen any vids or gameplay (haven’t watched the video yet as im off to work). Anyways! If you can get a demo out please try, just skimmed through the bullet points and seen Level Editor and to me anything with User Created content, is normally a buy in my mind but yeah, a demo if you can!


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