Valve Reveals Portal 2 For PlayStation 3: Steam Details

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A few months back, Valve announced some initial details of Steam’s debut in the version of Portal 2. While people were excited to hear about the PS3 game’s inclusion of Steam access to Portal 2 on any PC or Mac, they also had a bunch of questions.

So, here’s a bit more info about Steam on the PS3.


Portal 2 for PlayStation 3 is the first title to support Steam on a console. Specifically, that means it offers cross-platform matchmaking, gameplay, friends, chat, and achievements, all powered by Steam. Steam on the PS3 also saves co-op game progress and single player saved games to the Steam Cloud, enabling players to pick up where they left off on any PlayStation 3.

Steam makes its appearance on the PS3 as an overlay within Portal 2. Here, the Steam overlay provides access to Steam Friends, displaying their in-game or online status and providing a quick pathway to text chats, player profiles, friend requests, and game invites. Steam Achievements are earned in lockstep with PSN Trophies and are also accessible within the Steam overlay.

Steam on the PS3 provides access to all of these features once the player has linked their PlayStation Network account with a Steam account, which is done right within the game. A Steam user can login to an existing account, and anyone new to Steam can create an account with the click of a button.

With all these features, Portal 2 on the PS3 is the best console version of the game, just as it was suggested it would be back at E3 last year. If you’re still hungry for more details, head over to and learn more about Portal 2 for PS3.


Portal 2 will be available from next Tuesday, April 19th.

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  • My copy is arriving next week :)

    Can you confirm that the code included in the game will activate both the PC & Mac version of Portal 2? I’m on a Mac and most previews only mention the PC version being included. I presume it’s SteamPlay, right? lol

  • Awww here me thinking we getting a full proper steam on the XMB like the steam store rumour months ago, all we got is a partial steam with-in a game nothing more. :(

  • Thank you Doug.

    You have shown that Valve are still the best game developer out there. Also will our Steam ID’s be permanently tied to our PSN ID?

    So lets say I change my PSN ID, would I still be able to play Portal on both my PS3 and my PC?

  • so if you buy this one you also get the pc one?

    if so thats well cool, but now that valve have some ps3 love how’s about porting left 4 dead series

  • Will Steam Screenshots work?

  • Valve, you rock. Well played sir.

  • It sounds a little messy to me but i guess i’ll have to see come nextweek how well its implimented it to PSN i guess.

    So let me get this straight then, the game is officially out for next week tuesday in the UK?

  • Thanks for not only bringing your awesome games to the PS3, but also giving us the best possible deal. Full Steam integration and even the PC/Mac version coming with it for free… This is more awesome than I imagined back at E3.

    The only thing that disappointed me while reading the Steam Support article is that Steam Cloud saves for the PS3 cannot be read by a PC/Mac. Is this vice versa? Can/will this be fixed in the future?

    Regardless, my copy will hopefully arrive soon. I can’t wait!

  • Valve welcome to the Playstation blog :D

  • This will be my 1st Valve Game (I know shame on me), but I am really looking forward to it and I think as developers you are really pushing the boat out with this integration and cross compatibility.

    According to Amazon, the PS3 version is the best selling and I hope youre rewarded with the sales you deserve for not doing a simple port.

    You get my money :-)

  • bring the full valve to ps3 xmb please .

  • Was looking at the image in the center the someone did a quick pen/cut job in Photoshop, redid it because I’m a nerd, and it’s nicer to have well-presented material:

  • I wonder if you’ll be able to unlink your account. If not that I imagine it’s going to cause a good bit of concern with users who don’t already have a Steam account.

  • “Full Steam integration” that what i mean but it didn’t say that will Be awsome since SCEE having problems getting imports to us let a 3rd party do it via steam, Sony cant be a$$ to open up it‘s stores.

    no fault on ross but SCEI i blame. :|

  • Will i be able to play co-op with just one copy of the ps3 version? (one on pc and one ps3)

  • awsome news finally a multi platform that is developed for each platform love this lets hope other devs take heed and follow as our console has the best graphics power with all those gpu’s shame its only our 1st party game utilize this here hoping this is th first of many!!!!

    also this steam sounds intresting heard of it but never botherd with it but ill take alook now as for saves my psplus sub takes care of that no lol

  • I still won’t be buying it for the PS3.

  • Sorry I can’t resist – waddup dawg

  • @aalekevin I assume no as it will be linked to your steam account. They aren’t silly

  • @Rama26285 Read the full details listed in his post (

    It says specifically

    How do I access my PlayStation®3 copy of Portal 2 from my computer?

    Each new copy of Portal 2 on PlayStation®3 includes a one-time use code allowing you access to the game on Windows or Mac through Steam.

    Each code is unique and non-transferrable, and can only be registered to a single Steam account.

  • @aalakevin

    Can two players play online co-op with each other using a single purchase of Portal 2 for PlayStation®3?

    Only PlayStation®3 split-screen co-op can be played using a single copy of the game. When you purchase a new copy of Portal 2 for PlayStation®3, you will receive an in-box code which provides your linked Steam account with access to your copy of Portal 2 on your computer. The game is still owned by only a single Steam account–another copy will be required to play online co-op with a friend.

  • Big love for Valve. Looking forward to trying out the really cool sounding cross platform play and everything :D

    Hope stuff like this happens more often

  • crossplatform play is worth loads of respect in my book, now if there could be PS3xPCx360, no don’t throw rocks at me, I’m just wishing for a world in perfect harmony >_<

  • So it simple a Online pass like EA & ubisoft Uplay thing maybe the next big step yet to come cant get portal 2 haven’t played the 1st 1 yet on orange box. but i‘m be keeping my eye out for it :)

  • Valve I have a question I was hoping you could answer. Will this be OSX compatible with PS3. For example, will I be able to play with my buddy on my PS3 if he is using a Windows computer? (With two separate copies of the game)

    If not now, will it be a feature worked in? Kind of like TF2’s Mac OSX, I love Valve, always have and always will, what you bring to your consumers is just terrific and I’m glad you’ve decided to embrace the PS community!

    Anyone unfamiliar with Valve and it’s products, get ready for some top-class (And Free most of the time) DLC. Awesome hot-fixes – how could a patch be awesome you say? Say some unusual bug finds it’s way into your game, some devs will leave it and it’ll ruin your experience, some devs will fix it but it takes times. With Valve games you can rest assured that fix will be top of their prior list. Why do you think Valve games are so far and few between. A lot of the time this company spends is devoted to the consumer, this is why they succeed and this is why I have a massive fanboy crush for them <3 and I'm totally not ashamed to admit it. Well done Valve, Well one Steam-works, and welcome to the forums!

  • I still can’t forgive Gabe Newell for what he said about the PS3 when it came out. So i won’t buy it.

  • What the hell why you misleading us i follow the link & what do we get a steam site that advertises games & gift to friends but can the ps3 do it? No very handy if you got a PC no flipping use if you got a Ps3 & no word how it works.

    for what i seen on steam site i was impress better then SCEE i would really have that. :|

  • Skookie what the hell are you even on about. Click “learn more about portal 2 on PS3”

  • Sweet, so we get steam cloud, 2 copies of the game so I can play on my laptop when not on PS3 and cross platform play. I shouldn’t really do this but what the hell.

    Suck it Xbox

  • Argh this is so disgusting. Valve – you geniuses sonsofwomen-who-I-will-not-degrade.

    First buy?..MOST DEFINITELY!

  • meh its xbox fanboy Valve they can get lost (what they was saying when PS3 1st came out) :P

  • Thanks for this VALVe !

    I am getting the PS3 version and link my Steam Accounts !

    I love Steam !

  • Steam should do that with more games, completely replace the PSN with steam! The PSN has the worst chatroom ever invented! :P

  • Brilliant news. Nice to see a developer really trying to move things forward and have a real impact upon how games are played and delivered.

    Definitely need Steam on the XMB – to me that’s an even higher priority than cross game chat.

    Get Steam on PS3 as soon as you can!

  • This just makes me want this masterpiece even more.

  • awesome, every game should have this…

    will this also make future steam engine based games more easily portable?!

  • i read about steam it look kind of messy but i wait a bit longer, it still misleading by that other link this is a playstation blog not a PC Blog.

    can we access buy those games, send gifts to our steam friends & what are the gifts via PS3? :|

  • Bought it on PS3 to see how Steam works on PS3 (huge fan of it on PC). Thanks Valve, should be very interesting.

  • If I save my PS3 save to the cloud – can I continue my game on PC?

  • Dear Valve,
    Please make sure to have an update for Half life2 for PS3 ready for me otherwise I will keep on boycotting Valve for dissing PS3.
    We had to hear so much bs from you the last few years that thats the only good thing you should do.

  • Awesome, cant wait, 7 days left

    I hope not too many episode 3 comments get on here

  • Roll on what will probably be one of my favourite games this year, and likely one of my all time faves.

    Any PS3 owner who plans to get this but hasn’t played the original The Orange Box is worth the peanuts it goes for now just for Portal. Ignore what gets said about the port being a mess…Not 100% sure about the other games, what I played of Half-Life 2 seemed fine, but Portal itself plays fine on the PS3 and the term ‘short but sweet’ fits the game to a T.

    Few games have I felt the urge to play through as soon as I finished it, but I did with Portal. More games should have commentaries like Valve put in their games.

    And no, I’m not a Valve fanboy, think The Orange Box is the only thing of theirs I’ve even played. Nor do I work for Valve….unless they want to offer me a job of course

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