This week on the SingStore (20 April 2011)

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This week on the SingStore (20 April 2011)

Here I am again with another SingStore update after three weeks of nothingness on the singing, dancing and guitar front.

So, what have I got for you to keep you occupied over the upcoming Easter and Royal Wedding bank holiday bonanza?

Best Of Musicals

Let’s start with the bundles of musical joy we call song packs of which we have no less than three in this update. For those of you who didn’t think Oklahoma! was the best the world of musical theatre had to offer (you know who you are), feast your vocal chords on this: Songs From Andrew Lloyd Webber features five infamous songs from Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Whistle Down the Wind, Love Never Dies and Joseph. What do you reckon? Popular enough for you? ☺

The Phantom of the Opera_The music of the nightCats_Mr.Mistoffelees

Also in the song pack section, a bit of a special thing that will make your lives just that little bit easier. The Dance Off and Rock Out packs are not just great song collections in themselves but the respective dance and guitar add-on packs for them are now available.

Rock Out

What does that mean? Easy peasy: get the song pack, get the add-on pack and you’ll own all dance add-ons for the songs in the Dance Off pack and all guitar add-ons for the Rock Out pack in one go. Massive time saver!

Dance Off

Single songs I am going to try out are from Jessie J., The Killers and Eros Ramazzotti plus I’ll be waving the Move controller around to Toploader and ‘Boogie Wonderland’.

The Killers_Read my mindJessie J_Do it like a dude

The Shangris Las_Remember(Walking In The Sand)

Happy Easter, enjoy Kate and Wills’ wedding if you’re going (my invite must have got lost in the post) and I shall see you again after all that.

Nina xx

In English
BWO Temple of Love
Jessie J Do It Like A Dude
Leona Lewis Happy
Senses Fail Family Tradition
The Killers Read My Mind
The Shangri Las Remember (Walking In The Sand)
Von Hertzen Brothers Freedom Fighter
In Italian
Eros Ramazzotti Stella Gemella
In Spanish
El Koala Opá yo viazé un corrá
La Oreja de Van Gogh Pop
Dance add-ons
Earth Wind & Fire Boogie Wonderland
Toploader Dancing In The Moonlight
Taio Cruz Break Your Heart
Dizzee Rascal/Armand Van Helden Bonkers
Song packs
Songs From Andrew Lloyd Webber
Whistle Down The Wind No Matter What
Cats Mr.Mistoffelees
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Joseph Megamix
Love Never Dies ‘Til I Hear You Sing
The Phantom of the Opera The Music of the Night
Dance Off – dance add-on pack available
2 Unlimited No Limit
Avril Lavigne Sk8er Boi
Sister Sledge We Are Family
Ciara One Two Step
Pink Get The Party Started
Rock Out – guitar add-on pack available
T. Rex 20th Century Boy
The Killers When You Were Young
Snow Patrol Chasing Cars
Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out
Motörhead Ace Of Spades

Tracks have previously been released on a disc.

All tracks released worldwide apart from Jessie J and the Eros Ramazzotti.

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22 Author Replies

  • BWO for me and I think that my mom will be very pleased with the Andew Lloyd Webber-pack ;)

  • I Have A Quick Question….
    Have The Dance Add Ons been fixed…. I have bought some from prior updates (heartbeat by scouting for girls, and I Love Rock And Roll by Britney Spears) and they werent added to the titles ive bought… i got refunded for both… and bought i love rock and roll again… and it still didnt work…

    But im glad to see break your heart add on available and a new senses fail song…. love it….

    any chance we’ll get bleeding love by leona lewis on a future update?

    • Hey –

      We’ve has some reports on the forum about the Britney one. Is it the same sor Scouting For Girls? Could you describe exactly what happens when you try and download it? Does it just not turn up in your purchase history or does the download fail?

      We’re investigating this but the more info we have, the better.




    Please keep the musical packs coming!!!!

    Thanks Nina!!!!


  • Hello Nina,

    Once more, nothing for me this time ! How come there are fewer and fewer NEW English tunes at every update ?? I’m extremely disappointed : I was so eager to find some great new stuff for my Friday night Singstar party !! what a pity !! Snif, snif…
    Any chance to see on the Singstore ?
    – Texas : In demand
    – Amy MacDonald : Mister Rock and roll
    – Amy MacDonald : L.A
    – Sugababes : Denial
    – The Wombats : Tokyo (vampires & wolves)
    – Julian Peretta : Stitch me up


    • Mhhh, not a musicals, rock or pop fan then? As I keep saying – I really don’t know what is coming up until last minute so I can’t comment on the songs you mention above, sorry.

      Oh, and all the English songs above are new!?


  • Hi Nina,

    Is the think with the dance add-ons fixed.
    With the update from 30-3-2011 i cannot download.
    Same as 16-03-2011.
    UI now called the customer service and got my money back but I’m first want the confirmation that it’s fixed before I will buy some new dance add-ons from the store.

    Can you tell me, if I buy them, can I download them or is there still the problem that we cannot download (See the reaction from the update of 30-03)

    Please let me know
    Greetings MonsterRacer

  • oh wow, music of the night and till i hear you sing… definately very, very hard songs! and also songs i’d never expect to see on singstore.

    nevertheless, i love em and i’ll most certainly get em!

  • Nice update Nina as always im gonna ask you to get Not Giving Up on Love from Sophie Ellis Bextor please please please I really love this song.

  • Hi Nina!
    Nice update! getting some this time!
    Hey you will hate me because i always ask Travis songs haha, but do you think we can see (and sing) sometimes Side, Turn or Love will come trough by Travis?
    And i hope we can have in the future more Manic street preachers too,
    I think the Take That song “rule the world” is in their own singstar right? any chance to getting it into the singstore?

    Thanks Nina!

  • Hey Nina! Now that Singstar Afrikaanse Treffers has been released in South Africa, is there any Afrikaans DLC on the way?

    • We only have that content on the disc at the moment but may be releasing this to the store at some time if we can. Not sure about other ‘new’ content for the SingStore.

  • Hi Nina, this time i’m gonna get 2 songs: Leona Lewis and Jessie J. Maybe i’ll think of getting some Dance add-ons.

    You know which song would be great to see on Singstar Dance soon? Beyonce – Single Ladies (put a ring on it) …

    Well, at the updates are getting better again :D

    See ya soon Nina


  • Nothing for me again (from December). Checked Dance on, not picking up that for my gf!

  • Welcome back Nina missed you last week although glad of the extra week gap as it means that singstar updates come out day AFTER payday lol.

    I’m just getting the 1 this time Leona Lewis, we are gonna wait for the Andrew Lloyd Webber pack to be singular as we only want the phantom one.

    Have to say that am a little dissapointed that there isnt a few more songs because of the week late update but hey ho hopefully 2 weeks time it will pick up. c u in 2 weeks and hop u have a nice easter

  • So… Any news on SingStar made in Holland? or is it fake ? :P

  • Nanio! I love Travis! Turn is my fave. What about Closer, My Eyes & Selfish Jean?

  • This is much better! Nina, can we expect all subsequent thrice weekly releases to be of a small number of tracks, or could their numbers rise again?

    • That really is anyone’s guess but I’d probably say that they are more likely to stay on the smaller side for now. But hey – there’s some good stuff here, right? :)

  • The Andrew Lloyd Webber pack is pretty awesome. Nina, please give us some sort of response about add ons not being able to download. This has been a problem for the last two updates and still no response from the Singstar team. Were are getting impatient!

    • Are you talking about some dance add-ons? As mentioned above – please report this on the official forum with details of exactly what is happening. It helps us to have info when we try and recreate this here.

  • More songs from The Killers and Leona Lewis are a must for me… The dance add-ons are not bad either… It’s sad I won’t be able to download this songs till may cause I’m out of home :(

  • Where is the US update?

  • Wow, thanks for the ALW pack! You (and your team) are awesome :D

  • @mrkillingheidi

    Yes me too! i LOVE Travis, they’re my fave band!
    Sure i’d love to see that too. Closer is already on the Singstore. I’d love to ask them all Travis songs but i had to pick a few ones in case they`re able to place some new Travis songs. Turn is amazing! and i’d would be a tough songs to sing here haha. So, we are 2 Travis fans here Nina :D we’d love to see more Travis songs.


    Less and less new music released each fortnight. In previous weeks we’ve had already available songpacks released as individual tracks (e.g. Bon Jovi to name one), just to keep the cash cow going. It’s time to let it rest in peace and time to move on.


    P.S. Apple is taking my weekly pocket money these days. New games for 59p – it’s a no brainer!

    • Hi,

      Since the beginning we have always released songs from new song packs as singles, so that is really not a new or ‘cash cow’ thing.

      Sorry if you don’t feel you like anything. I guess from the reactions above some people still do, so it’s all about personal taste, I guess.

      Hope to welcome you back into the SingStar fold again soon.



  • Hi again Nina,

    About my former post(#4)

    Yes, I am a rock and pop fan; but ‘pop’, not in the sense of the pop star/X-Factor thing : “real pop” like Dodgy, Travis, Elcka, Suede, Tom McRae, Tahiti 80, I’m from Barcelona, The Delays… .
    I was mistaken when I mentioned the word “NEW” in my post : I was simply wondering why there were fewer and fewer English songs available every fortnight, and not amongst the most famous… (eception made by with The Killer’s “Read my mind”). Have you got any explanation ?
    Have a nice day, Nina.

  • Hey Nina! Thanks for responding, can you find out though if ‘new’ Afrikaans songs are on the way to the Singstore? (Those not on the disc)

  • Oh my God!!! I didn’t hope it anymore.. AN ITALIAN SONG!!! Thank you so much! We italian hope that it will be only the first, not the only one!
    Thank you for this song.

  • Nina, good to have you back, my internal clock didn’t cope well with the 3 weeks interval this time :)

    A question: Are you considering releasing more stand-alone tracks from previous disc compilations? I’m especially interested in SingStar Vol. 3 which is a bit rare to get hands on in the stores, and I really just need 2 of the songs on the disc.

  • Thanks Nina.

    Well, no new Travis songs soon, but what about in some months? :D
    i bought already all Travis songs that are on the singstore, i’m very glad there are a lot of them, but there’s other artist that has a lot more songs on the Singstore ( cough Snow Patrol cough ) haha, so what about in some months? :S Side, Selfish Jean, Turn or any of your choice? :D

    Hey thanks about the Take That!

  • Nina I have purchased Leona Lewis – Happy, bought it today (bout 20mins) and money has been taken but song izs not on carousel and when I look at my purchase history there is nothing there???? Even facebook says I’ve bought it and keep checking on money in my PS wallet and definatley been taken. Please tell me what to do as this is the 1st time this has happened to me!!!!

  • Yay, more bwo – my favourite song as well! :-) any plans for songs from this year’s eurovision or the national finals?

  • Either way you look at it, and big it up as much as you possibly can, in truth this is a POOR update, as they all have been recently. Would love to see some honesty as to why its so poor. There are thousands of songs that could be worked on, many many thousands of songs. There would even be hundreds of artists that have never seen singstar. It’s so very difficult to believe that Singstar isn’t dieing off. As much as we don’t want it to, we see nothing to tell us otherwise. Don’t just tell us we’re wrong, PROVE it! We don’t want YOU to be wrong, we want us to be!

  • Hi all,

    I’m sorry but because of ongoing PSN issues we/they are not able to investigate any of the things you mention above. As soo as we are back online we’ll do our best to get the dance add-ons working again.

    For the same reason the next store update will be postponed to 11th May (original date 4th May. Apologies.



  • Can somebody please tell me why all my downloaded songs have disapeared? and how do i retrieve them back.

  • Hi, will there be an update this week? Or do we have to wait till next week? I hope the next update will be a big one ;)

  • This update HAS TO BE the big one. I hope Sony is going to make it up to us. Maybe some SingStore songs for free or as a bonus to the song orders? I’ve been waiting too long to leave it just like that…

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