See inFAMOUS 2’s Mission Designer In Action, More Details On Single Player

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See inFAMOUS 2’s Mission Designer In Action, More Details On Single Player

A week ago, Sucker Punch shared a couple of new inFAMOUS 2 missions, as well as the full download, so to speak, of the game’s User-Generated Content tools.

A full UGC suite in a game like I2 is a new experience on PS3, so what can you do with it? And how difficult is it to put something together? Sucker Punch Senior Game Designer Karl Deckard sat down with us to demonstrate how to remix something fun.

As a huge devotee of the first inFAMOUS, I was eager to get my hands on the DualShock 3 to try out the new single player levels. Here are my impressions to go along with the video:

“Forced Conduits”

This mission from the 2nd island of New Marais finds me stepping into the trainers of Evil Cole. He’s got a sickly pallor, and his every attack glows a fierce red. Eeee-vil.

This mission sends Cole on a search for a blast core – and more power – somewhere in the warehouse district. As I make my way towards the target on the mini-map, I try out the revamped parkour system. Those who thought Cole was a bit too sticky in the first game will find that smoothed out. Jump and towards a handhold, and he’ll do the rest. Scaling is quicker, and overall Cole just seems to move a bit faster.

Blasting open some crates, I discover a safe. Sorry Cole, but our Blast Core is in another warehouse! We don’t come up entirely empty-handed – inside is the deed (and location) of 3 potential hiding places for our treasure.

inFAMOUS 2 for PS3

I’m now set upon by ice-imbued bad guys with frosty shields that resist my electrical attacks. I throw a handful of mini-grenades over one enemy’s head. Not only do they take him out from his unprotected flank, but they also destroy the wall from behind him – a nice surprise. In general, the city itself is not impervious to Cole’s attacks. The damage makes you feel like even more of a bad-ass.

On the hunt for the core, I run into more frozen foes: troops who skid across the ground on a path of ice (a la Iceman), and a huge Ice Crusher, who promptly starts kicking my ass.

inFAMOUS 2 for PS3

As I enter the 3rd warehouse, enemies seal me in and fill the place with gas. I climb to above the plume, and ponder an exit. That’s right – the grenades! I blow out a wall, sending the gas streaming out through the hole. The safe I find, however, is empty. One more to go.

This one must be it – not only due to process of elimination, but because it’s crawling with enemies. Screw entering from the door – I blow a hole open in the wall and make a beeline for the safe. All is well, except for that huge ice boss!

inFAMOUS 2 for PS3

Some well-placed grenades take off his left arm. Then his right. I now have the option of launching into a QTE. I don’t mess these up… Ah, but I didn’t plan on the snipers shooting me from the warehouse rooftop above – they pick me off before I can pry that beast apart, and by the time I recover, so has he – with a pair of new arms.

Fortunately, you’re not forced to repeat the process – with enough of an ass kicking, he goes down. The Blast Core is in my possession, along with a bonus: Bertrand’s briefcase. The day is mine!


The demo opens with Cole searching for an “old man,” presumably Bertrand, in the remains of a crashed helicopter. Instead, he finds a 10-story-tall hard-shelled Behemoth that’d be at home at the Cloverfield family reunion.

inFAMOUS 2 for PS3

The beast’s carapace deflects everything I can throw at it, and its only weak spot seems to be in the mouth – when it’s open. Running away from it, I zoom in with a tap up on the D-pad when I can and unleash a sniper shot. Shooting over the shoulder is easier said than done, but the shot packs a mean wallop when it lands.

Violence begets violence, and the creature’s response is significant. It starts spitting acid and kicking cars at me, keeping me on the run. After receiving another massive hit on the kisser from Cole, it rears up on its hind legs, its ribcage swinging open like the gates to Minas Tirith. Revealed within, some brightly lit and tender looking parts, which I’m all too willing to shock with Cole’s powers.

The stakes are raised – the beast calls for reinforcements, in the form of crawling larvae and a horde of man-sized mutants (which should look familiar if you’ve seen previous I2 demos). They only complicate the matter as I split attention between the hulking monstrosity’s weak points and fending off the smaller attackers with melee strikes from the Amp (which feels awesome, btw).

inFAMOUS 2 for PS3

The New Marais’ townsfolk now start pitching in, taking shots at the fell beast with RPGs and whatever else they have at hand. The behemoth turns down another street, and I double back from behind. Seeing no weak point, I run through its legs, only to find that I’ve gotten too close – a tentacle grabs Cole and is pulling him in – only a well timed shot saves our hide.

It’s time to end this. Discovering one of Cole’s new powers, I levitate a cop car using R2, and then aim and hurl it into the beasts final functioning organ.

The day is won. But what *was* that thing? I’ll find out soon, along with the rest of you.

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  • When does the EU beta codes go out?

  • game is looking great but i second the above comment when are the beta codes going out to plus users?

  • Right this is really stated to P, and I really mean P, me off… Where the eff is that Hero Edition?!?!?! >=(

  • I think the first round went out on the 12th and then tomorrow 19th but that could be for the US.

  • I signed up for PS plus just to get in on the beta. When do I recieve the codes? And when can I pre-order the Hero edition? These are the questions most people would prefer to have the answers to.

  • I agree with #3 and #5, what’s up with the Hero Edition? And also, why don’t you feel the need to release the Hero Edition in Norway?! I just don’t see why you don’t care about releasing it in every country…

  • Sorry about double post, but I forgot to add: This looks great. I can’t wait to test it out and see what I can make out of it. I’m really excited about Infamous 2!

  • When are you guys rolling out more beta codes?

  • This game STILL is in development? Good god!

  • I hope if we have to collect the shards again they would put in a menu showing how many they still need to collect on each island. I don’t want to be looking for that last shard on 3 huge islands again.

  • I got my code a few day ago, the UGC is a great tool. Still I want to pre-order the Hero Edition and can’t find it in UK still. Will the Hero Edition come to the UK? and if so where can it be ordered from?

  • am i hearing that right “these are different content packs that we make available via playstation network, we will show you some now”? so then its already made and available but your not going to bother putting it on the rather LARGE disk, instead your going to sell it to us at a later date? if so that is totally weak, why are devs doing this now?

  • Looks good guys….
    Like everyone else I am on the same wavelength, Hero Edition and the UGC Beta are at the forefront of my mind. I would LOVE to get into the beta! its the 19th now, here’s hoping.

  • Very impressed and a good read too! Loved the first game, one of my proudest Platinum Trophies.

    I know it’s still early days but may I ask about retail packaging? I have the Infamous Special Etd and my favourite thing about it is the cardboard case and it’s design, I love it. Will you guys be doing this again?

  • has this still got comic book style cut scenes?

  • I just got a Beta code. I’m the Baws.

  • Why did I not get a beta code.
    I am PS+ and I got the platinum trophy in the first 1?


  • I’m also a ps plus member and i’ve got the platinum for the first one if i don’t get a beta code then i doubt i’ll renew my subscription because i’m not even getting what i signed up for which is a JOKE!!!!!!!

  • #18 Yeah, I sincerely hope that everyone who takes getting into the beta for granted is just joking. If they’re not, they are just plain ungrateful. There didn’t have to be any beta for inFAMOUS as “public” as this is and betas are not the *only* things you get when you sign up for Puls, are they. I also got the Platinum Trophy for the first game a long time ago, I adore the franchise and I really would like to have an early taste of the second game as well, but I don’t think any of those give me any right to feel angry if I don’t get to have it. You’re going to play the game in less than two months in its finished form and in spite of that you get pissed off if you don’t get to play it now, “not quite finished”? That’s nothing more than a childish whining, I guess.

  • #18 Oh and sorry for the “Plus” typo

  • i would love to no whats happening with the infamous 2 beta im a plus subscriber and i got a platinum in the game , and from what i read i had a very good chance of geting in but got nothing i wouldnt mind if i new how i stood but its just the total lack of infomation on this site aways been the same its a joke

  • oh and i forgot anyone on here hopping to get a reply dont hold ur breath

  • im guessing the numbers to the beta are Extreamly limited as it seems lots of people with the plat are not in.

    guess ill just have to wait to buy it.

  • @SEECHECK: I totally agree with you, this whole think is just ridiculous. Yes, I would like to get beta as well, but I’m not going to jump of nearest rock if I just don’t get it. Chill out guys… Only two months ;) (Btw. now send me that damn code!) :)

  • @19; I’m sorry mate, but you’re clearly angry too, hence the long rant.

  • As other have said any word of when the Hero Edition will be up for pre-order? Game already have the Special Edition listed.

  • I’m a Plus Member too, and have the inFAMOUS Platinum… but no beta access :(
    UGC looking great !

  • @25 Sorry to mislead you, that long rant of mine was only supposed to explain how absurd all of this negativity amongst fans feels to me. I’m massively looking forward to the game, but I still keep in mind that the best things usually take their time. And this one seems to have strong chances of being worth a ten-year waiting, I think. So let us all passionately anticipate, not hate. Hope it’s clear enough now :)

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